Toy Story for Two


Toy story for Two

Kim and I were married – not to each other mind you.   Kim and Dave were neighbours to Pam and I, and we got together often.   Not ‘that’ kind of get together, just evenings together playing board games or watching movies.

Kim was the sexiest woman I knew.   Some women are nice to look at, but a few women rouse primal lust in men, Kim was one. My wife Pam is good looking, but Kim was more than just attractive: the way she carried herself when she walked, how she laughed, her facial expressions - all exuded sexuality and I constantly fantasized about her – never assuming that there would come a day…. .

About a year ago, Dave announced he was getting a promotion at work, so we had them over for a little celebration. We bought some champagne and made a big dinner for them.   As we ate and drank the champagne soon ran out and we switched to harder drinks.   Dave told us he was going to have to be out of town about one week a month with his new position; his first trip would be the week after next.

“How do you feel about being left alone while Dave is away” Pam asked Kim.
“I don’t know – I’ll have to find something to keep me busy I guess”.

‘I could DEFINATLY keep you busy’, ran through my mind as I once again envisioned Kim and I in the throws of passion.

“…. Brent….

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  Brent!” came through the fog. “Did you hear me?” Pam asked.
“Oh, uh, sorry…. Daydreaming” I replied.
“Dave was saying that Kim may need your help with the lawn and stuff when he is away.   You’ll help won’t you?”
“Oh, sure”
“It’s just that I hate using that riding mower”, Kim said.
“Tell you what – if I can use your riding mower to cut my lawn, I’ll do yours too. ”
“Deal”, Dave answered, “while I’m away, anything of mine is yours to use – help yourself”.

‘If only…’, I thought subtly leering at Kim as I continued my fantasy …

I never thought about the lawn again until it was a few weeks later.   On a Tuesday evening, after dinner my wife was leaving for her night shift, she mentioned that I should get the lawns cut.

“You promised Dave and Kim you’d cut theirs as well” she added as she stepped out.

I got changed into some shorts and a T-shirt and headed over to Kim’s to borrow the riding lawn mower. I was looking forward to seeing Kim again, but had no idea how this evening was going to turn out.

As I stepped up to the back door, I straightened my shirt and pressed the doorbell.

“Who is it?” Kim called from inside.

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“Brent” I answered.
“Oh, c’mon in Brent. I’ll be right there. ”

I opened the door and stepped inside.   I could smell the scent of Kim’s perfume and although I’d been in this house many times, I realized it has always been the four of us – never Kim and I alone.

Kim appeared down the hallway and as always she looked delicious.   “Sorry, I was just putting on some laundry. Excuse the way I look, these are my exercise clothes, I was just about to do a little work out”.
“You look great.   Where do you work
“Well, thanks. ” She smiled.   “I just work out here at home, I have a few exercise videos that I use.   It’s probably not as effective as joining a club or something but I can do it whenever I have time. ”
“I would guess you find the time often enough -  lookin’ good in that spandex” I ventured, immediately worried that I had spoken my fantasy life too far into reality.

Kim smiled blushing slightly then responded, “Well thanks Brent - I do what I can” then with a provocative change in her tone she added, “I’m glad you noticed – it’s nice to be appreciated” as she turned to reach something in the cupboard.

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 As she reached high in the cupboard her shirt was drawn up and I had a great view of that perfect little bum snuggled into her tight shorts.   I couldn’t help but stare at the gentle curve of her backside and how the spandex, tight as it was, defined the cheeks of her ass.   I’ve always been an ass man, and more than once I have stared at Kim’s gorgeous backside in awe.   The spandex she wore now was a treat however, and I could not break my eyes away – I was mesmerized - and then, as she turned her head to me, I was also caught.

As soon as I saw her looking my way I quickly looked up her face, but I was sure I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar so to speak.   Her expression showed no anger or embarrassment though, a mischievous grin actually spread across her lips. I wanted to say something to relieve the tension I felt and retain some dignity, but she beat me to it.

“Yep…. it’s sure nice to be appreciated”, she repeated with a giggle.
I’m sure my face was blood red with embarrassment, and I stammered to say something. “Um. . um…” I felt like an idiot.

Kim laughed “Don’t be embarrassed Brent.   If it bothered me that you were looking at my ass I would have told you long ago.

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    This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you do it, it’s just the first time you knew I caught you. ” 

“You must think I’m some kind of a perv  - I’m sorry if I embarrassed you”.

