Mum! Can I touch it? pt.1


Where to start? Not hard that! - I had been passing the bathroom and knowing mum was in there,I slowed down to a crawl when I saw she'd not closed the door. Low and behold,she'd finished her shower or bath and having her back to me,I stopped completely, gawking at the view of her naked. Yeah sure it was a rear view,but at my age it was a real naked woman. Oh yeah! I'd had the odd glimpse of mum,I'd seen girls pussies,but here I'm looking at a real woman's body,full form and a very pretty ass,hips and breast as I saw them plop about as she wiped. But what really drew my eyes were the two perfect dimples above her bum cheeks.

I reckon they were just above the bikini line,although I'd never seen mum wear a bikini! It got better, as I ogled. she put a foot up on a foot stool and in bending to wipe each toe,there before me was mum's pussy showing from behind her thighs. The puffy vulva was well displayed,with a patch of her fur showing up at her belly as was one titty bobbling around to the swinging arm movements. But most of all,while she was devoid of the fact I was looking at her,her thighs were enough apart for me to not only see her pinkness in her partly open pussy slit but her bum hole was flashing as she swung across her knee from one side to the other.

Now hard as a rock,I desperately wanted to dive to my bedroom to relieve the aching throbbing at my groin. The leg came off the stool and the other went on to it. Fuck! in so doing she dropped the towel, I shit,she must have seen me looking - I thought - as she had virtually bent double in retrieving her towel. I wanted to dart away but I was transfixed to the spot as her ass cheeks and pussy slit spead even wider open. She lingered long enough for me to nearly cum off in my boxers.

The foot went down to the floor and I went like a rocket,hoping I hadn't been spotted. I lay panting in panic waiting for mum to respond to my voyeurism.

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   Nothing! I heard her go into her bedroom and pulling my boxers down my thighs I started to relive the moment I'd just witnessed and sure enough,my precum was already over my knob in abundance before my first stroke. In a really short time with the thought of my cock touching mum's pink pussy slit,my cock now pointing up my belly pumped shot after shot of cum as far as my chin. The orgasm sensation was mind blowing,it didn't matter it was mum's pussy. It was a real woman's slit that's what my libido told me!

I now studied my cock as I held it straight up from my pubis like a lighthouse. At seventeen I thought,its grown three inches or there about in four years,so if like I keep getting told by mum, 'I'll grow till I'm twenty one,my cook should make ten inches. - I've gotseven already! - There it was in all its glory with milky cum drooling over the knob like icing. - Well I, thought so! - What woman could not want to try it? My mind shot round to mum's pussy again,then blanked as I heard mum open her bedroom door. Fuck mum! Don't come in,not just now anyway.

She passed on downstairs. Phew that was close,perhaps she never seen me thro' her legs then! A couple of days had passed,nothing said,I'm in the clear! - Like fuck I am! - I came thro' the door as always quite quietly,me and mum were quiet people especially since dad was binned by mum. She said he was kind 1 in 10 - She meant one day in ten, he could charm the birds from the trees,the other nine he was a one man nightmare & he didn't seem to know it. So he went and our lives became very tranquil after. So I on entering,done my usual thing,glancing thro' room by room until I found mum.

I expected her to be in the garden as I came in,but no,she was inside somewhere. I got to the back room and stopped,I could hear her and I was hearing a sound I heard on occasions but at night.

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   I took a stiffy in seconds. The doors invariably were left ajar and today was no exception! A strategically placed mirror was letting me see in and I assumed mum see out. Well that is if she'd had them eyes of her's open. More the point was what I was looking at. Mum had no clothes on below her waist, - they were strewn on the floor. Her legs were wide apart and her fingers were driving her clitoris mad. Her masterbation was clearly at eruption point as her face was distorting with ecstatic sounds as she burst into the full orgasm. Her thighs trembled her nipples were being rocked under her top until the breasts pressed at the top as she arched her back in a frantic fucking movement.

My cock was at bursting point as mum's buttocks jerked up at her finger in ever longer movement until her body collapsed back in the chair and with sexy gurgled giggles. PHEW!She opened her eyes. They glanced to something I couldn't see then focused on me thro' the mirror. I shot off,hoping I'd just missed being seen. "Freddy! FRED! Come here,let me speak to you a minute!" Tempted to disappear,I decided,no,no good to run, she know's I was looking at her. "Ah! There you are,come in,we have to talk" - I sat nearly opposite and couldn't fail to see her legs still open. realising I was looking at her quim,she gently closed her thighs as tho' I wouldn't notice.

