A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 3

Mind Control

"Hi. Is Evan here?" Kim asked as she faced his dad, who had gottenthe door when she knocked. "Yeah. Come in," he welcomed. Evan wasalready on his way down and quickly collected Kim and escorted herup to his room. He switched the lights off and shined the flashlightin Kim's eyes. She went blank. "You will submit to Bill Howerton andyou will love it when he ties you up, spanks you, whips you, fucksyou in either your pussy or asshole and demands that you suck himand lick his balls. You will also obey every order he gives you andbe grateful for your enslavement by him," Evan inculcated.

Bill was 5'10" and really skinny with short, curly brown hair. Hewasn't exactly what most women would call attractive. He also had afascination with BDSM, but, like Casey, never had a girlfriend letalone a slave. Evan then ordered her to make her attire disappearand had her lay on her stomach on the edge of the bed with her legsspread. He grasped the middle of her thighs and jammed his cock intoher, fucking the bitch's brains out. He dug the fact that Kim wasabout to go from one often sharp tongued little cunt to humblingherself before one of the social losers at school. Just as Evan wasabout to spurt, he pulled out of her sopping pink ditch and had herface up, whereupon he climbed on top of her and littered her facewith his dick snot.

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"Kim, tomorrow you'll walk to my home after school with me, Yvonneand Bill. Wait for us at the flagpole. " "Okay," she meekly agreed. After he let her wipe his cum off of her face and get dressed, Evandrove Kim home. When he was safely back in his bedroom, he calledBill. "Hey dude, this is Evan. " "Hi Evan. What's up?" Hey dude, Iwas talking to this chick at school today and it turns out she has,uh, some of the same interests you do. " "What do you mean?" "I sortof got her to admit that she was a submissive. I told her I knew aguy into that stuff and she immediately expressed interest inmeeting you  because she didn't know anyone else who was into eroticpower exchange. " "Whoa. Are you serious?" "As serious as a nutshot,dude. " "So who is she?" "I think you're going to be surprised. Justmeet us at the flagpole tomorrow after school. " "Hey, bythe way, Evan, how in the hell did Casey end up with Pam Schumacher?I saw them holding hands walking across the quad after school whileI was heading to the parking lot and I just about shit! I didn'twant to get in the way, so I didn't say anything, but fuck!" "Dude,I have no idea.

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   Sometimes opposites attract, I guess. " "Yeah, noshit!" "Okay, anyway, I'll catch ya tomorrow Bill. " "Bye. "

Like Casey, Bill wondered if Evan was punking him. Nobody had beeninterested in him at all, even a couple of fat chicks he tried toask out. So when he ambled to the flagpole the next day, he saw not just Evan and his twin Yvonne, but Kim Campbell?WTF? "Uh hi you guys," Bill said suspiciously. "Hi Bill, man. Thisis the girl I was talking to you about," Evan pronounced. "Evan,come on man, that's just, fuck, don't bullshit me. " he stammered "I'm not, dude," Evan denied "Hi,I'm Kim," she suddenly interjected, extending her hand. Bill slowlyclasped it. "I'm Bill. " "So why did you want to meet Bill, Kim?""Because I want to submit to him," she asserted. Bill gave Evananother "WTF" look. He couldn't believe his ears and Kim's tall,shapely body had turned his cock into stone.


   Bill decided that if hewas going to get used for some lulz, he would give it right back. "Okay Kim, show me your tits," he snarled, expecting laughs from theothers to follow. But that didn't happen. Instead, Kim pulled hertop and bra up and flashed him. "Whoa, dude!" Bill burbled. "Comehere and kiss me," he called. She went right up to him, put herhands on his hips and gave him a long, wet kiss. "So Kim, you reallywant me to be your Master?" "Yes," she smiled shyly. He extended hishand and she took it and they walked 20 yards to a row of benchesand he had her sit on his lap. Evan and Yvonne followed. "Told you Iwasn't kidding," Evan snarked. Yvonne whispered in his ear, "I wishyou could do that with me here. " "Definitely," he countered. Evanturned to Bill. "Okay dude, train her real good, but be careful, youunderstand?" "Yeah.