“Really Brent, it’s ok – kinda flattering actually - and there are worse perversions than looking. Besides I haves been ogled by men since I was 15, and I never felt threatened by you or anything – relax.   Now, I can’t speak for Dave and Pam mind you, but since Dave is in Europe he can’t say much right now. ” she grinned, then added “Where is Pam tonight?”
“Just left for the hospital, working tonight. ” I added, my mind still racing.   “She reminded me to cut the grass before she left. ”

“Ahh,” Kim replied, “you came to borrow the mower, and here I thought you were just here to visit”, she pretended to whine.
“Well, the lawn isn’t THAT bad” I replied, matching her grin.  
“Oh good, it’s been way too quiet around here with Dave gone. Would you like a drink?”
“Sure, whatever you’re going to have” I responded as I slipped off my sneakers and followed her toward the den.   As she led down the hall she reached behind her with both hands and playfully pulled her shirt down to cover her ass. She looked over her shoulder, giggling and scurrying down the hall.
“Ha-ha”, I said, “Now I don’t feel embarrassed at all”
“He-he…a girl can’t be too careful” she responded, “some men can’t control themselves……How is your willpower Brent?” she asked as she playfully slid her shirt up displaying that beautiful ass.

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“Well, I promise not to touch, I can’t promise not to look…. . ”
“Ha-ha…good answer” she replied as we stepped into the den.

Kim poured us each a drink of vodka and 7, handed me one and invited me to sit on the couch as she dropped into the loveseat.

“So how have you been making out with Dave away?”
“Oh, ok I guess, little lonely is all”
“I imagine. When is he due home”
“Day after tomorrow, I have a big welcome home planned for him. ”
“Yep, making a big dinner and then a romantic evening at home”
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say”
“Not just the heart” she winked and giggled.
“Now don’t go there…. . I’m still feeling embarrassed about being caught looking, and here we are alone, I don’t need to envision what you have ‘growing fonder’. ”
“Oh, sorry – make you uncomfortable?”
“Well I wouldn’t say ‘uncomfortable’; it’s just that I’m afraid what I might say. ”

“Ok”, she half pouted “but I would like to have a man’s perspective on what would be a ‘good’ romantic evening, but if it would bother you I’ll have to wing it”.
“No, it’s ok…. I’d love to help but …. have you got some ideas?”

“Oh lots.


  ” She seemed excited to share them; “I even went shopping” she smiled coyly.   She stood and I thought she was going to show me what she had shopped for, but she held up her empty glass, “Another drink?”
“Sure” I answered “What kind of shopping”
“Well…. let’s see……a few things……” she hesitated as she returned with the drinks.   She returned to her seat and continued,
“Um, let me ask this right up front, I hope you aren’t embarrassed but are you and Pam adventurous in bed?”
“Um. . Uh. . ” I stammered, “not as much as I would…. . umm, why do you ask?”
“Um…because……,” she paused then leaned toward me and lowered her voice in a more secretive tone, “Brent we’ve been friends for quite a while, can we decide that this conversation is just between us and we have to be honest. ” I nodded and she continued, “I have occasionally talked to women about these things, but never a man. I’d love to know your point of view. ”

“We’ll keep it to ourselves?” she asked with a look that no man would be able to she seemed excited.   “Well,…I might as well start at the start…. ” she said.

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    “I am a very sexual person, the problem is - Dave isn’t. ”
“Ahhhhh, I see” I replied. “Was he ever?”
“When we were dating he wanted sex almost as much as I did, but it was never is cool being so open,” Kim smiled her eyes wide with excitement of telling her deep secrets, “I mean erotic things in bed, you know, ummm…. oral sex, toys, that kinda thing. ” She appeared to need to get these words out.

“I know what you’re saying, and I can sympathise – around our house it’s been ‘wham bam thank-you ma’am’ for a long time. ”

“Exactly!”  Kim replied.   “It is so cool to have someone to talk to about this, especially someone who can relate. ”  Kim looked thoughtful for a bit and then started to laugh.
“I guess that might explain why you are always checking me out when you think nobody is looking – you are not getting enough at home” She giggled.

“Well, I guess that is part of it……” I responded still slightly embarrassed, “…but, since we promised to be honest, mainly I look because you are the sexiest woman I know and it’s almost impossible for me not to look. ” I added with a grin, “Maybe subconsciously I can sense that you aren’t getting enough either. ”

She smiled broadly “Thank you Brent. And so far as getting enough … I’m not…believe me!”
“A beautiful woman like you that needs more attention might be prone to cheating – have you ever?”
“No.   Temped a few times though.

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  . ”
“Well if you don’t fool around, how do you get rid of your ‘tension’…. . exercise videos? I chuckled.
“That helps, but sometimes not enough. ”
“So…?”, she mimicked as she blushed, grinning.
“Well ll ll ll ll?…. What do you do” I grinned appearing innocent.
“You know very well what I do – likely the same thing you do…. . ” she replied, embarrassed but obviously enjoying the conversation. I decided to let her off the hook and not make her say.

