Drugged By My Cum Chapter 3

Mind Control

My history teacher, Miss Shell, is so hot. She's probably 5'5" with nicefull hips, D cup breasts, a prominent butt and a face that looks like ayoung Claudia Schiffer. Every guy in school wants to bone her somethingfierce. Unfortunately, slipping her one of my cum soaked confectionswasn't going to be easy. A number of incidents in the past wherestudents had poisoned their instructors, almost all of them badlymisguided practical jokes, resulted in teachers refusing to eat or drinkanything a pupil has had his or her hands on. Moreover, I would need tohave a place where I could get her alone for a protracted period oftime without anyone seeing us.

I thought about forcing it on her, but what if she remembered theassault? Or somebody just happened to come by when I was attempting toshove my spooge dipped goody into her mouth? Or she was a black belt orsomething? Therefore, that was definitely out.

Moreover, let's say I tried slipping it into a coke. The acid orwateriness of that drink could possibly dilute the dosage or neutralizeit altogether. At that point, it appeared that my options for a delivery system were extremely limited.

I also had other items on my agenda, such as enslaving Priscilla andMelanie like I did Marisa. Saturday, at noon, Marisa and I picked upPriscilla and we all went over to Melanie's house. Melanie's parent was asingle mother. As ordered, Marisa offered Melanie's mom, Terry, one ofthe four Snicker's bars from her purse that I had splashed with a sixhour dose of my man milk. She accepted it with thanks and the rest of uswent to Melanie's room, where Marisa handed her and Priscilla Snicker'sof their own. Marisa took one out for herself and they all opened andate them.

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   I soon had three zombie girls in front of me. I whispered inMelanie's ear that she would obey all my commands and get a littlethrill when she fulfilled a wish of mine. I did the same with Priscilla. They all just sat there looking high as I exited the room to check onTerry.

I was going to use the excuse of getting a glass of water in case Terryhadn't eaten the candy bar yet, but she had and she slouched on thecouch with a silly grin on her countenance. I smiled in an evil mannerand plopped myself next to her. "Terry, you're going to obey everything Itell you to do and you will feel a rush of pleasure when you do," Iintoned. "Okay," she sighed. I pulled her t-shirt up and unhooked herbra, which put her C cups on display. I sucked on her left nipple andshe emitted a long moan. I shoved my lefthand in her crotch over herpants and massaged it for a couple of minutes. I then reattached thestraps on the bra, pulled her shirt down and returned to Melanie's room.

I removed my clothes and stripped Priscilla nude while the otherswatched impassively. I bent her over the edge of the bed and covered mydick with a condom. I pointed my cockhead at her entrance and rammed itin all in one go.

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   This elicited a scream from Priscilla. She was avirgin! Since my thoughts had been on the mechanics of putting everybodyunder my influence, I had forgotten to consider that possibility. Thus,I felt a little guilty taking her that way as I saw the blood leak outof her. Fortunately, despite the tremendous initial impulse of pain, myhormones helped to quickly dull the hurt and I slowly began to thrust mysword in and out of her scabbard. She was only mildly betraying anydegree of suffering and I ran my big stick at an even tempo in and outof her now formerly unsullied cunt. After just over five minutes, shewas moaning and begging me to keep it up. The shallower her breathsbecame the faster I drilled her with my weapon until she issued astrangled cry and then a string of hard pants as the orgasm convulsedher. "How does that feel, babe?" I inquired. "Oooooh God, oh so good, sogood," she whimpered.

I kept taking it to her while Marisa and Melanie viewed this spectaclethrough drowsy eyes. I beheld Priscilla's lovely 15 year old skin andthe enticing width of the hips I was holding on to for leverage while myjackhammering of her slit went on unabated. She quickly peaked againand her body welcomed another soul searing apogee of pleasure. Only acouple of minutes later another one ripped through her. Ten minutes andfour more orgasms for her down the road, I dispatched my ammunition intothe end of the rubber.

I slid my schlong out and it was soaked in blood.

