The Survey


Debbie made herself comfortable and waited for Miranda Gaines to begin. “First of all, how old are you?” “I’m twenty six. ” “Married or single?” “Single. ” “Do you live alone or do you have a room mate?” “Alone. ” “So you’re in charge of all the shopping?” Miranda asked. “Exactly, I do all the shopping,” Debbie replied. “How many times a week do you shop for groceries?” “Ummmmm, about one and a half,” Debbie replied, “you know, one big trip and maybe a short stop for milk or bread, you know how it is. ” “Of course I do,” Miranda replied quickly, “and for clothing, how often do you shop for your apparel?” “Well, that depends, you know on the time of year and if something gets worn out. ” “Okay, for example, what about panty hose, how often do you purchase them?” “Oh that’s different,” Debbie replied, “they don’t last long at all, I’d guess I buy at least one pair every two weeks, maybe more!” “And what brand would that be?” Miranda went on. “Ladie’s Choice,” came the immediate reply. “Let me make sure I get this down on paper,” Miranda muttered softly, “okay, now as for color……. . ” “Nude, always nude,” Debbie answered. “What size?” “Uh, size B,” she replied. “Crotchless?” Even though she was alone and only speaking on the phone Debbie felt a little color rising in her cheeks but she collected herself and reply firmly, “No, the full paneled kind!” “Hmmmm,” Miranda hummed, “that’s interesting. ”Really, why is that?” Debbie asked.

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   “Well,” Miranda replied gently, “more than sixty percent of the women go for the crotchless model. ” “Don’t you find it a bother to have to tug down your hose every time you use the potty?” Now growing even more flustered Debbie stammered, “Well, er, I guess I’ve never really thought about it. ” “Then think of this for a moment,” Miranda asked. “Can’t you ever remember a time when you barely made it to the john and had to struggle to get your panty hose down before wetting your panties?”Debbie had a moment when she felt like hanging up the phone but for some reason she remained on the line and replied, “Well, yeah, I suppose I have, sure, who hasn’t?” “That’s exactly my point,” the soft voice continued, “by wearing the crotcheless model you can prevent embarrassing accidents!” “I guess,” she replied, “that sounds reasonable. ” “Of course it does, dear, and another thing, it makes it much easier if for some reason you need to get to your vagina!” By now Debbie’s cheeks were literally burning red, but she managed to ask, “And why ever would I need to do that?” The line was silent for a moment until in a very sexy voice Miranda asked softly, “Come now, dear, haven’t you ever had to insert a tampon or adjust your panties?” With her breathing was now becoming slightly labored Debbie replied, “I-I don’t think that’s any of your business!” “It’s my job to ask these questions,” Miranda Gaines interjected quickly, “now please, answer me!” Now totally taken in by the smooth talking woman Debbie whispered, “I guess it would be easier to, you know, if I had the other kind. ” “No, I don’t know,” Miranda replied evenly, “what would be easier?” Debbie made an audible gulp before whispering, “You know, to change a tampon……. ”“That’s better,” Miranda said gently, “now about those tampons, have you ever considered trying pad instead?” She desperately wanted to hang up the phone but something kept her frozen in place while she heard herself asking, “Why, is there something wrong with tampons?” “Not really,” Miranda answered, “but the sensation of having a thick spongy pad against your vagina is very arousing, especially if it is held in place by a pair of skimpy little panties!” With sweat now breaking out on her forehead Debbie listened intently while Miranda Gaines went on. “Just imagine that you’re sitting in a room full of people and under your skirt is a crotchless pair of panty hose and a huge sanitary napkin pressed hard against your bulging lips while being held firmly in place by a pair of transparent bikini panties!” “While no one is the wiser you flex your vaginal muscles until you have a very satisfying orgasm right in front of everyone!” “Your pussy bulges open obscenely as it spasms out of control while it convulses over and over again until you’re totally and completely satisfied!”Debbie used the sleeve of her shirt to wipe the perspiration from her brow while Miranda asked gently, “Now, tell me, dear, is your vagina in need of attention right now, I mean is it in dire need of sexual gratification?!?” She was too far along now to offer any resistance at all, so with a wavering voice she stammered, “Y-yes, it needs it badly!”“Of course it does,” Miranda replied smoothly, “and now we’re going to do something about it, aren’t we, dear!?!” “W-what?” Debbie croaked. “What are we going to do about it?” “Well naturally you’re going to stand up and remove your jeans and panties,” Miranda replied a matter of factly. “Now do it,” she ordered almost harshly. Almost like a robot Debbie stood up and removed her things leaving her totally naked below her waist!“Have done as you were told?” the voice in the phone asked. “Yes,” came Debbie’s soft reply. “Good, now tell me, are you dripping wet?” “D-dripping,” she intoned in a barely audible tone. “Very good, dear,” Miranda replied gently, “now be a good little girl and flick your finger over your hard little clit!” Miranda didn’t have to ask if Debbie had performed the required task as her ear piece was soon filled with the long low groan of a woman who was desperately close to orgasm! “Again you follow orders well, my dear,” Miranda said softly, “now be a good little girl and finger yourself to your orgasm!” By now Miranda had slipped her hand inside of her panties and began furiously frigging her bulging clit while at the same time listening to Debbie moaning out loud as her climax rushed towards her! “I-is it good, dear?” Miranda stammered into the receiver.
    “Are you going to have a big one!?!” By now Debbie was on automatic pilot! Her fingers literally flew in, out, and around her gushing pussy while she blubbered into the mouthpiece, “S-so close, so fucking close, cumming now, cumming so fucking hard!!!” The walls of both women’s vaginas began to wrench almost simultaneously while orgasms of brutal ferocity whip sawed through their crotches, leaving them both panting and spent almost unable to speak!After a few more minutes of hard breathing Miranda managed to offer, “And that was the last question for our survey, our sponsors wish to thank you for your help, good bye!” It took Debbie several attempts to hang the phone back up in its cradle while she struggled to her feet.

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       Not quite sure exactly what had just happened she pulled on her panties and jeans before flopping back down on her chair to continue on with her book. Before she had even gone through one paragraph, however, she smiled to herself and muttered softly, “Tomorrow I’m going to go crotchless!!!”THE END.
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