What Are Friends For?


I ran upstairs and stared into the closet for something to wear. The weather was nice out that night; warm with a slight breeze, so I thought that something light and airy would be perfect. I picked out a white button down half-shirt and a short black skirt and black shoes with an inch heel. I decided that I would walk since it was nice out, so I didn’t want to wear shoes that were going to kill me in the process. I finished getting dressed, brushed my hair, touched up my makeup and ran back down the stairs. Grabbed my purse and keys and headed out the door. I was about halfway to the bar when I realized that I was so excited about getting out of the house, I forgot to put on any panties. I stopped, laughed to myself, shrugged my shoulders and continued to the bar, what the hell, it felt good. I got to the bar and saw that the parking lot was full. Now I was really glad that I had decided to walk. I opened the door and walked in, looked around and saw that the place was really busy. It was my first time in the bar, so I looked around to get my bearings. It wasn’t a big place, but I could see that it did a great business. Almost every seat in the place was taken, there were a lot of people standing around the bar, a few couples on the dance floor and everyone looked like they were having a great time. The music was playing through the speakers, loud enough to dance to, but not too loud that you couldn’t hear yourself think. I glanced behind the bar and saw Krista working her tail off, she looked almost in a panic.

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   I stood there for a second and watched her, she was a very attractive women. She stood about 5’5”, weighed around 125, she was in good shape and you could tell that she worked out. Shoulder length auburn hair and sparkling green eyes that could melt anyone. You could see all the guys around the bar drooling over her, and even some of the women. I smirked to myself while I watched. She never paid any attention to any of it, other than drink orders. I made my way to one of the few empty seats at the bar and waited until Krista saw me, I wasn’t in any hurry. She looked up and glanced my way, turned back to the drink she was making and then looked at me again. She almost threw the drink at the guy she was making it for, and ran over to where I was with a big smile on her face. I started to smile, knowing that she recognized me. She reached down behind the bar and pulled out a Miller Lite. I was shocked about to say something to her, when she said “I remembered that’s what you were drinking the night we met”, then she laughed, told me that she was happy to see me but she was so busy since the other bartender never showed up she wouldn’t have much time to talk. I took a drink from the beer, put it down and said “you’re alone?” She nodded, rolled her eyes and started to shake her head in frustration. She told me that the other bartender had gone out of town for a couple days and was stuck because her car broke down. Krista had tried to get another bartender to cover the shift but noone wanted to work a Sat.

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   night. I took another drink of the beer and told her that if she needed my help I’d be glad to do it, I wasn’t doing anything anyway. “Would you really?” It almost sounded like she was begging, and at the same time relieved. I stood up, downed the rest of my beer, walked around behind the bar, put my purse down and started tending to the bar. The night stayed busy until almost closing time, a few stragglers left and they were getting ready to leave. We were both exhausted from all the running around. Krista then announced that we were closing and everyone needed to go. She walked over to the door and escorted the last few people out, locking the door behind the last guy. She then turned around, leaned on the door, looked at me with a big smile on her face, and sighed. “Thank God that’s over with, what a night!” I laughed and nodded my head in agreement. Krista walked back behind the bar and grabbed two beers, opened them and handed one to me, saying that it was our turn now. We both were silent for a couple minutes while we enjoyed our beers. Krista then thanked me again for helping out, saying that she probably wouldn’t have made it through the night otherwise. I told her that it wasn’t a problem at all and that I was glad I showed up, “what are friends for?” We finished our beers and each got another one, chatting and having a good time getting to know each other more, now that we had the time to do so. I was telling her about Jeff being out of town for a week and how I got so bored sitting in the house alone all the time.

