Best Video Ever

Mind Control

"Stevie, get ready to go. "     "O. k. mom. " Steven was getting ready for yet another day at school. He went and got dressed in the bathroom. He looked into the mirror and saw his long blonde hair, flawless skin, and blue eyes staring back at him. He was 15 years old; a sophomore. He was 5'9", and had an athletic body. After he was dressed, he went downstairs and ate breakfast. As he was eating his cereal, his little sister, Amy, came down to eat as well. When she reached to grab the box, Steven couldn't help but glance at her amazing butt. Steven had recently started to develop feelings for her. She had just turned thirteen. Her boobs had started to develop and were already big for her age, and her butt was to die for. She had also started to where very short shorts, which revealed her great legs.

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   Steven knew it was wrong, but he could help admiring his sexy sister.     When they were done with breakfast, they got into the car and their mother dropped them off at school.     "Have a good day, and I have a meeting this afternoon, so remember to ride the bus home today," their mother told them as she dropped them off.     The day went slow for Steven. First he had English, then chemistry, which he hated, then history. By lunch, he was ready to go home, but he still had three long classes to endure. He managed to make it through Spanish, but during his algebra class, he fell asleep and was awakened by the teacher shortly after. The whole class laughed at him. Completely embarrassed, he left quickly when the bell rang.     His last class was P. E. Steven always had fun during P. E. , so his embarrassment left him as soon as he entered the locker room. He change and then turned to leave, until he heard the boys in the next row over having a strange conversation. 

   He started listening to them. One boy was telling another about a website that he had visited. He said he had downloaded a video. He said that it was life changing; the best video he had ever seen. Then the boys left the locker room. Steven slowly left and kept thinking about what the boy had said. "The best video he had ever seen. " He was extremely curious and tried to remember the websites name. The period dragged by and, when it was finally over, he changed and went to the bus.     The bus stopped two blocks away from their house. When he got up, Amy came and told him that she was going to go over to her friend's house for the afternoon. As she walked away, Steven stared at her ass. Then he thought about the video and walked home.     He got home and unlocked the door. His dad worked until 5, his mother was in a meeting until 5:30, and his sister was at her friends, so he would be home alone for awhile.

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   He set his stuff down on the table and thought about doing his homework. "It'll be here later," he thought and then went to his room. He sat down at his desk and turned on the computer. The boys' conversation had touched his curiosity and he couldn't wait to download the video. He logged on and then went online. He strained his brain to remember what website it was. When he remembered, he typed in the name and it came up. He clicked on it, and read the description of the video. The title said "Breakthrough in mind-control technology. " Now he was interested and read further. The description said that the video was new technology that would allow someone to control the viewer. The person would only have to get a subject to watch the video for a minute. After a minute, the viewer would be under the control of the other person. Steven was amused and thought the whole thing was a joke. He kept reading through it until he got to the end, which was a warning that stated "WARNING: The more you use it, the less you will need it.

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  " He had no idea what the warning meant, and he was sure that the whole thing was a scam. But something about it made him want to download it and at least try it, so he did.     Once it was completely downloaded, Steven decided to take a peak. He opened the video and pressed play. It started out as tow dots, the spirals started to form from the dots. As the spirals rotated, they got bigger. Soon the spirals began to overlap. Then a strange thing happened. The room around him started to fade and he focused in on the spirals. He was so mesmerized by the spirals that he couldn't look away. He then found a sudden urge to please people; to do exactly what they say. He sat and watched until the video stopped. Suddenly, the urge left him and he could see his room again. He sat there shocked for a second, wondering what just happened and how. Then he went back to the site and reread the description.

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   The effect of the video will stop as soon as the video stops if no one’s there to control the person. If someone is there, then the effects would last anywhere from a half hour to an hour, depending on the strength of the person's mind. Once the effect is over, the person will have no idea what has happened. Again, Steven read over the warning and couldn't figure it out.     Then his mind went crazy trying to find something to test it on. He could get smart people to do his homework for him, or make people who made fun of him embarrass themselves. Just then, he heard the front door open.     "Stevie, I'm home. I forgot I have cheerleading today. " It was Amy. Steven had also forgotten about her cheerleading practice. His mind tried to visualize her in her sexy cheerleading skirt when his brain had a dirty idea. He knew it was wrong, but he just had to. "Hey, when you get done changing, can you come up here real quick, I have something to show you," he yelled down to her. "Sure, I'll be up in a second.

