The Crissy Experiment


The Crissy Experiment
By Anonymous (edited & re-written by Gia1978)

I found this story on a random site, and since it was not copyrighted, I decided to re-write it and post it here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As Doctor Mina Bender finished Crissy Jordan’s gynecological exam, she asked her if she would be interested in undergoing an experiment concerning female sexuality. She explained that they were always looking for volunteers, as they were somewhat hard to find. Being that Crissy had what Doctor Bender called cliteromegly, or in laymen’s terms, “an unusually oversized clitoris” that she would be ideal for the program.

Crissy, who had only just turned eighteen a few weeks earlier hesitated for a moment, but reluctantly agreed when Dr. Bender informed her that it paid $100 cash and would only take an afternoon of her time.

She was beautiful enough to be a model and definitely had the body for it. She was an adorable blond with bright blue eyes and was 5’6” and 110 pounds, very slender with a tight bubble butt and long tan legs. Her stomach was flat and clearly ripped with washboard muscles, which accentuated her perky 34c breasts. As a new member of the University of Santa Barbara gymnastics team, she would surely do well, having been all-state on her high school team.

She gave Crissy a slip of paper with a time for her to come in the next day and told her that the experiment would take place in the basement of this clinic.

As Crissy left, Dr. Bender assured her that she had nothing to be afraid of and that she would most likely enjoy the procedure and would want to come back for more.

Crissy jumped in her new yellow VW Beetle and pulled out of the clinic parking lot. As she did, Dr. Bender’s words echoed in her head and she suddenly found herself excited and even slightly aroused.

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   She was no lesbian, but she thought that Dr. Bender was very beautiful and even… well… sexy. She giggled at that thought.

“What will they be doing to me tomorrow?” she wondered next.

The next morning Crissy showered and ate breakfast in anticipation. She had certainly never been this anxious to go to the doctor. She went to her morning classes on the UCSB campus. So far her freshman year had been off to a good start, although she hadn’t been able to find a part time job that fit her schedule.

She wondered if these experiments would be something she could do every week… then she wouldn’t have to find a job and she would be doing something exciting and perhaps even fun!

Then her mind jumped back to wondering what they were going to do to her. All kinds of thoughts and images ran though her head. Images from science fiction movies, kinky porn flicks, and even horror movies flew through her imagination.

Finally, two o’clock arrived. Time had crept along at a snail’s pace until it was now time for her appointment. She left a note for her roommate and headed to the clinic, which was just a few blocks away.

When she walked into the clinic one of Dr.

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   Bender’s nurses, Ms. Bradshaw, greeted her with a smile.

“Good afternoon Crissy! Are you ready for the procedure?” the cute nurse asked.

Crissy nodded and followed the sexy young nurse down a hall of the clinic that she had never seen before. As they walked, nurse Bradshaw assured Crissy that she was in good hands and that the people who would be working with her were professionals. She also told Crissy that she definitely would enjoy the procedure and would most likely come back again, like most of their volunteers did.

Crissy could not help but notice that nurse Bradshaw had a very short uniform on. In fact, she could see the bottom of her firm butt cheeks as she walked in front of her. Crissy reddened across her pretty face as she felt her bulbous nipples harden at the sight. The nurse was only 5’ 1” tall, and moving next to her, Crissy could see down her top, smiling slightly as she spotted the lacy black bra the young lady wore.

They stopped at an elevator at the back of the hallway. Up until the previous day, Crissy didn’t know the clinic even had a basement. As they rode down several floors, Crissy tried not to stare at the tiny, brunette nurse. She wondered where this new interest in women was coming from. They got off the elevator and walked down a hall to a small room where the nurse handed Crissy a tiny hospital gown to put on and instructed her to remove all her clothing.

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After Crissy changed, Nurse Bradshaw came back in and lead her a little further down the hall to a set of double doors. Inside was the most elaborate lab Crissy had ever imagined. In the center of the room was a metal table that looked like a cross between an operating table and a gynecologists chair with all kinds of straps hanging from it. A metal helmet with wires flowing out of it was suspended above the table. Around the table were all sorts of computers and machines with all kinds of lights, buttons and knobs.

The machines had all sorts of wires connected to them that had all different types of electrodes on the end. Crissy could tell that some of the machines were also pumps because they had clear tubing instead of wires and what looked to be breast pumps on the ends. There was also a cart that held a display of all kinds of shiny metal probes and sort of dildo looking things.

Then the sexy little nurse went over to start the video cameras that were placed around the room. Crissy stared at the machines and her puffy nipples began to stiffen at the thoughts of what they would be doing to her body.

