Minding Others

Mind Control

Puberty bloomed late in my life. My dick spurted cum for the first time when I was fourteen. The rest of my adult changes also arrived slowly. Sediment grows faster than the hair on my face, groin, and armpits. I may be a little short at 5' 7", but my penis isn't. It was lucky to get a couple extra inches over the national average, and I'm glad it's not bigger. Most of my younger 'friends' don't enjoy getting their cervixes pounded. At fourteen, I was pretty anxious about the fact I hadn't developed, and I took a lot of teasing.

I remember being ill on my first day of manhood, very ill. Fever's sweat soaked me, and I thrashed upon my bed from hallucinations. I dreamed about witches and curses. They flew on Snoopy dog-house Sopwith Camels, buzzing all around me. The witches kept sucking me into their dog house entrances. For a moment I'd be cold, huddled in darkness, shivering, trying to shake my fear. I held my cock for warmth. Then a spark of frustration leapt within my heart.

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   It erupted into fire, and I burned my way out of the dog house with flaming piss.

The witch would fall from the sky in a smoking, roaring spiral. I heard her curse me. I heard them all curse me, until every flying witch had been burned out of the sky. It was the same curse, each time. "Mind yourself child, or you'll grow up minding others!"

"You'll grow up minding others!"

"You'll grow up minding others!"

. . . all the way down, until they hit the ground and burst into dust.

I burst somewhere between my legs. I was wrapped in blankets. My senses reeled, overloaded and confused. Mother, hovering close, pressed cold compresses to my forehead, trying to soothe me.

"They're just bad dreams, honey. They'll go away.

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   Can you hear me?"

I saw her. At least, what I saw was mostly composed of her features. She didn't look like a witch. She was beautiful, extra beautiful, lovelier than sunsets on tropical islands, lovelier than street lamps in fog, lovelier than the moon over a mountain camp.

"I love you mother!" I spoke wildly.

"Oh, baby. You'll get better. " She hugged me through the blankets.

I kept shivering. The wetness between my legs was cooling. I thought I had peed on myself. I was suddenly so embarrassed. When you're fourteen, there's nothing like wetting your bed in front of your mother to chill a fever.

"Oh shit!" I shouted, and immediately was more embarrassed.

"What's the matter?"

"Mommy, oh mommy.

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  . . I-I uh, I think I. . . " I gulped. "I'm so cold!" My vision remained blurry. I couldn't tell if the blankets were as wet on the outside as they felt on the inside. They kept crawling over my body.

For a second, I imagined mom crawling under the covers with me. Then I imagined she was a cow standing in the room, chewing on my Godzilla doll. My head wasn't in the clear yet. I blacked out.

I woke again to the sound of splashing. I was splashing in the tub.

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   It was full of ice! I was freezing, and my head felt like a rock. I looked around the bathroom gripping the edge of the tub ready to execute a hasty escape.

Rodney laughed. "Brother, stay right were you are. If you start raving about butt fucking tele-evangelists again, I'll drive you to one of them and let them drive the devil out of you. "

My brother watched too much television.

"I'm freezing! Let me out of here. " I tried to get up, but he was a good two years older, and HIS puberty was a distant memory. He held me in the tub with one hand.

"MOM! I think his fever broke. " Rodney yelled at the top of his lungs.

She had been waiting outside the door. She opened it and shuffled in. Averting her eyes from my body, she held out a thick towel. "Get him up and help dry him.

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   I'll get a blanket to wrap him. " She left.

I managed to stand and step out of the tub by myself, but my arms were weak. I could barely hold the towel. Rodney didn't seem embarrassed at all about drying my scrawny, naked self.

"Your fever isn't all that broke, eh Jules?" He grinned at me.

I was hugging myself and shivered. "Huh?"

He toweled me efficiently. ". . . but did you have to do it in front of mother?" Rodney laughed then.

"Oh crud, you aren't going to tell anyone, are you? I haven't wet my bed since I was a toddler. "

He suddenly laughed harder. "You thought it was pee?"

"Of course, I.

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  . . " I shut up.

Rodney smiled big and looked at me in a way I hadn't seen before. "Welcome to the club. "

"Oh GOD, mother saw THAT?" My jaw hung low.

"I'm not sure. When she told me to haul your ass into the bathtub, she might not have seen the stain down your pajama bottoms. She probably couldn't tell cum stains from sweat. You might get away clean. . . at least with her. " Big brother got way too serious then.


