Training Sarah PArt Two


I wanted to see how far I could take it with Sarah. Each night that followed, I smeared her face, neck, and hair with a combination of both our pussy juices. I even put an ample amount in her nostrils to imbed the smell in her mind. She had to smell it every morning, cause I sure could, and our mom looked at her funny in the morning too. Her nipples were rock hard every morning and she kept taking longer and longer showers. So for about the next two weeks she had pussy cream rinse and pussy facials every night.

Now I had never tasted pussy before and thought this would be a risk free way to do it. The next night, after I helped her masturbate herself, this time through her panties so they would be sopping wet, I slowly pulled her soaked panties down her legs and took them off. I folded them over so the wettest part of the panties was facing out, and put them next to her mouth and nose. I pushed her legs apart at the knees and starting licking her pussy with long deep strokes. She responded by moving her hands down to her pussy, and when she ran into my head, she cupped the back of my head and pulled my face deeper into her pussy. I got her close to cumming, then backed my way out of there and got her hands pumping in and out of her pussy before covering her back up and going back to bed. I could hear her cumming after about 5 minutes, and then heard her wake up. Her fingers soaked in her own cum, and her soaked panties in her face. Wonder what she was thinking…

We’re going on 3 months of constant, nightly attention to her private parts to the point of her being soaking wet before I even start abusing her each night. She is now masturbating herself every night, and sometimes waking herself up when she cums.

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  I get impatient waiting for her to start, so I’ll get her hands where they need to be, and start twisting and pinching her nipples. Before too long she is pumping her fingers in and out of herself on her way to yet another orgasm. Somewhere along the line she began taking her panties off and sleeping with them wrapped around her hand, which she held close to her mouth. This is where I got another warped idea.

After she was asleep, I started switching my panties for hers that were wrapped around her hand, so that when she woke up, it would be my panties she was smelling or tasting. The next morning when she woke up, I pretended to still be asleep, but watched her as she realized she had been using my panties instead of hers. She looked over at me, and snuck into the bathroom to put them in the hamper so I wouldn’t know. After about a week of watching this, I thought I would embarrass her when she woke up. I got up first one morning and watched her as she pulled herself out of bed with my panties wrapped around her hand. I said, “What are you doing with my panties?” She mumbled and stumbled around and couldn’t explain it. I looked closer at them and remarked how they were wet, and asked it she was using it as a teething ring or what. She was completely embarrassed and swore me to tell no one. I agreed, and just shook my head, and said not only are you masturbating every night, but now you’re sniffing my panties.

Now we’re going on 4 months of training with Sarah, and I was ready for the big move. I downloaded an x rated movie to play on my computer, which has lots of different sex situations in it.


  I paused it on the end of a straight scene with a girl giving a guy a blowjob, and just before a girl on girl situation. The next night, I curled up on my bed and began watching the movie. Sarah was interested, and jumped into bed with me to watch. About 5 minutes later, the girl on girl scene started. It was pretty hot and we both had our hands in our crotch by the end of the scene. We looked at each other, and I chided her by saying not to wake me up with another noisy orgasm. She laughed nervously and went to bed. After she was asleep I got her so hot, twisting the shit out of her nipples, and got her to start masturbating herself. Then I pulled my panties off, straddled her head with my knees and lowered my pussy onto her waiting lips. I was rubbing my clit against her lips, and watched my juices drip into her open mouth. I got bolder and put more weight on her mouth and as she was cumming, I pressed down harder and got myself off. Then she woke up!I tried to imagine her situation, hands in her panties, rock hard tender nipples, comprehending that her mouth was on a shaved pussy, and just having had an orgasm. I egged her on, and said, you were moaning about eating my pussy when you were masturbating and I thought I’d give you what you wanted. She was completely disgusted and called me a little slut. I shot back by calling her a big lesbian slut, just like the one in the movie.

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I didn’t stop there. The next night, I got her going again, smearing my pussy all over her face. She kept masturbating herself, cumming shortly after I covered her back up and went to bed. I knew we had a trip to our cousins coming up next month, so I began plotting what I could do next…