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 We had lived in the mobile home for a couple years before I stumbled on the cache of tapes. Pop and Mom always left money lying about (hidden in Mom’s underwear drawer or inside one of Pop’s socks) so imagine my surprise when I stumbled on a box of videotapes buried in the back of Mom’s closet. My Dad was always recording something but why did he keep these hidden? I had a couple of hours to kill before anyone got home and decided to pop one in the VCR to check it out. The quality wasn’t all that good, it was black and white and a bit dark but I could see it was of the living room of our old house. You could see the couch by the light of the table lamp next to it and the gas logs in the fireplace were lit. I saw Uncle Mark come in, in his bathrobe and sit on the coach. After a time Mom came in wearing see through pajamas and sat next to him. I fast-forwarded to see them go by the fireplace and strip naked. Mom sucked his cock and he fucked her and by the sound of things she enjoyed it. This intrigued me; my mother never seemed the passionate type much less a slut. I pulled out another tape, this one was in color and showed Aunt Candy in the Mom’s bathtub with candles lit all around it Momma handed her a flashlight and told her to enjoy herself. Candy did something with the flashlight and it began to hum she put it between her legs and she gasped than seemed focused on what she was doing her eyes closed and back would arch raising her titties out of the water. She began to groan and breathe funny. Momma came back in the room naked and grabbed the flashlight while kissing Candy. Candy wrapped her arms around Mom’s neck and cried out, “Damn, that feels so good!” Mom and Candy got dressed, like sluts I might add and left. I knew Mom and Candy were close but dykes? I grabbed another tape, this one was of the back of the trailer except Dad’s chair wasn’t there a big air mattress was.

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   I fast-forwarded until I saw Mom enter the room with two men, one was the guy Candy had been dating and the other older guy I did not know. The older guy sat in the rocking chair while the Mom danced with Candy’s boyfriend. His hands were all over her and all she did was smile and sigh. His hand went between her legs and she laughed and said, “You know what I like!” He had unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head she was naked underneath. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands over his chest than sank to her knees unbuckling his pants and began to lick and suck his hard cock. She laughed and said to him, “Someone is happy to see me. ” She looked over her shoulder and winked at the man in the chair asking, “Ken are you enjoying the show?” He laughed and replied, “That’s it Baby suck his cock!” Mom giggled and eagerly complied. After a time the man in the chair got up and took off his clothes and knelt behind Mom grabbing her hips to drive his cock in her ass? Mom bent forward saying, “Drive your cock in me, I need it!” My Mom, taking it in both ends and begging for more?  What a slut! The next tape showed Candy and Mom in bed using the flashlight to play with each other and than using some kind of big dick to fuck each other. Mom and Candy were tramps they preached how bad sex was but didn’t seem to miss any opportunities. In none of these tapes did either seem to not enjoy themselves. This aroused my curiosity and I began to search Mom’s room for her flashlight and found it in her bottom drawer along with some other toys.
 I went back to the tape of Candy in the bathtub and took off my clothes to repeat what she had done. I found when I turned on the flashlight it vibrated in my hand. When I placed it between my legs it felt odd but it wasn’t until I rubbed it against something near the front of my crease that made my body jump in response to its touch. I moved it back and forth as Candy had and soon found my heart was racing a mile a minute and my breath was coming in short gasps as a knot formed in the pit of my stomach.

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   I wondered at the changes happening to my body. My pee hole seeped water and my breasts ached and I found if I used my free hand to rub them it seemed to ease the ache. I tried to lift them to my mouth as Candy had but found the best I could do was lick a protruding nipple. The more I rubbed the flashlight back and forth along my gash the greater was my desire to jam it into my pee hole. On one pass I gently pushed it in and my teeth chattered to its rhythm. It felt wonderful. The more I played the larger the knot inside me grew until I positively straining at the clenched feeling inside me. Sweat poured off my body as the knot exploded. It felt wonderful but left me feeling a little empty. I had no idea why but I was going to find out.
 I called my best friend Amanda and told her we had something big to discuss and arranged for her to spend the weekend. Pop went off to work, as did Mom and my sister leaving us alone for several hours. Amanda brought a bottle of vodka to loosen my tongue and after a few drinks I told her about my discovery. She begged me to show her so we dragged out the box of tapes and the toys in my mother’s drawer. During the next couple hours we viewed one tape after another of my mother and aunt engaging in sex with a variety of men and women even her own brothers.

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   Amanda was especially interested in the ones where Mom and my aunt used did it with each other. Amanda pulled off her underpants and tried to use the battery-operated thing but couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. I watched in fascination and finally said, “Here let me show you. ” I stripped of my clothes and took the gizmo from her to insert it between my legs and rub it back and forth until it hit the little bead causing me to gasp and shudder. I spread my legs wide to show her the spot I was talking about. Her head sank between my legs to get a closer view. She looked up at the television to see Candy lick that area between my Mom’s legs. I felt her warm breath as her head sank closer, she pushed the gizmo aside to run her tongue over the bead drawing a shudder moan from deep inside me. My legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they lifted and spread to grant her better access. Her magic tongue looped and swirled around from my pee hole to back over my clit. My hands gently grasped the sides of her head and pleaded with her not to stop. I felt her position the cock like object against my pee hole and gently insert it into the opening. As its crown slid in I felt my muscles begin to draw it further into my body. Amanda’s constant tongue lapping of my clit along with the cock like objects depth inside me was causing the muscles of my abdomen to ripple in response to its movement. I found it difficult to breath and sensed something big was about to happen and than she stopped.

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“What about me?” she asked. I pulled her down on the floor and assumed the position my Mom and Candy had. It took me a moment to straddle her face before I could lower my head between her legs. I had never seen another girl’s pussy close up and took my time examining the matt of her push and the shape of her labial folds. They were moist and parted easily under my touch to expose her pee hole. My warm breath seemed to cause her petals to thicken and moisture to flow from her pee hole. I placed my tongue against her pee hole and drew it toward the front of her body only to retrace my steps as I did so I saw a small bead emerge from a shroud near the front end of her vulva. This time it was her turn to groan as I licked it. I felt her tongue return to it’s previous wonderful actions as she reinserted the cock like object in me and began to more vigorously push it in and pull it out. I searched for something to return the favor with and spotted the double-headed cock. I struggled to push it into her as she rocked back and forth her hands grabbing my ass and her fingers sinking into its tender flesh until the crown sank into her body. Her grasp seemed to loosen a bit after that and I heard her breathing coming in shuddering gasps, which matched my own. I struggled to get several inches into her and as I withdrew it I noticed it was covered in thick white cream, which I tasted and decided it was not unpleasant. I glanced at the television and saw my mother hand changed positions and had placed the other cock head in her body. I climbed off Amanda’s face and changed position so that I sat on my ass while draping my legs over hers.

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   I pulled the gizmo from my body and inserted the other cock head into me. It stretched me in ways I had not thought possible. I told Amanda to take my arms and we pulled toward each other driving this mammoth tool into each other until it had almost disappeared. I released one hand to grab the gizmo turning it on and rubbing its head against Amanda’s clit. She squealed in delight and moaned her approval, her hips rocking on the cock between us. I placed the other end of the gizmo against my clit and immediately understood her reaction. Our interlaced and we pulled ourselves together until our breasts brushed against each other and we kissed. We both rocked and shuddered as our bodies spasmed mightily leaving us breathless. Amanda and I rolled onto our sides locked in each other’s arms savoring the feelings that washed over us. We put everything away where it had been and adjourned to my bedroom. Well almost everything we kept the double-headed cock and used it several more times before she left. If there was one thing all this taught me, I knew I had to try the real thing.                     

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