Very Personal Service


Very Personal Service (Lez, FF, Older/teen, toys, Femdom, Voy, Exbit. ) Approx. 4840 words
Jenny goes shopping for her first “Toy”, and receives some very personal customer care.
Jenny walked past the shop, again, for the third time. As she did so her eyes glanced furtively at the display, again. Each time she had reached this point, she had been unable to turn and approach the door. She’d barely been able to pause and look into the shop window as you would when walking down street full of shop windows displaying there goods.
She started getting angry with herself, feeding it, letting it get stronger, why was I being such a silly girl, I am adult, I am a woman, ok, only just but I am 18, and I can prove it. They sell women’s underwear and lingerie, and other girlie stuff, like nighties. However the little voice came back, but that’s not only what they sell, and let’s be honest, that was why you’re here, isn’t it? She continued down the street for a few more steps, and then stopped. She let her anger grow and allowed to suppress her natural shyness and hesitation.
Right, she told herself, this time or you just go home. She turned and walked back down the street. It was a very quaint and oldie world type street, many of the shops were timber framed and had overhangs. They were mostly ladies fashion boutiques, you know, the sort with one or two items in the window, and if you asking for the price, you can’t afford it places. As she neared the shop, she looked into the window.

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   It was quite tasteful and very feminine in style, which was very reassuring. Very different to the “other shop” on the out skirts of the shopping area, with its covered widows, and “Private Shop” and adults only on the window. To make matters worse, it looked seedy and dirty too, and the rumours that you heard about it, well probably made up, but you could just imagine the sort of men, in dirty raincoats, clutching little brown bags. She smiled inwardly, as this reminded her of some of more extreme fantasies.
She reached the door, and took a deep breath. Right, nothing to be embarrassed about, she reassured herself, but she was already blushing before she’d even entered the shop. The door clicked open and she continued forward, there as a little tinkle of a bell. Jenny looked around, God she thought; there were women in there already! OH God, she should have come in when she arrived at 9, instead of sulking up and down street. Part of her was screaming at her to get out, to run away, the other side of her, stronger, more needing, made her enter the shop fully. The shop assistant smiled at her and nodded in greeting. Jenny flashed a nervous smile and quickly turned away and started looking at display by the door.
For a while she was too nervous to register anything and it was a while before she started taking in what she was looking at. This tuned out to be, well pyjamas and nighties, quite normal, you know, lots of pink and teddies, although some were more suggestive. There were slippers, socks, and further along, stockings and tights. Feeling more at ease, Jenny began to explore and look around the shop.

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   There was some music playing and the sound of quite conversation. She glanced around the shop. There appeared to be four people, in addition to Jenny, and all were older than her. One woman was having a quite conversation with the assistant at the counter.
Well this isn’t too bad, she thought, and her confidence began to rally. She began to move around the shop. Ooohhh, she thought, yes, some of it was very sexy, in fact, she realised that it got sexier as you moved back from the front of the shop. As she looked at the panties, which stated off as the normal sort you might find in Marks and Spencer’s, but then became increasingly more risqué as you moved along. Lacy see through French knickers to very brief G-strings, crouchless ones, and even these ones had a dozen varieties. Other had a variety of naughty statements on them, again ranging in tone from girlie naughty to nympho naughty.
She could feel herself getting both exited and embarrassed, again. As she continued to browse, she realised that the shop was surprisingly big. She continued covertly glance around and as she turned, she noticed that was a doorway, and next to it a sign, a warning sign. As she neared it, she could clearly read “warning, this section of the shop it’s very adult in nature, please do not enter if you are easily shocked”. So that is where they were, she’d wondered why she couldn’t see them.

