A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 9

Mind Control

Yvonne and Evan were now seniors as they settled in for theirfirst day of classes for the new fall term while Ryoko, who was asophomore, sat in her class less than three full days afterforfeiting her virginity. The aching in her pussy had ceased andEvan's squiring her around campus before the first bell and duringlunch may have quieted in some of their fellow students' mindsspeculation about his relationship with Yvonne. He still had Yvonnelay in his lap, but now Ryoko joined them with her head reclinedagainst the leg opposite the one Yvonne used and his hand entwinedin the Japanese girl's.

Evan was more than gratified that he could spend the entire day,except when he was in gym class, with Yvonne. He could keep an eyeon her and help her if she needed it or she could help him. Yeah, itsucked that Ryoko couldn't be in class with them, but at least hewas on the same campus with her while that wouldn't be true thefollowing year when he started college. Moreover, she had classeswith her friend Sophia, which made Evan feel better.

After school, Evan had a threesome with Yvonne and Ryoko, the latterexperiencing some residual pain and soreness from her pussy stillgetting used to being penetrated. Nevertheless, she was glad shecould now experience sex and the pleasure that was a part of it. Ofcourse, she hadn't told her parents that she was the girlfriend ofthe son of her guardians or that she was on birth control. In theshort term, Ryoko saw her future as being in America with Evan andnot in Japan. She didn't realize that she was essentially Evan's slave,as was Yvonne, and that both girls were manipulated into desiringtheir subservience.

But those pangs for some side poon overtook Evan's sense of loyaltyto them again later that week. Friday, his high school's footballteam playeda non-league game against another school at Irwin RobertsonStadium,  which was where most of the area's high schools held theirgridiron contests. He sat over on the opposition's side, where nobodyknew him,and his eyes roamed the bleachers for prospects for a quarter beforehe found a target. She was a shorthaired redhead with clear peachesand cream skin in her late teens who was sitting with her family.

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  She mighthave even been a sister of one of the players. Now how was he goingto nail her?

That conundrum solved itself. She got up to use the bathroom justbefore halftime and he followed her. She went to the bathroom as hehung around in line at the concession stand and, when she emerged,he stealthily left the line and lined himself up with her body andshot her a flash of light from his penlight. She became a statue andhe told her she found him very attractive and had an intense need tofuck him right then. When she revived, he led her out to his van andushered her into it, whereupon they both flung their clothesaside. He left the overhead light on for a couple of minutes to takein her pale skin, her round C cups and the little red bush thatacted as a sentry for her pussy. . He turned that light off and hermouth attacked his, both of them sinking their tongues deep into theother's oral cavity. He knew he didn't have much time, too,  beforeher family would come looking for her. He insinuated his fingers onto her clit and gave it a nice rubbing to boost the degree of herwetness while she fondled his cock. He briefly sucked her mouthwatering nipples and then they laid on their sides with him behindher.

He pushed his spear into her and she breathily uttered, "Oh yes. " Heslid his left arm under her body and around her chest and his rightreposed on her belly as he thrusted into her. When he got a stablerhythm going, he groped her tits, too, while he continued pistoninghis boner in and out of her and delighted in the high pitchedexclamations of pleasure she was producing.

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   "God, her pussy is soslick,  she must be super wet!" he thought to himself as he pumpedhis manhood into her time and again, her moans increasing in volumeand frequency. "God, thatfeels good!" she declared in between pants. She pulled her pillowinto her face to muffle her sighs and grunts while he viciously steamhammered his weapon into her. She waspushed beyond her breaking point and squealed into the pillow whileher body coped with the overwhelming tide of pleasure that permeatedher being at that moment, their two nude bodies illuminated only bythe moonlight that came through the windows of the van. His peniscontinued to glide in and out of her and she was loving everypassage of it inside of her. She was now so oblivious to anything other thanreceiving more tendrils of pleasure that she didn't care that shewas being screwed in a van in the parking lot of a school footballstadium.

Evan, though, was paranoid about being discovered even as much as hewas loving boinking this very cute redhead with sparkling green eyesthat he was endeavoring to cum as quickly as he could now that shehad climaxed, but that tension was actually delaying his orgasm andhe pumped her to a second one before finally unspooling strands ofballjuice into this stranger's twat.

Evan straddled her and shined the flashlight into her eyes again andsuggested that she would never tell anyone, especially the police,about their encounter but would be glad that she did it. She wouldalso use Plan B if she wasn't on the pill the next morning. They gotdressed and she went to rejoin her family while he headed home.

