A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 11

Mind Control

The next couple of weeks passed uneventfully for the three of them. However, Ryoko broke the news that Sophia had finally begun seeingsomeone and he was a nice guy. In fact, she had already slept with himand so she gave Ryoko the details of his performance. He had a six inchcircumcised cock but was as sexually inexperienced as she was, whichmade things a little awkward. Evan decided he wanted to meet the guy andtold Ryoko to go to Sophia and propose a double date for the followingFriday night, Evan's treat. She accepted and Evan took them to a nicesteak house and basically interrogated the suitor, whose name was KevinLeonard, in a roundabout way. Kevin was an aspiring engineer and, whilenot the handsomest guy in the world, he was serious minded and selfdeprecating. As it turned out, Sophia was his first girlfriend and itwas apparent that he was still rather uncertain of how to conduct theirrelationship.

He seemed fine to Evan and he chose to try to help things along. "Heybro," he said to Kevin. "We need to have a little talk in private. "Kevin wondered what that meant, but nonetheless followed Evan out thedoor. "Hey look, man, I've known Sophia since she was in diapers. Herbrother is one of my best friends. So I really need you to be good toher. " Before Kevin could respond, Evan raised his righthand and shinedhis penlight into Kevin's eyes.

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   Kevin went into an immediate trance. "When you're having sex with Sophia, you will relax while still beingable to remain hard so that you won't cum for 25 minutes while you'refucking her. Also, you will fall madly in love with her and give herwhat she needs emotionally and physically. " When Kevin came to, he hadto shake the cobwebs out of his head. "You okay bro? You aren't on drugsor something are ya?" "No dude. I don't touch that shit. " "So you'regoing to be good to Sophia then?" "Definitely, man. She's the bomb. ""Good to hear it. Now let's go back inside. "

When they returned to their table, Evan turned to Sophia and asked tohave a word with her. They went into the parking lot and Evan put thelight on her right away. "When you have sex, it will not only feel likeKevin has a thick eight inch cock, you will have intense orgasms everyfive minutes when Kevin is inside you and, after 15 minutes, you willbegin experiencing multiple orgasms. " He then waited for her to recoverher grip on reality and put her under again. "You will start sharing inKevin's interests, keep yourself in shape and use condoms without failuntil you get on the pill and teach him how you like to be touched,sucked and rubbed during foreplay.

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  " When she was conscious again, Evantold her that he was impressed by Kevin and was glad that she finallyfound someone who would really care for her. "I'm glad to hear you saythat, Evan. And it's nice that you care enough to make sure he's rightfor me. " "No prob, babe. " They went back inside and finished theirrespective meals. Evan made a mental note to talk to Sophia's mom aboutputting her on the pill.

On the way to Sophia's house, Evan noticed that she and Kevin wererolling around on the mattress in back passionately making out. Ryokogiggled at the scene. After he had dropped off the two lovers, Ryokoasked what Evan had said to Sophia and Kevin in private. "I justreminded Kevin how long I've known Sophia and that he had better takegood care of her. Then I asked Sophia to give the guy a fair chancebecause I think he could be really good for her. " "Now that she hassomeone, I hope we can do more double dates like this," Ryoko desired. "Yeah, I know you like spending time with her, so we can definitely dothat, babe," Evan relented. "Thanks sweety. I really appreciate it.

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The following Monday, Evan laid in wait for Sophia and Casey's mother asshe exited her car when she came home from work. "Oh hi Evan!" shechirped as he got out of his car. "Hi Mrs. Rinzler," he retorted andthen paralyzed her with his flashlight. "You are going to put Sophia onbirth control pills and allow both Casey and Sophia to have sex in theirbedrooms," he commanded. When she rejoined reality already in progress,Evan told her to tell Casey he said hi.

