There are days when I feel like I could have my pussy licked and fucked all day.   It seems like today was one such day.   I was home, the kids were at school and the cleaners had just left.   I wanted to read a book but for some reason my pussy seemed on fire.   I was actually a little surprised since, my husband and I had had sex that morning and I had masturbated once when he had gone to the shower.   But then, I should not be, there had been days when I could orgasm endlessly, about 10-12 times in a span of one hour and still not feel sated.  I am 5'8" brunette with brown eyes and work out religiously to make sure my body is always a size 4, the way it has been since college.   The only difference that happened was I got bigger in my bust - 36C.

I decided to go for a run and cool myself down in the process.   I got into my gear and left the house, deciding to run around the neighborhood.   I must have gone for about a mile when I saw another neighbor out for a run; we seemed to fall into step together and ran for another mile.   She smiled and said, 'I have seen you around'.   I smiled back and said, 'So have I'.   We walked to the soccer field and she bent over and said she needed a break.   I sat down on the grass and looked up at her, I was shocked to see her white sports bra plastered on her and her nipples showing, I could feel the fire between my legs raging again.   She sat down and said, 'we have never met, I am Emma'.

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    I smiled and shook her hand.   We were still breathing hard, mine I suspect was due to the fact that I could not keep my eyes off of her gorgeous nipples.   Emma caught me looking at her and smiled, 'I know big huh! Want to see them?'  I looked at her blue eyes and felt a little shy, I have never been with a woman before and it felt a little awkward, this strange attraction to another woman.   And she was a good looking woman, fit and slim, blond hair and just as tall as me.   I decided it was time I became bi-sexual and said, 'let's go to my place it is closer'.   She got up and she and I ran together, breathing hard at the anticipation of finally being able to satisfy that perpetual wetness between my legs.   We got in to the house and I said if she wanted to go to the pool area and have a shower or she preferred inside.   She said inside, I led her to the guest room. She got in the bathroom and started striping; I was about to close the door when she said, 'wait!'.   I turned and saw her totally naked standing in front of me.   She had breasts that were perky and had big nipples, all puckered up, a flat stomach.   Her ass was round and firm.   Her pussy was clean-shaven and had a few blond hairs near the navel.   I could not stop looking at her pussy; it was gorgeous, the clit poking out and shiny with a mixture of sweat and juices.   She came towards me and said, 'let me help you'.

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    I kept looking at her puffy pussy lips and stood there dumbfounded as she pulled my shirt over my head.   I looked at her eyes as soon as my head was out and she smiled, 'you have a beautiful body, you must know that'.   I found my tongue and nodded, 'I work hard for it, exercises and running and eating smart'.   By now she had taken off my shorts and panties and I was naked.   She stood back and looked at my firm breasts and ass and nodded.   She held my hand and led me to the bed, 'we need to make sure, you get really dirty before the shower'.   She pushed me on the bed and leaned over me, 'I take it you have never been with a woman before?'  I smiled, holding her hand and guiding it to my pussy, 'I need some kind of satisfaction, have been on fire all morning and am ready to learn. You have no idea how all I want to do is spend hours lying and having someone suck and kiss me till I keep cumming again and again. '

She asked me to close my eyes and just feel.   AND I did.   I could feel her lips on my nipples as she circled them one by one with her tongue and sucked on them gently.   I was enjoying the feel of her tongue, when she put her finger on the tip of my cleanly waxed pussy, where a pool of pussy juice had gathered, ready to be used.   I gasped as she gently ran her fingers from the tip to my slit back and forth.   She got some pillows and put it under my legs to lift them up and said, 'this is something that you and I are going to remember, so sit back and enjoy, I like being a teacher. '  She kissed my lips and moved to the neck, all the while her fingers gently moved from the top of my slit to the my anus, gently rubbing the juices into the anus and making me gasp.

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    I was unbelievably relaxed and wanted a hard cock up my ass, she must have felt my anus contract because she asked, 'do you have a dildo?'  I shook my head and she pushed one finger gently into my anus as she put the tip of her tongue on top of my clit, 'we need to get you one, nooo.
    . actually maybe two, one for each of your glorious holes. '  Then she stopped talking and started licking my pussy up and down my slit all the while her finger massaged and danced on my anal opening.   I was starting to get a little desperate and I started bucking my ass so she could pay all her attention to my clit and make me come.  The brief shock of not having her finger on my anus was replaced by a sigh as she spread my lips and took the clit in her mouth sucking it.   I was moving my hips crushing it to get closer to that tongue, holding my breasts and massaging it.   I was about ready to cum.   I told her so and she continued pleasuring my clit and pushing her other hand in my pussy.   I came on her hand bucking under that sucking mouth and probing finger.   I must have cum for a long time, she licked every single drop of the sticky liquid and said, 'you taste and smell delicious. '  I was too content to answer but I had one question of mine answered that day - my pussy needed a woman's touch to satisfy it, at least from time to time.

     Emma and I are good friends, it has been 6 months since we got to 'know' each other and that has been the 6 most satisfying months for me.   My pussy is still uncontrollably on fire, and my husband does get to fuck me but the true satisfaction comes from Emma and her tongue and her hands and her pussy.   And she is an excellent teacher, she knows how to pleasure me and is teaching me how to pleasure her.

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        We have spent hours on the deck, naked and playing with each other and our pussies and breasts.   We have a few dildoes that we use now and then, but I wonder how she feels about a real live cock between us.   NOW I am planning to have Emma and her husband over for drinks this weekend.   Hmm. . wonder if our husbands would like to see us together or even join us, that would be nice - two cocks in me while Emma uses her magic tongue and hands on me. Oh Well! That is another story, waiting to be written.



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