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Melissa forced the gag into Sara’s mouth and then tightened the straps around the back of her head. Then the leash was taken off her collar and in place, a chain was attached, and then threaded through the bars, into a pulley in the ceiling and then to a ring in the floor that forced Sara to keep her head raised and also stay to the front of the cage. Then ankle cuffs were attached to Sara and then to the back of the cage holding her legs spread and immobilised, the same was done with a larger form of ankle cuffs with her knees, holding them wide apart. A blindfold was then placed over Sara’s eyes and then attached with a strap around her head. Then, a pair of wrist and thigh cuffs were placed on Sara, this caused her to lose balance and start to choke. “I am not going to hold you, you will have to find your own centre of balance” Sara heard her mistress say. Sara began to struggle and eventually found her centre of balance, but for how long she could stay in this position was another problem altogether. Suddenly, Sara felt something pushing on her pussy, but couldn’t tell what, then it started to move, very slowly, in and out of her pussy, in…out…in…out… and she heard her mistress say to her,“Just something to keep you busy” and then Melissa walked out. Sara did not know which was worse, the position she was forced to maintain or the in and out of the dildo, which must be attached to some kind of automatic wheel. 10 minutes passed but to Sara it seemed like ten days, the dildo was keeping her on edge but it was not going fast enough to push her over the top, she had decided to time it with the ticking wall clock and had noted that it took two seconds to go in and then it would instantly come back out, again, lasting two seconds to do so, and the position she was made to stay in was showing its wear on her shaking knees and back. Then suddenly the dildo was gone, she waited but nothing came, and then a stream of light filled her life as the blindfold was removed, followed by her gag“Have you learnt your message to only speak when spoken to?” said her mistress“Yes Mistress Melissa” Replied Sara, struggling to adjust to the light. “Good, now be a good girl and when I untie your wrists, you may use them to balance yourself,” Said her mistress, unstraping the wrist and thigh cuffs. Sara instantly done what she was told, with pleasure. She could not help but leave out a small sigh“I will let that slip, but you will not be so lucky next time” Said Mistress Melissa quickly and sharply. Sara was then freed of all bonds but as soon as she got out of the cage, before she could even tell what was going on, she felt something click around her waist, and then a cold feeling on her soaking wet pussy. Sara looked down to see a mettle chastity belt around her waist and pussy.


   There was a small slit for her urine, and a slightly larger but netted hole around her back, and she could not help but think that if she needed to go, that things were defiantly going to get messy. “Before you get any ideas, your pleasure belongs to me now, and if you’re a good girl, I might look the other way for ten or so minutes”“Thank you mistress” said Sara with disappointment, she was hoping to have nice hard cum after all that torture“Now get ready, we are going for a meal tonight, I have put the clothes you shall wear on the bed” Said her mistress attaching Sara`s leash to her collar and pulling her in the direction of her room. Once she reached her room, her collar was removed and Sara was ushered into her bedroom and the door locked behind her. On her bed she could see a few articles of clothing. First she put on the thigh high white latex stockings, then the knee high black latex socks, then the ankle high white latex socks, by now she was getting very worried about being able to walk, but not to upset her mistress, she continued to dress. Then the Black latex micro-mini skirt, next she put on the white latex boob tube (She was also starting to notice a bit of a theme) and then, thigh high black latex boots and the final article of clothing was a red rubber ball gag. “She couldn’t really want me to wear that, could she?” Sara though to herself“Hurry up in there, if your not fully dressed by the time I open this door, your in serious trouble” Said the voice of Mistress Melissa. Without thinking twice, Sara shoved in the ball gag, which was much bigger than it looked, and tied the straps at the back just in time for Mistress Melissa to burst in“Ah very good, I see you even put in your gag, such a good little whore, now come on, were leaving” said her mistress, attaching Sara’s collar and leash once again. Sara noticed that her mistress was wearing what she must have thought of as casual, a long black latex skirt which reached the ground, black knee high latex boots and a black latex bra. Sara was escorted through town, still being pulled by her leash to an Italian restaurant. Once seated, her mistress handed Sara something.
    “Go to the toilet and put the on like a good little pussy lover” whispered Mistress Melissa in Sara’s ear. Once Sara got to the toilet she opened her hand to see a pair of what looked like small bottle tops with a screw in them. After a few minutes of deduction, she realised with horror they were actually nipple clamps. Sara entered one of the cubicles, pulled down her boob tube, and put on the nipple clamps.

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       The cold mettle was hard on her warm flesh, but she found the feeling somehow erotic, and the familiar feeling returned to her pussy, she instinctively reached down to finger herself, but was stopped by her chastity belt “Damn thing” she thought, pulled up her boob tube and exited the cubicle, she was greeted by an elderly woman who’s expression instantly turned to shock when her gaze fell upon Sara`s breasts. As Sara passed the door she gave a quick glance in the mirror and instantly knew why the woman had acted in such a way. It was blatantly obvious that she had some sort of contraption on her breasts through her skintight boob tube, but never the less, she left the haven of the toilets and returned to sit with her mistress. “Ah, good little girl, I see you have put them on quite tight also, now eat up so we may have desert” said Melissa with an evil grin. A grin that sent shivers down Sara`s spine just thinking of what her mistress had in mind. When she finished, a bowl of ice cream was replaced with her empty dishes. Then a note was slid across the table from Melissa to Sara. The note read: - Do what I tell you, and I might reward you. I want you to pull out your boob tube and then place a ball of ice cream on each breast and then replace the boob tube. Sara just read on with horrorThen I want you to take off your micro-mini skirt and then rub the ice cream from your breasts down to your stomach and then ask for the bill. If you do not do this, you will be punished. Sara`s mind flew back to her last punishment and decided she could not handle that again, so she pulled out her boob tube and placed a ball of ice cream on each breast, and she gasped loudly as the freezing cold ice cream started to melt on her breasts and burning nipples. Next she continued to do as she was told by removing her skirt. The other dinners just looked on with building disgust and stress. Sara had but know turned a deep shade of purple from shame, but she still rubbed the ice cream down to her stomach, and she asked for the bill then they both left, but not before Melissa licked all the ice cream of Sara`s stomach, which had caused tears to form in Sara`s eyes.

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      Once they returned home, Sara was escorted to her room, striped, except for her chastity belt, and was given permission to wash. Sara did as she was told and went to bed, and as she lay there, tears still in her eyes, she thought about today’s experience and wondered what tomorrow might hold. To be continued….
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