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  " He grinned wildly and was shaking with excitement. Part of him told him he shouldn't, but he knew he had to. It was so wrong, but that turned him on a little. He was already starting to get hard.     He heard her door open, and she soon appeared in his doorway. "What was it you wanted to show me?" Her red skirt barely covered her thighs and her shirt was tight against her body. Steven stared into her beautiful blue eyes. "Come here," he said. She walked in and he motioned her to the computer chair. "What is it?" she asked.     "I have a video to show you. It's an optical illusion. I thought it was pretty cool. "       "Alright," she agreed. He turned on the video and the two dots appeared on the screen.

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   Spirals started to form. "What the heck?!" she said. "Keep watching," he told her. So she kept staring into the screen. As the spirals overlapped, her expression began to fade. A minute went by. Steven grinned. "Hey Amy, you there?" he asked. "Yeah," she said, expressionless. "Wow, it's really getting hot in here. Why don't you take off your shirt?" Steven said. Blankly, Amy stood up and took her shirt off, revealing her sexy red bra that matched her skirt. She threw it to the ground. "Come here and sit on my bed. Let me take your hand.

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  " She held out her hand and Steven pulled her to his bed.   He took off his shirt.     "Gosh, I'm burning over here, you must be baking to. " Steven said with a grin. He could tell she was starting to sweat. "Your panties are uncomfortable aren't they? You should take them off. She turned a little red and slowly reached under her skirt and pulled them off. There was a little wet spot. "You dirty slut! Are you being turned on by your older brother?" Steven said and grinned wildly. Amy looked at him and started giggling. "You dirty girl! Is that bra uncomfortable? Take it off and show Stevie your tits. " She grinned and removed her bra, and then she threw it to the ground. Steven grabbed her tits and started massaging her nipples. She started to moan.     "Feels good doesn't it," Steven said with a smirk.

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       "Oh yeah," she moaned.     He released her tits and started caressing her thighs. "Boy its hot. Wouldn't it feel good to give your pussy a little air? Here, I'll turn on the fan. Why don't you lie down and spread your legs? Steven got up to turn the fan on. As he did, he took off his pants and boxers, letting his hard cock free. When he turned around he saw the hottest thing he had ever laid eyes on. Amy was lying on his bed and her legs were spread as far as they could. He had a great view up her skirt and he saw her beautifully shaved pussy. "Your pussy looks so wet, here, lemme help. . . " Steven put his head in her skirt and started to like her pussy. She moaned as he stuck his tongue in deeper. She tasted amazing.

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   He licked her and licked her and then he stopped. She looked at him, irritated that he stopped. Then he smiled.     "I know exactly what you want. You want me to fuck you. You want your brother’s cock inside you. Tell me. Tell me how much you want it. " Steven said.     "Oh Stevie, fuck me fuck me! Take my virginity!" Amy screamed. He moved closer to her and then inserted his cock. She screamed in pain as her hymen snapped, but as Steven picked up the pace, she moaned in pleasure. Amy's pussy was as tight as it gets and he was having too much fun. He went faster and faster until Amy's moans turned back into screams of pleasure. Her whole body was shaking.


   Steven knew she had come to an orgasm, and that he would soon as well. As much as he wanted to pump his sister full of his juice, he knew he couldn't. So he pulled out.     "Suck my dick you dirty little slut!" Steven said. Amy grinned and bent over his throbbing cock. Her tongue felt amazing and he came almost instantly. Amazingly, she swallowed the whole load. She licked his cock clean and then they both lay back in his bed, and he played with her tits. "You're a dirty girl," he whispered. "Let's go get in the shower. "      They both got up and walked to the bathroom. Steven turned on the water and any removed her skirt. They both stepped in. They started to soap each other down, him paying especially close attention to her tits and pussy. When they were both clean, they dried off and walked back to his room.

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   They sat on his bed and he massaged her pussy. "You must be tired after all that. Go change into something comfortable and take a nap on your bed. Oh, and take your cheerleading clothes with you. " Steven told her. "Ok, Stevie," she answered. Steven stared at her ass as she bent to pick up her clothes and walked out the door. He lay back on his bed and listened to her footsteps. The he hear the door close down the hall and then silence. "Wow, that was the greatest video ever," he thought. He fell asleep, imagining what he would do with her next.

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