“Oh…. ” I answered appearing to just catch on “You mean masturbate.   Yep I do that often enough.

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Kim laughed out loud.   “I can’t believe where this conversation has gone. ” she said.   “Well, since we promised to be honest – I do too” she added with laughter that was tinged with embarrassment.

The mental image of Kim masturbating came immediately to mind, and the reaction in my shorts was also instantaneous.
“Does Dave know you ‘play’?”
“No, I think it would insult him if he knew I needed more. ”
“Um, maybe.   So how do you get away with it?”
“Hey, how did this get to be about my masturbating?” she asked playfully.
“Oh, sorry,” I laughed, “Just intrigues me.   Envisioning a beautiful woman …ummm… ‘enjoying herself’ is what I do when I play…. I wanted to get the details right” I smiled.

“Good answer”, she giggled, then as she squirmed in her seat a bit, she added, “I guess that’s another thing we have in common”
“Uh huh,” then she added with a grin; “except, of course, I picture a man playing” she giggled, looking at me out of the corner of her eye while finishing her drink.

She held up her glass, “Again?”
“Sure”, but I have to use the washroom – be right back. ”
“K, I have to change over the laundry as well, make yourself comfortable. ”

I returned to the den and waited for Kim.

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    Sipping my drink I could taste the vodka in it.   Kim was pouring heavy and had been obviously teasing me sexually.   I knew she was horny enough to be seduced, but if anything happened tonight I wanted it to be mutual.   I didn’t need her feeling like I had taken advantage of her, basically I wanted her to want me as much as I did her.

After a few minutes I heard Kim come down the hall behind me.
“So Brent”, she called, “You promised to give me your opinion of what you would consider romantic……”
“That’s right I did” I responded.
“Ok… a promise is a promise…. . ”
I wondered what she was getting at, but as she entered the room and came into my field of view I knew.   She was wearing a housecoat that covered her from neck to knee…. I was dying to know what was under it.   Even covered up she looked incredibly sexy.   Her hair fell over her shoulders and she her face was that of an angel…. an angel with the most intriguing mischievous grin.

“What other promises did you make?.


  . . . . . . . . ” she asked in that delightfully naughty tone.
“um…. to be honest?”
“Uh, huh…. . aaaand?”
“Umm……” I didn’t know what she was getting to. “Oh, right” I remembered, “Look, but don’t touch…”
“Right!” she laughed.  
“Well if you have on under that housecoat, what I think you have on under that housecoat - I’ll defiantly be looking, and I am sure I can be honest about what I see….

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  . but not touching…. . you might be asking too much…” I answered with a smile.
“Well if you can’t PROMISE not to touch I guess I’ll have to go change…. no looking for you…. ” she teased as she started to turn around to leave the room.
“I promise…I promise!”
“Well ll ll ……Ok……if you promise……” she answered then she slowly turned her back to me and while looking at me seductively over her shoulder she opened the tie on the housecoat. It fell open around her. She shrugged one shoulder then the other. The housecoat fell down her back, now only held up by the sleeves on her arms.   The flesh of her upper back was exposed and as she looked into my eyes over her shoulder. She must have seen the excitement in my face – the smile on her face broadened and the mischief in her eyes grew as she continued to lower the housecoat down her back.

As more of her back became visible, I could see the light negligee underneath becoming exposed.   It was a light material and coal black on her pale white skin.

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    I felt a lurch in my loins and could feel my cock start to grow in my shorts as she revealed her full back to me.  

Kim winked at me then, and dropped her arms – the weight of the housecoat did the rest. Suddenly the housecoat was on the floor – Kim was now before me barely covered by the thin negligee.

The smile on her face grew with appreciation as a gasp escaped from me.   She paused for a moment allowing my eyes to take it all in, then spoke in an exaggerated sexy voice “So…. do you think that this outfit would be a good start to a romantic evening?”

I was completely speechless.   I had fantasized for months about Kim - imagining what she would look like naked.   She stood in front of me not naked – better.   Her tight little bum, visible under the thin mask of the negligee was defined by the thong that defined her ass , and then disappeared between those beautiful cheeks.   The whole sight was almost more than I could take. I longed to reach out to her - here was my fantasy so close and I couldn’t touch – agony!!!  It was also physical agony as my now rigid cock strained for release from my shorts.

Kim turned to me completing the vision.   The light material covered her breasts but the round areoles were evident beneath it – and her little nipples were standing out displaying her own excitement.  

“OH man…. .

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  You’re GORGEOUS!!!” I managed to say”
“Awww, thank you…. And. . ” she added as she looked obviously at my shorts, “You seem to have answered my question”

I squirmed in my seat trying to relieve the pressure, “I guess so – you can’t imagine how much you dressed like that turns me on, I envy Dave. ”

“Do you?” she purred as she swayed and slowly turned in front of me – allowing, inviting me to see all I could. “What makes you envy Dave the most?”