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"That's what we need to talk about!" - I could now see what she had that she must have been looking at just before her orgasm. It was our camcorder! I went hot! - Why would she be looking at that,there's nothing on it,I cleared what I'd secretly recorded! Fuck,I did,I know I did. FUCK! FUCK! What if it didn't clear? Its new,I read how too! It must be empty.

I know! - She's videoed herself doing what I'd just witnessed,that's it,its her pussy getting masterbated, - Fuck mum,I'll have some of that,I'll download it to my PC. - "Freddy,you wont tell anyone what you just caught me doing will you?" - "Mum! 'Course I wont,I've never thought of married women doing that stuff though. I thought it was a teen thing!" - "Ah! Your sheets" - I blushed - Mum noticed. - Bloody hell Fred. You made me blush when I realise you'd been watching an old mother enjoying her afternoon. Trouble is time runs away from one when I get engrossed in this stuff!"

"I know you get stuff off your PC,but I thought I could stick the wire in it and enlarge the picture thro' the TV. " - "You can mum,but not using the same wire as I use on the PC. " - "Ah! I see,we'll need to get one then" - "We. . . " - Shit I nearly blew myself out then! I was about to say we have one supplied its in the box it came in. I knew,the only thing that could possibly be of porn interest on the camcorder was of me insanely wanking myself.

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   - "You know,I've had a few peeps at the stuff you look at - yeah I know its women,but I found it can lead you to blokes,but whenever its stuff like this see, - Fuck it is me! - yeah,you get belly to the knee's,but no face,yet the women are shown completely faces and everything" - "really,I hadn't noticed!" - "No,I 'spose not because the women are shown in full! At your age you probably never look above their navel anyway. - But it would be nice to see a few hunks faces as well!" - I wanted to blurt out, 'Mum,that cock belongs to me,I'm to young to be a hunk,but that's seven inches you were enjoying just now.

All this time mum had sat with her legs closed but made no attempt to put her panty's or even her skirt back on. - "What made you then? You know,download a bloke at it?" - "Perspective mum! You know,when you had a peep,didn't you look to see if any of their's looked like yours?" - Mum flamed up,she obviously had. - "Well to be honest,I did a little" - "Was there?" - I challenged her! - "MMM!" - "Do you think you could find it again. you know the page?" - "You dirty little devil,wasn't that enough just now when you caught me out? I'm your mother!" - "Mum! You have a lovely bum,you should be proud" - I could have bit my tongue off" - She realised as well - "Oi mister! You been spying,sat here there's no way my bum was on display thro' that mirror" - "I confess mum,the other day in the bathroom. Do you know you have the most gorgeous two dimples on you bum" - I've never managed to see them properly,but your father always was enthrolled by them. Here,Just video them with this and when we get that wire I'll be able to see them!"

She got all excited. - "Mum to focus right,I'd have to see your bum and stuff" - "No,its only my back really don't you reckon?" - "Won't you mind me telling you how to stand to get the best view of them" - She looked at me suspiciously - "Well I 'spose its only like those hookers you look at,but they call themselves models,or porn stars" - "You're better than any of them mum!" - "With what you saw just now and admitted to the other day,I'll let you be the judge" - Mum stood now as I set the cam' to record. I started at her side and moved slowly around her at the back to the other side. - "Were you trying to film my belly then,you went half way round me" - I knew I'd got mum's pubis and pubes in the shot - "No its getting the shadow effect to show you at the most beautiful" - I think you might get a better impression if you bent forward say over the chair a bit"

Mum's not nieve,she knew I was looking between her legs more than the dimples,she even bent at a slope then volunteered to bend even farther forward that pushed her vulva well out behind her thighs. - "There you got it,can I put my clothes back on now?" - "Here while I think off it,leave that stuff I was looking at on the cam mind,if we can hook up,it'll show me nearly a life size image of him. the trouble with the view finder,everythings so small. Oh! and that comparison stuff you said about,you mean size wise I guess,well you'll be able to see how you compare" - I'm not nieve either,I have a sneaking suspicion mum knows its me wanking. But I made sure any indentificating items were not on it and even used all white bed stuff and draped white sheets over any other stuff in my room!

