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‘Why don’t we go back to my place? We wouldn’t touch off course, but it would satisfy our immediate needs. How do you feel about that Mike?’ ‘Very interested’ I replied as Jennifer continued ‘I would like to change into something I know you would like. Give me 20 minutes before you come’ and she got up and left. I sat thinking about what we had spoken about surprised that we shared the same fantasy and fetish she was after all quite a lot younger and my prick started to twitch as I finished my coffee. Twenty minutes later I knocked on her door. She opened it wearing a long see through cotton shirt and nothing else. My prick immediately began to harden as she stepped aside invited me in. ‘Looking at the bulge in your pants’ she whispered, closing the door, her eyes fixed to the growing lump in my trousers ‘you like what I am wearing. ’ I stood there, my eyes feasting on her nipples as they stiffened under my gaze. ‘Why don’t you take your cloths off? You will feel more comfortable, and it will also lets me have a good look at that hard prick of yours. ’ As we moved to the bedroom, I undid my belt, unzipped my jeans and slid them down to the floor and she gasped as my hard prick sprang up throbbing at her ‘You are ready, I see’ licking her lips and I had to wonder if she could restrain herself from touching it. ‘Are you?’ I almost breathless asked and she slipped a finger between her thighs ‘Mmm yes, I think I am. What do you think?’ bringing it up under my nose as I groaned and smelt her aroma and saw how wet she was. ‘We’re keeping touching to a minimum’ she whispered, her eyes still looking at my throbbing prick as I took off my shirt then sat on the edge of the bed spreading my legs so she could get a better look. She stood with her back to me, her eyes never leaving mine as she watched in the reflection of the wardrobe mirror, then moved back between my open legs, almost sitting in my lap and began opening her shirt from the front. As it dropped to the floor, she ran her hands over her firm cheeks, parted her legs and bent down giving me a delightful look at her wet lips and arse.

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   Swaying her hips she reached around and parted her cheeks gave me an eyeful of her puckered hole, then slowly dipped a finger into her pussy and slid it up into her arse. I sat there groaning, my prick hard as steel, fighting my urge to slide it into her rear end. I could see in the mirror her firm breasts and hard nipples as she played with herself. Then she turned cupping her breasts in her hands, pushing them up as she brought her mouth down and licked each nipple making it stiffened. She looked at me, gazing into my eyes with lust, ‘Like what you see? Everything you imagined?’ My prick throbbed, cum running from the head ‘Jennifer, you’re beautiful,’ I replied. ‘I’m glad you approve,’ she said rubbing her hands between her legs and moved towards me as I fell back on the bed. She climbed over me her nipples grazed over my thighs then paused to let her breasts swing in front of my face. As she continued to move over me, I could see the juices glisten on her lips and smell the aroma of her arousal. Then she propped herself up on a couple pillows at the head of the bed and I slid over closer and knelt between her spreading thighs, her juices flowing down over her arse. ‘Let me see you slide your hand up and down the shaft,’ she purred ‘Ohh God this is going to be so good,’ brought her hand down over her smooth shaved pussy and began massaging with two fingers. ‘Ohh Mike, stoke your prick and tell me what you are thinking right at this moment’ as she worked her fingers up and down on her clit then slipped two into her pussy, drawing out more wetness putting them to her mouth and sucked them clean. ‘I want to slide my prick between your pussy lips and push it against your hard clit, then as you finger your arse, slide my prick down to join it. But first I want to lie down and have you on your hands and knees over the top of me, leaning in close, smothering my prick with your breasts, moving them up and down until I leaked pre-cum. ’ I was slowly stroking myself, cum dripping from the head as I watched her bring her knees up to her chest, inserting her fingers into her dripping pussy again I could see her arse open and close as she fingered herself. She had her fingers inside the folds of her pussy and then slid one into her arse and moaned loudly as I continued.

