A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 17

Mind Control

Later that night, Evan, who had just taken it to Ryoko, asked Yvonnehow it was with Robert. "It was really sweet," she evaluated. "Icould definitely do with more of that," she smiled. "I'm glad myprecious Yvonne," Evan reacted. "It's so  great when you're happy. "A blissful expression crossed her face as she realized that she nowhad two men who loved her. "God, I'm so lucky," she rejoicedsilently. Evan pulled her naked body closer to him while he also didthe same with Ryoko's. Evan turned to Ryoko and looked into hershining brown eyes and planted a soft kiss on her lips. "I'm soexcited to be marrying you, sweetheart,"  he told her. "We're goingto have such a great family," he promised. Yvonne reached acrossEvan's body to hold Ryoko's righthand. "I know we will, honey,"Ryoko acknowledged. "It's going to be such a lively household withour kids and Yvonne's. "

This discussion reminded Evan that he needed a REALLY big score now,not just a hundred grand here and there. It had to be something moreconsistent that he could count on that wouldn't look hinky to the IRS.

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  Over the next two weeks, he looked information up online and in thelibrary at school about setting up a consultancy business and thetax implications thereof. He cased different major company officesto see which ones would be relatively easy to penetrate and whichones he could just forget about. Anything defense related was outthe window because the secrecy concerns and the scrutiny from thegovernment as a result made discovery of what he was doing morelikely. So it would have to be consumer oriented firms.

While he was exploring all this, Yvonne continued to bring Roberthome for sex and to just hang out. On one such occasion, Evan calledYvonne into the hallway just outside of her bedroom door and he wentin and turned the light out while shining his flashlight intoRobert's eyes. "You will love Yvonne like she is the most importantperson in the world and ignore overtures from all other women," heintoned. "You will also accept her incestuous relationship with mebut won't ever discuss it with anyone other than her, Ryoko, or meand even then in private only. " Evan switched the light back on,exited Yvonne's room and ushered her back into it, whereupon her andRobert did the wild thing. Evan returned to his room. Ryoko was overat Aolani's, which lent him time to continue researching variousways of developing an income stream.

Having Robert around helped both Yvonne, Ryoko and Evan academicallywith their math and science classes since he wanted to be anengineer. It was also more fun because he was such a loose,easygoing guy.

The first night, though, that Yvonne spent in Robert's bed in hisdorm room while his roommate was away for the weekend was weird forEvan because he couldn't remember the last time he and Yvonne didn'tgo to sleep together. In fact, when she came home around noon thenext day, he gave her a huge hug and was relieved to have her back.

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  They then had a discussion about how he couldn't bear to have hermove away from him. "Yeah, it was really weird not having youthere," she admitted. "Even when he was cuddling me, it felt likethere was something missing," she propounded. They promptly went tobed, removed their clothes and became one to reconnect after thebrief separation.

The weeks passed into early November and Evan noticed how overcastthe weather was becoming. This made him wonder about something andhe went into his van to see what the intensity of his penlight wouldbe under those conditions. He found that at a distance it wasn'tmuch, but the closer he got to the target the brightness of thelight improved. He decided he needed to field test this and got intothe driver's seat and headed to the post office. He parked near thefront of the building and then waited until another car pulled in. He got out of his car and timed his walking pace so that he and theother person would reach the door at roughly the same time, onlywith him in front. He shined his light on that individual from abouta foot away and stopped him cold with the light beam.

In casing some of the office buildings earlier, Evan had noticed howdark many of the lobbies seemed to him even on a bright day. Surely,he surmised, on an overcast day, and November, which is oftensomewhat rainy, would have a lot of them, he could use his penlighteffectively in certain circumstances. He went home and formulatedconcrete plans.

The next day, it was raining steadily and the gray clouds overheadgreatly limited the amount of sunlight.

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   Evan had noticed hownegligently secured the office building of a billion dollar herbalsupplement company in an adjoining county was. He dressed in a bluesuit and drove over to it, parking in a side lot. He went throughthe front door, where he smiled at the receptionist, who said, "hi. Can I  help you?" It was indeed rather dark in that lobby. to beginwith and the weather only exacerbated it. Evan flicked his penlighton and shined it right in her eyes and elicited the customary blankstare from her. In a low voice, he commanded, "you will do whateverI tell you. " When her consciousness revived, he told her to take himup to the CEO's office. She exited her desk and showed him to theelevator. "Fondle my cock,"  he ordered. She groped his dick throughhis pants until they reached the penthouse of the office building. He let her out of the elevator first and he followed. She knockedgently and then pushed the door of the office open. "Oh hi Belinda,"CEO Derek Karragian recognized. "What's up?" When they got to withina few feet of Karragian's desk, Evan turned to her and had herreturn to her station downstairs.

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   Karragian wondered what was goingon as Evan approached him. He was then frozen as the light beamfound his eyes across the desk. "You are going to do everything Itell you," Evan began. "You will hire me as a consultant for $50,000a month and will pay me bonuses commensurate with yours when thosetargets are met. "

When Karragian awoke out of his stupor, he called down to humanresources to have the necessary papers brought up. They were filledout and the deal was done. The HR head thought that the pay rate wasoutrageous compared to industry standards, but the problem is thatwhen you have imperious executives, which is what Karragian was,employees often get cowed into silence and meek complicity. ForEvan's part, he thought that the whole herbal supplement businesswas a big scam and felt no guilt in ripping it off, albeit in acompletely legal manner.

