The Test-Fire


It had all started on June 18th,which was when a handsome scientist named Martin Langham had arrived at an abandoned warehouse,got out of his car and walked over to the door,only to have him reach into his pocket,pull out and gaze upon a picture of his estranged ladylove,Melissa Broderick and wish to God that something would happen to help him return to her.
But that was before Martin's best friend and fellow scientist,Carl Langella had opened the door,tapped on Martin's shoulder and asked,"Hey,Doctor Frankenstein. Are you coming in to work or what?"
"Oh,sorry about that,Carl. Yes,I'm coming in. ",answered Martin,after he had taken a deep breath,placed the picture back inside his pocket and stepped into the building. "It's just that Melissa and I had gotten into this big arguement about the project that we're doing for the U. S. Defense Department,which had resulted in her breaking up with me. . . as in big time. "
"Oh,Jeezus Fucking Shit!",said Carl,after they had reached a large metal door and he had started pressing the numbers 216-285-440 on the keypad next to it. "Oh,well. At least,we should look at it this way. After she had finally calm herself down and realized that she wa being too hasty,Melissa will run back,wrap her arms around you and apologize. "
"You really think so,do you?",asked a skeptical Martin,just before Carl had let out a small chuckle,turned his head towards his best buddy and answered,"My friend,I happen to know so.

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And then,after Carl had pressed the enter button and the door had opened by itself,the two friends had walked into a room behind the door which has a large cannon-type weapon housed inside of it.
Just then,while the two guys had looked at the big gun and wondered to themselves what had possessed them to create such a monster,the third member of their little team,Rachel Garner had walked into the room,placed her motorcycle helmet on a nearby table,tapped her two co-workers on the shoulder and asked,"Okay,you lugs. Since I had arrived,can we get this testing phase over and done with?"
"Fine by me,Rachel. ",said Carl,while making sure that every wire connection was in place for the final test-fire. "Because if you were to ask me,the sooner we get this piece of monster crap out of here,the better. "
And then,after the three team members had finally mad sure that everything was in place and ready for the test-fire,they had stepped into a protective room and started programming the computer to start the sequence.
But then suddenly,Rachel had slapped her hand on her forehead and said,"Ah,fucking shit!My Harley helmet!I've left it on a table in the test chamber!"
"Relax,Rachel. I've go in there,get your helmet and get myself back in here before we have the chance to shoot that puppy off. ",said a helpful Martin,just before he had stepped out of the protective room. "Just do me a favor and tell the computer to hold on for a fw minutes. Okay,Carl?"
"You've got it,good buddy. ",answered Carl,after he had given Martin a big thumbs-up and just before he had started trying to get the computer to abort the test-firing for a little bit.
But instead of doing exactly what Carl had asked it to do,the computer had suddenly gone into the secondary protocol,which the U. S. Military had placed inside the computr system to make certain that the test-firing should not be delayed for even a microsecond.

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And after the secondary protocol has been activated,the door of the protective room had suddenly closed by itself,causing an alarmed Carl to run over to the door and try to force it open,while Rachel was trying to override the secondary protocol.
But then,after they had discovered that both attempts had failed and the large blaster-cannon was enrgizing itself for the test-fire,Rachel had waved her hand towards a still-trapped Martin and used sign-language to tell him to put her motrcycle helmet on and dive for cover.
But after he had put on the helmet,the time for him to dive for cover had to him too late,for the blaster-cannon had just fired and bathed everything in the room--including Martin--with the energy from the blast.
And then,after the instruments had indicated that it was safe for them to reenter the test chamber,both Carl and Rachel had stepped out of the protective room,rushed over to Martin and started checking him to see if he was alright.
But then,as soon as they were finally able to get the helmet off,the two friends had recieved quite a shock,for they had discovered that the energy from the blast had transformed Martin into a woman.
Just then,after she had woken-up from her little nap and placed her hand on her forehead,the newly-transformed Martin had let out a moan and asked,"Did someone get the license number of that truck?"
But after she had suddenly realized that the voice that had came out of her mouth was not the actual voice of Martin Langham,she had placed her hand on her throat and asked,"Why does my voice sound different?"
"We were afraid that you were going to ask us that,Martin. ",answered Carl,after he had taken a deep breath and handed a mirror to his newly-transfomred friend. "Now,you sure you don't want a seditive before you look?"
"What the freaking hell is that suppossed to mean?",asked a confused Martin,just before Rachel had pointed at the mirror and answered,"On second thought,you might as well forget about the seditive and take a look anyway. "
And then,after she had looked at her new reflection in the mirror and relized what the energy from the blast had done to her,an upset Martin had let out a scream of bloody murder,smashed the mirror against a wall and yelled,"WHY ME?!WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ME?!WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE SUCH PUNISHMENT?!"
And after she had placed her hands over her face and began to cry,both Carl and Rachel had agreed that hey might as well take Martin home before they go to the U. S. Military liason and demand an explaination from him.
And so,after they had dropped Martin of at her place and left the scene,the poor newly-transformed soul had walked herself into the bedroom,plopped herself down on the bed and began to cry herself to sleep.
But that was before she had suddenly woken-up to the sound of someone walking into the apartment and asking,"Martin,are you still home?It's me!Melissa!I want to talk to you about somethng!
And after she had let out a sigh and realized that there was no other way out of it,a saddened Martin had gotten herself off the bed,stepped out of the bedroom and walked into the living room,where she had tapped on Melissa's shoulder,cleared her throat and asked,"Is there something that I could help you with?"
But then,after she had looked at the newly-transformed Martin and placed her hands on her hips,a suddenly-upset Melissa had given Martin a had stare and asked,"Who are you suppossed to be?His sister or something?"
"More or less. ",answered Martin,after she had taken a deep breath and just before Melissa had pointed at her chest and said,"Well then,Little Miss Homewrecker!You could just go ahead and let that son-of-a-bitch know that I'm really through with him this time!Got that?"
But then,just as she was about to open the door and walk out of the apartment,a saddened Martin had closed her eyes,lowered her head in shame and said,"I'll make sure that he gets the message,Mel. "
That had suddenly caused Melissa to turn towards Martin with a confused look on her face and ask,"Excuse me for asking this,but what did you call me?"
"I've called you Mel,like I've always done ever since we've met and fell in love with each other.