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Again she become nervous and embarrassed, and felt herself begin to blush again. She quickly turned and began looking at a display of boots and shoes and it took a few minutes for her to calm down. Again she was impressed with the variety and scope of the display, and was particularly taken by a pair of heeled ankle boots. She picked one up and was surprised to see it in her size, mind, they were £90. 00. Damn, they were so gorgeous, but she couldn’t imagine spending that sort of money at the moment, and her birthday had been and gone. Hmmm, perhaps I should find myself a sugar Daddy, and smiled to her self.
Just then, she became aware of somebody standing near hear. “Would like to try them on?” asked a quite, cool and very sexy voice. Jenny turned, it was the woman, behind the till, she was taller than Jenny, and blonde, with small wire rimmed glasses perch on her nose. “Emmhhh, sorry I was just looking at them…”replied Jenny in a very shy and nervous voice. “Its ok, no need to be shy or sorry, you can look at them all you like, why don’t you try them on?” Before Jenny could reply, the woman reached for the other boot, and passed it to her. “There you are dear, now try them on, and go on, you know you want too. ”Jenny just nodded her head, and took the other ankle boot. There was a chair behind her and she sat down.

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   She lent down to untie the laces on her Doc Martins, but as she did so the women took over. “Let me. ”
Before Jenny could refuse her assistance the shop lady was kneeling in front of her, unfastening Jenny’s boots. She remained silent as she watched Susan, according to the name tag, pull of the Doc Martins, and then lifting one foot began to slide the black heeled boots onto her stocking clad foot. Jenny was looking down, and began to realise just how sexy Susan was. She was wearing a slim pencil skirt that went to just below the knee, and what appeared to a white satin blouse and waist corset. But what really caught Jenny’s eyes was the blouse, it fastened right up to the neck and there was a broach at the neck, but what was very clear to Jenny, was the that she was not wearing a bra. While not transparent, it clearly showed the shape of Susan’s pert breast and dark of her nipples. Jenny could not take her eyes off them, and she wasn’t even aware that the other boot had been placed on her foot and laced up.
So when Susan spoke, Jenny jumped and went even redder that she was already. “There you are dear, now walk up and down, but carefully if you are not use to them. They take some time to adjust too. ” Susan offered Jenny a hand to steady herself as she stood.
Hesitantly at first, and then with more confidence she walked away from Susan, and then turned back. “They look very nice on you dear, there’s a full length mirror over here.

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  ”Jenny walked over to where Susan had indicated and, looked at herself in the mirror. Wow, they were fantastic, even if they didn’t really go with the tartan kilt, black and red stockings and the vest top she was wearing at the moment. As she admired herself, Susan came stood behind her, and whispered huskily in her ear. “They are definitely you my dear, very sexy. ”A tingle ran though Jenny’s body. “How do they feel, not too tight?”“No, they feel great, very comfortable. ”“Let me just check” and Susan lowered herself back onto her knees, and squeezed around the heal of the boots. “I must say you have lovely little feet, and exquisite ankles. ”Jenny continued to blush shyly and whispered “thank you. ”“And such shapely calves. ”As they looked into each others eyes, Susan began to slide her hands slowly up and down Jenny’s calves. Jenny closed her eyes and breathed deeply and she was a little disappointed when Susan took her hands away. When Jenny opened them, Susan was already standing. “Well dear, they are a perfect fit, would like to take them?”Again Jenny embarrassment swept over her again. “Oh I am sorry, I’m… I am not sure I can afford them, not at the moment, I am sorry…”“Oh that’s OK, nothing to get embarrassed about, it is a shame because they definitely you.

