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While Maggie sat at the breakfast table eating a bowl of cold cereal she didn't even hear her mother speaking because her thoughts were far away. "Sure mom," she said, as she gave her a peck on the cheek and headed out the door to meet her best friend Kaye down at the corner. It was a mile to school and Maggie had hardly said two words for most of the trip. "What's bugging ya Mags," asked Kaye? "Oh nothing," replied Maggie. "Don't give me that, something for sure is on your mind," said Kaye. "Well. . . . ," Maggie hesitated. "Give, what's up," pressed Kaye? "This is a little embarrassing but I've got trouble, you know, down there," said Maggie as she pointed to her crotch, and after a few exchanges back and forth Maggie finally explained to Kaye that her clitoris seemed to be much bigger than it should be! And worse yet her labia seemed to be growing as well! Her whole pussy seemed to be puffed up! Kaye assured her that there was nothing wrong and told her that they would check it out after school. On entering Central High, Maggie tried to put the whole thing out of her mind, maybe Kay was right, nothing to worry about!On the way home from school Maggie acted as if nothing was wrong, and didn't bring up what they had talked about that morning and hoped that Kaye wouldn't either. No such luck! Right away Kaye wanted to get right home and check out Maggie's privates! Maggied started to protest but Kaye just shut her up, took her by the arm, and steered Maggie towards home. Finally in Maggie's room Kaye said, "OK, let's see it!" Reluctantly Maggie slowly began taking off her clothes. Maggie had always been proud of her body, because in eighteen short years she really had the build of a full grown woman, with 36D breasts, a slim waist, wide womanly hips, and long slim legs!!! To be perfectly honest about it, she was a school boy's wet dream! Now, however, she felt very self conscious undressing in front of someone who had seen her nude hundreds of times. After finally slipping of her panties Kay said, "Lay down on the bed and spread your legs.

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  " Maggie lay back on the pillows and spread her legs completely exposing herself to her friend's steady gaze. Kaye put her face down close enough to her pussy that she could feel her breath! "Well," asked Maggie? Kaye took her fingers and gently parted Maggie's bush to get a better look. What she saw was stunning, Maggie had not been exaggerating, her clit was at least two or three times its normal size, and her lips too, they were puffed up like a balloon! Another thing that Kaye quickly surmised was that Maggie's pussy was very wet with what looked like sexual excitement! "Mags, you're all wet, are you turned on?" "All the time, Kaye, my clit seems to itch all the time and never stops!" Kaye started to feel her own pussy starting to leak, God, what was happening to her?!? She then did something she had never even dreamed of, with the tip of her index finger she very softly brushed the tip of Maggie's erect clit, and at it's mere touch, Maggie suck in a gulp of air and her pussy jerked spasmodically, and before Maggie could even say a word, Kaye leaned over and took the engorged little organ into her mouth and started to suck it! "What are you doing," a moaning Maggie asked? "I'm going to suck you off, your clit and pussy are absolutely beautiful," her friend gasped softly!
With the state her clit was in, Maggie just closed her eyes and let Kaye take care of her pussy, and immediately she could feel her vaginal lips puffing up even bigger than before, her clit was now throbbing due to the sucking Kaye was giving it. Maggie's hands had by now cupped her large chest and were tweaking the hard nipples as her whole body seem to revolve around that damned clit! For weeks now Maggie had been forced to masturbate at least twice a day to keep from climbing the walls, and although she never had thought of herself as gay or bi, right at this moment all she cared about was getting off, Kaye could have been the mailman, her doctor , or her teacher for that matter, and it wouldn't have made any difference!!! Kaye was now totally into sucking Maggie's big clit and she could tell that Maggie was about to blow her load because she was trying to push her whole cunt into Kaye's hot little mouth! All at once Maggie's hips bucked up, and accompanied by a long low moan, she had a brutally hard orgasm all over Kaye's face!
The two girls lay on the bed not moving so much as a muscle, with Kaye's face still resting on Maggie's pussy, so neither one heard the footsteps coming down the hall outside Maggie's bedroom. Like a whip cracking in the air, the door seemed to burst open and standing in the doorway was a dumbfounded Mrs. Anderson, Maggie's mother! "What on earth are you two girls doing," stammered Mrs.
    Anderson?!? By now Maggie and Kaye had jumped to their feet and were desperately trying to think of an appropriate answer. "Well," Mrs. Anderson snapped?! "Mom, uh, Mom we were, we were just. . ," mumbled Maggie, unable to say much of anything! Just then Kaye stepped up and said, "Maggie was worried that her vagina and clitoris were oversized and I was checking them out, and well, things just got a little out of hand!" "Maggie, why didn't you come to me with your problems, I'm your mother you know," asked Mrs. Anderson?!? Maggie replied, "I guess I was just too embarrassed to ask you. " "Well I could have given you ananswer to your question straight away," Mrs. Anderson said. She the proceeded to tell Maggie that all the women in the Anderson family had very large clitorises and labia, and that it was nothing to worry about.

