Hermione and the Golem Part I

Mind Control

"Ooo, my precious," murmured the slime-encrusted Golem as it straddled youthful, pink Hermione, whom it had bewitched, undressed, and laid face-down on the tiny cot of her dormitory room. The Golem sat with its haunches atop the high part of Hermione's thighs, so that her trim bottom was presented to the Golem's fetid loins, the globes of her buttocks pliant under the Golem's cold fingers. Her spine arched prettily from the crest of her soft bottom, accenting the curve of her trim waist and narrow shoulders. Her arms flopped limp and useless at her sides; she was helpless to cast away the Golem's molestations.  She had a mole on her right bottomcheek, near where her assflesh met the small of her back. Her ass was smooth as well-whipped cream. The Golem squeezed and pinched her. "Precious must clean. "The Golem lifted its haunches so that its hardened, knobby limb hovered over the fold of Hermione's backside. It bobbed in the air, a telescoped antenna of flesh tuned to the pleasure being broadcast from Hermione's electric body. The Golem gripped its small cock amidlengths and pointed it at her vulnerable flesh, as if for emphasis, to underscore her underside. "Now we will find out," the Golem simpered, pressing at her left bottomcheek to expose the tiny star of her virginal buttonhole, "if you clean when you go Number Two. ""Oh," Hermione cooed forlornly. "But how will you do that?" The answer presently became apparent, as the head of the Golem's twitching limb pressed up to her tight puckering starfish and the Golem slowly leaned into her, savoring the feel as it lowered its hips down to her, until her body gave way and opened, and the tip of the prick plied, just, into her gooey flesh. Just so. "Are you clean, my precious?" leered the Golem.

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  "Please don't put that in me!" Hermione exclaimed, tears already welling in her innocent green eyes. "I promise! I promise I've been. . . "Immune to her protests, the Golem sank its cock half into her. "Ow!"Already she had started to squirm as she entreated the Golem but now, as the hot flash of penetration rippled through her and her untrained muscles clinched hard, trying to drive the invading member from her, a twitch shot through her so pronounced Golem thought she might fall off her little cot. The spasm caused her buttocks to quiver in the Golem's grasping palms and her cramping anus to grip and wiggle the Golem's fuck-knob. A heavy pulse of blood surged into the Golem's prick and steeped there, and it hardened and grew in Hermione's tamed but unwilling foodhole. The Golem gripped Hermione firmly at the waist with both hands. Her slim-hipped ass, just filling out with the onset of puberty, reassumed its natural, plump shape. The Golem withdrew its prick until just the tip remained inside her anus, kissing the round pucker of her. "Precious is clean," murmured the Golem. "Is Precious clean?""I'm clean," whimpered poor Hermione, fearing above all else that the Golem would sink further into the hole that she thought could never be entered, would plumb further the depths of her body where she thought no one could ever go. "There's only one way to prove my Precious is clean," the Golem groaned, adrift in the hypnotic pleasure of penetrating this spellbound girl, squeezing it into poor Hermione. "Oh, no," she squeaked again, having no recourse but to beg for mercy.

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   "Oh. . . no!"Hermione's squeak turned into a squeal as the Golem patiently contracted its pelvis and burrowed its root in Hermione's tiny, unplumbed ass to the hilt. The Golem's bristly pubis, hard as Brillo and flecked with crusts of filth, pressed the smooth pillows of Hermione's inside asscakes flat; they caressed the Golem's scaly lower belly. She quivered. The Golem retained this aspect for a time, engaged in Hermione's bottomhole to the limit of its length. The Golem felt nothing but soft tender flesh against the scaly surface of the cock, membranous, more tissue than flesh in the delicate inside of young Hermione. She wettened on Golem's cock, as though her sphincter were a sex canal, moistening at the Golem's penetration of her. But her pitiful mewling, the  pain of being sodomized seeping through even the spell of enchantment Golem had cast on her, and the writhing of her spine indicated to Golem that the slickening in the interior of her was the copper slickness of blood. Golem leaned down and sniffed at her perfumed, flaxen hair. She turned her brow upward and curled her lip into a pout, letting a gasp that bordered on a sob. The Golem felt two contradictory impulses now: to pull out of her and study the hot red blood welling in her rectum and staining Golem's leathery-wrinkled, oozing member—and the other, to hammer mercilessly at the helpless girl's tender ass until it sank its load in her, even if the pain and humiliation caused her to faint dead away. The Golem slid its hands back from Hermione's waist to her hips, holding her little ass steady as it ground its groin side to side against her. The Golem groaned with pleasure from the soft wet massage of her anus, the gripping friction of her snug, twitching sphincter.

