Road Trip


Amanda and Molly have been best friends since second grade. Now it was the summer before their senior year in high school and they planned a road trip that would take them from Wichita Falls, TX to Canada. They started their trip the second school got out on June 10th and would keep going until school started September 2nd. Amanda was attractive, about 5’3 with shinny straight brown hair and voluptuous 34 B size breasts. She had nice blue eyes and good skin. Molly was also very attractive, 5’5 and had the most beautiful silky blonde hair, hazel eyes and she also had size 34 B breasts. On their trip they planned to stay overnight at motels and even planned for a two day camping trip once they got to Canada.
One night they were driving along a stretch of highway, rural and nothing for miles around, Amanda said “Molly pull over I have to pee really badly. ” Molly said “Oh me too, but there’s no where to go. ” Amanda smiled and said “Molly we’re on a highway at night with no one around, just pull over and we can pee on the side of the road. ” The thought of relieving herself with Molly excited Amanda. Amanda was straight but Molly was so hot she could make the straightest woman in the world gay for just one night. Molly pulled the car over and they both got out. They were wearing denim shorts and flip flops and they knew trying to keep their balance and not pee on their cloths would be a challenge. They unzipped their shorts and squatted. As Amanda hovered on the ground about ready to go she fell over backwards.

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   Molly laughed in a friendly way, smiled, gave her a sincere look and said lovingly “It’s ok, I’m having trouble balancing too, lets hold each others hands and pee. ” “OK” said Amanda as her pulse raced, how kinky she thought, holding hands with your best friend outside and peeing. It warmed Amanda’s heart because she felt so close to Molly right now, it felt like a real bonding experience.
Later on that night they checked into a motel and when they got into their room they saw it only had one bed. “Do you want to share the bed” asked Molly. “Sure” replied Amanda. The motel was cheap and could not afford air conditioning so the room was rather warm. Both girls were sexually excited at this point but did not let the other one know. Molly said “It’s kind of hot in here, how about we sleep without clothes. ” “Good idea” said Amanda. The two got undressed and stood naked in front of each other. Molly noticed that Amanda had the beautiful breasts and rock hard nipples. Amanda gazed at Molly and saw that her vaginal lips were soaked and her clitoris was throbbing.
They got into bed, but it was only a little bigger than a twin bed so the two were very close to each other. They started talking about the rest of their trip, about boys and different sexual experiences.

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   Then Molly leaned in closer to Amanda and gave her a long hot passionate open mouth kiss. “Amanda I think your really sexy. ” Amanda said “Molly I think your sexy too. ” Molly started to gently stroke Amanda’s hard nipples. Amanda rubbed Molly’s clitoris, it was hard and pulsing. She stared finger fucking Molly and bringing her to orgasm. Molly began licking and sucking Amanda’s vagina. It was one of the most breath taking vaginas Molly had ever seen, it had soft curly pubic hair and soft lips. She stuck her tongue in and out, caressing her clitoris with her warm tongue. “Faster, faster” Amanda screamed. Amanda was about to climax and Molly could feel Amanda’s body shake with pleasure. Amanda held Molly tight as she was reaching an orgasm. Molly’s tongue penetrated faster and harder until, all of a sudden, Amanda came. Molly licked Amanda’s soft warm lips and ate the warm liquid that flowed into her mouth. A tear came out of Molly’s eyes and she whispered “I love you” in Amanda’s ear.

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   “I love you too” Amanda replied. A tear rolled down Amanda’s face too. Molly kissed Amanda’s cheek and then the two started making out passionately. They held each other in bed while they slept until morning when the sun rays coming through the window woke them.
“Last night was wonderful Amanda” said Molly. “I think so too” said Amanda. “Do you want to take a shower?” said Molly. “Together?” replied Amanda with a happy grin on her face. “Of course” said Molly. As they got into the shower they undressed each other and hugged while the warm water flowed over their passionate bodies. Molly took the soap and slowly washed Amanda’s breath taking pussy. And as she did this she penetrated Amanda’s vagina, going in and out, in and out. Amanda was sucking on Molly’s nipples and kissing her round beautiful breasts. When they got out they dried each other off lovingly.
Later that day they were back on the road and had made it to Canada.


   They got to the camp grounds where they would spend the next two days. They set up a tent and when they were all finished setting up camp they decided to go for a swim in the lake. It was very secluded and the camp sites were set up few and far between for maximum privacy. They thought since no one was around they would forget the bathing suites and go skinny dipping. “Hey Molly I’ve got an idea, lets finger each other in the water” “Ooh sounds hot” Molly replied. They got into the water and held each other. They looked in each others eyes and then started to kiss. Molly started to cry, “What's wrong?” asked Amanda. “Nothing” replied Molly, “I just love you so much, I love us being together and being with you makes me so happy. Making love to you lets out all sorts of emotions that I don’t usually express but you make me feel so good that I’m crying tears of joy. ” “Oh Molly, I love you. ” At that moment Amanda started to cry, but not because she was sad, but because she felt the same way as Molly did. They went under water and rubbed their clits against each others legs and came in the water.
After dinner that night the two girls had to pee really badly and they stripped all their clothes and squatted on the ground while facing each other, hugged and held each other, and let their warm streams flow onto the ground. Amanda looked into Molly’s eyes and said “Molly, take me now.