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   It was great to be out and socializing with someone for a change. We walked around the bar and went into the game room area to start cleaning things up, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be. We kept chatting the whole time, almost as if we’d known each other for years. I was a bit tired and stopped for a second, sitting on top of one of the pool tables finishing my beer. Krista walked over to where I was and leaned back against the other pool table facing me, “a week?” she said. I replied, “Yes, it sucks at times, but I deal with it, he’s a great guy and well worth it”. She looked at me and rolled her eyes, “damn, if I had to go a week without sex, I’d go nuts”. I laughed and said, “Trust me, I’m close to it. ” Krista walked over to me, put her arms around my waist, stood between my legs, leaned in and whispered, “You did me a favor, let me do you one”. I was about to say something, when she put a finger over my mouth to keep me quiet. She looked into my eyes and put her hands on my shoulders, and then slowly caressed my neck until her hands were on either side of my face; she pulled me towards her and kissed me softly on the lips. I was surprised and turned on at the same time, her lips against mine felt so good. We kissed each other slowly, enjoying every minute, slightly parting our lips at first and then more until our tongues were dancing together. Her hands slowly started down my chest and she started to unbutton my blouse. Once all the buttons were undone, she removed my shirt and let it fall on to the pool table.

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   She started to kiss and lick my neck until I was moaning with pleasure, making her way down to my chest. I was breathing heavily now and I could feel my entire body tingle with desire and anticipation, her lips and tongue on my naked skin were hot and I was getting very wet between my thighs. Krista placed her hands on my breasts and lightly squeezed them, letting out a groan she stood back and looked at me with a smile on her face. She could see in my eyes that she had turned me on and I wasn’t going to stop her. She started to roll my nipples between her fingers and my whole body started to shake, I was moaning loudly and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. She reached one of her hands back behind my head and grabbed a handful of hair pulling it back, she started to kiss my neck again and work her way down until she reached my breast. She stopped and opened her mouth just over my nipple, breathing hot air on to it. I was soaking wet from the thought of her mouth on my nipple and I begged her to please lick it. She lowered her mouth onto it and slowly traced circles around it with her tongue, slowly at first and then faster until I thought I was going to scream. She teased and kissed my nipple, then started to nibble on it, lightly pulling it with her teeth. She then moved to the other breast and did the same teasing and licking “got to play fair to both” she said quietly, glancing up at me. I felt her hand start to rub against my outer thigh, and my entire body was tingling from her soft touch. Slowly she played with my thigh, rubbing and caressing her hand up and down, back and forth, and the whole time never letting her mouth leave my hard nipple. She stopped for a second, stood up and pulled me closer to the edge of the pool table towards her. Then she grabbed the hem of my skirt and lifted it up to my waist line exposing my nakedness beneath the material.

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   She gasped at first and then grinned, looking at me. “Nice, shaved and no panties, just like you were ready for me” she said, smiling the whole time. I blushed a bit and didn’t know what to say, so I just looked at her and smiled. Krista leaned into me and kissed me again while she spread my legs wider. Making her way down my neck and across my chest, past my waist and hips and then started to nibble on my inner thighs. Both of her hands placed on either side of my hips, she continued to kiss and flick her tongue up and down my thigh, until her mouth was within inches of my opening. I could feel her hot breath on my skin there and it shot a sensation through my body that I couldn’t even describe. My clit was throbbing with excitement of the thought of her mouth on me. I thought I was going to have an orgasm simply from the thought alone. She moved her mouth and tongue around my clit, never touching it, teasing and taunting me, making me moan with desire, and never wanting it to stop. I could feel my own wetness between my legs growing more and more with every passing second. I put my hands on the back of her head and tangled my fingers into her hair, letting her know that I was at her mercy. Then I felt her tongue flick across my clit and I thought I was going to explode. I groaned louder and this seemed to excite Krista even more, so she flicked her tongue across my clit once more. Again, it was like a lightening bolt shot through me and I no longer had control over my body.

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   I almost screamed with pleasure as she continued to tease me with her tongue. She brought one of her hands up to my breast and started to roll my nipple between her fingers while she kissed and lick around my now swollen clit. I felt her other hand slowly creeping up my inner thigh toward my opening and then I heard Krista moan loudly as she placed her finger into me. She was pleased that I was so wet from all that she had done. She pulled out and then slipped two fingers in me, making me groan even louder than before. All the sensations running through my body were almost too much to handle, my legs were shaking and I was breathing heavy, I was close to having an orgasm. Krista pumped her fingers in and out of me, still teasing around my clitoral area with her tongue and rolling my nipple between her fingers. I wanted to cum so bad, I wanted her mouth on my clit, but I didn’t want it all to end just yet. I still had my hands on the back of her head in her hair and I pulled her off me. She was about to say something and I put my finger over her mouth to keep her silent. I got her to stand up, I got off the pool table, took my skirt off that was still around my waist, smiled at her and put my hands on her face to pull her close to me. We kissed again for a long time, our tongues entwined, and nibbling on each others lips. I pulled Krista’s shirt over her head and I slowly started to caress her upper body. I heard a soft moan come from her lips, so I was sure that she didn’t mind the attention. Her skin was so soft, nice to the touch and my fingers traced small circles around her chest.