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  ”“Yes, I love them, but I am student, and its just such a lot, but well…. i better take them off. ” Jenny turned and went and sat down and began to pull at the laces. Again, Susan knelt down. “Here let me, don’t worry, there no need to be sorry, perhaps you’ll be able to afford them soon, if you like I can hold them for a while?”“Really? Oh that would be so nice, thank you.
Again, once Jenny’s boots were back on, Susan’s hands lingered, stroking and caressing her calves. But time Susan hand went up as far as Jenny’s knee, caressing them. She willed them to continue but after a few seconds, Susan pulled her hands away and stood up. “Well, feel free to continue looking around, this is your first time in here isn’t it?”As Jenny stood, she nodded her head “yes, its all very well emm you know interesting. ”“Arrhhh, aren’t you just so cute, well I am Susan, and this is my shop. ”“I’m Jenny, and thanks Susan. ”“Well hello Jenny, that’s a lovely name. ”Again Jenny’s shyness took over and became all embarrassed again. “Ohhh aren’t you just so sweet, I could eat you all up. Well feel free to look around.

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   Was there anything in particular you were looking for?”Surely it couldn’t be possible to be any redder or embarrassed than she actually was, but she glanced towards the curtained doorway. Susan noticed and had her confirmation to what she had already guessed at when she had seen Jenny shyly looking around the shop.
“Well, that’s ok, I understand, you don’t have to be embarrassed, there’s a first time for every girl. You just take your time and go on through when you are ready. ”Just then another lady towards the front called Susan’s name. “Coming Jane, well its nice to meet you Jenny, you are welcome to browse as long as you like and visit any time. ”“Thanks Susan. ”With that Susan turned and walked to the front of the shop, leaving Jenny alone for the moment. For a few minutes she continued to look at the boots and shoes, and then glancing around to see if any body was watching, she turned towards the curtained archway door. Well, she thought, it’s what I came looking for. She continued to hesitate for a few more seconds, and then she stepped towards the curtain. As she neared it and her hand reached out to the curtain, she glanced around again, Susan was showing another woman something, and the one other customer was looking down at something.
Taking a deep breath, she pulled the curtain aside and stepped through the archway, and stopped dead. Whatever Jenny was expecting to see, it wasn’t this. OH MY GOD, she shouted inside of her head, OH.

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   MY. GOD. She stepped forward, letting the curtain fall shut behind her. There was so much, stuff, things! Everywhere! The room was larger than the front of the shop, and well lit, but not too bright. The light shone and glinted off many shiny objects, and for a while she simply stood there and looked, unable to decide where to start, but her shyness and embarrassment was finally overwhelmed by curiosity and growing excitement.
Slowly she began to walk around the room, on her left, well lots of rubber clothing, and things she couldn’t even begin to name yet, blind folds and masks. The a rack of riding crop, whips, and well things that looked like table tennis bats, ooohhh gloves, she was particularly taken by the long ones, and in such variety too. Here she paused and simple turned on the spot, looking around herself, on the other side of the room was more clothing, over there bars, straps and well manacles she thought they were called and lots of other things. In the centre more racks and displays of, well all sorts of things, she looked at the one in front of her, ooohhh lubricates and jells, and then she saw what she was looking for, to her left on the back wall near another door with private on, arhh this was what she had came for.
However, she hadn’t imagined that would be quite so many of them? She walked to the back of the shop, and just stared at the shelves and hooks, full of rubber, well rubber cocks. Just thinking that, made her body tingle. There were small tiny ones, and oh my God, huge massive black ones. And so many in between, and she noticed not just cock shape, she pick one up and this appeared to consist of chrome shaped balls and egg shapes, and another was called a clitoral stimulator. Her eyes fixed on another row of rubber cocks, but these ones had straps and harnesses and had bin fixed to the wall, again they ranged from quite small, about four inches to one that must have been twenty, and the double ones too. God she thought, she was soaking wet, I really need to get one and get out, before I turn into a puddle on the floor.