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   I flushed the condomdown the toilet. Priscilla was still so out of it that she continued tolay there bent over the edge of the bed. I stood her up and had her sitdown. I moved next to her and wrapped her up in my arms, kissing herslowly and tenderly.

I put my clothes back on and went to check on Terry. She was still zonedout on the couch. I insinuated myself next to her, slung an arm aroundher shoulders and pulled her into me. Her eyes looked hazily up intomine and I kissed her. I unbuttoned her pants and my fingers crawledinside of her panties. Two of my finger s barged into her pink cave andshe moaned as I found her g spot and strummed it. Her pussy soaked mydigits as they undulated against her upper vaginal wall. "Uhhhhhh, oh,ah, oh Goddd," she reacted in a lazy cadence. I sped up my fingermovements and her breathing froze for a second before a flurry of pantsattempted to vent the heat of her orgasm. I licked my fingers to tasteher wetness and then buttoned her pants back up.

At six, I called my mom and let her know I might be late for dinner.

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   Intruth, I was waiting for Terry and the girls to exit their privateIdahos. An hour later, they had rejoined reality already in progressand, after Marisa and I had escorted Priscilla to her house and I walkedMarisa home, I was warming up the meal mom had made for me. My dad gaveme some shit about not being on time, though.

Sunday, Marisa and I got Priscilla after she came home from churcharound 10 and we returned to Melanie's. We were let in and I orderedeveryone to remove their clothes. They initially gave me odd looks butcomplied, all breathing very pleasured sighs upon obeying my command. Myown garments were discarded and told I Terry to suck me. Again, anotherconfused expression crossed her face, but she was soon on her kneeswith her mouth comforting my cock. It somehow felt softer and moresensuous than Marisa's She had me under the spell of her years ofexperience orally pleasing her now ex-husband and other men and Irewarded her with a considerable load, which I demanded she swallow. Shedid and she was a goner for the next 12 hours, falling heavily againstthe sofa as she sat on the floor.

I had Melanie sit on the couch and spread her legs while Priscilla andMarisa were directed to makeout with each other. There was somehesitation on the part of the latter pair, but they eventually got theirlips to collide and took it from there. I went to my knees and insertedmy tongue in Melanie's pita pocket, which was mighty tasty, let me tellyou! I bullied her clit, sucking, rolling and whipping it with mytongue and lips while I transgressed her holy region with a pair offingers. The mood in the livingroom was becoming quite sexually frenziedas Melanie moaned from my oral ministrations and the other two who werestill fully conscious groped and kissed each other. In a few minutes, Ihad Melanie grinding herself on my fingers as her resistance caved andengendered a hail of references to the deity and ragged breathing.

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After spurring Melanie to two more orgasms, I produced a condom from mypants pocket and wrapped my rascal. My missile targeted the area betweenMelanie's legs. "Are you a virgin Melanie?" I interrogated. "Yeah," sheinformed me. I grabbed her lefthand and pulled her off of the couch andwe went to her bedroom, but not before I ordered everyone else toremain in the livingroom.

I crawled on top of Melanie and spent the next 20 minutes just kissingher and fondling her boobs. I moved my head down to suck on her nipples,which she seemed to think was very nice indeed, judging by herresponses. After a few minutes of that, I readied my trenching tool forplowing her field. Easing it into her, which made me the first man touse a penis to push her vaginal walls apart, I tried to be as patient aspossible, carrying it into her arena half inch by half inch. I arrivedat her inner gate,  her hymen, and thrust through it, making her yelpand initiating a small flow of blood. I held it there for a couple ofminutes and then propelled it the rest of the way in with one flexing ofmy hips. Again, I held up to allow her cunt to become accustomed to theviolation of her most personal space.

I began to thrust and she twisted and bucked under me. Eventually, I wasable to establish a good rhythm and the pain she felt was fading withevery passing minute. Her body was wriggling less as it did and, alittle bit at a time, I stepped up the tempo of my thrusting, which alsoallowed me to feel the compression from her vaginal walls at shorterand shorter intervals.

