The Kidnap : Part I


Soon she was standing outside Lucy's house. Head down, she walked up the drive and used the set of spare keys Lucy had given to her to open the front door. She winced at the impending kidnapping and she was not disappointed. For as soon as the front door clicked shut two hands were placed over her eyes and mouth and she was pushed into one of the downstairs rooms. She knew it was Lucy that was holding her because she felt her friend's big breasts pressed tightly against her back. All of a sudden someone kicked her legs away and she dropped to her knees on the carpet. The hands were removed from her eyes but only momentarily to be replaced by a blindfold that was bound tightly around her head. She took this oppurtunity to start to scream but no sooner had she emitted the noise when a large plastic ball was placed in her mouth. Next she heard metal buckles being done up at the back of her head. She renched one hand free to try to pull the ball out of her mouth but it wouldn't move and she realised that it was the metal buckles she had heard keeping it in place. Next her hands were handcuffed behind her and she was well and truely helpless. Hannah was pushed from behind again so she fell on her stomach. She just managed to turn her head sideways in time so it didn't smash into the floor. Hannah felt a weight on her back that could only have been Lucy, the plumper of the four. Soon she heard a voice in her ear, recognisable as Lucy's despite the violence and spite in her voice. "This is just the beginnning Hannah", Lucy spat in her ear.

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   "You're going to be beaten, punched, kicked, slapped, whipped, bitten, spanked, pissed on", Hannah began to cry as Lucy continued her list of what was in store, "shit on, fisted, raped, cut, bruised and fucked so hard you'd eat your own mothers pussy to stop the pain. " Hannah tried to object but the only sound she could produce through the gag was a quiet, low moan. "You'd better be ready", Lucy whispered before pulling Hannah up by her hair and leading her upstairs to her bedroom where the other two girls were. Up in Lucy's room, on the bed, lay Beth and Amalia. Beth was gently licking around Amalia's ear and occasionally making Amalia giggle when she curled her toungue and pushed it into the ear itself. Lucy brought Hannah into the room, still holding her by her hair. She pushed Hannah down and took off the blindfold and the gag. Hannah was relieved to find all the girls still in full school uniform. Beth looked up and saw Hannah's tearful state. "What did you say to her Lucy" Beth asked. "Oh, I just told her some of our plans for later" Lucy said. Beth giggled and then turned back to Amalia, planting a series of small kisses along the other girls neck. As scared as she was, Hannah was sure that none of the things Lucy had described would be done to her. For all the girls were quite shy when it came down to it and although they had had several friendly kidnappings they really never went further than pulling eachother. Lucy was the most daring and was the only one of them ever to go braless, but even then the others were reluctant to take off their bras too and Lucy's breasts went untouched by everyone but Lucy herself.

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   This was probably because Lucy was the oldest, 15. Beth and Amalia were 14 and Hannah herself was only 13. Even for her young age, Hannah's breasts were far smaller than they should have been and this was why Hannah didn't want the others to see them. But she knew that this was impossible as Lucy unlocked the handcuffs and ordered Hannah to strip. Hannah knew it was useless to try and refuse so she stood up and kicked off her shoes. Lucy, Beth and Amalia now lay altogether on the bed, intentely watching Hannah. Next Hannah peeled off her blue tights that stuck to her legs from her persperation. Now the girls could see Hannah's tiny black knickers. Hannah unbuttoned her school shirt and held her arm over her bra as she slipped the shirt off. "Please, I can't go any further" Hannah protested. "Oh yes you can" said Beth, "take it all off. " Hannah burst into another set of tears but slowly unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground. The girls on the bed gasped as they looked at Hannah's tiny breasts, mere bumps on her chest. Hannah saw the reaction and tried to cover her breasts with her hands but this time it was Amalia who spoke. "Take off your knickers Hannah" she ordered.