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Suddenly a voice spoke from behind her; she nearly jumped out of her skin because hadn’t even heard anybody approach. “I see you found what you came for dear” said Susan in quiet husky voice. Jenny was blushing again, in fact she felt like she was going to burst into flames and couldn’t find her voice. Susan came and stood by Jenny. “It is a bit overwhelming, so I am guessing this is the first time, buying a toy that is?”Jenny simply nodded her head. “Well if you like, I can make a few recommendations. ”Jenny just managed a quiet “thank you. ”“Well then, lets see, if this is your first one, hmmm do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”Jenny simply shook her head. “Are you a virgin my dear?”Jenny shook her head again and then answered in a whisper “emmm, no, I’m not. ”“Ok, well that’s shame” replied Susan in a quiet voice and then louder “lets see, nothing too large, this one is one out most popular ones?”Jenny’s eyes followed Susan hand as she picked up a box, about inches long and passed it to Jenny. Inside was a blue rubber vibrator, in cock shape, about 5 inches long. “We sell lots of these to our younger girls before they move on, bigger and better things, would you like to take it out of the box? Here let me. ”
Susan took the box, and quickly opened it. “This one comes with a set of batteries, and of course we sell them as well. Susan removed the end, and with practiced hands quickly inserted the batteries and replaced the cap.

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   “There you are deep, it has a lovely soft feel, but is still quite firm. ”Jenny squeezed it and turned it over, ooohhh this feels nice she thought, and then she twisted the end and nearly dropped it when it suddenly burst into life. “It’s not going to bite sweetie, so do you like that one, or would like to try another?”“No, emmmmm, no this one is great, I’ll take it, thanks. ”“Ok, so you’ve never used one of these before have you?”Jenny shook her head. “Well, perhaps I should give you a demonstration?”Jenny was stunned, and could not answer, but inside her head a voice was screaming OH GOD YES PLEASE…. Susan push Jenny gently backwards, until something soft and padded touched the back of knees.
“Sit down” instructed Susan, her voice, which although very quiet, almost a whisper, had a firmness to it. Jenny felt herself obeying with out thought and she lowered herself into the chair. Susan slowly lowered herself down onto her knees in front of Jenny. “Learn back” and Jenny’s body responded to the command automatically. A buzzing started as Susan turned on the vibrator and the she brought it to Jenny’s knee, and touched it. She slowly moved it up and down and around and then over to the other knee. Then she moved it alone the top of Jenny legs, to the hem of Jenny’s kilt, and then back down, stroking it in a circular motion over her legs. When Susan reached Jenny’s knee, she move it back up, but this time pushing the vibrator between Jennys’s closed legs, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on Jenny’s. When it reached the hem of Jenny’s kilt, Susan continued upwards.


   A shiver ran through Jenny’s body and a hot warm feeling burst up from her belly, and spread throughout her body. The Vibrator continued to push up between her legs pushing her kilt up until it touched Jenny panty clad pubic mound. At its touch Jenny closed her eyes and arched her back, and her legs open slightly. Susan breathed in shapely in excitement when she saw Jenny’s reaction.
“Open your legs” instructed Susan in husky voice, and Jenny’s legs began to open. “Wider. ”Jenny, all her shyness and embarrassment driven away by the sensation caused by the vibrator, did as she was told. With her legs spread, her kilt was now around her waist, leaving her exposed to Susan’s gaze. Susan ran her tip of her tongue around her lips; hmmm she was so sweet and taste. She ran her other hand up Jenny’s leg, to the top the hold-ups and then onto her bare thigh. At the same time she began to circle the tip of the vibrator over the front of Jenny’s blue panties, and with each downward motion she went a little lower. Taking her eyes of Jenny’s, Susan looked down, there was a visible damp patch in the crouch blue panties and she could smell the sweet scent of Jenny’s excitement.
Jenny let slip a gasp as Susan pressed the tip of the vibrator against her clitoris through her panties and then circled it, and the returned, this time pressing a little bit harder. Jenny’s hip bucked forward and her legs closed and re-opened. Susan was impressed with the result, Jenny looked like she was close to coming and she was only just teasing her at the moment.