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   You're the one who took them off. " I had a new reason to tremble.

"You owe me big time, brother. I even washed your dick. " He just laughed and laughed, until a blanket hit him in the back.

"I didn't hear that!" Mother shouted.

For the remainder of my recuperation there was no more talk about dicks or cum, but I couldn't keep them out of my mind. My hallucinations had ended, but the image of fire shooting out of my dick haunted me like an owl in a tree. I wanted to see if I came the next time I jacked off. Unfortunately, I had to wait. With my mother swirling about, checking my health, I didn't feel safe enough to try out my new ability. She'd even check on me in the middle of the night.

By the forth day, I was feeling pretty horny. I didn't feel sick at all. I wandered about the house keeping my erections hidden as best I could and annoying everyone with a lot of, "Oh pity my sick self - let me watch what I want to watch on TV.

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  " or "Do we have to have lima beans? I think they make me feel worse. " Everyone, except my brother seem extra agitated. Mom increased her knocks at my door during the night, and my two sisters literally bounced off the walls.

"I think it was Shell who started it, but maybe it was Lynn. They managed to plant footprints as high as the key hooks in the entrance way. Mom heard the pounding and stopped their little contest straight away. She sent them outside. Rodney shook his head when he told me about it. "She actually yelled at them. Looks like you aren't the only one growing up. "

"Mom must not be happy about that. " I felt sorry for her. All her kids were starting to lose their adoration for her, except for me. Little Shelley was nine, and Lynn was eleven. "Their jumping against the walls woke me up.

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   I heard mother yell, 'What the fuck are you doing?'" None of us had ever heard her say, fuck.

Big brother looked at me. "You should get some sun. " He left me sitting on the couch. The TV was on 'mute'. I watched it for a little longer. I heard the front door let Rodney out. Mother walked into the living room a little while after he left. She looked a fright.

In my wild imaginations during my fever, my mind had exaggerated her appearance. Mom was good looking, but no model. She was a little chubby and slightly taller than me. Her hair was undone, and bags held her eyes for ransom. Something about her eyes struck me. They seemed to be holding something back.

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   Something eerie. My dick hardened.

"Honey, mommy's going to her room for a little while. Don't disturb your mommy for a little while, okay?"

"Uh sure. " I blinked. She looked like she needed a nap really bad. She didn't repeat herself very often. Little while.

As I watched my mom, I actually gave a damn about the clothes she was wearing. They were a jumble of styles, poorly matched. She had on a white pair of slacks and wore a cream yellow sweater over a pink blouse. Dust and grime spotted them somewhat. Down her back, her dark hair hung in ratty disarray. She disappeared up the stairs.

My cock reminded me about the changes that were happening in my body.


   It reminded me that I had the house to myself for a 'little while'. I hopped off the couch and climbed quickly to my room. I shed my clothes in record time. I swear my cock grew fingers and slipped out of my briefs by itself. My fingers were wrapped tightly about my seven inch shaft well before my body fell back on my bed.

"Ohh, I wish I could fuck somebody!" I whispered. My hand pulled firmly but slowly. I like slow fucks. They really get me high. I don't start beating it hard until I'm just about ready to shoot. Then it's like rockets. God, how I love to get off! Just because I didn't cum before, didn't mean I didn't climax when I was younger. Why else would I have done it?

I thought of my mother. She was so, oh I don't know. I didn't think about fucking her.

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   I spit into my hand and really gave my cock a good, slippery massage. I thought about my mother walking away from me, her round ass swaying. I imagined the yellow sweater. I imagined her taking off her pink blouse, right through her sweater as if by magic. I imagined her walking as she pulled it right off in front of me. I imagined her turning around at the hallway and raising her arms above her. Her tits covered by soft yellow wool. Dark nipples hinted beneath it.

"Ohhhhhh!" This wasn't going to take very long. My cock pulsed with inspiration. It had been severely neglected. Usually, I beat off once or twice a day. I looked at my fine cock. I gazed down my hairless chest and my other hand toyed with my testicles. I've got a good body, I tell myself.

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   My balls rumbled. I imagined sticking my cock into my mother's mouth and forcing her to suck it.

"Suck it now!" I whispered intensely.

I got a new feeling then, one that I've never felt since. My balls hurt briefly as if they had to burst through some male hymen to blast their load through my dick and shoot it high into the air. I showered my stomach and hips and thighs and bed cover with thick, white cum.

"AAAAHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!! OOoooohhhhhh!" I jacked my cock like there was no tomorrow. My crotch muscles contracted. My brain flew with release. I imagined my mother swallowing my cum, every drop. Then I stopped thinking about her, in my fantasy. I heard her yell from her bedroom. I couldn't make out the words, but I did understand what she was saying. It was the same thing I had just yelled.

Chapter 2

The next day, I felt great! But I had to go to school.

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   That day was the worst of my life. By comparison, the next night made it seem casual.

Unlike most Americans, my mother isn't a coward. She knows the lives of her children are more likely to be ended by a garbage truck slamming into our Japanese roller skate while driving us to school than by a stranger kidnapping us while we walked to it.

"A right punishment for them, if one did. " She claimed, pinching my side. We walked to school. Lynn and Shelley's primary school was only ten blocks away. Rodney and I walked together across three main streets and two back alleys to get to high school. I was a proud freshman. Rodney was a far less proud Junior, but he did enjoy the girls, and they enjoyed him. Whenever any should happen to cross our path, I became a ghost. 'Lousy chicks', I thought while walking four paces behind my popular brother.

This day, my first outside of quarantine, the air was particularly clear, the sun exceptionally bright, and the girls had reached a new high state of undress for the summer season.

"Oooo, Rod that's sooo fascinating!" Ursula gushed.

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   She was the first to latch on to my brother. He amazed her with his knowledge of sports cars.

"Tell us about the kind of engine you like. " Sabrina spoke softly, right next to his ear. "Is it a big engine, with lots of horse power?" She hung on to his right arm as if she'd blow away in the wind if she let go. She was anorexic enough to support that theory.

Ursula wouldn't be beat. "If you bring the engine, I'll bring the leather for your seat. " She breathed hotly. Her chest was so big you could only tell she was breathing by the vapor that steamed out her ears.

Yep, the girls were in perfect form. I grimaced and casually tried to position my hard-on to a more comfortable angle.

"Eewe!" Ursula noticed me. She pouted and flung her long hair to block me from her sight.

Girls my age wouldn't give me the time of day.

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   I wasn't bad looking, but I was definitely shy. My brother was many a freshman girl's idol, and I was his unseen shadow. To give the big guy credit, he had a steady girlfriend, and he was faithful.

Wendy laughed every time she saw the arm candy who tried to score her sweetshop. She was always waiting for him at the top of the school's front steps.

"Lose the ho's my dearest darling, or I'll eat them for lunch. "

"Bitch!" Ursula and Sabrina spit quietly in unison. It was their usual cue to attempt their undermining another day. This day, as I have warned, was to be cut from a new bolt of cloth.

Ursula suddenly grabbed my brother's hand and literally shoved it up under her tank top. "Do you like my surprise, honey? Today I'm going to show you don't have to settle for witch's tits. " She tried to force his hand to rub her covered but not hidden nipples.

Sabrina too was strangely smitten. She crawled like an express snail up Rodney's hips and gripped his torso with her scrawny legs. If her cunt had been bared it might have chewed right through his jeans.

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"Fuck that, honey. Limber pussy is what you really need. "

Rod, rarely at a loss for words, found himself in the center of a wilderness of unfamiliar territory.

Wendy moved first, to rescue him. She was nearly as aghast as he. If she were all cat, she couldn't have pounced more sinuously. Her hands proceeded to bitch slap the two freshmen before they could blink. I half expected a full cat-fight with my poor brother clawed to pieces between them, but nothing so fantasy-fulfilling could have happened that day. For Wendy suddenly paused. The other girls were still caught off their guards.

Rodney tried to speak first. "Hey, hey. None of this makes any sen. . .

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Wendy's eyes had grown very large. She wrapped her arms around my brother and kissed him passionately on the lips. The other two didn't seem to register the total redness on their cheeks. They clutched their intended booty with equal desire.

About one hundred students turned to witness the first four-way of fully clothed sex, never imagined. Three women, right before my very eyes were hunching and rubbing their privates all over my brother. Rodney tried to politely extract himself from the grip of three blatant competitors. He was as successful as a fly in a pitcher plant.

I was so embarrassed - my cock pushed my trousers out like a divining rod aimed directly at the source of it's origin. Nobody noticed me. Fortunately, Miss Helen Hargrove didn't either.