Crissy was startled from her contemplation of the machines by Dr. Mina Bender’s voice.

“Good afternoon Crissy, I would like you to meet my colleague. This is Dr. Miiko Osato from Japan.

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   She has recently joined my practice here in America when she had a few… well, complications over in Japan. She’s been heading up all this research at my clinic for the past month or so and she is going to be working with us today as well. ”

Dr. Osato was an attractive older women, tall for being Japanese so Crissy thought, and in very good shape. She shook hands and instructed Crissy to remove her gown so the nurse could attach some wires to her. She hesitated for a moment, then dropped the tiny gown to the floor. Nurse Bradshaw gasped slightly as she gazed at the stunning blond teen in the nude.

Dr. Osato spoke excellent English as she began, “What we are studying Crissy, is the female orgasm to try and learn ways of teaching women how to experience them in greater levels and far more often. We are also researching the effects of electro-stimulation or electro-sex on the female body. Don’t worry though… the electrical stimulation is a very low current and so far, all the women found it very pleasurable. ”

As Dr. Osato was speaking, nurse Bradshaw attached an electrode to each of Crissy’s firm bubble butt cheeks. The teen began to get excited and a little nervous and she could feel her juices start to leak from between her firm legs. Just then, the nurse produced a large syringe with a plastic tip.

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   It was filled with some type of clear jelly.

The sexy little nurse asked Crissy to bend over the table and relax. She gazed hungrily at this fine specimen of teen femininity and noticed the downy blond fuzz covering the girl’s entire tight, tanned body. Crissy’s powerful muscles flinched slightly as Nurse Bradshaw inserted the plastic tip into her tight anus. She felt the cool jelly entering her rectum, and sighed at the sensation. Before telling Crissy she could stand back up, the nurse smeared a little of the lubricant in Crissy’s tight crack and around her crinkled anus.

Then Nurse Bradshaw helped Crissy to get up onto the table and began to strap her ankles in place, a little wider than shoulder width apart. She glanced down at Crissy’s large clit and smiled, then she secured Crissy’s wrists and arms with straps and finally one larger strap across her chest, just slightly below her firm breasts.

“Now don’t be nervous Crissy, the straps are just for your safety. ” assured Dr. Bender.

Dr. Osato came over to the table with a few electrodes and began placing them on Crissy’s gymnastics-ripped stomach. Then she placed two on either side of her smooth pubis, which Crissy had already shaved only just that morning. She then placed one on the inside of both of her muscular thighs and one on the sole of each dainty foot.

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“Now these are for breast and nipple stimulation Crissy. ” Dr. Osato informed her as she took two electrodes that looked like gray breast pumps from one of the machines.

“These provide both suction and electrical stimulation to the breasts which will substantially increase the intensity of your orgasms. ”

Dr. Osato pressed the cups onto Crissy’s puffy nipples as Dr. Bender turned a knob on the machine. Crissy felt the cups suck down on her nipples and her vaginal juices immediately started leaking twice as fast.

Crissy couldn’t believe it, one minute she felt nervous and embarrassed at her nudity and vulnerability, and the next she was as horny as a porn star.

Then Dr. Bender turned another knob on the control panel, causing the pump tips to glow a deep electric blue and Crissy felt a sharp tingling sensation in her breasts, causing her to moan deeply.

“That is the electricity you're feeling Crissy… it should feel like someone is tweaking your nipples and massaging your breasts at the same time. ” Dr. Bender informed her.

“Crissy… you have had sex before.

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  . or at least masturbated, correct?” asked Dr. Osato.

“I have muh… masturbated b-b-b-before… but I’ve… n-never had s-s-sex. ” Crissy could hardly answer due to the intense stimulation.

Doctor Osato was astonished at Crissy’s answer. How the hell had this stunning beauty made it through high school without ever being sexual?

“Miiko, It seems you missed my report in her chart that her hymen was intact. It would be a shame to use those vaginal probes on a virgin, don’t you think? Let’s go ahead and give her the injection now so I can break her in myself. ” Dr. Bender quietly whispered to Dr. Osato.

“Sounds lovely to me Mina. ” said Dr. Osato with a sinister grin on her pretty face.

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   Osato leaned over to Crissy and told her, “I am going to give you an injection of a mild aphrodisiac that will elevate the sensations from the electricity. ”

She pulled a syringe from one of the trays of instruments, swabbed the inside of Crissy’s arm and stuck the needle into her vein. She glanced at her watch, knowing it would take about two minutes for the drugs to kick in, and suggested that they go ahead and turn some of the other electrodes on.

Dr. Bender went back to the control panel and turned a few more knobs and switches.

