The Workout


The woman was truly a wonder, at least six feet tall with huge firm boobs and a shaved pussy that was puffed up far bigger that anything Sally had ever seen in her entire life!!!Sally was sure that her mouth was hanging wide open, but the blonde merely stuck out her hand and offered, “Hi, you must be new here, I’m Gayle!!!” Sally had trouble taking her gaze off of Gayle’s incredibly inflated vagina, but she finally tore her eyes away and took Gayle’s hand and replied, “Nice to meet you, my name’s Sally!!!” They shook hands for several moments until Gayle replied, “So how do you like it so far, the gym I mean, it’s really state of the art!?!” “Uh, fine,” Sally replied, “it’s how shall I say it, different!!!” Gayle giggled a little girl’s laugh and whispered, “It’s great if you like seeing hot pussy, come ‘ere, I’ve got something to show you!!!” Sally offered no resistance when Gayle took her by the arm and led her to the far end of the gym where an incredibly muscularyoung woman was lying on her back do bench presses with her legs spread wide apart!!!“How much weight is that,” Sally asked incredulously as every muscle in the young woman’s body strained under the stress of each lift!?! “Mmmmm, about two fifty, I’d guess,” Gayle replied, “but it’s what she’s wearing over her pussy that interests me!!!”Sally hadn’t even noticed it at first, but the woman seemed to be wearing some sort of leather harness that went around her waist and down between her legs partially covering her vagina. After staring at it for a moment or two it suddenly hit her and she gasped, “I-is that a strap on, I mean a reverse strap on, I mean…….” Gayle nodded her head and whispered, “That is exactly right, a reverse strap on, she has an eight inch dildo jammed inside of her pussy being held in place by the straps so when she works out it won’t work itself free!!!” Sally’s eyes were truly as big as saucers as she watched the young woman grimace with each lift, and then much to her shock and surprise, she could actually see the woman’s pussy begin to convulse as a huge orgasm pulsated through her groin while she continued to lift!!!Sweat had by now broken out on Sally’s face as she watched the woman’s whole body shaking gently as a brutal cum wracked her entire body!!! As the last vestiges of her climax ebbed away, Gayle positioned her pussy over the woman’s mouth and had her suck her to a mind bending climax of her own!!! Sally’s own pussy was now drooling like a leaky faucet, and after the two women had regained their composure, they positioned Sally on the weight bench, and much to her consternation, fitted her with the same type of strap on that the other woman had been wearing!!! “N-no, please,” Sally begged weakly, “I shouldn’t be doing this……….” Her mewlings of course were ignored by the two muscle bound women, and once the eight inches of latex was rammed deep inside of her pussy, a barbell with fifty pounds of weight was positioned on her chest while Gayle ordered, “Okay now, hon, let’s see you have a nice hard one by the tenth press!!!Sally wasn’t used to pumping iron, and even fifty pounds felt like a ton, but gamely she began hoisting the bar up and down, and with each press an incredible amount of tension was placed directly into her now burning cunt!!! “How does that feel,” Brenda asked softly, “isn’t it just like heaven!?!” Sally’s entire body was becoming a collection of jangled nerves as her arms began to burn from the intensity of lifting while her pussy was now ratcheting closer and closer to an orgasm that was truly going to be monumental!!!As each succeeding lift became more labored, the pressure on her clit and pussy increased tenfold, until as she struggled to heft the bar up for the tenth time, her pussy exploded with a climax that was so close to devastating that she nearly passed out from the experience as her pussy spasmed wildly around the thick rubber invader!!! If Brenda and Gayle hadn’t been there to catch it, the fifty pound bar would have certainly crashed down on her chest injuring her badly, but as it was they lifted it safely out of the way while Sally’s pussy lurched from one incredible cum to another until she was totally spent and panting like a dog on a hundred degree day!!!“My god,” she said softly while cupping her big tits and gently twisting her nipples, “t-that was incredible, I’ve never cum so hard, I feel so fucking reamed out!!!” Gayle just giggled again and offered, “You think that was good, wait until you try it on a treadmill, now that will really give you a buzz!!!” Sally just closed her eyes as a small smile crept over her face commented, “Well, I guess I won’t have to worry about my money back guarantee will I!?!” Brenda just laughed and replied, “You got that right, hon,” while taking one of Sally’s big nipples into her mouth and sucking on it gently, “you got that right!!!”THE END
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