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   We were mutually moaning and wanting more of eachother. "Oh God, Greg, fuck, oh fuck, oh shit, yesssssss," she panted asthe pleasure made her sound less sensible, the crescendo of heat insideof her breaking her senses into fragments. I steadfastly kept onplowing her hard and deep and I soon found my own point of ecstasy,gushing my seed into the latex membrane surrounding my joystick.

Once I had disposed of the messy cum bag, I rejoined Melanie in bed andheld her for a while. I had thought about shooting my cum into hermouth, which would not only have put her on ice for half a day, but shewould also have forgotten that she had lost her virginity. Consequently,I chose to just unload into the condom.

I took Terry upstairs and put her to bed. I had the rest of the girlsaccompany me to Melanie's bedroom, where we just basically messed aroundin a platonic way. I didn't fuck any of them after I did Melanie, but Idid enjoy being around three naked and attractive teenage girls.

Monday, I called Terry and told her to get Melanie on birth control. Nowthe question was, how could I pull other women into my sphere ofinfluence? What complicated this was that I needed to be able to get agirl alone or with one of my minions (did I really just use that word?)and keep her around for six hours so that I could implant suggestionsinto her mind and make sure she doesn't run into any problems while shewas incapacitated. That week, I didn't do much other than bang the shitout of Marisa until Saturday, when I took a bus to the mall at 11 a. m. 20 minutes later, I stepped off that conveyance and walked into the mainpart of the shopping complex. I wandered around for a while and thenheaded to the food court and got something to eat.

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   Just after I sat downand tucked into my burger, I noticed two girls from my school, KarinaYamamoto and Sierra Toracelli, having a leisurely conversation overtheir meal. I kept an eye on them as I wolfed my food down.

When I was done, I, as casually as possible, mosied on over to the tablenext to their's and said "hi. " I asked them some inane question like,"so what brings you guys here today?" and then pulled a Kit Kat bar outof my shirt pocket, opened it, ate one of the pieces and then offeredthem each one. I think they took them just to be nice. Bad mistake. Within 30 seconds, they were full on sex zombies. I got on my cellphone,called Terry and ordered her to pick us up at the front door of themall. Ten minutes later, I guided the girls out to the front and waitedfor Terry, who was there within five minutes. The girls got in and wewhisked them off to Terry's house.

I whispered in each of their ears that from now on they will obeyeverything I tell them to do and would feel a rush of pleasure when theydid. I then stripped them. Karina was 5'4" and 110 pounds with cute Bcups and long black hair while Sierra was slim, had A cups and mediumlong blonde hair. Both had shaved their pussies. I had kind of knownboth of them since middle school, when they were in a couple of classes Ihad.

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   Both had recently turned 15. I would be the same age myself acouple weeks later. I sent Terry out to buy me some condoms since I wasout. I took them into Melanie's room and had them sit next to each otheron Melanie's bed against the headboard. They both looked like they wereenjoying themselves somewhere in their heads. Karina was the cuter ofthe two and I walked to one side of the bed and leaned my head down tokiss her. I lightly stroked the back of her head as I did and she wasmoaning softly as we continued our lip wrestling. I put my hand inbetween her legs and she was very wet. I backtracked, opened her legsand got a taste of her slot. She moaned loudly when my tongue dinged offof her clit. All of this was making me heinously horny.

Terry finally returned with the condoms and I tore a packet open,sheathed my dick and pulled Karina to the edge of the bed. "Are you avirgin, Karina?" "Yes," she rejoindered in a quiet voice. Fuck! Yeah, Icould just do her like I did Priscilla, but that just didn't seem right. "Sierra, are you a virgin?" "Yes.

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  " So I said, "fuck that" to reamingtheir pussies for the moment and instead removed the condom. I leapedinto bed, jammed my cock into Sierra's mouth, and skullfucked her. When Iwas ready to rocket my payload somewhere, I pulled out of her yapperand littered her face with my semen. The fluid ran down her face and onto her breasts.

I cleaned her up and had her and Karina get dressed. At 6:30, theirsenses were beginning to accept real world input again. Terry droppedthem off near their houses and then took me home.