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  ” Molly did as she was told and started massaging Amanda’s clitoris and kissed her lover until “Oh my god Molly I’m gonna climax” she moaned and her body shook and then she came onto her lover. “Molly that was incredible, let me return the favor to you. ” Molly and Amanda went into their tent and lied down next to each other. Amanda stroked Molly’s breasts and squeezed her nipples. She slowly moved her hand down Molly’s body, teasing her clitoris as it throbbed, becoming harder and more engorged with blood. Amanda was getting closer to the clitoris but went right to Molly’s vagina. She finger fucked her hard. “Faster” cried Molly. Amanda got between Molly’s legs which were spread wide open. She circled her tongue around in Molly’s vagina. It smelled so good. Amanda was so aroused by the smell that she could feel her own throbbing vagina moisten and drip cum onto the ground. She grabbed Molly’s hand and put it on her hot steamy vagina. Molly knew what Amanda wanted and started to finger her with such passion. The two became one as they simultaneously helped the other achieve orgasm.

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   Faster and faster Amanda ate Molly’s pussy until she felt Molly having the most earth shattering orgasm of her life. “Don’t stop, keep going” Molly cried. Molly’s fingers could feel Amanda’s vagina throb faster and faster. They both screamed out in orgasmic bliss and climaxed at the very same time. They looked at each other and could not stop smiling. They felt so close and good. “You're the perfect lover” said Amanda. They once again fell asleep in each others arms, holding each other close.
The whole way back to Texas Molly and Amanda felt closer and talked the whole way back. When they stopped at the last motel of their trip they had one more night of steamy romance. When they got to the motel they got into bed and slowly began the foreplay that would lead to the hottest wildest sex that they have ever had and ever will have.
Things began with Molly slowly taking off Amanda’s clothes. First she started with her blouse. She unbuttoned it with her mouth, undoing each button with her tongue. She gently slid off her blouse and undid Molly’s bra with her teeth, then she used her tongue and licked it off.


   She unzipped Molly’s pants and was pleased to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties. To thank Molly for that she gave her clitoris a soft, light kiss which sent shivers down Molly’s spine. Then Molly took off Amanda’s clothes with her fingers stroking and rubbing Amanda’s body. They got on the bed and began to stroke and pinch each others nipples. They both felt themselves become wet with passion, cum was dripping from their soft vaginal lips. They both stuck their hands in each others pussy and got warm cum on their hands to spread over each others beautiful sweaty breasts. Then they licked the cum off each other. Amanda laid down on her back while Molly got on top of her and they began to rub their bodies together. Amanda wrapped her legs around Molly’s waist and began to squeeze, bringing their erect clitorises closer together, their womanhood was combined into one. They rubbed their pussy’s together hard. Then Molly turned herself around so that her mouth was on top of Amanda’s pussy and Amanda’s mouth was underneath Molly’s pussy. Together they sucked each others pussy’s at the same time. They could barely contain the intense feeling they had to orgasm. Molly began to moan “Oh Amanda, OH, OH, Harder, Faster, OH, OH, Keep Going, Don’t Stop, OH, OH” Molly came all over Amanda’s face. Amanda licked it slowly and swallowed it, “You taste good” she said “Here, taste mine” then Amanda started to cum.

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   Molly was right, Amanda had never experienced it before but this time the sex was so good all kinds of emotions were released and she started to cry uncontrollably because she was so happy, then she began laughing and smiling. Amanda came; she came so much that Molly couldn’t breathe after a while. The cum just kept flowing out of her like a river, like she was peeing and couldn’t stop. “Wow, Amanda, that was impressive, you came a lot” Amanda then replied “Yeah and after all that the only thing I want to do is cuddle with you and hold you tight and never let go. ” They both sobbed uncontrollably for a few seconds and then licked the tears of each other and cuddled and hugged. Amanda laid on top of Molly and Molly had her arms wrapped around Amanda’s chest. They slept that way until they woke up the next morning.  
They were almost back to Wichita Falls at night and decided to pull over and hold hands while peeing knowing their friendship was going to last forever because they had bonded in the most loving way. “Molly” Amanda said as they were peeing “I feel so close to you when we pee holding hands” “Me too Amanda, I feel like we’re really bonding. ”
When Molly and Amanda got back home they decided to stay a couple and be with each other. They moved in with each other after college and spent the rest of their lives.
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