"You know,people can have real fun with these thinking about it.

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   Really dirty stuff and no one would know except us or I mean whoever they were" - Was that a suggestion tempered with a generalisation then? I wonder what her reaction will be when she see's I've filmed her pussy?" - When I'd just filmed mum's pussy,I'd got a real close up of her puckered labia peeping out from between her vulva. I wanted desperately to touch them,they looked so much like delicate petals. I was sure they wouldn't be rubery and wondered just how soft they were.

I got selfish now,I too wanted to see mum's pussy on the tele' so leaving it till after tea, I busied myself so-say foraging in the cam box and after a while,mum,we have it,it was in the botom of that box" - "Go on then how do you do it?" - "Charger needs to be connected plus the signal wire" - "then we switch on" - Mum's face dropped - No picture! - I sat next to her,watch! see? - You have to go to the right signal for the cam" - Two windows came on the screen. Not waiting now she pushed buttons galore on the cam remote. All to no effect. - "No battery!" - "Battery's in,look let me show you. I took the buttons and took her thro' the necessary button's but after I'd got my arms right around her to be really close in. I could feel the softness of her bra-less breasts and she wanted to try it for herself. - "Show me again. How to freeze it and move it just one at a time" - Dirty little mummy,you want to see my cum shoot out the end and see how far I shoot off. - I said nothing tho' - How could I when I was desperate to see mum's pussy lips in slow detail.

She popped the button,her hip came up with her pubes clearly visible and it started to drift towards her rear. - "No! I want the other first,I thought it would come first because it was recorded before me" - "Watch again,you were to eager,see you moved across the menu to yours,press it now and you'll get the penis you're after!" - "I wish! she brooded,its only a filmed one,not the real thing Freddy" - I smiled,she stil haven't realised that hard cock she's looking at is only inches from her slit and ready and willing to fuck her!" - Forgetting herself,she fumbled with the buttons - "OH FUCK! Its gone now. Can it rewind or do we have to start again.

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   With my arms enjoying the fullness and softness of her tits, I showed her how to get back to what she wanted. - "Stop! Stop! There go from there and stop it when I say!" - I was interested because I couldn't think of anything special at that part,it was a while more before my cum shot off everywhere" - "STOP!" - "keep it like that" - She leaned forward staring at what? - "Open your buttons,go on let me" - My heart was beating,my cock was throbbing. - "I'm going to touch it,alright?" - No time to say NO!she already had my stiffy in her hand like a gear shift and was bending it towards her thigh. - Her eyes looked down then into mine then down again as she spread my pubes at the root of my cock.

"Its you on there,I knew it was but it was to small to be sure. See,that birth mark you have,its a mole. I always kissed it when I bathed you when you were young" - "And now?" - "What try to get my mouth past that great hard thing" - In an instant,she pushed my cock sideways and kissed the side of its helmet. - "See you dirty young devil,I did it right?" - "Right" I answered as I nearly came there-and-then. - She watched my cock cum off on the cam and watched the cumming part frame by frame,but never put my cock away. - "When do I get to look at the dimples then?" - "Wait,just once more!" - She had her once more then moved it over, - "See that? I done it!" We let it run and as she saw her dimples she sounded a bit embarrassed,"My god,they're really prominent" - "And beautiful"- In seconds her pussy was before her,the puckerd lips peeping out. - "There stop it there," - "No! No! You can't look there!" - But she'd stopped it anyway. - "What are you looking for?" - "A mole,then I can kiss it like you did" - She showed a real dirty smile, - "Fancy saying such a dirty thing to your mother" - "Mum. I've never touched a real woman's one,its natural that I'd like to know what those lovely petals actually feel like"

I like to think she was tempted but she didn't offer. - "You know you said people/we could have fun with the cam. How about if we both put something on it for the other to enjoy at there leisure" - "You mean masterbate too! That's the reason for that there! Tonight I wouldn't wonder" - She started the cam again.

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   - "Anyway,how do you know I won't want to do it myself again - especially now I know whose it is" - "You had your turn just now" - "God and you were watching me do it!" - "How about if we watch each other on a night?" - "Let me think about that one for a bit,here,you take the buttons and look and wonder for a bit. I know I am!"

We all will till part two.