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   She sat back on her heels taking the vibrator and her hands away.
    Jenny opened her eyes, and looked at Susan. “Please don’t stop” she begged. “Stand up. ”
    After a few seconds she stood, her kilt falling back down and covering her panties. Susan placed her hands on Jenny calves and then moved them up Jenny’s legs. Up past her knees, up her thighs, her she paused, stroking her hands up and down, all the while maintaining eye contact with Jenny. Then her hands continued upwards, onto her bare thighs and up to her hips, to the top of Jenny’s panties. Still looking into Jenny’s eyes, she slipped her fingers over the waist band and began to slowly pull them down in one slow movement. It was odd, perhaps because Jenny was so young and sweet looking, but Susan found doing this incredibly sexy in a way that she had never experienced before. Down over Jenny’s knees, and to her ankles, she lifted first one of Jenny’s feet and the other out of the panties.
    “Sit down”Jenny did as she was told, knees slightly apart. Susan placed her hands on Jenny’s knees and pushed them firmly, spreading them apart. Again Jenny’s kilt rode up thighs and exposed Jenny to Susan’s gaze, she couldn’t help but blush. “Ohhh, such a sweet little pussy, and smooth too.

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       Do you wax?”Jenny simply nodded her head. Susan licked her lips slowly and then bent forward, and kissed her, on a pubic area, and then again, this time lower, and then again. Ohhh though Jenny, ohhhh, and then out loud “Ooooohhhh” as Susan lips touched her clit. Susan ran the tip of her tongue around it.
    It’s just like a little rosebud, Susan thought as she gently teased, flicking it with the tip of her tongue. Jenny squirmed and wiggled letting out a soft moan, her thighs closing and opening as the skilled tongue toyed with her. Suddenly she let out a loud moan, as Susan placed her mouth over Jenny’s clitoris, and sucked it, while at the same time probing with tongue. “OOOHHhhh God,, yeessssssssss oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh” Moaned Jenny.
    Susan took her mouth away from Jenny’s clit, and kissed once again, and lifted her head. there’s no hurry” replied Susan, “just you sit back and relax. ”Susan lifted the vibrator back up, turning it on, she gently stroked it over Jenny’s inner thigh, and moved it inwards in a slow circular motion. As it neared her pussy Jenny closed her eyes and tensed, but instead of going straight for it, Susan skirted around and over, teasing Jenny a little bit more. Even this, though, had Jenny writhing and twisting. Susan had forgotten just how sensitive and frustrated it was being 18.
    She allowed the tip of the vibrator to touch Jenny’s clit, and the effect was instantaneous, and Jenny gasp and moan out loudly, her hand gripped the sides of the chair, her body convulsed and shook as her orgasm hit her.

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       Susan pressed the vibrator against Jenny’s clit, as her legs closed around her and held it there for a few minutes, before taking it away and circling it around Jenny’s pussy, allowing her a moment to recover. After a few minutes, her breathing slowing, Jenny looked down at Susan, but before she could say anything, Susan spoke. “You enjoyed that?”Jenny simply nodded her head. “Ready for the second course?”Susan slid the vibrator up to Jenny’s pussy, rubbing the tip over her sweet little mound, wet with her juices and then Susan ran the tip up and then down between Jenny’s pussy lips.
    Jenny let out a little moan and closed her eyes as the vibrator slid up and down, buzzing away, and then let a louder gasp. Susan had pushed the vibrator into her tight little cunt, just an inch, but the effect was amazing. Thus far, Jenny’s sexual encounters, where nothing compared to this, this amazing intense feeling that was thundering through teen body. Again she gasped out loudly as Susan, after pumping back and forth a little, pushed the vibrator in deeper. Jenny was beginning to twist and turn, moving her hips, and Susan had to hold firmly on to one of Jenny’s legs as she fuck the vibrator slowly back and forth into Jenny tight little cunt. Jenny slipped forward, and this pushed the vibrator right into her, so that Susan knuckles were now touching Jenny’s soaking wet lips. She twisted it, as she pumped it back and forth, and each inward thrust made Jenny cry out loudly.
    Susan could feel Jenny building up to her second orgasm and she began to pump the vibrator faster, fucking it back and forth into Jenny’s cunt. Jenny was twisting and shacking so much that she was almost off the chair, and was letting out a continuous wail. Jenny’s legs clamped around Susan, and she now had to wrap her free arm tightly around one of them so that she could keep fucking Jenny. Suddenly a small squirt of juice hit Susan in the face, and then another, as Jenny was hit by her first multiple orgasm.

