Teenage Fantasies 2


Topic: Part 2- The partydespite all that had happened, i decided to go to his party anyways. Trish, Sara, and Max picked me up in a limo. i was wearing a flowery top with dark capris and flats and they thought my outfit was gorgeous. but when they saw my face they hovered around me and hugged me. this made me cry more. i told them ym story and Trish, looking awfully mad, said ' well that bitch better watch out. cuz if i see her i swear im gonna knock her out' they all nodded. 'thanks guys, but violence isnt needed. ' they looked at each other and then Max said 'well my mom works at a cosmetology place. we might send her some flyers so she can go buy her self some boobs' we all laughed and cracked up. 'but guys. the thing is. . . it made m horny to see his big dick sticking up and how fast he was fucking her. i was only mad because.

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  . i wish it was me' they all stared at me. 'i know something that will make you feel better' said Sara. 'what?' i asked. with that she stumbled over to the bar and pulled out some whiskey 'now sara' i started but she pushed a button and it flipped and there were dildos and strap ons and a box of condoms. 'now thats what im talking about. ' there was about an hour 30 mins until we got to the hotel and obviously id gotten them horny with my story about Ty's wonderful dick. 7 1/2 inches of solid fucking cock. i wonder how it would feel inside me. . . i groaned. 'mmhmm now that youre in the mood, strip. everyone strip' we did. i was still thinking about Ty and i grabbed a gold dildo and rammed it in my already wet pussy.

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   i kept jamming it ther and i closed my eyes envisioning Ty ontop of me, fucking me as hard as hed fucked Jessica. i was reaching my climax and found myslef calling out to him 'ohh Ty fuck me baby! ohh mmm fuck me harder. im your bitch im your bitch Ty ohh fuckkkkk' and i came. i bucked and grunted and squealed and jerked until my orgasm ended. it never got time to end before Max jumped ontop of me with a strap-on and rammed into my pussy. 'close your eyes' she said in her Ty voice 'mhmm yeah ty fuck me ohh shit thats good. . oh ok right there right there ohh jesussssss!' my eyes rolled back into my head and i basically had a seizure. i squirted pussy juice all over my friends, all over the windows andall over the seats. still breathing heavy, i was hornier than ever. Trish flung herself on me and started making out with me and squeezing my nipples. i moaned in pain and ecstasy. someone was licking all the way from my cunt to my pussy and ramming their tounge inside my wet juicy hot pussy. i still saw Ty's face in my head. i imagined it in pain and frustration and concentration just as it would have to be if he were fucking me.

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   i opened my eyes and he was there, fucking me. and then his head whipped back and i heard him grunt like the beast he had been when i saw him fucking that bitch. and i almost felt his cum in my pussy. almost. i blinked a couple times and i came back to the world. i was on the chairs, sweating heavily. 'ohh thank god shes alive' said Trish. ' we thought you were going to die! you were bucking and cumming and cumming adnyou wouldnt stop and then you started fingering yourself and orgasmed again then passed out. ' i began to cry' i want Tyyy. thank you guys but it made me realize how much more i want Ty's dick. he has to be the one that takes me' Trish nodded and then pointed out the window' were at the hotel!'.
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