“All of you.   Your pretty face, your tight little bum your lovely breasts – all of you – your sexy walk your sexy voice.   It isn’t just because you are turning me on A LOT right now …. . I’ve always thought so…. ”

“MMmmmm.   Flatterer.   I love it!” she giggled.

“I’m not just flattering you – honest.   You said yourself you caught me watching you before.

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“Well how do I know that isn’t something you do all the time…. ” she purred as she stepped across the room and turned her back to me.   “Maybe you look at all the women’s asses” she spoke as she deliberately wiggled her bum in front of me.  

My cock leaped at the display and a guttural moan escaped my throat “Oh…please don’t………That looks way way too good”
Kim knew just what she was doing and was really enjoying being such a cock tease.   “Oh, I’m sorry…. ” she lied. “What looks ‘too’ good?”

“Your ass…. . I LOVE your ass.   It wouldn’t be as bad if I was going to get to touch it but …… knowing it’s off limits is torture. ”

“Torture is it?” she teased bending over the coffee table for her drink. She took a long sip, and then looking over her shoulder at me she set down her drink and placed both hands on the table and gave her ass another wiggle. Her tight ass was within arms reach and it took more self control than I thought I could muster not to reach for it. My cock was begging for release – both from these shorts and from the cum building in my groin.
She wiggled her ass a couple of more times and then rose to her full height again and turned to face me.

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    “Well, since you are feeling tortured …. If you want I can go put on some other clothes and you can go cut the grass……. ”
“Oh, no…please…. I love looking at you. I could look at you all night.   If only you knew how many times I wished I could see you like this…. ”

“ohhhhh?…. . is that right?” Kim asked?  “How many times?”
“hundreds…. To be honest, every time I’ve played for the last year it has been you I’ve fantasized about. ”

“Oh? That is a beautiful thing to say…. . Do you know what?”
“Knowing I have turned you on, is a HUGE turn on for me. ”
“Really? That’s good.   It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one being tortured.



“Oh, this is a pleasant torture though, isn’t it?” Kim smiled.   “I’m afraid the torture is getting me too interested though, and I’m afraid we will overstep…… remember I told you that I have never cheated on Dave?”
“Uh huh”
“Well that is the truth.   Have you ever cheated on Pam?”
“Nope, but like you, I have been tempted”
“Well I am VERY VERY horny right now, but I would still feel bad in the morning if we made love” she admitted with a guilty look.

‘Damn’ I thought.   I had never cheated on my wife, but would never have a chance to sleep with a woman that turned me on more than Kim. It looked like she had enjoyed teasing me but that was about as far as she wanted to go.


“Well” I responded, “If that’s the way you feel, I sure don’t want to pressure you.   But there is nothing I’d rather do more right now than make love to you.   You have really REALLY turned me on” I was so horny I would have crawled over glass to touch her right now, but I didn’t want to force her.

“To be honest” she replied as she sauntered over to join me on the couch “seeing you so turned on has been as much a turn on for me … I don’t think a ‘work out video’ is going to relieve the tension tonight……”

As she sat down she turned slightly to face me as we sat together on the couch.   Her knee was drawn up slightly, which caused a slight gap between her legs.   Through the light material of her negligee I could plainly see the thong covering her pussy.   Since she had been so agreeable to my looking at her, I brazenly stared right at her crotch as I turned slightly on the couch to face her. She saw that I was looking, but never appeared to mind – it was if she expected it.

“You know….

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  ” I commented as I was finally able to break my eyes away from her thong to look at her face, “I have been thinking……”
“Uh huh?” she spoke.
“I am going to make a logical argument - you see if there are any flaws in it. ”
“Ok. ” She answered.

“Well, ‘cheating’ is actually having sex with another person, right?”
“Uh, huh. ”
“Well, if I ‘happened’ to walk in on you and Dave making love, that wouldn’t be cheating would it?”
“No…. unless you joined in”, her eyes betrayed her, the thought of being with two men intrigued her – I’d have to keep that in mind I thought.

“Right” I agreed.   Now by definition, masturbation is having sex with yourself, right?”
“Uh, huh…. . ” she answered with a little smile crossing her face.   She seemed to know what I was thinking, and as I spoke she turned toward me further, the way people do when they agree with you…. .
Her eyes now drifted down to my crotch where my cock was still straining heavily against my shorts. As she looked at my crotch her hand migrated to her lap and, consciously or not, her fingers began to stroke lightly on the inside of her thigh.

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   Following her lead, as she watched, I moved my hand on my lap and subtly laid it against my throbbing cock.