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       Susan continued to fuck Jenny, but more slowly, twisting and angling the vibrator, she loved the feeling of being in control, the sense of power, more so when you victim was so sweet and shy.
    Jenny was completely lost in a storm of ecstasy; wave upon wave of intense please broke over her, as her young body writhed and twisted. Susan slowed her pumping down, as Jenny’s convolutions began to subside and her cry’s pleasure subsided to a gentle whimper.
    Finally, Susan slipped the vibrator out of Jenny and lifting it to her mouth, she slide between her lips. Hmmmm the taste, sweet, she thought. She looked down at Jenny, collapsed half on the chair, her led open, juices flowing from her sweet cunt, read and swollen. She was tempted to close the shop so that she could play all day. She sighed, well perhaps another time, I wonder if she’ll come back. She turned and walked towards a door at the back the room, and went though the door. A few second later she was back and holding a packet of wipes and as Jenny sat slumped on the chair, she gently wiped the girl’s thighs and pussy. It took all of Susan’s will power not to bend down and lick her clean, because she knew it wouldn’t stop there. Learning over Jenny, Susan kissed her on the lips. “When you are ready, come through, but take as long as you need, there’s loo through the door if you need it. ”
    Susan stood up and then helped Jenny sit up. “Ok, well when you ready” and she turned walk back through the curtain in the main shop.

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       Jenny heard her speaking to somebody. Oh my God, there was somebody there! They must have heard everything…OH MY God. No calm down, don’t panic, God but that was incredible, what Susan had done to her. After a few minutes she realised that she as despite for the loo, and standing, she went over the door marked private, and went on through in search of the toilet.
    Nearly half an hour had passed, and Susan was beginning to worry. Perhaps she had pushed things too far; after all Jenny appear to be pretty innocent and inexperienced. She was about to go in search of her, when Jenny appeared. “There you dear, is everything fine?”“Yes…yes ohhh that was so wonderful, I’ve never felt anything like that, thankyou. ”“No, it should be me thanking you, its always a pleasure to give a girl a helping hand. ” Jenny began blush even more deeply. “How much was the vibrator?”“Well, I tell you what, because its your first, and because I enjoyed myself so much, I let you have it for free, so long as you come back. ”“No, I can’t take it without paying…”“Yes you can, think of it as a gift. ”“Well ok, thank you. ”“Let me put it in a bag for you. ”“Yes” laughed Jenny, “I look a right slapper walking down the street with that in my hand.

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      ”“There you are, now are you sure you won’t take the boots, they’re definitely you. ”“I sorry, I can’t I’ve just started University, and I haven’t found a job yet, so no I can’t spend that much, not yet…. ohh but I do like them. “You know, I do need an assistant, perhaps you might like to come and work here?”“Really?”“Yes, really, why don’t you give it some thought, here’s my card, let me know if you are interested. ”“Cool, thanks, I loved to, but I’ve never worked anywhere like this before, its all so emmm you know new. ”“That’s quite ok, I shall look forward to showing you the ropes, but have a think about it, and then call me and let me know one way or the other, we can discuss hours then. ”“Thanks Susan and thanks again for…you know…well thanks. ” With that Jenny swiftly turned and left the shop.
    After Jenny had gone, Susan reached down and pressed eject button on one of several video recorders under the counter. Hmmm its going to be a long day as the bell rang and another customer came in.
    The End. you for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it.

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