"What on earth?. . . and on school grounds, even!" She hollered as only a harpy of her age and ugliness could.

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   Shrill trills temporarily broke the strange spell enveloping the central scene. "Children, cease that foulness, IMMEDIATELY!!"

She stood her ground, six steps up and one yard beneath Glen Loch High School's stone edifice.

Lewd movements hesitated. Rodney found his escape, and he leaped for clear ground. The girls were obviously torn. They acted like a rat trio discovered in the nest of a hawk. It might catch only one or two of them if they scattered.

Vice Principal Hargrove was an outcast peahen defending her pride from a harem of younger hens. Her reputation as a hard ass was more important than her charges' futures.

"I'll expel the lot of you! Follow me this instant!" She huffed and turned to walk inside, fully expecting her four prisoners to join behind.

Unknown to me, I had been hedging my position farther and farther from the center of attention, directly away from Miss Hardass. Once more, a shift occurred in the faces of the three teenage girls. True horror gripped them. They were suddenly meek and tearful. They began their assent to certain hell.

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   Rodney noticed the change and after looking at me with both stymied and reassuring expressions, he trailed behind his recent assailants. I didn't see him again for the rest of the day. My cock finally found some rest, at least until my third period class.

Holly Winters was my one stumbling block to fame and fortune. She sat ahead of me in our history class. She was stunning. Holly was smart, beautiful, outgoing, as popular as myself, and above all hated me with a passion. When I wasn't dreaming about her body, I was neurotically imagining what terror she would next visit upon me.

"Hi shit-zits. " She turned to grin at me. "I hear the old bro' got quite a reception this morning. If I had been there, it wouldn't have been a contest. There'd be three cunts cumming from my mouth and hands before they had a chance to catch dick. She spun back around, uninterested in any reply. That's the other inflaming part of Holly, her flaming dykitude.

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   It was the reason Mr. Corothers surrounded her seat with boys.

After her enlightening lecture, I wished I had masturbated that morning, not that it would have helped. My cock would have sprouted wood after cumming five minutes before Holly slipped into her seat. It was always a show for her, to show the guys what they were missing. I wished I could show her. My cock tried in spite of my typical shyness. I tried to pay attention to world history.

"After the Bolsheviks took power in 1917, czarist loyalists, White Russians, waged a futile struggle against the Red Army for over a year before finally being cornered in their last stronghold in Siberia. " Mr. Corothers droned. For such a young instructor, he recited like a monotone, middle aged coot.

I felt like I was in Siberia, cornered by the heat of my loins in proximity to my greatest longing. I couldn't help but take a quick glance at the ice queen of heterosexuality. If only I could tell my cock the futility of its struggle.



Holly wasn't paying attention either. She seemed to be looking for something in the room. She glanced my way, briefly. Her face, for the first time wasn't flush with mockery. She looked worried. Her hands nervously clutched her pants. I could almost swear she was digging into her own thighs, but my view of them vanished as she looked elsewhere. Anyone with imagination might have guessed she was trying to masturbate, but that wasn't what I saw. Her knuckles were white from the tightness of her grip.

"Hey, what's the matter?" I dared to whisper. I was honestly concerned for her. I might have been in total lust for Holly, but I actually cared about her too. I knew her all lesbo offense was in reality a defense. My words startled her.

Suddenly, she leaped up and cleared her throat.

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   "Uh, I have to go to the bathroom. Right Now. " Our history teacher noticed her with a pained, curious look. Holly's urgency was marked by her explanation rather than her usual history of simply leaving.

"Hall pass is on the desk. " The teacher answered and rolled his eyes.

Holly made it out of the room in record time. I heaved a huge sigh of relief. My cock might have another chance to calm. Then I noticed the other students around me. Ben, Carlo, Doug, Steve, Shamus, they were goofing off as usual, or paying boredom induced attention to the lecture. Two of the other three nearest girls, Kate and Belinda sported expressions similar to Holly's, but less severe. Their hands nattered in their laps.

An unexpected gasp issued ahead of me and to my left. The third nearest, Carolyn something-or-other, had her hands on her chest and she was slowly fondling her breasts and looking at the ceiling.

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Immediately, the classroom ceased to be. All eyes turned. Mr. Corothers consented to let his jaw hang open. Carolyn was not the prettiest girl in class - she was the fattest. Her breasts were the size of auto headlamps from the forties. What you could make out of her legs beneath her extended belly was a slow swirl of movement. She was grinding thigh fat against her clitoris.