Dr. Osato asked, “Now were are going to give you a few more stimulation's Crissy. How do you feel so far?”

“Okay. This is neat… but it’s kinda. . . umm. . . scary.

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  ” Crissy said sheepishly.

“I understand…” said Dr. Osato, “If at any point you feel you are going to achieve orgasm, please don’t hold back. You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about; we are studying orgasms and we have seen many many other women do just that. ”

Crissy felt a more of the electricity on her lower body now. Her stomach muscles began to gently contract and the muscles inside her vagina began to twitch as well. A dull throb from her clitoris swelling told her she was getting excited now. Dr Osato watched as the teens amazing clit swelled rapidly, standing out of it’s hood like a finger and pointing up, looking much like a mini-penis.

A warm feeling spread through her supple body, and she was suddenly very relaxed and aware of her sexual arousal… she had never been this horny…. ever.

Dr. Osato then moved in front of Crissy, holding one of the metal probes she had seen earlier on the cart.

“Now this is an anal probe Crissy. Most women really enjoy anal stimulation. ” she said softly.

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   “I’m going to insert this into your rectum so try and relax. ”

Dr. Miiko Osato reached down between Crissy’s legs and began spreading her cheeks a little with one hand. She began pushing the six inch probe into Crissy’s anal opening. Crissy moaned as the probe’s bulbous head penetrated her sphincter muscles and entered her rectum. Dr. Osato signaled Dr. Bender to turn the probe on and Crissy immediately felt her anal muscles contract and an intense sensation deep in her tight asshole.

She moaned in ecstasy as Dr. Bender turned the stimulation up a few notches on all the electrodes. The breast cups started sucking harder and glowing brighter, it now felt like someone was pinching her nipples and she felt invisible, massaging fingers on her butt, inner thighs, pubis, and especially on her very erect clit.

Knowing that the drugs had kicked in by now, Dr. Osato leaned down to Crissy and began to explain what they were going to do next.

“We’re going to put this helmet on you now that has electrodes and sensors in it. It’s going to monitor your responses to the stimulation and provide some of its own to your brain waves,” said Miiko.



She attached a few electrodes to Crissy’s forehead and temples before pulling the metal helmet firmly onto Crissy’s head. The helmet had built in headphones and a visor that was similar to that of virtual reality goggles in that it had a display screen built in. The screen came on and bright shapes and geometric patterns appeared. Crissy found herself oddly fascinated by the display and sighed happily as she began to relax even more.

Weird sounds began to come from the headphones, digital sounding, yet almost like radio static. Crissy found these relaxing as well and before long she was in a deep trance.

“The treatment is progressing nicely Mina. ” said Dr. Osato.

“Yes Miiko, it would appear so, when she comes to, she will be another one of our mindless slaves. ” replied Dr. Bender with a grin.

Dr. Bender leaned in and whispered in the shuddering teens ear, “Crissy, I’m going to slip my fingers into your pussy now. If we tear your hymen with one of the probes, it might hurt you, so I’m going to use my fingers first, okay ?”

“O-o-okay Doctor B.

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  ” Crissy said weakly.

The drugs the doctors had given Crissy were actually experimental mind control drugs that Dr. Osato had developed and then been banished from Japan for using on her patients. The drugs in conjunction with intense sexual stimulation would warp a person’s mind and make them susceptible to any and every command.

The noise Crissy was hearing in the headphones actually contained subliminal messages telling Crissy that Doctors Bender and Osato were going to be her mistresses and that she would obey their every command. At this point, Dr. Bender and Dr. Osato had successfully brainwashed several other young women, including all their nurses, since joining forces.

Dr. Bender removed her lab coat, leaving her in her lacy black under things while Dr. Osato unfastened the Velcro straps on Crissy’s ankles. They put each of the teens legs in the stirrups and re-strapped them in place. Then they swung the stirrups out, spreading her long tan legs wide open.

Dr. Osato took over at the control panel as Dr.

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   Bender put on a pair of latex gloves and lubed them up. She crouched in front of the table and began to spread Crissy’s own juices over her swollen pussy lips and clit with the tips of her gloved fingers. After a minute of making sure she was well lubed, she slowly pushed her two fingers in, tearing right through her paper-thin hymen. Crissy did not even flinch as her maidenhead was pierced.

Mina then began to vigorously pump her tight, slippery pussy. She had never felt such a tight and unbelievably wet pussy before. The amount of juice that was streaming from Crissy’s opened labia was phenomenal. Dr. Bender wondered if the girl had lied about masturbating before, it was like her body had never been sexually stimulated before.