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   ‘Then you take my prick between your lips and suck my pre-cum off, cleaning me with your tongue. You cup my balls in your hand and lower your mouth over them, licking and sucking, then run down over my arse, probing with your tongue making it wet as you slide a finger in. ’ ‘Oh God yes’ she moaned and continued ‘Mmm, imagine me sucking you as your stroke your prick. When I felt your balls tighten as you’re about to cum in my mouth, I let go of your prick and straddle your face so you can lick my pussy with your tongue. Then I’d turn around and you work your tongue in my arse. ’ I groan almost cuming. ’ ‘Ohh, Mike my arse feels tight as you work your tongue in and out and finger my dripping pussy. ’ I was stroking my prick faster now as I imagined giving Jennifer’s beautiful arse a rim job. ‘Ohh God,’ I moaned ‘I am getting so close. ’ ‘Stop, baby, let go of your prick it will make it last a little longer. Please hold off a little longer. I have a treat for you’ and pulled her finger out of her arse and pussy, rolled onto her hands and knees and straddled my legs, just above the knees. The she took her fingers and slowly dipped them into her wet pussy, covering them with her juices. I watched as my prick throbbed and cum was dripping down the shaft and over my balls, leaking but not quite cuming. Jennifer then brought her wet fingers to my open mouth and spreading her juices over my lips.

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   ‘Do you like my smell and taste?’ All I could do was groan as I felt my orgasm build in my aching balls. ‘Can I have some of yours?’ her eyes on fire as she looked down on my hardness cum oozing from the head. She gently reached down and ran her fingernail up the shaft so as not to touch me, collecting the overflow and then sucked her finger ‘Mmm, tasty. ’ It was all I could do not to cum. Then she turned around with her arse pointing straight at my face. She looked down at my hard prick and a long strand of pre-cum attached itself to her nipples as they grazed the dripping head. She brought her hands around pulled her cheeks open, letting me see her wide open and leaned back so it was almost touching my face. Then I moaning as I watched her fingers disappear into her arse. ‘Do you like my arse? Would you like to lick it, slide you tongue inside and taste me? Would you like to finger my arse while I hold it open for you? Slide your throbbing prick in deep and cum in my arse? Would you like that?’ Her arse opened and closed around her finger as she pushed it deeper ‘what are you thinking right now Mike?’ she moaned. ‘I want to lick and fuck your arse. Ohh God yes, I can feel you stretch as I push my hard prick deep in your arse. Jesus, I need to cum Jen, I can’t hold it any longer’ Panting, my breath getting heavier ‘God I’m so turned on I can’t hold on much longer either’ she groaned, then stopped all movement drawing short breaths her face flush she moaned ‘Ohh Mike, ready?’ ‘God yes’ I replied. She turned around and straddled my thighs almost touching me with her pussy, then leaned back as her fingers spread her lips wide open pointing her hard clit at my prick, her breasts high as the strand of cum dripped from her nipple. ‘I want you to cum on me, let me feel you’re hot cum over me. ’ I looked down I could see her clit, swollen and throbbing, her pussy dripping with juices as I gave one last stroke, my prick brushing against her swollen clit, sending us both over the edge.

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   Her pussy squirted juice over my hand, my balls, my legs as cum shot from my prick. ‘Yes, cum on me, cover me with your cum. ’ She closed her eyes for a second as her orgasm overtook her. ‘Oh dear God,’ I moaned as my throbbing prick spraying her with strings of cum, spurting over and over covering her pussy, thighs and breasts. Jennifer was shaking and fell forwards on top of me, her rock hard nipples pressing into my chest, my prick dripping between her arse cheeks as my orgasm slowed down and my prick softened against her puckered hole. She breathed deeper as her orgasm started to subside. She smiled at me, purred then kissed me lightly ‘that was so good. Can we do that again but perhaps with a little touching and some holding?’ My prick throbbed and dripped cum over her arse. ‘Mmm, I felt that, I guess that means yes’ and clamped her cheeks around me as I started to harden. anerotic54.

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