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   "I can't" sobbed Hannah. "Why?" demanded Amalia. "I'm ashamed, my vagina's too small" she sobbed. Amalia gave an evil cackle and stepped off the bed and went over to Hannah. She looked deep into Hannah's eyes and then, without warning, hooked her thumbs into the sides of Hannah's pants and gave a short but sharp tug which saw them fall from Hannah's hips. She pushed Hannah to the floor and pulled the tangled panties off Hannah's legs. Hannah fell with her legs spread open and the three girls crowded around to inspect Hannah's tiny pussy. Lucy was the first to speak. "My god Hannah. Even my ten year old sister's pussy isn't as small as that. " For a moment the attention was deflected from Hannah's small body and towards Lucy. "When did you see you sisters kitten?" asked Beth, quite worridly. Lucy looked down at the floor and her cheeks turned red. "Well," she stammered, "she's still at the age where she isn't really conscious of needing to cover her privates up so when were alone in the house I let her go around nude. I just find her body fascinating.

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  " There was a short silence which Amalia broke.
    "You're so lucky Lucy. I wish I had a sister for that. When I get really sexually built up I have to jack off my little brother. " Beth and Hannah were amazed at what they were hearing from the other two girls but Beth had a secret to share too. "When I did some baby sitting last month I had this eight year old girl to look after all night, so I. . . " she stopped. "Go on" said Amalia. ". . . so I tied her up to my bed and slept between her legs. I didn't lick her or anything but, well, there you go.

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      " The three girls smiled at each other, and then down at Hannah. "Have you got anything to tell us Hannah?" Lucy asked. "Yes. " Hannah looked down at the floor. "Two weeks ago I fingered my next door neighbour's twelve year old daughter in the ass. She hated it and she was crying and screaming. But I kept going, must have been for more than an hour, I don't know what came over me. " Beth smiled and said "Hannah, that's terrible. I think you need punishing". The others smiled too and Hannah stared at them, crawling backwards to get away from them. Of course this was fruitless and she was soon gagged and tied, face up, to the bed. Lucy straddled Hannah on the bed and lay her hands on Hannah's small breasts. "We're going to play truth or dare Hannah, but with a twist", she smiled evily. "For every naughty thing you admit too I'm going to hit one of your breasts and every time you lie to me I'm gonnna hit both of them. Do you understand?" Hannah nodded with fear and shut her eyes.

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       Lucy began to ask the questions. "OK. We'll start off easy. Have you ever touched your breasts to pleasure yourself?" Hannah nodded and she winced at what was to come. There was a short pause and then Lucy slapped down hard on Hannah's left breast with a stinging blow. Hannah's body rocked but she did not open her eyes. "Number two. That time I had my breasts on show, did you want to touch them?" Hannah decisevely shook her head. "Really Hannah? Because I saw you looking at them, licking your lips, I think your lying to me. " Hannah frantically shook her head but it was too late. Lucy slapped Hannah's right breast and brought her fist hard down on the left one. This time the gag could not suppress Hannah's scream and it came loudly through plastic ball. "Lucy. . .

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      ", Beth began to protest. "What? Its gonna get much worse than this Beth" Lucy replied. "I guess so" replied Beth. Lucy looked down at Hannah and shook her head. "Its gonna get much worse", Lucy smiled. She untied Hannah from the bed and pushed her roughly onto the floor. She kicked Hannah in the side of her stomach so she rolled over onto her front. Lucy knelt down and pulled apart Hannah's ass cheeks. "Tight, very tight", she laughed. "Beth, what size shoe are you?". "Im a 6, but why?" "You'll find out" Lucy replied. "Now, I'm a 7, what about you Amalia?" "I'm only a 4" she answered. "That sounds about right. Beth hold Hannah down. " Beth sat on Hannah's back facing her feet.

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       She held the 13 year old down by her ass. Lucy walked over to Amalia and knelt in front of her. Lucy undid the laces on her friend's shoes and slipped them off her feet. All eyes were on Lucy.
      Lucy cocked her head to one side and then slowly stripped Amalia's socks from her feet. After admiring Amalia's toes for a few seconds she took the girl's right foot in her hands and pushed Amalia's big toe deep into her mouth. The taste of sweat and leather filled Lucy's mouth as she intentely sucked on the toe. Lucy half expected Amalia to pull her feet away from Lucy as it wasn't a sensation that a lot of girls enjoyed but when Lucy saw Amalia throw her head back and give small moans, Lucy took the big toe out of her mouth and then pushed all of Amalia's toes on her right foot into her mouth. It was a tight fit even though Amalia's toes were small but Lucy could still run her toungue along all of them, sucking them dry of Amalia's sweat. Amalia's hand slid towards her crotch but Lucy slapped it away. "Not yet Amalia, not yet" she said in a soothing voice. Soon after Lucy withdrew the girls toes from her mouth and said, "there's plenty more where that came from but now you need to help me out". Amalia nodded. Lucy walked Amalia over to Hannah and sat next to the naked girl. Lucy once again opened Hannah's ass cheeks and said to Amalia.