The room had become a theater. The men in the audience gulped simultaneously. Even I forgot the existence of the other people in the room. A virtual spotlight lit Carolyn's seat like angels from heaven. She was lost in her physical search for release.

"Hhhhmmmmmnnng!" She intoned. Eyes closed, she exhaled another wanton expression.

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The door opened. Holly walked in. She placed the hall pass back on the desk. She began to walk to her seat. I was but of a handful who noticed her. I watched her eyes. They were clear and only a little puzzled, but as she approached her seat, confusion and concern reignited in them. Then she noticed Carolyn.

Holly was, like most teenagers, not morally opposed to putting less socially acceptable peers into their supposedly deserved place. To say it bluntly, she regularly called Carolyn a watermelon among peaches, and she wasn't afraid to tell her. High school girls and their cruelty are one of the best pieces of bad evidence supporting the theory of Eve's original sin. Of course I, like my deserved peers, didn't dare to defend 'losers' like Carolyn and ourselves. We scattered from each other's sinking rafts like mice.

Holly shifted gears and direction without compromising her mesmerizing wriggle. She turned on a dime and headed straight for the fat bitch in heat.

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   She actually kneeled in front of Carolyn and had reached up the tent-like skirt before Mr. Corother's finally was able to rub two brain cells together.

"Holly! G-get your head out of that dress. " It was the best he could come up with. It did the trick. Everyone could see Holly shake her head under the colorful material and pull back out. She was blinking and twitching, as if trying to resist a powerful spell. Carolyn's sexuality was anybody's guess, but she hadn't reacted other than to spread her legs for the lesbian's approach.

"I think," our guiding light of education started, "i-it might be best if we. . . I dismissed class. Everyone, please leave calmly and efficiently. " Mr. Corothers clearly was neither in charge of the situation or himself.

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   Students slowly, hesitantly collected their books and bags and wandered out. Holly and Carolyn, he told to remain. . . in their separate seats. Reaching the relatively safe hallway, I darted for the johns. I immediately sought a lockable toilet booth and jerked off a load of youthful cum all over its interior.

Chapter 3

Here's the kicker. That day, when I masturbated, I pretended the set of events was my fault. I went so far as to call my cock the 'Horn Key'. All I had to do was point my cock at a woman and she would beg me for sex. The trouble was, none of them had. In typical revisionist thinking, post orgasm, I decided that sort of fantasy was directly responsible for old men in raincoats. I dismissed the concept. It returned to me later that night.

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Mother was yelling at Rodney when I arrived home from school. She stopped when she heard me enter, but it had been loud enough to escape the house. With luck, the neighbors were hiding behind two of their own doors with the windows and curtains shut.

"I don't know whether your principal is full of bullshit, or you're an aspiring prankster. This is not acceptable behavior in any case!"

"But mom. . . "

"Look," Mom interrupted. "This may be the new age of teenage sexual awakenings, but there are still plenty of us old fogies who are willing to call their lawyers to deal with these kinds of things. This house can't afford to be sued over your principal's story that you led three innocents into lewd public acts. "

"I didn't do anything. They just attacked me. " Rod stood his ground.

"Rod, you've been a good son long enough. I can believe you, but our community is going to blame the guy first.

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   Girls are only blamed when they've been raped. "

I opened the front door. Their focus shattered. Rod looked relieved.

"Hey sport, I got detention!" My brother beamed, hoping to break mom's anger.

Mom noticed me with an abbreviated smile and walked into the kitchen.

I approached Rod and hit his arm. "Idiot. "

"Batten down, before I bat you back. " He flared.

"Shut up, both of you. " Mother yelled. Her voice cracked.

Rod grabbed my shirt and dragged me to his room.

"Jules, mom's had a rougher day than either of us.

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   Miss Hardass phoned her and I had to bring notes from the classes I missed. I just wish to hell I understood what happened. You were there. What did you see?"

"I dunno. It looked like you might finally lose your virginity on Glen Loch High's front steps. What did the girl's say?"

"Miss Hardass questioned them separately, but I met Wendy before they sent us home. She told me that when she saw Ursula and Sabrina climbing all over me, she wanted to beat them lifeless so she could kill me. Then all of a sudden, they disappeared. All she could see was me, and her body leaped to kiss me before she even realized it. She said, she'd never been so horny in her life. "

"Wow, can I use your aftershave?" I was struck. His story had prepared the ground for a new tent in my pants.