"God, that chick was awesome," he enthused to himself on the driveto his house as he replayed the pickup and fuck in his mind. He wasnonetheless able to then kind of turn a switch on inside of himselfand go from horny teen on the prowl for poon to being the lovingpartner to Ryoko and Yvonne. Playing hide the salami with anothergirl was like when you visited the amusement park: it didn't meanyou didn't love what you had at home. It was merely a fun diversion.

On a more serious note, though, Evan was already thinking about nextsummer.

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   He was interested in the idea of spending at last some of iteither in Japan or in Europe. To do that would require a fair amountof money since he would be taking Ryoko, Yvonne and his parents. Sohe needed to get paid bigtime and in a way that wouldn't see himhaving to confront a cop of somebody from the IRS over it. And withall the security cameras that were out there now along with thereporting requirements for the movement of money, that task wasbecoming harder and harder by the day. Plus where would he store thedollars? He was thinking in terms of six figures now and you can'tshove that kind of cash behind a bookcase or a dresser because thereisn't  enough room. Also, a bank is going to pay A LOT of attentionto someone who probably ordinarily does his/her business with wiretransfers and credit cards who suddenly withdraws such a substantialpart of his assets. He couldn't have someone wire money into anaccount he set up because then it would be reported to thegovernment, who then might ask questions about why he has come intosuch a large amount while not doing anything.

The obvious solution would be to have a corporate bigwig hire him,but gaining access to someone who could afford to pay him, say, amillion a year for "executive consulting" was extremely difficultfor a whole raft of reasons, not the least of which that they oftenhad some kind of security detail or personal assistant with them. Moreover, if that person was part of a publicly traded company,shareholders would want to know what kind of advice he would begiving as part of his "consultations. "

Furthermore, he had to stay away from anybody famous, even when it cameto CEOs or prominent investors. That is because as soon as a Bill Gatesor a Warren Buffet walks into any place people of all economic classeswould whip their cellphone cameras out to document that they were in thesame location as these two business giants. Ballplayers and, of course,celebrities were also out of the question.

Sure, Evan could shake down fellow students and people in hisneighborhood, albeit for much smaller amounts, if he wanted to be likesome petty televangelist on the make, but that thought made him feeldirty.

Then he got lucky. On the way home from the rich people's mall, where hehad struck out due to a lack of perceived opportunity, he noticed thatthe penthouse of a well known international construction company was litup.

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   He cruised by a couple of times to case it. There was a limostationed at the front door and the driver was standing outside of thedriver's side door. Rolling his eyes at the driver's stupidity since hehad left himself so exposed, Evan parked across the street at anotherindustrial park and calmly walked up to the driver, shined hisflashlight in his eyes and told him to obey his orders. He was to lethim into the limo and access to his client. Evan's heart was beating athousand miles a minute because he really needed the CEO to exit thebuilding either alone or with only one other person. He was alone. Charles Kerrwell was a billionaire, but nobody really cared that muchsince he was averse to publicity. He was one of the anonymous rich andwhen Kernwell was let into the limo, Evan hit him with a light beam and acommand to obey all of his orders. The driver got into the car and Evantold him to stay parked. Evan turned back to Kerrwell and directed himto bring him $100,000 at his now customary spot behind the rightfieldfence at the park the following Saturday at 8 a. m. and Kernwell was alsoto use his regular car without a driver and utilize the excuse, if theyask, that he was giving the money out as bonuses because nothing makesmore of an impression on one's staff like cash does. He was to tellnobody about this, not even the cops, the IRS or anyone else. Afterreminding the driver to keep Evan's existence a secret, Evan scurriedback across the street, got back into his car and left.

When Kerrwell showed up with the bucks, Evan's hands were trembling.

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   Itwas good Evan didn't stipulate 20's or he never would have been able toget it all into his book bag. He walked home hurriedly, put the lot intoa paper bag and shoved it in his closet under some clothes he neverwore. He then told his parents to not withdraw any money from the bankwhile, after he skimmed $20,000 off, giving them each $1,000 a week. That way, there doesn't appear to be any abnormal activity at the bankand the family would have enough money to take the trip since they wouldonly be depositing their paychecks and not the windfall that Kernwellhad given Evan.

