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I opened a small family resturant with a tv/sport room and an arcade about 4 months ago and i have only a few employees and none of them know anything about arcade games so i was the one working the arcade. We only had a few customersthe whole day and we closed up the back 2 dining areas. Which left me in the arcade and the whole backend of the place. When right at closing a mother and her daughters came in to eat. While the 2 kids ate the mom came upto me and asked if i minded if she left them there for a few mins to go grocery shopping. The whole time she was talking to me i was staring at her 32D tits and the way they were almost popping out of her spandex top. But i stopped staring long enuff to say np that if we are closed before she gets back that all she has todo is ring the doorbell on the backdoor. She said thanks and told her daughters that if they needed anything to just ask me and she will be back soon. The mom was hot as hell as she walked all i could do is stare at her ass. My employees hurried with their closing duties and said their goodbyes.
I walked upto the girls from behind and told them i was heading to the arcade to close up. As i looked down i noticed their redhair and looking further down i saw on both of them pairs of B cup tits. They asked if they could come play a few games while i was cleaning up and i said sure. As they got up i noticed just how cute and adorable they both were. The oldest one had to be about 15 stood about 4’3 weighed maybe 87lbs the youngest was about 13 and stood 3’9 and 76lbs. Both of them had Firey red hair and green eyes with very perky b cup tits whose nipples pushed against their shirts.

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   As they headed to the arcade i followed behind them and saw their asses and they both had one of them onion asses the kind that just makes cry.
As we got to the arcade i gave them both about $10 worth of tokens and they went wild. They were all over the arcade but at first not playing games they first ran around the arcade picking up garbage. I was surprised when they came upto me and gave me the garbage bag full of garbage i said ty ladies and patted both of them on their heads. They ran to the games and started playing i told them i was heading out to throw the garbage away they said ok. So i went and tossed the garbage out in the dumpster and headed back in. As i got to the arcade doors i heard the dance dance revolution game going. When i looked in i saw both of them in their tiny shorts dancing on the game.
I sat back at the door and continued to watch them. After the first dance was over they both removed their shirts and shorts. I was in shock as they started dancing again but this time in their full naked glory. As you can believe this is an awesome sight to see when 2 young girls are dancing to high paced songs and are completely naked. My cock started responding and soon i was pitching a very good sized tent. When the game was finished they both looked back at me and didnt even reach for their clothes instead they both walked over to me and sat down on the floor and reached for my pants. I still being in shock didnt move a muscle next moment i knew they were sharing my cock both sucking on opposite sides as one went up the other went down.

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   The oldest one stopped sucking and said in a little girl voice how does that feel mister i was so turned on i said very good but call me mr thomas or jacob. She said ok jacob im ashley and my sisters name is tiffany. As she said that tiffany swallowed my cock halfway and started bobbing her head. I asked them where they learned how todo this and they said watching their mom and practiced on their moms dildo. I asked what else they have done before and ashley said we have licked each other down there and pointed at her pussy. I then asked a very important question are you both still virgins. They just sat there and looked confused i asked if they ever stuck anything in their pussies and felt any pain they said no. I asked them if they wanted to feel good and they both said yes. So i told them togo sit on the bench they both got up and went and sat down on the bench i walked over to them and first knelt down in front of ashley and started kissing and sucking on her tiny tits. Then worked my way down to her pussy and started eating her out loving the sweet taste of a virgin pussy as i flicked her clit she jumped and spasmed.
As she did that i moved over to tiffany and repeated what i did to ashley to tiffany and just as her sister did she spasmed as i touched her clit. Ashley said she wanted me to take her virginity and do what her moms boyfriend had done to their mom. She told me to lay back and let her do what she saw her mom do. So i laid back and she stood over me and grabbed my cock and pointed it straight up and sat down fast on it she screamed out in pain and laid on my chest crying. I just held her and said i should have warned her that it would hurt she looked up at me and smiled and said it hurt but its starting to feel good now and started moving her hips.

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   After a few gyrations of her hips she went wild and started bouncing so fast she lost it and soaked me in her juices.
Ashley fell back off my cock and laid there on the ground with a huge smile panting. As i was about to get up Tiffany pushed me down and quickly sat on my cock taking me in just as fast as ashley had. Then laid on my chest for a few moments looked up at me and said she has no strength left todo what her sister had done. So i turned her over my cock never leaving her and started to slowly fuck her. As soon as i heard her moan i started slamming into her and next moment i knew i was coming in her and at that same moment was pushed out of her by her pussy squirting so hard it felt like i was being sprayed by a waterhose. They both laid side by side and looked very happy then we heard the doorbell and said oh shit your mom is back. I jumped up and pulled my clothes on and sprayed the arcade down with airfreshener hoping it would hide the smell of sex as i was heading to the door i told them both to get dressed.
I answered the door and let their mom in who said to me thanks so much for watching my girls for me and presented her hand to me and said her name was stephanie. I told her my name and said the girls were back in the arcade. As we walked into the arcade her daughters were still laying on the ground naked and covered in sweat and both had a delirious smile plastered on their faces. Stephanie looked over at me and then smacked me. As she did the girls snapped out of their dazes and jumped up and ran to me and stood between me and their mom. They asked why she had hit me and she said that i had raped them and took advantage of them.
Ashley was the first to speak up and said NO MOM we took advantage of him first by playing DDR naked.

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   Then we walked over to him and pulled his dick out and sucked on it. Which by the way mom his dick is way bigger then your boyfriends which as she said that tiffany reached over to my pants and yanked them down exposing my still hard cock to her mom. As soon as she did that their mom looked down then i caught the sight of her licking her lips. Next moment i knew their mom was sitting in front of me on her knees with my dick buried in her throat all 10inches. She let go long enuff to stand up and yank her top off and then her skirt then dropped back down and put my cock back inside her mouth. Ashley and Tiffany both sat back on the bench and started rubbing their pussies to the sight of their mom sucking me off. Stephanie let go of my cock and stared up at me that is when i noticed that her eyes were green too i grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet and then picked her up and sat her on the edge of the counter.
I then spread her legs and looked at her pussy and saw it was completely shaved except for a small heart right above her clit. I dove in and could swear she tasted just like her daughters after a few mins of tongueing her she spasmed and squirted all over my face. As she did i stood up positioned myself at the entrance to her pussy and slammed in for a homerun and as we started fucking ashley and tiffany came over and got up on the counter beside their mom and started licking their moms tits i kept slamming into her for about 10mins when i felt the boiling in my nuts again and slammed all the way in on one final thrust and shot my load into her as i did the girls bit their moms nipples and sent her over the edge at the sametime and once again i got pushed out of the warm pussy i was fucking and got soaked in pussy juice spray again. I fell to the floor and laughed Stephanie tiffany and ashely all asked what was so funny. I said like mother like daughters they all had puzzled looks on their faces. I said you all soaked me with your awesome juices and i loved it.
Stephanie, Ashley, and Tiffany have all become my GFs and to this day they all come over to my job at closing time. Then after my employees leave they help me clean up the arcade and then we proceed to play games in the nude then fuck like bunnies until 1am then we all go home together and lounge around in the nude.


   Mother and daughters have no problem sharing me and i have no problem at all fucking all 3 of them whenever they want.

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