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   Thanks man. I owe ya one. " "No prob, dude. "

On the way home from school, Yvonne asked her brother how he hadtalked such girls into going out with those guys. "I don't know,babe. The conversation just evolves," he smarmed. "So can I hang outwith you tonight since those girls aren't going to come over?""For sure, babe. I'd really like that. " "I love you Evan. " "I loveyou, too, Yvonne. " Yvonne hugged him and then caught herself sincethey were still out in public. "You know what, Evan? The only reasonI hate being a twin is because anywhere we go people know we'rebrother and sister and so we can't be affectionate in public witheach other. If we were born a year apart or something, we could justgo like three towns away and we could pretty much do what we want. ""Yeah, no shit, babe. I keep having to stop myself from justreaching for your hand.

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   It aggravates the shit out of me. On theother hand, if we were born separately, we probably wouldn't be asclose as we are. " "Yeah, that's true. I know mom and dad love thefact that we never really fought very much. " "Yep. I know other guyswho get into punch ups pretty regularly with their brothers or whohave ongoing verbal battles with their sisters. " Fuck, that mustsuck," she projected "Yeah, it seems kinda weird to hate your brother or sister," he echoed.

"Listen Yvonne, I still want you to be my wife. If you end up goingout with other guys that's your choice, but in my heart, I reallyneed you with me. " "Yeah. I'm right there with you, honey. I onlywant to feel your arms around me at night. If I go out with otherguys it will just be for an extra bit of fun" "And we better die atthe same time. You're not allowed to die until I do. " "I wish we hadthat much of a say over that, Evan (giggles).

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  " "No shit, huh?" 

They finally arrived home and, when their parents returned fromwork, Evan and Yvonne were sitting on the floor with his backagainst the family room sofa as he held her watching the DiscoveryChannel. As her mom once described it, it was like they had a needto keep revisiting their experience in her womb. "Hi kids!" theirmom, Amanda, chirped as she plopped down on the sofa. As wasmentioned earlier, she and her husband had long ago given up ontrying to keep them from acting like lovers. They've even had towatch Evan and Yvonne feed each other like young couples sometimesdo to indicate their affection for each other. Amanda did worry,though, that Evan and Yvonne's closeness was going to make it nearlyimpossible for them to live with anyone other than each other. Onthat account, Amanda hit it right on the nose. The twins haddiscussed what they were going to do when Yvonne chose to have kidsbecause she definitely wanted them. "We'll find a really handsomegenius to impregnate you," Evan joked. "God, does that exist?"Yvonne giggled. "I wish you could do it. I so want to have yourchild, Evan. " "We're on the same wavelength, babe. But we can't andwe'll just have to live with it. "

Amanda got up to start fixing dinner.

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   Evan and Yvonne also stood up,but to head to Evan's bedroom, where he used his penis to get evencloser to her and give each other more love and joy. He had justgiven her an orgasm in that phase of their lovemaking when Amandaknocked on Evan's door to announce it was time to eat. "I alreadyate," he whispered to Yvonne, which cracked both of them up. Theygot dressed, washed their hands and went downstairs to the diningroom. "Just make sure you save enough room for dessert," Evan joked. "Oh my God, you didn't just say that!" Yvonne squealed and they bothlost it, laughing their asses off at what was an obvious referenceto the result of giving him oral sex. "So what's the joke?" theirdad wondered. "You had to be there, dad," Evan deflected.

When they circled back to his bed, though, she did use her mouth todrain him of his cream. The interruption by Amanda, though, hadkilled the mood and thus the inclination to reconvene their sessionof coital congress, so the expedient thing was for her to reciprocate theorgasms he had given her by giving, as they say in the Japanesesoapland brothels, "lip service. "

They did their homework. Once that was finished, they showered,Yvonne returning to the room in a pair of light blue pajamas andEvan just in his boxers. He massaged her feet to put her in a morerelaxed frame of mind before they both slid under the covers, he holding herfrom behind as they lay on their sides and she with her hands foldedinto his, the pair easing into a good night's repose.