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   I looked into her eyes and saw that she was enjoying being touched, as much as she had enjoyed touching me. I brought my hands down to her waist and started to undo her shorts. I slipped my fingers between the material and her skin knelt down and pulled them to her feet. I looked up at her while she stepped out of them and kicked them aside. I grinned, seeing that she too didn’t have on any panties and was shaven. I caressed up and down her legs, her skin was so soft and she smelled sweet. Placing my lips on her thigh I started to kiss my way up her body. I licked every inch of her thigh and then up to her waist, across her stomach and between her breasts. She was groaning louder and louder, her body tensing and shaking. I kept my mouth between her breasts, licking and kissing her there, while moving my hands up and down her shapely figure. My hands made their way to her breasts and I ever so lightly placed my hands over each one, applying a bit more pressure, I squeezed her tits and I could feel that her nipples were very erect. Feeling her nipples on the palms on my hands stirred something in me, and I started to lick my way across her chest until I got close to the nipple. My mouth was watering, the thought of having her nipple in it sent a shiver through my own body and I could feel my own wetness starting to run down one of my thighs. I pulled back for a second and looked at her face, her eyes were only slightly open, and you could see the desire that took her over. I leaned back in and kissed my way to her nipple again tracing small circles around the areola with my tongue.

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   Krista was groaning and trying to grind her body against mine, so I pushed her back against the pool table. I felt her hand on the back of my head then, so I slowly made my way to her nipple. I flicked it with my tongue and she moaned loudly, pulling my hair tighter in her hand. I put my mouth over her nipple and flicked my tongue back and forth across it, slowly and then a bit faster. I started to suck on it like it was a baby bottle and this made Krista scream out with pleasure. My other hand started to make it’s way between her legs, up her thigh and to her opening. My fingers found their way and she was dripping wet. I wet my fingers with her own juices flicked one across her swollen clit. She bucked her hips from the contact and her legs started to shake. I then slipped two fingers inside her and started to rub her clit with my thumb, still suckling her nipple. Krista was almost screaming and her entire body was trembling. My mouth left her breast and I licked my way down her body to her clit. I circled her clit with my tongue, still pumping my fingers in her. I then got my mouth around her swollen button and started to lightly suck on it, teasing it, making her squirm and scream, wanting release. Both our bodies were shaking from extreme pleasure and desire, sweating and hot, each our own juices flowing from between our legs, making it clear what we did to each other.

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   We both wanted and needed to have an orgasm. I removed my fingers, and mouth from her body and stood up; I lifted her up onto the pool table and crawled on it with her. Krista then pushed me down and positioned her body over me into a sixty nine. We both started to lick and suck on each others clit frantically, wanting and needing more of the sweet taste of each other. Looking for complete satisfaction, the end result, I felt her fingers plunge into me again and I screamed with extreme pleasure. I then pumped my fingers into her wet opening and sucked harder on her clit wanting to hear and feel her enjoying everything as much as I had been. She screamed and groaned, her body started twitching and I felt a flood of wetness run across my mouth, I kept licking and sucking as much as I could. I heard more groans and screams, this time from my own mouth though, seconds after Krista had an orgasm, so did I. My body writhed and started to shake, worn out from satisfaction. We both collapsed and for a minute and we were silent. Krista made her way up to me, put her arm around me and we cuddled. Smiling from ear to ear, we both said, “Damn, that was awesome!” we looked at each other and started to laugh. I turned to her and said “thank you, it really was something that I needed, and I had a great time. ” Krista looked at me and smiled, “Hell, what are friends for?" She winked at me and we drifted off to sleep in each others arms. .

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