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  ",answered Martin,after she had turned her head towards Melissa with a single tear running down her cheek. "That's right,Mel. It's really not a joke. It's me. It's Martin. "
And then,after she had finally gotten it through her thick skull,a shocked Melissa had walked over to Martin,placed her gentle hands on Martin's shoulders and asked,"Wholy shit!Martin,what happened to you?"
"You might want to sit down,Mel. Because it's going to be a long story. ",answered Martin,after she had placed her hands on top of Melissa's and just before they had sat down on the couch and he had told her what had caused her sudden transformation.
And then,after she had just finished telling the story,a sad-faced Martin had lowered her head,allowed a single tear to run down her cheek and said,"It's hard to believe--actually--that it had to take something like this to make me realize that you were right about the project that I was working on all along.
    I'm really sorry about what happened to us,Mel. And if you want to keep on hating my guts,I'll understand. "
    But that was before Melissa had placed her gentle hand on Martin's cheek,allowed a smile to appear on her lips and said,"Well actually,Martin. I'm glad that the accident had happened to you,because what I had really came back here to tell you is that I'm a lesbian and after our fight,I was trying to think of a way to tell you without hurting your feelings. But now that you had been transformed into a woman,I'm suddenly finding myself falling in love with you all over again. "
    And then,after Martin had looked up at Melissa's eyes and suddenly realized that there was still a spark of true love between them,the two reunited lovers had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,just before they had moved themselves into the bedroom,took off all of their clothes and placed their nude bodies on the bed.

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    "Aaaahhhh!I've really. . . never had it done. . . to me like this. . . before!Yeeeessss!That's it!Do it,Mel!",said Martin,after Melissa had started licking all over Martin's body--all the way down to her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts. "Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!"
    And then,at that exact moment,Martin had suddenly realized that even though she had became a man trapped in a woman's body,she was experiencing something that she had never experienced as a woman before,for she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica. . . and enjoying every minute of it.
    Just then,after Melissa had placed herself in front of Martin and started rubbing their pussies against each other,a sexually-energized Melissa had plaed one of her hands on her own tits and the other hand on Martin's silky thigh and yelled,"AAAAHHHH,YES!THAT'S IT!DO IT,MARTIN!FUCK ME!I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!"
    And then,after they had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached its final experimental stage,the two newfound lesbian lovers had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

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    Then,after they were both finally able to catch their breath,Melissa had placed her head on Martin's chest,let out a sigh and said,"Martin,I really do wish you don't try to change yourself back into a man,because I really do love you now. "
    "Well,Mel. To tell you the truth,I have no desire to change back into a man. At least,not anymore. ",said Martin,after she had gently placed her hand on Melissa's head. "Besides,I really do love you,too. "
    And then,after they had snuggled-up to each other,both Martin and Melissa had fallen asleep with their naked arms in a lover's embrace.
    Just then,on the very next day,both Carl and Rachel had agreed to walk to the warehouse,for they had figured that the fresh air would do wonders with helping them think of ways to Martin get his lost manhood back.
    "Well,Rachel?Got any ideas inside that head of yours?",asked a curious Carl,just before Rachel had turned her head towards him and answered,"Nothing so far. How about you,Carl?"
    "Same thing with me,Rachel. ",answered Carl,after he had taken a deep breath. "But at least,one good thing came out of this whole mess. We don't have to do any more weapons work for the U. S. Military.

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    But then,as soon as they had arrived at the warehouse,the two friends had discovered a note taped on the door,which said,"Carl and Rachel--If you guys were trying to think of a way to change me back into a man before you recieve this note,please do me a favor and don't bother,because Melissa and I are now more in love than ever before and we're going to Canada to start our new lives together. Now,I know that with the U. S. Military running the show,it'll be impossible for us to see each other again under friendly circumstances. But then,you never can tell. Anyay,just take good care of yourselves and remember that I'll be in your hearts. . . always. --Your good friend,Marsha Lang. "
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