“So, by this reasoning it wouldn’t really be cheating,” I said in a slightly hushed voice, “if we ‘happen’ to see each other playing, providing we never put our hands on each other – just ourselves. ” Her eyes grew wider as I made an obvious show of stroking my cock through my shorts.

Kim was obviously as intrigued by the idea as I was. “No, she said, “by definition, that wouldn’t be cheating. ” She replied in an excited tone. “I have to agree, there is nothing wrong with that argument …. . I like the way you think Brent …. ”

I made an obvious gesture of stroking my cock and she clearly excited by it as she ran her fingers along her thigh to the patch of fabric of her thong. She ran her fingers along the fabric a few times while watching me rub my cock through my shorts.

“Brent”, she spoke, “I’ll be right back……I want to get something……. ”

She jumped up from the couch and as she crossed in front of me her ass was right at eye level, I pretended to reach out to touch it, and she playfully slapped my fingers. “No touchy” she giggled as she scurried past me then disappeared out of the room.

I too got up from the couch.

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   My cock was begging for release from my shorts, so I took the opportunity to get undressed.   I slipped off my socks and shirt and as I slid my shorts and underwear down my cock sprang out from it’s confines with relief.   It was near it’s full size of 7” even though it had been restricted in my shorts. Now free it continued to swell to it’s full length and fat girth.   I knew my cock wasn’t over long but women always loved how thick it was – I had a hard time wrapping my fingers all the way around it.

As I sat down, on the couch once again, I heard Kim returning.   She stepped into the room with a shoebox in her hands.

As she came around the couch she laughed as she saw me naked. “Well, when in Rome…. . ” she said as she set the box down and immediately threw off the thin negligee.  

She now stood before me in only her thong.   Before, when I could almost see through the negligee, she looked great.   Now that it was gone she looked even more gorgeous.   The lines of her figure were something that playboy would be proud to publish - her breasts, not huge, were glorious and firm, her tummy was flat and her legs went all the way up to be crowned by a stunning ass – still accented by the thong.

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    Hooking a thumb in the strings on each side, she deliberately stepped toward me she placed the patch of fabric within arms reach and slowly slipped it down.

“Oh my God” I murmured in amazement at her, now completely naked in front of me.   I subconsciously stroked my cock as I stared at her - she was the vision of beauty that writers and poets try to describe – for Kim, the words couldn’t do justice - I was in awe of her beauty.

“You like?” she asked rhetorically watching me stroke my hard cock.
“Mmmm hmmm” was all I could manage to say.
“Well Brent, don’t get too excited” she said watching my hand running up and down my rigid cock…… “I want us to cum together, and I see no need to rush…. . ”
“Right” I agreed.   “I’d love to play all night with you……. ”
“Mmmmm, that sounds good…. . Let’s get ourselves comfortable – Can you help me move this loveseat?”
“Sure” I replied.

Turning the loveseat to face the couch, we slid them almost together; there were only a foot or two between them.
“If we’re going to watch, we might as well have a good view” she said.   I was starting to see what Kim meant when she said she was a ‘very sexual person’.


    I loved it.  

Stepping between the furniture, Kim slid onto the loveseat. I followed and sat on the couch.   It was surreal to me to see the vision of beauty that I had fantasized about for so long naked only inches from me.   My cock was perpetually erect and with Kim so close it was not likely to relax until I came … if then.

It was apparent to me that Kim was over the pretext of us needing to be at all reserved about our passion, and she wanted to get off as bad as I did. She was comfortable with me, admittedly very passionate, justifiably proud of her looks - this culminated in her being not the least bit inhibited.

She sat on the loveseat in front of / beside me with her legs stretched out onto the couch, I sat the opposite.   Her ankles were crossed and she looked very comfortable physically yet her eyes were full of passion as she stared at my cock rigidly standing at attention.
“Mmmmm, you have a very nice looking cock Brent” she pronounced.
“Thank-you, you have a very nice…… everything” I replied, a little surprised by her candour.

“I’m SO horny Brent, I’m surprised that I’m not climbing over there and taking that cock of yours in my mouth and sucking your cum right out of it” she breathed.   The sluttish language from such a gorgeous woman was not expected but a huge turn on – she was completely comfortable with me, probably because she knew I was as horny as she was. I subconsciously took my cock in my hand again at the thought of her swallowing my cock.

“Well, you have my permission”, I answered, “Only, however, if you let me lick your pussy until you cum all over my face”
“Oh my God!” she answered, “I love to have my pussy licked – it’s been like forever!” she answered, obviously aroused at the thought of it.

