Raving With Wonder(Part 1)


My first rave I was only 16. . . I had heard about it from a friend and decided it would be a fun adventure. However, it was not my first time doing ecstacy, so I didn't hesitate to pop my pill as soon as we started driving. It was about a 30 min drive and wed come reasonably early, I figured it would start hitting me at the "perfect momet" (There's no such thing. )

So after what seemed like forever. . Between waiting for my pill to kick in and the drive itself, we arrived and took our place behind about 6 people. I was told that was lucky because the line gets outrageous. I had a sudden head change and my body got tingly. . . I knew my roll was beginning, and I couldn't have been happier. About 20 min later, we got inside. The bass was amazing, it moved through me.

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   It rattled my bones, it shook me, took over me. And so I danced like no one was there with me, I didn't care what anyone else thought. I had a wide blistful smile spread across my face. . .

I didn't feel dressed right, not compared to every other girl who seemed to be half naked. And damn they looked good. . . I had currently discovered that I liked girls. . . and only girls. and after my experiements with both genders, that definently seemed like the best choice.

A gorgeous girl approached me and introduced herself as Tatianna.

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  . And her rave name was wonder. .

Rave name? I questioned myself. I mustve missed something important.

She happily explained, and we both laughed at my confusion about all of this.
"Its a simple place really. . A place where you can let your mind go. . . "

I kept that in mind for the rest of the night. . . as I danced with Wonder, I reached around and rubbed her clit, she returned the favor by reaching back around and rubbing me, squeezing my tits.

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   I turned her around and kissed her. Guys watched in amazment which made us laugh.

I took her hand and led her to a more private place (If the word private can even be used to describe it) we found a dark place where we sat and rubbed eachother. . She massaged my back and shoulders and ran her hands all the way down the length of my body, till she reached my pussy. . Which was drenched. She slipped two fingers in, while turning my head to kiss me and squeezed my tit. . All heightened by my roll. .

We smiled at eachother in between our lustfull kissing. . .

Then I pulled her tutu off all the way and took my jeans off.

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   Our kisses became rougher, more passionate. And I kissed down her neck, then her chest, sucked on her beautful boobs(As I had removed both her shirt and bra too) and then licked my way down her stomach to her yummy shaven pussy and sucked her clit like I was giving head. She tilted her head back and moaned. Her moans dissapearing, lost in the bass, and the blastng music. I slipped 3 fingers in her tight little whole and finger fucked her until she screamed in an orgasm. She then got up and got on top of my naked body, pressing me to the dirty ground but I didn't give a shit. She rubbed her clit against mine and we both moaned at intervals. We both had hickies everywhere. . . and at that point I couldn't have wanted her more. I fingered her asshole, and she jumped in suprise, but soon got used to it and started to really enjoy both sensations. I flicked her rock hard nipples with my toungue and licked her everywhere I could reach. We rubbed eachother, and kissed pationently until a light was shining on us. .

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Startled, we both looked up to find security with his flashlight shown directly on us. . . . .

This is not the end, but I need gpood feedback to continue on with part 2=).

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