Doing it My Way

Mind Control

   Started my new job today and all the people there treated me like I have been working there for years.   Bob was the boss, and I was his secretary.   He asked me to file things and I knew just where to put them.   I was fitting in well.
    My name is Grace and I am a blonde with straight hair down to my shoulders.   Although I only stand at five feet three inches I have been told I have it.   I have been married for thirteen years and although thirty three I keep in tip top shape jogging and calisthenics.  
   This story may be typical but what I am about to make public is what makes my story different or maybe not, you be the judge.  
   I work for a pornographer, well, let me explain.   I got this job through a friend of a friend thing.   I am just the receptionist here and nothing more.   I am not in the part of the building that makes videos or photographs.   I am just a girl that makes eleven dollars an hour taking phone calls and welcoming guests and employees.  
   My intercom buzzes and my boss Bob tells me to bring him in some coffee and a water for his guest.   I do as I am told and as I leave he slaps me on the ass.   I don’t mind that as much as seeing naked bodies running around his office.

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     I hate that in fact but it pays the bills.
   I am a married woman and faithful to my man 100 percent.   I tell my husband I never see any of that side of the business and he trusts me.   If I told him what really goes on here he would make me quit and that wasn’t an option, we needed the money.  
   One day I walked in to Bobs office and actually seen a girl giving him oral pleasures and I turned away.   “What’s the matter, haven’t you ever done this for your husband” he asked” I shook my head yes and left.   Since that day I have seen much worse things going on.   Sex in the halls, oral everywhere, it just became the norm.  
   It was Christmas Eve and we were having a party at the studio. I had my one margarita which was well above my limit but was coaxed into another then another one.   I was feeling no pain when a guy came up to me and started talking to me.   “Hey what’s your deal” he asked.   I asked what he meant and he said “Just look around you, One girl is wearing a mini skirt almost showing her whole ass.   Another is wearing nothing at all and you, well you are in a turtle neck and slacks.   What gives?   I told him I was just a secretary and had nothing to do with that part of it all.

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     He then said “Yeah but loosen up, what is wrong are you a chiller”?   I asked what that was and he told me a chiller was a woman that didn’t have anything to do sexuality what so ever, a cold fish a frigid woman.   I told him I was none of the above mentioned and thanked him and walked away.   I headed for the bathroom and took a good look at myself in the mirror.   I did look out of place but that was me.
   I went to the back dressing room and picked out a better suited outfit.   It was a pink silk halter top with a matching silk skirt slit up to my waist.   Black under wear, a thong to be exact along with high heels, and frizzed my hair up.   I also put on make up and took another look and smiled.   This will show them.
   I walked back into the room and all eyes were on me.   I walked over to the bar and ordered another drink.   I felt more relaxed and mingled more and more.   Sexual activity was going on all throughout the party.   I looked around the room and felt slightly tingly myself.
   I was sitting at the bar and a cute girl with red hair was giving a man oral I the corner.

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     I don’t know why but I watched her doing that to him.   Bob walked up behind me and asked me if I liked what she was doing for that guy.   I said shunning the whole thing “I am good enough for my husband.   I have done that for him” Bob said do “what” and I say “Oral pleasures”.   He smiled and leaned over to my ear and whispered “You mean a blow job don’t you?”   I took another sip from my drink and shook my head yes.   Bob then asked me to say it.   “Say those two little words” he said in a sterner tone.   “What’s the matter cant you say blow job” he asked again?   I turned to him and said it I said “Yes I give my husband head; I blow him at least once a week”.
   He said he didn’t believe me for one second.   He said I should prove myself by joining the red head and suck the man off with her.   I told him I do not cheat on my husband and ordered another drink.   “That’s not cheating, cheating is when you have an affair, or fall in love, and this is just a blow job” he said giggling. “Don’t laugh at me” I said as I downed another.   “I just won’t do that for anyone but my husband and that’s that” I yelled back.   “Well my dear if you don’t do that then why may I ask are you rubbing my prick right now”.

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     I looked down at his lap and told him I wasn’t.
   Bob told me that I looked hot and should be one of his models.   He added that he wouldn’t let me touch him anymore.   I was confused and asked what he meant.   He said with a smirky attitude “You have been watching the red head blowing everyone all night and touching my cock.
      I said “I’m not” He said “you are but I wont tell don’t worry” I took another drink and said I didn’t care tell who ever you want”. I then grabbed his hard dick and squeezed it for a few seconds and said “There see I can do what ever I feel like” He told me he still didn’t believe me that I was better then the red head.   I said I was. “No you cant do what she does, she is a pro and you, well you are just a amateur” He shouted as he laughed at me again.   I stumbled to my feet and walked over to where the red head was and shoved her out of my way.   I dropped to my knees and took the mans throbbing cock into my hands and started licking the head. I slipped it in my mouth and took it all in and when I thought he was about to cum I swallowed it all.  
       I walked staggering back to my seat and looked at Bob and said “See she didn’t make him cum like I did”.   Bob told me that what makes her a pro, He said that only amateurs make men cum fast like that.   I got up again and looked around the room.

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         I saw a young man sitting in the corner.   I went over and blew him for almost an hour then went and found Bob again.   He said that didn’t prove that I was as good as the red head.   He said “The real proof is to fuck a man for a long while and not make you cum. If you can take a goof fucking and not cum yourself then I guess you are just as good as that red head, a real pro baby”.
       I took Bob to one of the studio beds and started taking my clothes off.   He started fucking me instantly and came within minutes.   He told me that if I really wanted to show him that the real test would be to fuck a lot of men.   I said “Get them in here”.
       I lay on the bed rubbing my clit waiting and one at a time men started lining up. One after another they fucked me touching me all over.   My nipples were awesomely hard as one by one they came and gone.   Although I felt the need to cum I didn’t want to be shown up by the red headed bitch so I held it back.
       Now it was getting interesting.   One mans cock was in my mouth while I jerked off two others.

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         Still another was fucking me hard.   I even had two men rubbing there cocks against my feet as they came.   Just then as the last man was fucking me I knew I had the red head beaten.   She walked over to me and said “Damn girl you got me neat, I would never let thirty guys fuck me like that” I just laid there a winner.   Bob walks over to me and says “now you’re ready for the big bucks kid” That’s how I got into the porn industry.
       My husband till this day doesn’t know what I do.   He still thinks I am just a ordinary secretary.