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    Her hand slipped between her legs and started to massage her pubic area.
“Well, I’d love to …. Please?”
“Oh, the offer is SO tempting …. . But we better not…. ” She answered continuing to massage herself.   “Besides …. . I want to see you make cum shoot out of that beautiful cock.   I love to watch a man play”

“Brent” she called in a curious tone as she reached for the shoebox “guess what I have in this box. ”
“Ok. …I was wondering actually……. . Is it toys?”
“Yep…Good guess.   You like toys?”
“Love em”
“Do you!?” she replied excitedly, “Dave hates them – I have to keep them hidden”

“Pam doesn’t like them either – haven’t used them on her in a long time”

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  . And you don’t have any of your own?” I wasn’t sure what she meant but I answered, “No, she got rid of all of them. ”
“Well Dave doesn’t know I have these, I keep this box with the rest of my shoes” she giggled, “Want to see?”
“MMMM Hmmmm!”

“Ok……. . here is my favourite”, she said pulling an odd looking device from the box.
“Why your favourite?” I asked.
 “Oh, it does lots all at the same time……. This part rubs my clit” she said touching a little protuberance from the main body. “And the whole thing goes around and around inside – it’s Fantastic!!”
“Looks like fun” I answered enthralled by her description – I was looking forward to watching her use it.

“This” she said “Is just some lube” as she pulled a tube of ‘Slick Shtick’ out of the box.

“These are what I need the lube for” she said as she pulled out two smaller vibrators.   She looked at me holding up the slimmer toys, “They are for when I want two toys at once…. . they are not too big and they feel sooooo nice. ” She admitted.

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“This”, she said “is ‘Old Faithful’” as she held up a long pink supple vibrator. “It was the only one I had for a long time …… Now with my new favourite, I hardly use it anymore. I would throw it away but I keep it just in case the new one quits just when I need it – pardon the pun…. ” She giggled.

“So”, she said “That’s it …. I would love to have a real variety of things and share them with Dave, but since he isn’t into it these are all I need”.   They all sat on the coffee table beside us.  

Kim picked up the two thinner vibrators, “This one is nice and supple,” she said presenting the pink one, “this one,” holding out the black one, which was a little longer and thinner, “is more rigid but it’s little vibrator is SO smooth and exciting, I love them both. ” 

I relished  the idea of watching Kim use not one but two vibrators on herself – It had been years since I’d seen a woman use a toy, and I missed it, and I had never seen someone use one in their ass except on movies.

 “My mommy taught me to share” she said “so use anything you’d like…. ”
‘I’d like’? What did she mean by that? I wondered. “MMMM thanks! … But I thought I wasn’t allowed to touch you…. . If I used one on you I would likely be touching too……” I said.
She chuckled, “Boy you don’t give up do you … Not on me -I can look after myself, which ever toy you want to use on yourself it’s ok, except my favourite – that one is mine!” she said taking it off the table in mock possessiveness.

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“Oh” I said catching on to what she was meaning,  I had never used a toy on myself, when I used them with women it was always on them and never in their ass.   Kim, apparently thought I would like to use one on my own ass. “I don’t think I need one” I admitted “But would love to see you use them. ”

“I thought you said you liked toys?” she asked a bit disappointed.
“I do, but I never used them on myself, just on women”

“Awwww …. Ever want to?”
“Ummm…honestly, I never considered it”

“Would you try tonight for me?” she asked with a look that no man could refuse.
“Well … ok … Ill try it ……”
“Oh Goody!” she squealed.
“I’ll love seeing you slide one of them in your ass as I slide one in mine …. . I’ll be imagining it is your big dick in my ass as I ride it” she said.  

Kim then placed both feet on the edge of the couch beside me.   While she watched me looking at what she was doing with her legs she slowly spread her knees.   I stared as she blatantly spread her legs as far as she could comfortably - totally exposing her trimmed pussy.   It was so close I could see her outer lips distended exposing her inner folds.   They were glistening with her juices and I could smell the aroma of her passion.

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    I just sat there captivated by the display that she clearly enjoyed providing for me.   Taking the toy in her hand she slid the tip of it along the seam of her wet pussy as she smiled at me watching in rapt amazement.  

“This is going to feel so good when I slide it inside … I bet you’d like to see that, wouldn’t you?”
“uh … um,  Yes” I managed to groan as I watched her playing with the toy.
“This is turning you on?” she cooed, teasing me with the toy and her words.
“It is making me delirious” I answered taking my cock in my hand.
“Well watch closely then……”

She slid her bum toward me until she was at the very edge of the loveseat, and then with a motion that was as calculated to give me a view as it was to give her pleasure she began to slide the vibrator into her slippery slit.   Slowly and steadily she pulled on the base of the toy, and it disappeared inch by inch inside her. It was the most erotic thing I could imagine, my cock pulsed in my hand in excitement.   When she had it just over halfway in she started withdrawing it, when it was nearly out she slid it back in to a fraction of an inch further inside herself.  

