Truth or Dare


Truth or Dare…………….
I unclasped my black lace bra and it slowly slid down my arms leaving my round tits fully exposed. My nipples became erect immediately upon contact with the cool air. One of my best friends, Tess started to caress and suck my left breast as soon as my tits were exposed. My other friend Kate, was busy fingering her pussy while Tess and I had our encounter on the sofa……………………
Our evening started out innocently enough, earlier that day we had all been bridesmaids in a wedding.   After the reception we headed back to Tess and Kate’s condo for more champagne. We sat in the living room, all of us still wearing those hideous long black satin dresses.   Kate refilled our glasses as soon as we downed our drinks. Kate and Tess had been lovers since meeting in college 5 years ago. I met them when I joined the accounting firm where they both worked.
Kate was the one who suggested that we play strip poker; I was just buzzed enough from the champagne to second the motion. Tess lost the first hand and promptly stood up and slid out of her satin shroud. Tess was not wearing a brassiere, and as her dress fell to the floor, she caressed her breasts making her nipples very erect. Kate lost the next hand and slipped out of her black satin nightmare and long slip. Unlike her lover, Kate had on a very reveling sheer black bra with thong panties to match, topped off with black thigh stockings.   Tess lost the next hand, stood up and pulled her long black slip off as well as her panties, leaving Tess in only black thigh highs and stiletto heels.

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I lost the next hand, removing my dress, leaving me in my black lace bra and skimpy panties. After I had removed my dress, both Kate and Tess complemented me on my body, I have to admit I look pretty good; I have large round breasts, long legs, and a firm ass. Kate then decided we should play truth or dare; she dared me to kiss Tess or answer a personal question. Before I could decide, Tess put a lip lock on me. I have to admit when she put her long hot tongue in my mouth I enjoyed it and reciprocated; we kissed for several minutes. I had never kissed a woman before and found it strangely exciting.
When Tess and I were finished kissing, Kate asked Tess “Truth or dare?” Tess quickly replied “Dare” “Ok then, Tess I dare you finger your pussy for us. ” Tess wasted no time in spreading her legs and began pleasing herself in front of us. I watched mesmerized as she slid her right hand down to her smooth hairless pussy and rubbed her clit to an erection. All I wanted to do at that moment was slide my hand down my panties and finger fuck myself. I had never been so turned on in my life.   Kate then told Tess, “That’s enough for now Tess, it is Jana’s turn. ” I wasted no time in asking Kate “Truth or dare?” Kate quickly took dare, and I dared her to remove her panties and bra and play with her clit.
          As I watched Kate pleasure herself, I slipped out of my damp panties reveling my red manicured snatch and unhooked my brassiere, Tess began to caress and suck my right breast. I began to finger her sopping wet cunt and bring her to a climax.

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       Kate came over, and she and Tess pulled me down on the sofa, Tess began to finger my wet pussy while Kate kissed me and fondled my tits. She and Tess began to take turns fingering me and sucking my clit, I lay on the sofa with my legs spread wide and they did me. I climaxed twice before they were through.
    When they were done with me, I started to bite and suck Kate’s tits until she started to moan. I got on my knees and worked my way down to her shaved pussy; I pulled her lips open and began to flick her clit with my tongue. In no time at all, she climaxed and then it was time for.