A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 20

Mind Control

Evan and Yvonne's parents were so stoked to see their twinsgraduating college. Now Evan had three years of law school ahead of himwhile Yvonne steeled herself mentally for eight more months of a babygrowing inside of her. The bedroom she had been using when Robert wasover was now going to be turned over to the twins she was expecting. Yes, the doctor verified her receiving the old two for one deal. Yvonnefelt a sense of accomplishment graduating with honors in biology and nowbeing an expectant mother. She was also wearing the wedding ring shewas given by Evan every day. Evan ordered her to remain naked throughher pregnancy unless there was some medical necessity for allowing herto be dressed. He made love to her when she got over the initial morningsickness and then went right for Ryoko's pussy, eating her out forseveral orgasms until he was hard again and could fuck her. "ListenRyoko, it would be great if you have twins, too, but I will gladlysettle for one healthy baby. I don't want you competing with Yvonnebecause you're so great in your own right. " "That's sweet, honey. Don'tworry, I'll help Yvonne as much as I can and then you and I can give herbabies another playmate. " 'That would rock," he rejoindered.

Ryoko then sidled up to Aolani and they flirted with each other beforeultimately repairing to Aolani's bedroom to carry their play to a moreintimate level.

By the time Evan entered law school that August, Yvonne was four monthsalong and showing. Even kissed his growing twins goodnight every night,as did Ryoko and Aolani, by planting those smooches on her belly.

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   Yvonnewas more irritable than usual, but also hornier, and seeing her bodychanging aroused Evan greatly. Thus, he gladly partook of his sister'sincreased sex drive  To be safe, at least in their minds, Yvonne wouldlay on her back on the edge of the bed so that Evan could have easyaccess to her cunt without having to press his weight on her. Or shewould lay on her side while he insinuated himself at a right angle toher legs to penetrate her.

Evan's new school wasn't that far from their house, but he had toultimately buy Ryoko her own minivan to go to school in. Like withEvan's, there was a fully made up mattress and pillows in back so thatthe two girls could enjoy some private moments together when they werein the mood.

Yvonne's twins were born the following January after she was in laborfor 21 hours. Perhaps like what happened with Evan and Yvonne, when thetwins, one boy and one girl, Michael and Michelle, were separated, theywould cry and then quiet down as soon as they were next to each otheragain. Evan agonized whether to keep the three adult girls in the housenaked all the time. He decided it would be better for respectability'ssake, to have his wife, Yvonne and Aolani shod, albeit in bikinis. Whenthe weather turned cold, they could choose to wear whatever they wanted.

Evan continued to collect from the companies he had hoodwinked. Hebought a brand new minivan, except this time he left the seats in due tohaving to use car seats for the infants and junked the old one. Thethree years that Evan was in law school put the family in a moreconventional routine and so things got to be pretty sedate. BecauseRyoko double majored, she took another full year to finish and so shegraduated university at the same time Evan finished his law degree. While Ryoko was working on her teaching credential, Evan was doing hisobligatory pro bono defense work.

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   Aolani had finished her degree, too,but Evan forbade her from working so she could help Yvonne, whose kidswere now going through the terrible twos.

Speaking of which, Evan bought the twins a queen size bed and they slepttogether every night. They had inherited Robert's skin tone and eyesbut their hair was brown instead of black. Evan contrinued to sleep withboth Yvonne and Ryoko in the same bed (though sometimes Ryoko would bedin with Aolani). Evan employed his flashlight so that the childrenwouldn't go blabbingabout their parents and auntie Aolani's sleeping arrangements.

When she wrapped up her credential, Ryoko went off the pill and she,too, had fraternal twins, one boy and one girl who were named Daniel andDanielle, though she gave them Japanese middle names (Takaaki andTakako). Like the other twins, they had to be together all the time and,when they were old enough, slept together in their own queen size bed. Since Ryoko and Yvonne were now home all the time, Aolani was permittedto work.

Daniel got a job in the county prosecutor's office, where he spent tenyears before retiring. He was still getting checks from his outsidesources and ultimately no longer needed the money or the stress or thelong hours of prosecutorial work.

At the time Evan gave up his position, Michael and Michelle were inseventh grade and continued to sleep in the same bed. Evan talked tothem about sex when they were in sixth grade in somewhat graphic detailand then used his flashlight to get her to refrain from sex until shewas at least 15. He put her on the pill when she turned 14 and used hisflashlight again to ensure that taking it every morning would  behabitual. However, he ultimately had nothing to worry about in terms ofMichelle getting a disease from another teenager. One night, while theywere still in ninth grade, he heard moans coming out of their bedroom.

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  Evan cracked the door open oh so slightly and saw Mike on his hands andknees between a naked Michelle's legs lapping at her clit. . Evan smirkedas he very quietly closed the door. They had always been affectionatetoward each other and the kids Evan had with Ryoko were the same way. Itappeared that the apples weren't falling too far from the tree.

After talking it over with Yvonne and Ryoko, he sat that set of twinsdown and revealed that he knew what they were doing and then announcedthat he and their mom had done it, too. "We're okay with it because weunderstand how you feel, but just don't let it get outside the house,"he urged. "Also, don't talk about it to the other twins until we knowwhat their attitude will be. " Mike and Michelle indicated theiragreement and that was that.

Mike and Michelle ultimately grew to six feet even. Michelle waswillowy  and built like a model. Even with just B cups, she could haveany man she chose, but kept her choice  close to home, Mike. They neverwent to prom, either, and didn't give a shit. Instead, Evan tookeveryone on a getaway and allowed the elder twins to have their ownhotel room.

Danny and Danielle were closer to their mother and father in height,5'8" with average physiques except for Danielle's C cups.

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   Michelle gotDanielle to admit that her and Danny had been coupling up, too. Fortunately, Evan had gotten to Danielle with the same treatment that hegave Michelle, so the most Danielle had done at that juncture withDanny was suck him and give him handjobs. Once that cat was out of thebag, everybody relaxed and just accepted that what they do is what they do. And they were happy with it.

The End