"Cut the jokes. Everyone's upset, even me, but I'm worried most about mom. "

"Did you hear what happened in my history class?" I switched events.

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"Oh yeah, Mr. Corother's shepherded Holly and Carolyn into Miss Hardass's office while I was waiting for the next round of The Inquisition. Maybe their story was what saved me from being expelled. I heard Holly was expelled. "

"Oh, no!" It really hurt. I punched my palm.

"She put up quite a fight. I could hear her yelling right back at the vice principal. 'I ought to stick my head up YOUR dress, cunt, and then you'd know what the fuck made me do it. ' She started to cry like a little girl the moment she shut the office door behind her. "

"Damn, I wish I could call her. She wasn't the only one who lost it. Carolyn was rubbing her tits right in front of everyone. "

"Please, I didn't need to visualize that. " Rod tried to lighten the mood.

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"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"I dunno, but I've got three days to do it in. "

Mom called us for supper. We hadn't noticed Lynn and Shelley arrive, nor the hour that had passed by. That meal was eaten quietly. Every time Lynn or Shell pipped up, they were met with a conspiracy of silence.

I sipped at my lukewarm soup. Dinner seemed to last forever. I was thinking about Holly. I had a hard-on. I didn't know there were such things as sympathy based erections. Sex was the farthest thing from my mind. I really felt bad for the poor girl, but my dick had it's own emotional track. I stared at my soup and prayed nobody would ask me to get up. The table top defended me from embarrassment due to natural causes.



The quiet was interrupted by what I thought was a renewed attempt at igniting a conversation around the table.

"Stop that, Lynn!" Shell's voice squeaked.

"Stop what?" Lynn retorted a little too quickly.

My head snapped up. Both girls fidgeted, both clearly nervous about something. The older girl looked as if she had been caught in a mouse trap. The younger one, Shell, might have been dealing with an internal struggle.

"You aren't supposed to do that where people can see. " Shell kept her voice to a whisper, but the room was so quiet she might have hollered.

Lynn's face turned bright red. She jumped up and ran out of the kitchen.

"Mom!" Lynn tried to preempt the expected disaster.

All eyes turned to our mother.

Her face was white as linen. Her eyes were like marble.

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   She trembled, apparently unaware of anything in the room. Her hands were buried under the table.

Rod saved the moment. "Shell, go get your Mom a towel from her bathroom. "



That got the little one out of the room.

"Mom?" My brother looked closer.

She was barely breathing. Her forehead began to drip from the tension behind it.

"Bro', stand guard outside the door. "

My dick stood like a rock. I almost didn't dare to expose it, but Rod had called me 'Bro' and that meant a lot to me. I hurried out, shutting the door behind me. Rod would fix everything, I told myself. He'll find out what's going on. I leaned over and listened within.

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"Rod, good heavens, you have to fuck me right now!" My dear mom suddenly screamed from inside the secured room.

A second later, the door flew open, throwing me to the carpet. Rodney raced through the living room. He reached the front door by the third second. On the fifth, it slammed shut behind him. The same instant, mom appeared from the kitchen and stood over me. Her hands clutched and dragged at her crotch.

"You!" She threatened me.

Nothing a sane man would admit, followed.

"You're trying to kill me!" Pure terror filled her voice. "I have to fuck you or I'm going to die. Please put an end to it. I beg you!" She ranted. Her face was livid with pain, and to this day I'm positive she was more afraid of her own feelings than of me.

I had fallen against the wall.

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   (There would be bruises. ) My head wasn't any clearer than hers. With my thoughts elsewhere, the blood in my cock drained back into my brain. I tried to comprehend what my mother was talking about. There was no way she was begging, telling me to fuck her. (Hours later, I'd push my prick to the edge with self-abuse thinking about my mother standing over me, tears in her eyes, shaking her fist, demanding that I rip off her clothes and force my seven inch cock into her overheating cunt. ) The reality shriveled me to the size of a peanut. I felt like crying. Rodney had been able to run away, but I was cornered like a corned beef sandwich on a blue plate special.

"Mom, what are you saying?" I pleaded.

If my mother had been wearing any less than four layers the inevitable would have happened in the worst way. Had she not got stuck trying to unbutton her sweater, my dick would have reinflated upon first view of her considerable charms. A measure of sense returned to my ringing brain. I searched for space to escape through. Mom's attention and frustration transferred to her fingers flying to remove the top sweater button from it's hole.