Mrs. Rinzler went into her house and once she got situated, calledSophia down for a talk. "What is it mom?" "Sophia honey, we have todiscuss your new boyfriend and you. " "What about him?" "Look honey, Iknow how kids are these days and I think it's probably best if I put youon the pill. " "Oh, okay. " "Just make sure you take it every day and atthe same time, okay?" "Okay mom. " "Also, I don't want you kids doing itin a car or somewhere you might get caught by the police and cause aruckus, so you can have sex in your bedroom, but just don't be too loud,alright?" "Mom! Jesus!" "Anyway, I'll make an appointment with Dr. McConnell and she'll give you the once over and then write theprescription. It will take a month of taking them before they becomeeffective, so please don't have sex until after that, understand?" "Okaymom.

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   Thank you!" "I'm sure your boyfriend will be thrilled," Mrs. Rinzler chuckled. "I just wonder how your father is going to react when Itell him. "

Evan had a smirk of satisfaction when he returned to his house. He washard thinking about Sophia getting skewered by Kevin and having oneorgasm after another. As soon as he walked through the threshold of hisroom, he had Yvonne suck him off to relieve the pressure on his balls She swallowed his cum and then he pulled her up off of her knees andgave her a long, heated kiss. He broke it and jumped into bed, whereRyoko was sitting up against the headboard, and socked it to her withsome bigtime lip wrestling so she wouldn't feel neglected.

That Friday, Evan went trolling for more side poon at one of hisschool's football games at Irwin Robertson Stadium, again sitting on theopposition's side. He slowly scanned the stands for interestingcandidates. He stopped on one and exclaimed, "woah!" It was far from afull house, so being able to slide in next to her wasn't that big adeal. He first surveyed who was around her and him. She was justexquisite: tanned skin, long, silky black hair and slim with perfect redlips and dancing almond shaped eyes. He estimated that she had B cupsand since she was wearing sandals, he could see how cute her little feetwere. He switched his penlight on and when she idly turned her face inhis general direction, he flashed her face and she went rigid. His eyesquickly darted to her parents, whose eyes were fixed on the field.

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   Hequickly leaned into her ear and whispered that she would obey hisorders. She got her mental footing back and resumed watching the gamewith her folks. When the parental units' attention was diverted again,he leaned over again and quietly demanded that she tell them that shewas going to the bathroom and then she would follow him. "Mom, I have togo to the bathroom," she explained to her mother. "Okay honey," the momacknowledged inattentively. Evan stood up and started walking towardthe tunnel that led out to the external concourse. She tailed him to hisvan and he told her to get in as he opened it.

She was maybe 5'4" and was one of the most beautiful women that Evan hadever seen anywhere in his life. He had her strip and just about drooledat her totally exposed figure. He instructed her to answer hisquestions truthfully. "What's your name, babe?" "Aolani," she informedhim. "What is your ethnicity?" "I'm half Hawaiian and half Japanese,"she revealed. "Woah," he said under his breath. "No wonder she's sohot. " "How old are you?" "16.

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  " "How many guys have you had sex with?""Four. ". "Are you on the pill?" "No. " "Bummer. Lay on your back andspread your legs," he directed. She did and he took in her sweet mochachocolate shaded pussy lips and her bikini waxed mound. Evan was uberhard now from a combination of her beauty and the naughtiness of havingher naked in a van in a stadium parking lot.

"Okay baby, come here and kiss me. " She sat up and he kicked things offwith some soft kisses, but their ardor slowly warmed up and she moanedwhen he caressed her left breast and pulled lightly on the nipple. Eventually, this turned into tonsil hockey in America night. He checkedher lubricant level and she was definitely ready for penetration. "Doyou have a boyfriend?" "No. " This last answer compelled him to refrainfrom the usual pump and dump and instead endeavor to add her to hisregular circle. "Okay Aolani, here is what I want you to do: give meyour cellphone number and you will obey any commands I give you over thephone, either verbally or by text. " "Okay," she affirmed meekly.

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   Hesplashed her face with his penlight one more time. "My name is Evan andyou are very much in love with me. You will also find the taste of mycum to be as sweet as candy. " he suggested  She eventually landed backon planet earth and he entered her cell number into his phone, callingher to check that he had the correct digits. "Okay Aolani, get dressedand let's get you back to your parents," he ordered, grasping her verysoft hand. When they got back to the main concourse, he let her go andthen followed behind her to the tunnel entrance to ensure that she foundher folks again before he turned around and left, though first tellingher she would not discuss meeting him with anyone.