“MMmmmm that feels SOOOOO good” she murmured as she watched my reaction to her display. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the toy sheathed by her pussy.   The vibrator was now shining with her juices.   I was stroking my cock with more vigour now, precum was oozing from the tip as I slid my hand up and down.   I milked some precum from my cock and used it to lubricate my hand as I continued to stroke my stiff cock.
“It looks as good to me as it feels for you.


  ” I told her.   “You are so damn sexy; it is making my balls boil.   I could cum right now”

“Oh no you don’t …. . We are just getting started. ”
“I know, but I have never in my life been so turned on – my cock has been hard for an hour already watching you – this is almost too much”
Kim continued to stroke her pussy with the vibrator and said, “I want to watch you cum when I am cumming – that would be so cool…. . and this feels so good I want to make it last for a while …. Please?”
“Ok” I said. “I’ll take it easy …. But you aren’t making it easy…”
“He-he … I know … I love to tease … and to see how turned on you are getting. ”

Kim groaned as she slid the toy all the way inside herself and then held it there in pleasure.   Her hand fumbled with the bottom end of the toy and I began to hear a muffled low hum.   “AAgghhhh” escaped her as she began worming her groin against the toy held fast by her hand.   I could see the little nub rubbing circles on her clit and knew the toy was doing the same deep inside her wanton pussy.

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    ”Whew … I better keep this on slow speed or I’ll cum myself” she admitted.   “I could ride this thing all night … it’s delicious”

“No, where that thing is would be delicious” I corrected, “I would love to taste your juices”
“Would you?”

Grasping the end of the toy, she slowly withdrew it.   She slipped two of her fingers into her drenched slit and cupped them as she pulled them out.   Her fingers were thick with her lubrication as she held them out to me …. “Here’s a little taste”

“I drew her fingers into my mouth and sucked on them, running my tongue over them to take in as much of the essence as I could.   When I started sucking her fingers Kim moaned in excitement and immediately buried the vibrator in her pussy again.   She was starting to get as turned on as I was. The taste was divine, and I savoured every bit of it.   Finally I released her fingers from my mouth.

 “You taste as good as you look” I told her.   “I’d love to slide my tongue in your pussy and lick up all your juices”
“Oh my god…that would be so good!  And I’d love to suck the juice from your cock too” she moaned as she worked the toy with more determination in and on her pussy staring at my cock with as much excitement as I felt staring at her pussy.

She gradually eased her manipulations and reached for the tube of lubricant on the table. “I’m getting so hot …” she admitted. She opened the cap of the lube and squeezed some onto her hand.

 “Join me?” she asked holding out the tube to me.

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    I was so possessed by her eroticism that I would have done anything she asked then. I held out my hand, she smiled like a little girl getting candy and squirted some onto it.

“Ok” she said, now you just do what I do, K?”
“Anything” I replied.

She lifted her leg closest to me up some displaying her little ass to me.   She slid her hand down behind her until her fingers were on the little rosebud of her asshole.   She smiled at me as I did the same.

She started to rub the lube over her little brown puckered hole, and slowly worked one finger inside.   It was a fantastic sight.   Kim, with one hand she still held the vibrator deep inside her pussy and her other hand now had one finger slipped deep in her ass.  

As she watched my movements in definite passion, I worked my own fingers around my tight sphincter and then I too started to slip an oily finger inside.

 It felt at once erotic and exotic.   I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.   I was doing it for Kim, who was enjoying watching me by the look of passion in her eyes, but I found I was enjoying it too.

As I watched Kim’s hand she slid the finger in and out of her ass in rhythm with the gyration the toy in her pussy.   I started to stroke my finger in and out of my ass is time with the stroking of my cock which twitched on it’s own whenever I sank my finger to full length inside my squeezing ass.

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“Mmmmmm …. . that feels good” she pronounced. “It looks like you are enjoying too Brent. ” She continued.
“Uh huh” I confided, “It feels great……”
 “Slip a toy in there if you want to really feel something” she said.
“Ok” I replied.  
“MMmmm …” she moaned “This, I want to see”

I slid my finger out of my ass, and reached for the skinny black toy on the table.   I also took the lube and squirted some on it, and then as an afterthought I also squirted some on my cock.

Holding the toy in one hand I massaged the lube down the length of the vibrator. Again leaning over slightly I raised one leg giving Kim a perfect view of my ass.   Slowly I ran the toy down the crack of my ass feeling for the tight hole.   As the tip of the toy came in contact with my puckered hole I paused for effect knowing Kim’s eyes were transfixed on my actions.

Slowly I applied pressure to the bottom of the vibrator and felt the tip of it enter my anus. I looked at Kim and smiled, but it was lost on her, she was totally absorbed watching me work the toy against my ass.