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         "I think you know what I want you to do with that gorgeous foot of yours. " Amalia and Beth gasped just at the thought but Lucy's reassuring smile set them at ease. Amalia got a chair which she placed over Hannah and sat down on it so it was easier for her to direct her foot. Hannah began to yell through the gag and squirm around but the combined force of Beth and Lucy was too much for her. Lucy licked her lips as she saw Amalia's beautiful foot glide past her face as it slowly pushed Hannah's ass cheeks even further apart. "Try to get your big toe in first", Lucy instructed. Amalia rested her big toe on Hannah's puckered anus and then made little back and forth motions, gently at first but soon they were quite forceful. Eventually she worked a hole big enough and her big toe slid in. Hannah screamed through the gag but Amalia just giggled. Beth licked her index finger and worked it into Hannah's anus, alongside Ami's big toe and pulled the hole, opening it further. Lucy followed suit and soon they had stretched the brown hole wide enough for all of Ami's toes to push in. "Oh my god," said Amalia, "this is so evil!" "But don't you love it?" asked Lucy with a wry smile. "Oh yes!" Ami replied. She stood up off the chair, her foot still firmly planted in Hannah's ass. Forcefully she began to foot fuck Hannah's arse hole, pushing deep then pulling out, over and over again.

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         Each time she pushed her small foot in, Hannah let out a yell, easily audable even through the gag. After a few minutes Amalia took her foot out and collapsed on the floor, all her energy used up. "My god", said Lucy breathlessly. "I don't think I've ever been so wet. My panties are soaking" "Yeah, mine to" agreed Beth as she stared at Hannah's stretched ass hole. Lucy stood up and wiped Ami's foot on Hannah's chest until all the brown was on Hannah. She pulled Hannah up and had to lift her to the bathroom for Hannah couldn't even support her own weight on her trembling legs. Lucy put Hannah in the shower and turned on the cold tap. Hannah sat slumped in the shower, not talking, just letting the water heal her pain. After a few minutes Lucy lifted her out and guided the small girl back into the bedroom. When Lucy and Hannah returned they found Beth and Amalia in their bra and knickers, both wearing 8 inch strap-ons. Amalia lay down on the floor and Beth walked over to Lucy. Without saying a word Beth took Lucy's hand and led her over to Amalia. She slowly pulled down the plump girl's panties and her tights so that Lucy was nude under her skirt. Beth pushed lightly on Lucy's shoulders and Lucy understood that Beth wanted her to ride Amalia's strap-on.


         She slowly squated down onto the plastic penis and pushed it deep inside her until it hurt too much to go any further, then she beagn to slide up and down the pole, oiling it with her pussy juices. The other girls watched intently as Lucy began to make small moaning noises. When Lucy was halfway to orgasm Beth pulled her off and although Lucy was disappointed she knew why Beth had done it. "Hannah, I want you to clean this pole" Amalia ordered. Hannah tried to resist but she was dragged to it and felt the head of the plastic cock pushed into her mouth. She almost gagged when she tasted Lucy's pussy juices filling her mouth. "Suck it deeper girl" Beth ordered as she knelt beind Hananh, her strap-on inches from Hannah's ass hole. When Hannah refused to suck it harder Beth violently shoved the dildo into Hannah's ass which made Hannah scream loudly and bend her head down to suck the cock more. "Good girl" Beth laughed as she dug inbetween Hannah's legs yet again. Lucy pulled her knickers and tights back up her legs and told Beth to let Hannah have a rest while she went and prepared something. Hannah collapsed onto the floor, breathing heavily and gently sobbing to herself. Beth and Amalia smiled at eachother at what was to come. A few minutes later Lucy walked back into the room and told the girls to follow her. Amalia picked up Hannah and helped her to the door while Beth picked up her bag. Lucy guided them down a flight of stairs and towards Emma's, her little sister's, room.

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