As she fingered the girls tight passage, she used her left hand to stroke the girls huge clit which now stood up straight and was about 5. 1 cm (2 inches) long! Within a few minutes, Dr. Bender had brought the teen to her first orgasm of the study. She pulled her fingers from the girl in disbelief of how fast and how much she came.

Dr. Bender's palm was filled with the ejaculate which was very much like male prostrate fluid.

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   Crissy had actually squirted in the Doctors hand and it was milky and had a slight acrid odor. Dr. Bender had done some research into female ejaculation, and was excited by the prospect 'at hand'. Crissy continued humping her hips and her vaginal muscles were flexing involuntarily, causing her thick enormous clit to wobble back and forth.

“Wow! Miss Jordan’s definitely a keeper!” said Dr. Bender with a giggle as she turned to Dr. Osato. “Let’s use the vaginal probe now, shall we?”

Dr. Osato, who was just as aroused herself, pulled her hand out of her panties and went over to the cart to pick up the second probe. She coated it with the KY jelly and attached the contacts to the end of it. She handed the probe to Dr. Bender and returned to the control panel.

Dr. Bender rubbed the dull steel probe over Crissy’s large labia to smear some of the lube over them. As she pushed the probe deep inside Crissy’s glistening pussy, she could tell that her muscles had already started to contract again.

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   Crissy moaned loudly and arched her back up in the air as much as the restraints would allow. She whimpered like a wounded animal as the bulbous head of the probe slid past her over sized G-spot.

Dr. Osato smiled and turned the electricity on and the steel probe came to life. Crissy’s pussy began to contract and twitch from the intense stimulation. Her huge erect clit began to pulse visibly and copious amounts of thick, whitish pussy juice flowed freely from around the steel probe, dripping into a collection dish under her firm buttocks. After ten minutes her whole body began to convulse and uncontrollably.

“Unngghh, Unnmphh, Ohh, Uunngghhhh!” Crissy grunted one last time and her entire body contracted in an earth-shattering orgasm like she had never before experienced.

Her tiny toes curled and then without warning, her vagina seized violently and pushed the metal probe out. A powerful stream of her pussy juice squirted from her open urethra, landing a good 4 feet from the table on the tile floor, splattering loudly.

Dr. Osato gasped and slowly reduced the intensity of the electrical stimulation on Crissy’s swollen nipples. She laid there tingling all over, her sexy, firm body glistening with sweat and cum.

Dr. Bender was astounded.

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   She had never seen any of her patients ejaculate like that before. She knew that she and Dr. Osato would be having a great deal of fun with Crissy in their many future sessions.

Dr. Osato removed the helmet from Crissy’s head and then began to remove the electrodes from her breast and stomach.

“Well…. what did you think Crissy?” asked Dr. Bender.

“Wow! I’ve never felt anything like so intense!” cried Crissy. “I can’t wait to do it again!”

“Sure!” said Dr. Bender. “We can do it again tonight after you complete the assignment I gave you. ”

“Yes mistress…” Crissy mindlessly replied.

The two doctors looked at each other and smiled as they finished removing the probes and electrodes from Crissy’s body. They knew the treatment had succeeded and were anxious to continue playing with her.

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   They also knew that they would have a steady flow of volunteers to treat with their sinister machines as Crissy brought her various girlfriends from the gymnastics team.

Nurse Bradshaw wiped the sweat and jcum from Crissy’s perfect body and helped her to get dressed. Crissy left the clinic and went back to her dorm room. She quickly packed some clothes and her hygiene items in a duffel bag, just as the subliminal messages had programmed her to do.

She then left another note for her roommate telling her that she would be staying at the clinic for some research over the weekend, adding how much fun it was and how well it paid. In the note she left the address and urged her roommate to stop by to see if she would be interested in participating in the research as well.

Thirty minutes later, she headed back to the clinic. Instantly she started to become aroused again and her pussy began to get very moist as she entered the building. By then, the rest of the staff was headed home. Now it would be just her, Dr. Bender, Nurse Bradshaw and Dr. Osato. She took the elevator down to the basement where the doctors were working.

“Good Crissy, you’re back!” Dr. Bender said.

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   “Nurse Bradshaw will take your bag and put it in your new room down the hall. Did you leave the note?”

Crissy nodded with a naughty grin on her pretty face.

Dr. Bender turned to her colleague. “Would you mind preparing the machines for Crissy’s roommate, Dr. Osato? I’m going to take Crissy into my office for a more. . . personal session. ”

Dr. Osato smiled and nodded as Crissy, their newest slave mindlessly began to disrobe with no shame or hesitation.

The End

As always, I would love to hear your comments!

Hugs n Squirts,

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