He was home much sooner than he had expected. In fact, he was gone lessthan an hour because he had found Aolani so quickly thanks to the smallturnout of only a few hundred. However, his dick was aching forattention and this time he had Ryoko drain his cream with her mouth

Saturday at noon, he called Aolani, his palms sweating and his heartpounding. "Hello?" "Hi Aolani, it's Evan!" "Oh my God, hi Evan!" "Hisweetheart. Are you free right now?" "Yeah. I just got back from helpingmy mom with the food shopping. " Evan then proceeded to ask her aboutherself. The football player in the family was her older brother, whowas a linebacker. Her dad had his own business, but he had tired ofHawaii's out of control crime and decided to move to a safer suburbancommunity in southern California, which also had the advantages of notjust not having a sticky monsoon season like Hawaii does, but it was abigger consumer market, too.

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   In addition, the public schools in thearea  where they migrated to were far superior to anything back in theislands. Her dad was of Japanese ancestry and her mom was Hawaiian, soher full name was Aolani Eriko Tsurukawa. She surrendered her virginitywhen she was 14 to an old boyfriend and her favorite sex position wasmissionary. When asked why, she averred that she believes it's moreintimate.

Evan had her wait at a fast food place near her house and picked her upright on time and drove to a park, where they kicked back in the rear ofthe van with the windows open cuddling and kissing. He contemplated howhe could get each of her parents alone in the dark for reasons thatwill be clear later. His turgid cock was dribbling precum like neverbefore, such was the degree of Aolani's captivating beauty. As much ashe wanted to bring Aolani to meet Yvonne, Ryoko and his other friends,he had some preparations to make to secure a smooth entrance for Aolaniinto his expanding clique.

He went home after a couple of hours of cavorting with Aolani and reamedthe bejesus out of Yvonne, his horniness provoked by Aolani's killerlooks. After dinner, he called Yvonne into the hallway and bathed hereyes in the illumination of his penlight and told her that she was goingto love meeting Aolani and would consider her a beloved sister like shedid with Ryoko and wouldn't mind if he fucked her or displayed anyother affection toward her.

He uncorked the same rhetoric for Ryoko, who was directed to love Aolani as she did Yvonne.

It was now the first week of November and it was getting dark earlier. After about 4:30, his flashlight would be effective. He phoned Aolaniduring lunch Monday and told her that he would pick her up at around3:30 at the same fast food outlet they had used as a meeting placebefore. He took her to the park again and they flirted and kissed forthe next hour.

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   It was now finally dark enough to use his penlight. Heshined it in her face and she exhibited a vacant stare. "When you meetRyoko and Yvonne, you will love them like they are your own sisters andyou will not become jealous of them, especially when I fuck them," heintoned. "In fact, you will not get jealous at all when I fuck anybody. However, you will only fuck me. "

They returned to the front of the van and he drove her home. "OkayAolani, I want you to bring your mom out here to meet me," he commanded. Aolani's dad seldom got back to the old homestead before eight and hermom was a stay at home housewife. Aolani managed to drag her out of thehouse and on to the front pathway. "Aolani, go have a seat while I talkto your mom," he insisted and the comely teenager did as she was told. As soon as Aolani was in the house, Evan lit her mom up. "You will obeyall of my orders and you will love the idea of me as a boyfriend foryour daughter," he advocated. 30 seconds later, after her brain wasfunctioning again, he said, "Mrs. Tsurukawa, you need to put yourdaughter on birth control pills and the sooner the better. " "Okay," sheobediently rejoindered.

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   "Now tomorrow, I'm going to pick Aolani up ather school and we're going out to dinner with friends of mine in orderto introduce her to them. So she will not be home until; late and youwill be fine with that. " "Okay. " "Excellent. It was nice meeting youMrs. Tsurukawa. "

Evan went back to the van and then phoned Aolani. "Hey babe, I'm goingto pick you up tomorrow after school and I want you to wait at yourschool's marquee. We're going to dinner a couple hours after that, sodress sexy and I'll see you later. I love you!" "I love you, too, Evan. Bye honey!"