One thing Evan liked about hitting this firm was that they weren'tpublicly traded. So there were going to be no nosy inquiries byshareholders and they wouldn't have to tell anyone about theirhiring and compensation practices. The company itself was almostlike a cult anyway in the manner it was operated and keptinformation about itself very close to the vest.

Evan was exuberant when he slid into his van and drove home. Hebelieved that he was set as long as the company was profitable andwasn't shut down by the feds for being the hustle it was. Evan'sofficial position was listed as, "consultant for collegiate andyouth marketing outreach. " By the time he would graduate college, hewould have a minimum $1.

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  5 million after taxes banked, off of this dealalone. It was definitely worth skipping school for a day.

He picked Yvonne, who was accompanied by Robert, and then Ryoko upfrom their respective schools. It was raining cats and dogs and Evan drove them all toa local park, where the four of them cavorted under the blanketswith their girlfriends in the back of the minivan as it wasinundated with the liquid fallout of another storm system that waspassing through the area. "Man, you guys know how to have fun!"Robert needled, provoking embarrassed laughter from the other three. "I likes what I does and I does what I likes," Evan snarked. Theylaid there for another hour and then Evan drove Robert back to hisdorm before the rest went home with him.

California weather can be crazy sometimes and as wet as Novemberwas, December would be dry and warm. January would revert to form,though, cold and drizzly. In February, Ryoko and Evan began makingplans for their wedding the following year. He was envisioning inhis mind how she would look in a wedding dress. It would be abeautiful sight, he was sure. He wished there was a way he couldmarry his sister and Ryoko at the same time. He decided to organizea surprise "spiritual wedding" for Yvonne and for the next couple ofmonths would be partially preoccupied with how to do that in such a waythat Yvonne would feel the depth of his love during it.

The remainder of the twins' freshman year in college passed uneventfullyexcept for the workload involved.

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   They both were on the Dean's list forthe entire year, but were looking forward to a relaxing summer.

However, even with the break from school, there were still importantthings for Evan to do. On a gloomy June day, Evan walked into the headoffice of a major creditcard company, shined his light in the eyes of the receptionist andhad her take him up to the CEO's office. He instructed her to turnthelight in the office out when he said, "now!" The CEO had actuallywalked toward Evan, which only made his task easier. His penlightacquired its target and he imparted instructions similar to the ones hegave to the herbal supplement company head to this corporate verybigwig. The proper paperwork was taken care of and the money was as goodas in the bank.

Down the block from the credit card company, there was the corporatehead office of a big insurance outfit. Again, as with the other twobuildings, it was minimally secured. He splashed the receptionist's facewith his penlight's beam and had her allow him to get upstairs, wherehe transfixed that CEO. Just on the base pay alone between the threedeals, he would now receive $150,000 a month total, or $1. 8 million peryear before taxes.

The first week of August, Evan decided he wanted to move out for thesake of having more room, freedom and privacy. Because Ryoko would beentering her senior year of high school, it would have to be a placewithin the school's area boundaries and a single family residenceavailable for rent rather than exclusively for sale.

He found one the same week his university began its fall semester andhe, Yvonne and Ryoko began moving in a week later. The house rule wasthat both girls were to be naked at all times except when company wasover and the same applied to Aolani when she was there.

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   They were tokeep robes handy in case they needed to answer the door. The house wasalso closer to Ryoko's school and to Aolani's house so that the two ofthem could see each other more often.

Most importantly, Yvonne and Ryoko had their own rooms for when theformer wanted to have sex with Robert and the latter for when she wantedto do get down with Aolani. If guests were spending the night, Ryokowould sleep with Evan. Ryoko would make dinner on even number days andYvonne on odd ones. Evan would do all the yardwork and paying the bills. Of course, Ryoko's parents weren't told that she was no longer residingwith Evan's parents.

The first Saturday in September, Aolani was over. It had been a whilesince Evan had last had his cock inside of the Hawaiian-Japanese babe. Sitting on the couch in the livingroom where he had been watching tv, hepulled his pants off and ordered Aolani to climb on to his erect dick. Her slim, tanned legs straddled him and then she dropped her hips. Hefelt the oh so pleasurable squeeze of her vaginal muscles on his pole. He sucked her cute tits as she rocked up and down on his rod. "Fuck,she's got an epic cunt," he silently exalted as said love channel slidup and down his main vain. Their moans had a weird harmony to them andthen she broke out in front when the accumulated friction inside of herrocketed the heat inside of her to critical mass, inspiring her to emit agaspy scream as the tide of euphoria drowned her in endorphins.

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Her hips continued to wiggle and slide, stirring his lickin' stickinside of her. The pressure exerted on his penis became too much for himand he whitewashed her gash with his semen, powering his release withloud grunts. She fell into him in exhaustion. He held heraffectionately  and kissed her in appreciation for how she pleasuredhim. She got up to go to the bathroom and wipe his dripping cum from herthighs and vulva. "Damn, my life is the bomb," he bubbled to himself.