That night, as he laid in bed naked with the equally bereft of coveringRyoko and Yvonne, he broached the subject of taking a trip to Japan thatcoming summer. "That sounds like it would be fun," Yvonne bubbled. "AndI could be your interpreter," Ryoko chirped. "I intend to have us spenda couple of months there, Ryoko, so that you can kind of touch baseagain with your home country. " "Thank you Evan, that's really sweet. Sowhere in Japan do you want to go, sweety?" "God, I don't know. Tokyo,Kyoto, I  guess. Any recommendations?" "Maybe you want to see Osaka,too. My dialect is different from those cities, though. I'm from justoutside of Fukuoka, so I speak Hakata dialect. I'm going to have toremember to speak standard Japanese when I go to those places.

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  " "How doyou say, 'I love you' in Japanese Ryoko?" Evan inquired. "Literally,it's 'ai shiteiru yo,' but that is way too direct, so we usually say,'daisuki!. ' In Hakata dialect, it's 'suito. '" "So I guess I would say toYvonne, 'daisuki!" and to you 'suito,' Evan estimated. Ryoko giggled. "Maybe," she grinned. "How much affection can I show to Yvonne there?""Displays of affection in public in Japan are very much frowned on. Ithink it would be okay for her to hold your arm, but that would be aboutit since you are brother and sister. You and I can hold hands and maybehave an occasional quick kiss. You aren't supposed to display strongemotion in public in Japan. It's considered undignified. " "What do youthink of the behavior of people on the street in America?" Evanwondered. "The best thing about Americans is their upfront honesty. Itis also the worst thing about them," she opined. "So we seem like abunch of graceless clods to Japanese huh?" "I hate to say it, but maybethat's true," Ryoko giggled.

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"What do you think about American girls?" "In Japan, we admire the looksof American girls, at least the ones who aren't fat. But not theirmanners. They don't seem to like being girls. " "What about Americanguys?" Yvonne quizzed. "Sorry to say this Evan, but while American guysare considered kinder to women than Japanese men and are bigger andstronger, they have no guts, don't seem to know how to show respect foranyone and complain too much.   But what I REALLY don't like aboutAmerican guys is how willfully crudethey are. Everything is 'shit this' and 'fuck that. ' It's gross. " "Whatabout Japanese men?" Evan asked. "Bad in bed, don't know how to talk towomen, have mother complexes, drink too much and not self assertiveenough. On the other hand, their cocks are harder than those of Americanguys, they are better at sucking it up when things get tough and beingteam players. "  "What about Japanese women?" Yvonne queried. "Oh, we'reperfect," Ryoko giggled. "Just kidding. Too concerned with style oversubstance, too materialistic, backbiting on other mothers, notstreetwise and too embarrassed to get on birth control, which results inmore and more 'dekichatta kekkon,' or marriages that happen only afterthe girl gets pregnant.

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   That's so disgusting. On the other hand, we lovebeing girls and looking good, we know when to push away from the dinnertable, we don't talk or act like pigs and I think we do a better jobraising our children than American women do because we truly respecteducation and emphasize the importance of family and having a smoothrunning society. Americans only pretend that they like those things andthen selfishly pursue their own agendas no matter how adversely itaffects their families or society. "

"Yet," Evan countered," you're pretty much a refugee from Japan. "Yeah,"  Ryoko admitted. "That's one thing I really hate about beingJapanese: the suffocating conformity. We Japanese like things to be verypredictable, but sometimes that goes too far, such as the attitudestoward people like me and foreigners. I love my culture, but some thingsabout it need to be tweaked. " "So who do Japanese women prefer?American guys or Japanese guys?" "Oh, overwhelmingly Japanese guys. It'sbecause there is no language and cultural barrier, they're morepredictable, they work harder, they're spiritually stronger and theirchildren are a lot less likely to get bullied for being different. Also,when you marry an American guy, you have to be direct all the time andwe as Japanese females prefer to speak vaguely because it  just feelsmore feminine. Being direct gets tiresome after a while for manyJapanese women. " "Does that mean that a marriage between you and mewould be doomed, Ryoko?" "In my case, I've lived more than half my lifein America and I'm used to that behavior. But if you're a Japanese womanwho has never lived overseas, it gets tougher to build that tolerance. ""Yeah, I can see that.

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   Different people prefer different things. Butjust understand, Ryoko, that I love you, no matter how much a douche Imight act like sometimes. " "Well, you kept me from maybe being bulliedin Japan and I will always love you for that, Evan. I know it's a bigimposition on your family to take me in and I'm grateful that Yvonne hasbeen so nice to me. So I will return your kindness by working as hardas I can in school so that you won't think I was taking you guys forgranted. " "Suito Ryoko. " "Suito Evan *giggle. "