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I felt it stretch open my sphincter to allow access. As I worked it in it began to feel good – the pleasure was magnified by Kim’s sudden gasp as I abruptly pushed against the toy and slid it about 5 inches inside my ass.  

“Oh WOW!” Kim said in excitement “That is SO cool!!”
“It feels SO good too!” I confided “Thanks for the idea”

“Oh, you’re more than welcome!” she replied “You are making me so hot.   Turn it on … I want to see you ride that toy cock in your ass”

“Nope …. . I want to see the pink one in your ass” I told her “I want to pretend it is my cock in there”

“MMmmm, gladly” she responded “I’ll be pretending it is your cock in my ass too”

As I had done, she took the lube and spread it on the toy then she leaned over and placed the tip of it against her tight ring. Without hesitation she squirmed her ass against it and virtually sucked the toy inside in one long motion – amazing. It was an incredible sight.  

I smeared the lube that was on my cock over it and my balls and as I started stroking I twisted the end of my vibrator turning it on.   Immediately my cock twitched as the vibration ran through me like an electric shock. Kim too turned on the toy on her ass and as I watched she sped up the one in her pussy.   Without talking about it we both knew we were on the way to orgasm and were soon going to be past the point of no return.

“Uhhh …. unngggg…. .


  ” Kim groaned ‘I am so fuckin horny!!!! … This feels SO good! … Yes!! Brent! …. Fuck your ass! … Fuck your ass!! … Oh my pussy is twitching!  Stroke that fat cock for me! I want to see it shoot your cum… I want to taste your cum … I want you to fuck my ass like this vibrator is doing. . Oh yeah….

Kim was humping against both vibrators almost out of control now, I could hear the wet sounds of the toy in her pussy which was literally dripping her juices now – her whole pubic area shone with the wetness that was exuding from her wet slit.   She alternately slid the toy in and out of her wetness, then held it tight against her to let the clit massager do its work – as she held it tight to her she also her pussy out she did the same with the one in her ass, then slid them both in together…it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen – or even imagined.

“C’mon Kim…. . ride those fuckin toys!” I spoke through clenched teeth “Yeah! Uh huh …Feel my cock in your ass?!! I’d love to shoot my cum inside your ass … do you want to feel my cock twitch in your ass as I cum?!!

“Oh yeah Brent!”

I was totally beyond control now and so was Kim.   We were each sliding our toys in deep in our asses and as I stroked my slippery cock staring intently at Kim’s ass and pussy, she was as attentively gazing at my play as she squeezed the toy in her pussy hard against her clit and as far as it would go inside her.

“Oh god Brent …. . I’m close!” she squealed “I want to see your cum!!!”

“Ungg … Soon! I’m close too!!” I managed “I’m gunna CUM!!” I groaned “Here it comes … “

“Let it go!! Shoot your cum for me … shoot it on me!! I want to see it! …. I want to feel it!!!”

I felt cum explode through my grip as my cock pulsed violently.   Cum sprayed out of my cock and over my chest.

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“Oh my god!!!! YES!!!” Kim screamed as I shot my cum “I’m cumming Brent!!! I’m cumming h-hard!! I want to feel your cum!!”

I moved my boiling cock as best as I could and while continuing to stroke it directed streams of cum toward Kim. It sprayed onto her leg and tummy.

“Oh YESSSS!!!!” Kim responded “Unhh oh here it cums again …. uh uh UNGHH!!!! She grunted as another wave of orgasm took over her.   She held the toy deep in her ass and bore down hard on it while pulling the one in her pussy out slightly away from her sensitive clit. She sat with through both toys doing their work and with small movements of her own she rode her second orgasm.  

We slowed our bucking and grunting as the orgasms subsided.   My cock was finally relieved from the pressure it had been under the whole evening, and I twisted the knob on the toy still deep in my ass.  

Kim’s breathing finally relaxed some and she too turned off the toys in her pussy and ass.  

“Oh my god that was the best cum I’ve had in YEARS!”  Kim said. “I loved watching you cum … and when your cum landed on me it made me cum again!”

“It was my best for years too” I told her “You are so fuckin sexy!!  Can we do this again . . and again?”

She smiled “You think we should? What if Dave and Pam find out?” 

“They won’t … if we’re careful.   Maybe next time you’ll let me clean up your juices with my tongue – you taste SO good …”

“Would you like to now?”

“Oh you can’t imagine how much I’d love to!  You turn me on so much – I just had the biggest orgasm in years, likely my whole life, and look, it is still hard”

“Well ….    After my little clit becomes a little less sensitive ….

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   I might let you”
“REALLY!!” I answered

“Uh huh …. Oh fuck it … just be a little careful around my clit” she said as she slipped the toys out of her “…. . come over here … I want to cum on your face……. . ”


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