Seduction in High Places


It was noon on May 15 when we arrived by helicopter at the mountain retreat. My contract was till the end of August. They only way off the mountain was by helicopter or a 100 mile journey by foot trail to the nearest road, where you may get a ride or may have to walk another 50 miles to the closest settlement. There were no phones. No TV. All communication was by radio to the helicopter base. Those that decided to leave for no good reason, faced the walk or a $500 ride out on the helicopter. I was here for the summer, like it or not. The wages offered were to good to want to leave.
I was surprised to learn that all the staff were women & even more surprised that all the guest were women. Very rich women, who ranged in age from their mid thirties to their sixties. All very well groomed.
 I had been hired as a maid. My job was to cater to the guests needs when it came to their rooms & grooming needs. If they wanted help bathing, showering,  finger or toe nails, hair & massaging with hot oils, I did it. I soon found out that the only time I had to myself, was the one day off a week I got.

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   My  days started at 7AM & may not end till 9 or 10PM.  
I was bunked with the supervisor of maid services in her private cabin by the lake. The water was frigid, but many of the staff & guests took quick dips in it before going into on of the saunas. Her name was Amanda. In her mid thirties. Tall & thin compared to most of the other staff. Long auburn hair tied back into a pony tail. Fine facial features. Perfect lips. Her breast still seem firm. Nicely formed legs. Had a slow, sexy walk. Would turn any mans head. I had to admit I enjoyed seeing her walking with a slight sway of the hips. Here I was a 19 year old college student as straight as they came, admiring another womans body.

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The fun started on my day off. I had, had my breakfast. Gone for a walk on one of the many trails, arriving back just in time for lunch in the staff dining room. My muscles were aching, so after lunch, I decided to go for a quick dip in the lake & then into the staff sauna.
I was laying there totally nude, with my towel being used as a pillow, when the door opened. It was Amanda. I sat up & never thought about wrapping the towel around me. She held a bottle of white wine in one hand & two tall wine glasses in the other. She put the glasses down, opened the bottle of wine, poured some in each glass & handed me a glass. "To your day off Heather" she said as we touch glasses. "Thank you Amanda" I replied. I took a sip & felt a tingle run through my body as the wine slowly ran down my throat. Amanda loosened the towel she had wrapped around her & let it fall to the floor not five feet from me. I couldn't help but see how perky her breasts were with perfectly round, smooth aroelas, topped with nice pink nipples. I could feel myself getting excited just thinking about touching them.

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   I let my eyes wonder down her body. I gulped when they fell on a nicely shaved pubic area, with just the top of her clit showing. I thought about slipping off the top seat onto the one she was standing almost by, so I could see if the hood of her clit was peeking out from her slit. "Is it the wine or just a hiddened desire to be with another woman" I thought to myself. I let my legs slip down over the seat edge with them open just enough so she could see how cleanly shaven I was. If she had noticed, she gave no indication of it.
She held up the bottle of wine to me. I put my glass out, so she could add some more. She filled it almost to the top. The more wine I drank, the more daring I became. I leaned back against the wall of the sauna & spread my legs some more. She had to see how wet & swollen I was getting. She lifted one leg over then the other of the lower seat & sat facing me. She played with my left toes, foot, ankle & then slowly ran her fingers up my lower leg. We made permanent eye contact. 

   She switch the wine glass to her other hand & did the same to my other legs. I was committed. She handed me the bottle. I filled my glass. She stood up. Picked her towel up off the floor, folded it & placed it directly in front of me. She knelt on it. "Now lets have a little fun" she said as she coached me to move forward so my buttocks was almost resting on the edge of the seat. She spread my legs & slowly ran her hands up & down both the top & inner part of my upper thighs. Not only were her hands, but her eyes too, seducing me. "My aren't you excited" she said as my pussy lips were swollen & my clit sticking its head out. I moaned as I said yes. "Well my dear let me see how I can help you & your excitement. "
She began by kissing & licking the inner thigh of one leg from my knee up, across my mons & down the other leg to my knee & then back again. Her hands in the mean time were caressing my abdomen, stomach & breasts.

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       I could not help but moan louder & longer. When her lips grabbed onto my swollen clit, I thought I was going to have an orgasm right then. I held back, cause I want it to be the best one I ever had. I could feel my eyes rolling into the back of my head. Amanda knew what she was doing & I tried to remember what she was doing to me, so I could do the same to her when it came my turn. "Oh fuck yes" I yelled as the orgasm took control of my body. I held her head tightly to me & thrust my throbbing pussy into her face. She sucked & licked my pussy till all my juice of total ecstacy ebbed from my body. "Did you like that" she asked, as she stood up, leaned toward me & planted one wet kiss on me. I opened my lips & let her cum topped tongue enter my mouth. I had never thought I would taste my own juice, let alone another womans. "Loved it" I told her. We changed places. I did to her what I could remember her doing to me. She put a leg lock on my head & urged me on.

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       After I had finished bring her to orgasmic state & enjoyed her creamy juice, she asked me if this had been my first time with another woman. When I told her yes, she complimented me on how good I had been for my first time giving a woman oral pleasure. That nite I took great pleasure in having her penetrate me with her sex toy, over & over again.
    We became lovers. Making love with some of the guest, was just more big money for me. The older ones paid the most. I pretending I was enjoying it. None of it was like when I was with Amada. She made me feel special. I hated the thought of summer ending. As we loaded aboard the helicopter for the flight down, she handed me a letter. When we landed, I found a quite place where I could read it.
    "Dear Heather. I have taken an apartment close to the college. I told the managers you will be picking up the keys for the place.

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       They think you are my sister. Little do they know or have to know. Love Amanda. "
    The days till she arrived were long. I just kept myself busy with my studies. When she did arrive, we made up for lost time.
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