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I was on my way to my next class Physical Education (PE) for 4th & 5th period I was running a little late and I knew that the gym teacher would crack a wobbly if I was too late. I was running to the gymnasium when I saw some of Rachel’s friends (Annette, Lucy and Edith). They stopped me and started to harass me for a few minutes, I pleaded with them to let me go and finally they did. I knew I was going to be in deep trouble now for being so late to class. By the time I finally arrived at the gym the rest of the class had already started a game of basketball I could hear them clearly as I entered the change rooms to get ready. I could hear the teacher too his tone in his voice was really cranky. I was starting to change into my sport cloths when I heard a sound from the end of the lockers I looked up to see Rachel (she wasn’t in my PE class). At once my heart began to pound inside my chest. My mind started to fill with visions of being seduced by this Lez! She came over to me and asked if I had seen her friends, I said yes and told her what they had done to make me so late. Then I realized that she must have told them to delay me so that when I arrived late there would be no one else in the change rooms when I got there. By this time she had come closer to me and she stood just a few inches from me. She whispered in my ear that she liked me and that she thought that I was sexy! She made me feel sexy just with her voice. Then she pressed her lips against mine and kissed me, then she kissed me again and put her tongue inside my mouth and held my face with her two hands and pressed her lips firmer against mine. I started to kiss her back our tongues inside each-others mouths I put my hand on her hip and then she put one hand on my back and she pulled me against her body. I could feel her breasts against me while we continued to kiss each other deeply, it made me feel horny. She then ran her hand over my bum and squeezed the cheeks of my bum.

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   She stopped kissing me and asked if I was ready to join her? I knew what she meant by join her and I said yes. She then put her hand on my breast and then slipped it inside my blouse. I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest, my voice had gone all quivery and I could feel my pussy getting wet. She started to unbutton my blouse one by one and when they were all undone she slipped it off my shoulders and placed it on the timber bench seat beside us. Then she unhooked my bra and slowly took it off too. My nipples were as hard as ever and poking right out too. Rachel bent over and kissed one nipple and then the other. By this time I was feeling a little braver and I then started to unbutton her blouse too and before long I had her standing there half naked from the waist up. Her breasts were a little smaller than mine were but they were firm, firmer than mine were. She started to kiss me again and pulled our bodies together our breasts against each other.
    She unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor resting about my feet. She then kissed me on the cheek and kept kissing as she made her way down my neck and breasts, she kissed my body as she went further down and stopped when she reached my panties. I felt like screaming because I was now scared of what was about to happen but I didn't. She slipped the tips of her fingers into the waistband of my panties and I could feel her pulling them down. She pressed her face into my pubic area and sniffed my scent.

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       She pulled my panties right down until they were around my ankles. She lifted one of my feet and then the other and she had my skirt and panties in her hand. Then she held my panties against her face and she sniffed them again, then she held them to my face and demanded that I smell then too, I did and my scent was a lot different to what I had noticed at anytime before. But what I did notice was how wet my panties were. It made me a little embarrassed having so wet panties but under the circumstances I probably had a lot more to be embarrassed about. Now I was totally naked in front of a girl that I had hardly more than spoken to in the past! She then pulled me close to her again and kissed me her hands against my bare skin, this girl was making me feel soo hot. She took my hand and placed id on the zip of her skirt. I knew what she wanted me to do. I unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor and then I did the same as she had done to me. Kissing her body until I reached her panties, I slipped my fingertips inside the waistband I pressed my nose into her pubic area and smelt her scent too, it was a strong musky smell. I pulled her panties until they were around her ankles, and then she almost expertly stepped out and I was holding her panties. I held them against my face and I smelt them with a big deep sniff, her panties were as wet as mine had been. This made me feel a little better about that. I stood up and there we were standing totally naked in front of each other. I could still hear the other girls in the gym playing their basketball game so I felt safe that no one would be coming into the chance room.

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      Rachel then started to kiss me again our naked bodies pressed firmly together, she said that she had been planing to get me like this for ages, she said that she thought I was one of the sexiest girls in school. Her words made me feel special. Somehow she managed to get me to lie on the bench seat. The painted timber slats were cold against my back she put one of my feet on each side so my legs were open a little and she knelt beside me and took one of my nipples into her mouth, she circled it with her tongue. She then ran her hand along my tummy until she reached my pubic hair there she reached between my legs and started to rub my clit, it sent spasms of pleasure through my body I must have moaned a little because she said that I liked it. Then she said now she was going to lick my pussy and take me to heaven. I was still lying on the bench and she stood up and straddled the bench one leg either side of my head. I could see her pussy pink bits and all she stood there for me to see for a while, then she bent over and made her way down to my pussy which was by mow as wet as ever.
      She opened my legs and moved her face closer to my waiting pussy. I was as nervous as I have ever been! My heart was racing! Then I felt the most exhilarating thing I had ever felt. My clit was being sucked, she saw sucking it into her mouth and then letting it go and then sucking it again. Then she lowered her pussy to my face. I reached out with my tongue and felt her pussy. It was sweet tasting and it felt hot to my tongue. She pressed her pussy against my face and I put my hands on her hips to guide her a bit.

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         I licked her pussy and she still was sucking my clit. I felt her finger enter my vagina and she fingered me too. I could feel my orgasm building, I rocked my hips with her movements and she knew I was about to cum. She sucked harder on my clit and fingered my pussy until my body went into orbit. I have had orgasms before at home by masturbation but this was the best I had ever had. Now she said it was her turn she told me to keep lying down, she turned around and straddled me facing forwards then she said to suck her clit the way she had done for me. The lowered her pussy to my mouth and because of the way she was positioned her clit was almost poking out, I took it into my mouth and sucked it inside. The taste was beautiful, I continued to suck it in and out of my mouth then I wanted to slip my finger inside her vagina too. As I put my finger inside her she moaned a little. I fingered her pussy and could feel the muscles inside her tighten around my finger. She whispered to me that she was cumming. At that I sucked on her clit a little harder, I could tell that she was about to orgasm. Just as she started to cum she pulled her clit away from me and moved her vagina onto my mouth and I poked my tongue inside her. Then as her orgasm overwhelmed her I felt her girlcum oozing out of her. I was about to pull away and she said don’t waste it honey lick it up.

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         That is exactly what I did, it was the best taste I had ever had. Rachel and I then had a shower and we went to get dressed Rachel said she wanted to swap panties so we could keep each others scents close to our pussies so we did. It was about then that we heard the whistle blow in the gym and the teacher excused the class to hit the showers. I started to freak but was dressed when the other girls in my class arrived into the change rooms they saw me and Rachel there but said nothing to us we waited a while and then we left the gym together. I joined Rachel for lunch that day she always had lunch with Annette, Lucy & Edith. They asked me everything about what had happened between me and Rachel I think they were jealous. Wearing another girl’s panties kept me horny for the rest of the day. I couldn’t wait to get home so that I could masturbate and think of Rachel. Rachel and I have had more lesbian episodes plus Annette, Lucy and Edith have also been with me. So if you want to read more let me know in the feedback.
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