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       The only "problem" would be that Maggie would probably be very highly sexed and need gratification at least twice a day!
    Maggie gave and audible sigh of relief and told her mom that she already needed to cum at least once a day and sometimes more. Then Mrs. Anderson said, "You know your father takes very good care of me and gets me off in the morning and later at night, an if I need it during the day, I just slip into the rest room at work and use a small vibrator to get myself off, but your father is such a dear too, he usually fucks me in the morning and eats me at night, he's really a wonderful cunt lapper!" "Mom, does Dad like your big vagina and clit," asked Maggie? "He loves it," she replied, "let me show you my cunt so you can see how yours will eventually look!!!" With that, she dropped her skirt to the floor and stood in front of the two girls in a blouse and white sheer panties. Hooking her thumbs in the band she quickly slipped the panties from her hips and kicked them away while Maggie and Kaye then stared at an unreal sight! Mrs. Anderson had shaved her cunt, leaving only the hair above her crack! Her lips and clit were totally bare! Her lips were indeed huge, much bigger even than Maggie's, and poking it's little head out from between the lips was a pink hard clitoris! Kaye could tell that Mrs. Anderson's pussy was at that very moment in a state of extreme arousal and asked softly, "May I touch it Mrs. A. ?!?" Without saying a word Mrs. Anderson pulled Kaye's mouth to her slit and ground her clit into her mouth while just Maggie stood there with her mouth hanging open, while watching her best friend eat her mother's pussy! Just seeing them go at it made Maggie's knees go weak so she lay back down on the bed and put her finger deep into her own crack. Mrs. Anderson grabbed Kaye by the back of the head and forced her mouth all over her pussy and Kaye couldn't believe that one pussy could leak so much juice at one time! Soon both mother and daughter were moaning as their orgasms flooded their large vaginas!
    After a few moments recuperation, Maggie asked her mom if she could get her own vibrator. Mrs. Anderson said she could have hers and that she would pick up another one for herself. She then went on to tell Maggie that it was very very important for her to find an understanding boyfriend, one that would be happy to help her control her powerful sex drive. "Some nights your daddy falls asleep with his mouth on my clit," said Mrs.

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       Anderson, "it takes a man with a lot of patience to help you keep your clit satisfied!!!" "Mrs. A. , why do you shave your lips and clit," asked Kaye? "Well, I like the way my pussy looks, Maggie's daddy likes to eat a smooth pussy, and I like to feel my panties push against my bare skin," answered Mrs. Anderson.
    Seeing that it was now going on five o'clock, Mrs. Anderson got dressed and went down stairs to start supper. Kaye gathered up her books and told Maggie, "You're really lucky to have such a neat mom!" Maggie only smiled and nodded! After Kaye had left, Maggie asked herself, "Now where is that vibrator?!?"

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