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   Golem relished the sight and feel of her pillowy rump, shifting this way and that under the Golem's gyrating crotch. The insertion smelled of sweat and perfume, mixed with the scent of young saltfilly girlflesh. There was another odor too, hard to place, but Golem was closer to its primitive mind than humans and placed it as the smell of her body's interior, sneaking past the lip of her dilated rump-rose. No odor of anal uncleanliness, though. She was clean through and through. "Precious is clean," Golem murmured childishly. "Precious is clean inside and out. "Precious. . . smells. . . clean. .

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  . "She let another gasp, fully a sob now. A tear welled up in her eye, and when she clenched her eyes shut it pooled on the inside bridge of her nose. Golem could feel no uncleanliness in Hermione's callow, tight rump. Only, now, the hot, thin wetness of her blood, and the first dribblings of precome, oozing from the Golem's engorged loins. "I'm clean!" Hermione groaned. "Please! It hurts!"A string of thick, jaundice-colored drool dangled from the Golem's mouth and left a stringy splotch in Hermione's hair. The Golem slid its left hand over her trembling buttock and grasped its cock at the base, slowly pulling out of her. She writhed, startled, when it exited her and her anus contracted tightly; it was ringed with rivulets of blood, like a scab. "Precious is clean," the Golem conceded, stroking its aroused cock over the soft globes of Hermione's sore ass. "Are you happy?" Hermione said, indignant and smarting in hot pain. "Will you leave me be? That hurt! Why can't I move? Why do I have to do what you say?"The Golem pinched Hermione's rump and she twittered nervously. Pleasure rippled through the Golem's cock as it masturbated. "No," the Golem said. "Now Precious must eat.

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  " Golem stood, pressing its balled fist rudely on the small of Hermione's back, over the kidney, for purchase. The Golem walked around to the head of Hermione's cot, stroking its foul member all along. It clutched Hermione's curly red hair over her left ear and hoisted her head up, then left off its self-pleasure to grasp her hair over the other ear. The Golem held Hermione's head upright; her delicate childlike face was fixed before the Golem's moistening, putrid dugs. "Precious must open and eat, taste her cleanness," said Golem, "open your mouth and eat," and when the wish was framed as an imperative Hermione reflexively complied—beholden to the spell cast over her to open her mouth limply, lips pouting out full and ripe and sweet, tongue laid loosely over her bottom front teeth. The Golem's cock glided easily into Hermione's mouth and the Golem began working it back and forth gently inside her, sinking it only halfway in so that the poor, molested girl wouldn't gag.   Golem had punished her enough, and could easily come just by stroking the head of its pulsing meat on her slick, warm palette, her languidly undulating tongue and hot cheeks. What a load Golem had been storing up. Hermione wouldn't have to eat again for a week. Her arms still lay limply at her sides. Her back was arched, and with her upturned neck she looked like a clubbed seal, a lured fish. She gazed pleadingly at Golem with big, soft eyes as squirts of fetid precome oozed into her mouth. "Can Precious taste the blood?"She nodded, obedient. Pulse, pulse, pulse, Golem pressed more quickly in and out of her. Her lips puckered and folded in.

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   Puckered and folded in. Her tongue massaged Golem. She swallowed from time to time and slurping noises issued from her, the bubbling of saliva churning in her fucked mouth. Other than that she was silenced, brat no more, gazing mutely at Golem. Soon a great gout of sperm would squirt out of Golem and into the back of her throat, and Golem was going to make her swallow it. Golem did not know how long after this before it would want to use Hermione again. But after Golem came it would mean at least a brief respite from her ordeal for Hermione. Hermione, though, did not know any of this. She didn't know how a penis worked, or what an orgasm was. As far as she knew, this foul violation of her might go on forever.  .