Wife's First Time


Topic: Wife's First Time I have been reading the stories here for sometime but have never really had anything to contribute, until last week.
I had been away since Monday and when my wife asked if I could log on to messenger, I didn't think anything of it. I sat down on the hotel bed and turned on my computer. After logging onto messenger, I saw my wife was already on. Before I could type a greeting, she had sent a request for a video call. I accepted.
“Hi Honey,” she said.
“Hi Sexy. What's up?”
The video finally connected and I saw my wife sitting in the chair fully dressed. This was a bit of a disappointment as she often put on a 'show' for me while I was away.
“I have something to ask you. ”
“Okay. ”
“Tracey is in town and I suggested that she come stay with me while you are away. Is that okay?”
“That's fine. At least you won't be alone then. ”
“That's what I was thinking.

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“When is she coming?”
“In about an hour. She is bringing dinner. ”
“Cool. Why do you look so worried?”
“I am nervous. ”
“About what?”
“Well you know I have always been wanted to be with a woman. ”
“Yes,” I said, feeling my cock beginning to harden.
“You know I have always found Tracey attractive. ”
“Yes,” I said in anticipation.
“If I can get it right, would you be okay if I tried it with her?”
“Not at all. ”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes Sexy, I am sure. ”
“I have been trying to build up the courage all day to ask you,” she said smiling for the first time.
“I know it has always been something you have wanted to try. ”
'Thank you Honey, but I have one more request. ”
“Shoot. ”
“I don't want you too watch us because I will be too nervous.

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“That's fine Sexy, you can turn them off. ”
We had set up security cameras in our lounge, study, bedroom and garage that we could access via the web just in case anything happened while we were not at home. We had never had the need to use them but they were always on.
“Thanks Honey. ”
After we had finished, I went downstairs for dinner, but kept thinking of what my wife was up to. It was going to be a long night. I got back to my room around nine o'clock and had a shower before climbing into bed. I had my notebook on my lap and was busy surfing the web, when I decided to go and check out to see if our security cameras had been turned off.
They hadn't.
Tracey and my wife were in the lounge. There was a bottle of wine on the table and they seemed to be just chatting. My wife had changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Tracey must have come straight from work, as she was dressed in a skirt and blouse. Neither wore any shoes and they were sitting on the couch facing one another. Our cameras had no sound so there was no way I could hear what they were talking about, but the image was clear, and that is what mattered.

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Nothing changed for nearly half an hour until Celeste got off the couch and went over to the kitchen with the dinner plates. Tracey leaned forward and poured them each another glass of wine. When Celeste returned, she sat on the edge of the couch and Tracey got up and sat cross-legged on the floor between her legs. Celeste began massaging Tracey's shoulders. Within ten minutes, Tracey began unbuttoning her blouse and Celeste took it from her and lay it on the couch. The cameras were only black and white so I couldn't tell what colour Tracey's bra was, but it looked white. Celeste was back to massaging Tracey's shoulders and I was already rock hard. Tracey took a sip of wine and handed Celeste the glass. While Celeste drank, Tracey unhooked her bra and placed it on top of her blouse. Her breasts were small and her nipples were dark and they complimented her olive skin. Tracey picked up the other glass of wine and took another sip. Celeste went back to massaging Tracey's shoulders and back and then leaning forward, Celeste ran her fingertips between Tracey's breasts. Her hands moved outwards and she began stroking Tracey's breasts. Looking back, Tracey said something to Celeste and they began kissing. Celeste continued stroking Tracey's breasts while they kissed and when they broke off their kiss, Tracey got onto her knees and turned around.

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   She reached for Celeste's t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Celeste hadn't been wearing a bra and Tracey reached over and ran her fingertips over Celeste's large breasts. Their lips locked again and Celeste pulled Tracey towards her. I watched as my wife's hands slid down Tracey's back until they were on her butt. Then they stopped kissing and looking at one another, Tracey began talking. I saw Celeste shake her head and then Tracey answered her by also shaking her head.
I was still wondering what they had said to one another when Tracey reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. She let it drop to the floor before sliding it over her knees and feet. She then reached for Celeste's jeans and began unbuttoning them. She was smiling as she slid them down Celeste's legs and added them to the pile of clothing.
    Celeste lay back on the couch with her head against the armrest and Tracey got her knees and lay on top of Celeste. The camera was in the corner on the roof, so I couldn't see if they were kissing, but it didn't matter. Celeste's hands were back on Tracey's butt and Tracey was leaning on one arm, while running her other hand through Celeste's hair. Then Tracey began sliding downwards, planting kisses over Celeste's neck and breasts. As Tracey moved further down, Celeste closed her eyes and began running her fingers through Tracey's long black hair.

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       Tracey was soon on her knees again, leaning forward and planting kisses on Celeste's hips. Hooking her fingers into the sides of Celeste's panties, she slowly slid them down her pale legs. I knew my wife was probably sopping wet and when Tracey began kissing my wife's pubic area, I could smell her myself, having done the same to her many times myself.
    I couldn't see if Tracey was licking my wife's pussy as her head was in the way, but seeing my wife, with her eyes still closed, begin to massage her own breasts, I knew Tracey must be doing something to her that she was enjoying. It wasn't long before I saw my wife start bucking on the couch as she orgasmed. Tracey looked up at her and they began talking again. Then Celeste sat up against the armrest and Tracey crawled up the couch and sat down between her legs, and rested against her. I could tell Celeste was horny, because her arms were soon around Tracey's hips. One hand went to Tracey's breast and the other went down between her legs. Tracey reached down and slid off her g-string. Celeste's hand went straight back between Tracey's legs.
    My cock was hard and dripping, and watching my wife rubbing another woman's pussy was just too much. I took my cock in my hand and began to jerk off. If it took ten strokes before I was shooting my semen all over the bed, it was a lot.
    Tracey was holding onto Celeste's legs as her orgasm hit her and I watched as her body went into spasm as she came.

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       Reaching between her legs, Tracey pulled Celeste's hand away, and spinning round, the two of them began to kiss. Gone was the gentleness, it now looked as if they wanted more from of one another.
    More to follow.

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