The Cheer Squad


It was a Saturday afternoon and in the gym of the local high school five girls were practicing their new cheer routine.   You could take one took at any one of these girls and tell they were meant to wear those uniforms.   The purple and gold outfits outlined their bodies perfectly.   Showing off their firm round asses and letting just a few inches of abs show.   They were even a little low cut so you could see their perky tits bounce as they did their routine.  
Leah was the head cheerleader.   She had red hair and was made for the job.   No one dare question her know how on cheering and what was best for the squad.   They even relied on her with their personal lives and that is why all the girls were still virgins.   Leah thought that if they were sleeping with the football players they would destract them from there game and that would be bad for everyone.  
Well, this day at practice they were moving through the steps and were coming across some problems. . . a few of the girls seemed to be daydreaming off.   Leah noticed and singled out one of the girls Lacy and asked her what was going on in her head.   Lacy couldn't lie to her and responded with " I am just so horny.

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    I tried to get myself off this morning but, I just couldn't get myself there. I'm sorry. "
"You poor thing, why don't you have someone else get you off?" Leah asked her.
"Well, because you told us we weren't aloud to have sex. "
"I simply told you to keep your virginities.   I never said you couldn't help each other out. " Leah said with a coy smile. Leah then walked up to the girl and without hesitation dropped to her knees and lifted her skirt. She began licking at Lacy's white bikini panties and could feel Lacy soaking her through immediatly.  
The other girls watched in aw, taking notes on what to do. Leah then moved Lacy's panties to the side and rubbed her fingers up her wet slit to her throbbing clit.   She gave it another quick lick and wiggled her finger over her clit sending Lacy into a fit of ecstacy. Leah then quickly shoved two fingers deep inside Lacy's dripping pussy, while lapping at her clit like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. Lacy was moaning so loud and the other cheerleader started to moan alittle too.   Leah stopped fingering her.

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"Lacy, do you want me to stop?"
"Fuck NO!!! Make me cum!!! PLEASE!!"
Leah lifted Lacy's top up and revealed her naked 34 D breasts. She licked at them, then sucked for a while.   She glanced up and seen that the other girls had sat down and started to finger themselves as well as helping each other out.  
Lacy took her top off and let her panties drop to the floor.   She bent straight over and touched the ground hinting for Leah to attend to her throbbing pussy from behind.   Leah didn't miss a beat and crawled behind her fingering at her slit again, taking small licks at her sweet juice.   She grabbed her ass then slowly traced her second hole.   Leah began lapping at her pussy again from behind, taking longer licks this time and stopping right at her asshole.   Leah then got an idea. . . she needed somthing to fuck her with . . . she glanced down and seen her pompom.

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    She took the handle of it and ran it up and down Lacy's pussy to get it good and wet, then slowly started fucking her with it, while still rubbing her now swollen clit.   Lacy couldn't take anymore and came all over Leah's pompom. Leah licked up all her cum then, as Lacy collapsed on the floor Leah took off her panties and knelt over her head.   Lacy couldn't wait to return the favor and started licking Leah's pussy hard and fast.   Leah took her top off and started rubbing her own breast when Rene crawled over and started licking and biting her nipples.   Leah was so turned on from eating Lacy's pussy she started to cum right away.   She gushed all over Lacy's face.  
This was my first story. . there can be more if I get a good response. . . you can write comments to pixie_doodle2002@yahoo. com
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