Why I always wanted a Cheerleader.


“This sucks!” I grumbled as I sat onto the bleachers,
I had to wait ‘till my sister finished cheerleading practice before we could go home. I got out a book and pretended to read as I watched the girls, the only reason I didn’t just ditch the bitch that was my sister was the beautiful redhead who was also on the team. Her name was Krystal, a sophomore with a body that stopped me in my tracks. Simple but very sensual, the curves of a natural woman. I wanted to just walk over to her and kiss her, but I didn’t wana make an ass of self so I just kept “reading”. I had been sitting there for 3 weeks when I noticed that Krystal was watching me too, a look of intrigue. I flashed a smile and looked away. Them she did something that almost made me stand up and cheer, she bent over and she wasn’t wearing any panties I saw her perfect ass and little bit of her shaved pussy. She turned and grinned at me and I smiled a lot more now.   I wasn’t really the type of people she hung out with, I was the “dark and depressed” type, I had dyed my bright blonde hair black and had gotten a few piercings and I was a senior. But with that I new we were more alike then we knew. As most of the team walked towards the locker room Krystal climbed the bleachers towards me
“hi” she said shyly
“hi” I whispered
“I only know you as Kerrie’s sister, what is your name?”
“Jameson” I said
“like the Irish whiskey” she giggled
“yea I guess so”
She leaned in and whispered into my ear “can I have a shot?”
We both grinned and we climbed down from the bleachers and walked behind them, the second we were out of sight Krystal wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me. Our tongues touched and she pulled back “ a tongue ring, my favorite” I just grinned. My hands groped her breasts through her uniform, I found the buttons and undid the shirt. I kissed down her neck towards her breasts I cupped the left one and licked the nipple, Krystal shivered. Oh what lovely breasts! it had been so long since I had held any I sucked and nibbled on her nipples but what I wanted lay further down.

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   I left hand held her thigh and I knelt down my right hand rubbed her pussy, oh she was so wet I could feel her dripping on my hand I slid one finger in, so tight, I sucked in my breath so fast. “Anything wrong” a panting Krystal asked me “no” I whispered “it’s perfect” I slid in another finger and started sliding my fingers in and out “faster” I asked “um-hum” Krystal moaned stated going faster she started riding my fingers. Now I was going in for kill I moved my head in I started licking her clit she was moaning and trying to stay standing up I wrapped my hands around her and grabbed her ass my face was buried in her pussy, oh how I loved it, so sweet, I want this more and more. I started sucking in her clit and rubbing my tongue ring at the same time, “I’m going to cum” she gasped “I am” I gripped her tighter and worked faster “OH OH I’m cumming” I felt the orgasm rip through her body and tasted her in my mouth even more, but one was not good enough for her I slowed a bit “again, another one” she moaned with out letting her think to much I sped up and she was screaming again. She fell over this time but I held her till she orgasmed again I slowed and stuck my fingers in her very happy pussy and pulled them out and licked them she was panting and grinning “that was amazing” I held the fingers to her and she sucked on them. I licked her pussy clean and then I crawled up towards Krystal and kissed her. Our tongues twined tasting her very sweet pussy. We both sighed and she kissed me again
 ”I feel bad I didn’t help you” I kissed her cheek and stood up “there will be time later for that” I helped her up and brushed off her uniform
 “you should go before they start asking where you have been”
she grinned and threw her arms around me and gave a long and very deep kiss  she bounced away and said over her shoulder
 “I know where you sleep!” I saw her disappear and I licked my lips. I could still taste her.
 “I think this is the start of something good” I said as I walked toward my car where my sister sat on the hood “something very good!”