Dirty Little Secret


9:30.  Time is ticking by so very slowly.   I start to breathe a little bit faster, start to feel the walls of my pussy begin to pulse as I think about what I'll be doing in less than an hour.   I lie in bed very still, trying to control my breathing so he thinks that I'm sleeping.   I slowly slip one finger into my mouth getting it wet, and discreetly slip it under the covers tracing a line down my stomach until I reach just the top where my lips come together.   I want to start tracing around my clit, dip my fingers just inside myself to see how moist I'm getting just anticipating the show I'll be putting on soon,  but I stop myself, save it for my audience.   I can hear his light snore and I know that he's in a deep sleep, it's time.  I pull off my covers and move quietly to the closet to choose an outfit and the toy that I'll be using tonight.   Mmmm, the red vibrator with the anal attachment and a bottle of KY, perfect.   I change into my lacy pink thongs and my white sheer tank top.  The computer and the webcam are already set up in the guest room.   I log in and check my messages from yesterday's performance.   45 e-mails.   I scan through them, reading only to see what they are requesting from me.   More ass play, more fingers in my pussy, a phone call to one so he can hear me when I finish, a secret sign to one. .

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  . circling my nipple twice then licking it slowly with my tongue.   I flip the camera on and turn it towards me, show time.   I watch myself on my own screen.   I slowly start to caress my right nipple through my tank until it hardens and presses out through the thin fabric.   I move my fingers to the left side and gently tug until it responds.   The sheer fabric doesn't hide the darkness of my nipples, you can see just see the shadows.   On my screen I read the comments that scroll up on IM, take off your shirt. . . lick a nipple. . . I'd love to put my dick between those for a tittie fuck.   Already there are 164 people watching.

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    I know they are all watching, waiting for me to stop teasing and spread my legs for them.   I can feel the wetness soaking through already.   I lean back in my desk chair, spread my legs wide apart and show them the wet circle between them.   I keep one hand on my nipple, circling around and around and slide the other down my belly and trace my wet spot, pressing in just a little so the fabric soaks up more of my juice.   Mmmmmmm, I slide my finger up and start to rub gently against my clit.   Tugging roughly on my nipple, worker harder on my clit my body starts to respond, I start to shake and I know if I continue that I'll cum soon, I need to slow down.   I slide my straps off my shoulders with one hand and show them something they've been waiting for.   My nipples are standing out and I use both hands, pinching them harder and harder, loving the mix of pleasure and pain.   Moving one hand back down again, my legs on either side of the desk, I move the edge of the lace over so they can see my pussy, and I drag my fingers up and down the slit.   I concentrate on my clit just for a few seconds and watch on screen as it starts to push it's way out between my swollen lips as it hardens.   One hand on my nipples, the other on my clit, I can feel my body start to buck, and again I know I'm almost at the edge, not yet.   Messages are scrolling up my screen, they want a better view of my pussy, they're ready for a toy, an offer from a couple to lick my swollen clit and my nipples, I love all the attention.   Pulling the lace all the way to the side I slide two fingers down just inside my pussy and push them in and out.   I want to indulge myself and lick all the juice off my fingers, but I keep them inside me, slowly finger fucking myself, letting everyone watch.   My mouth starts to water just thinking about the taste.

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    As I move them out of my wet pussy, I can feel a trickle of moisture run down towards my ass.   I follow it with a finger and use it as lube, to first circle then penetrate my tight hole.   I can't wait to slide something more in there, I'm ready.   I grab the KY and holding the bottle I start to pour it at my knee and let it slip down my thigh.   I follow it with my fingers, rubbing it all the way down my thighs.   I spread my pussy lips with my slippery fingers so there's a clear view of my swollen clit, and a glimpse of the white liquid that's still dripping from my hole, back down towards my ass.   I reach for my toy and start at the back, I rim my asshole with KY and start to slip the anal vibe in and out, just the tip.   The messages on the screen tell me that tonight it's to dark to see.   I can accommodate. . . I turn around and get up on my knees on my desk chair so my ass is facing the camera.   I spread my cheeks with one hand and again start to slip the vibe in and out, deeper with each stroke.   I close my eyes, and just enjoy the feeling for awhile.   Keeping it lodged inside, I turn around again and sit back in my chair and open my legs wide.

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    I rub my clit, sliding my fingers up underneath it, teasing myself, then on top, around in a circle, still sliding the vibe in and out of my ass with the other hand.   The larger part of the vibe slips easily into my wet pussy and I realize that I'm gasping and moaning, as I move them both in deeper.   Ohhhh, it feels so good.   Both holes filled, the other hand switching between my clit and lifting a nipple towards my mouth for a quick tug with my teeth and a flick with my tongue, I start to raise my hips in rhythm.   I can feel my climax building, I don't care anymore what they're asking for on the screen, all I can think about is the earth shattering orgasm that I'm about to have.   My eyes closed, I start to fuck myself faster, grind my clit with my fingers harder, almost there.   In my mind I'm not in my desk chair, I'm on my bed on my hands and knees and she's fucking me, working the toy from behind me, one of my hands on my clit, the other gripping hers tighter and tighter as I start to cum.   Mmmm, that thought sends me over the edge, my eyes roll back, my body begins to shake.   I'm cumming, I can hear myself moaning, screaming out her name, I struggle to keep my legs spread wide as my body is rocked with an orgasm that won't stop, it just keeps coming in waves.   So fucking amazing, I don’t want it to end.   Finally, I slide the toy out and watch on camera as I drip cum onto the chair I'm sitting in.   Not able to resist this time, I wet my fingers and lick them slowly, enjoying the sweet taste.   I slide my top back up, and cover myself back up with my lace.   I see the messages start to scroll up the screen but I leave them for tomorrow.   I know that tonight's show was fantastic, there should be no complaints.

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    I leave all my toys behind and slip back into my bedroom.   I slide into bed beside him and run my hand down his body.   I can feel his hard cock pressing through his boxers, must have been having a good dream?  I take his hand and move it up between my legs so he can feel how wet my pussy is.   He responds immediately, grinding his cock up against my ass he whispers in my ear, "You're so wet, were you online reading stories again?"  I smile a wicked, dirty girl smile to myself and I slide his boxers off. .
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