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   She cursed it, but her words lightened, and my fear eased.

"Blast this darn mohair. It's all fouled up. " Her fingers slowed their fury. I watched her face change. Its desperate whiteness began to clear. Her skin flushed as her tension subsided. I saw her eyes, sharp with anger, soften, but they continued to round out, growing wider. They shimmered with liquid. The flush in her cheeks became a deep blush, and she looked at me with a new horror, her memory of the previous minute.

"My poor babies!" She gasp and fled through the living room and up the stairs. Her door slammed shut in the distance. The faint click of its lock sounded like the clang at the end of a wrestling match.

I remained collapsed on the living room carpet and leaned against the wall. My world wrinkled.

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   Mother had never frightened me like that. Her mind had been possessed, but by what? Three times in one day, every girl in my vicinity had gone sexually berserk.

"Duh!" I struck my forehead. I may not have been the geekiest freshman in high school, but two and two are still four, even when your only digits are male and female. I contemplated experiments which would sort out these insane events. I had to perform one soon, or my whole family would go mad. Before anything else, however, the current situation required immediate attention. I stood up, walked to my room, ignored the stare of two pairs of girl eyes and made a herculean effort to keep my mind blank. Lying upon my bed, door barricaded with a desk chair, fantasies of my mother commanding me to fuck her undoubtedly beautiful and dripping cunt made me cum into a tissue in less than a minute.

Later that night, the instant I felt another hard-on growing, I jacked it as quickly as I could. I didn't sprout another until morning, and I rushed to the bathroom to pee. Fortunately, for my cock's skin, pissing a morning hard-on was just as effective. For two days, I masturbated as often as I could, with hardly a moment of lingering horniness. Unfortunately, my dick started to hurt from the effort. I began to carry a tube of KY-jelly I stole from a drug store.

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For one week, nothing out of the ordinary, female-wise, happened, neither at school nor at home. Phase two of the experiment began under strict environmental controls. I began peeping into my neighbor's windows, my distant neighbors. I looked for the least sexual female in our town who left her shutters open.

I don't know her name. I never went back. But she can be proud today for instilling the respect I have for women and the discipline I learned to avoid future disasters. She was an old woman, probably in her sixties. Her house was perfect. Its dilapidated, unfenced grounds, raised weeds as tall and thick as my fourteen year-old head. Slinking through her overgrown backyard, I spied the woman sitting down for a cup of tea. It was late, eleven o-clock, an hour past my bedtime. My mother had been giving me and Rodney the silent treatment since the incident. More about that later. Breaking curfew was the least of my concerns.

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For a sixty year old, my target wasn't all that bad looking. Her skin wasn't very wrinkled, and she didn't wear clothes that looked like a tea cozy. She even kept her breasts standing at three o-clock, probably with some modern version of the corset. Imagining having sex with her wasn't the hardest thing in the world, but I had to work on it. That was the clue which unlocked my mystery.

What was this thing I did to women whenever my dick got hard? It had begun wholly without any knowledge or control on my part. Dick hard - women horny. Life expectancy, less than a year. Somebody else was bound to figure it out, and there was no way I could continue a program of masturbation five to eleven times a day. I'd wear my cock down to the size of a tooth pick! I still wasn't sure it was me, but I was pretty sure. Maybe it was just my dick.

So there I was, late at night, hidden in tall weeds, peeking at somebody's well preserved granny as she sipped a cup of tea. In order to proceed with my experiment, I had to get a hard-on. This scene may be somebody's fantasy, but it wasn't mine. I was a little cold, guilty to be thinking sex about a nice old lady, and slightly worried a SWAT team was waiting to make their move from behind the house across the street.

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Well, there had to be something sexy about it. I thought and thought. There's always something you can find to get turned on about. I gave her breasts a second look and then a third. They were kind of pointy. What if the little woman had gotten a boob job from the local fashion surgeon? What if she was really a hot momma who sipped her tea and thought about teenage boys she flashed her tits to in the park.

I thought about her sitting on a park bench, feeding the pigeons wearing a colorful, unbuttoned blouse she kept closed with one hand. When some young bub like me walked by, she would cough and let her blouse open in his direction. Maybe she was thinking about teenage cock right now. What if she used her manicured tits to lure boys back to her quaint, blue speckled wall papered home, to suck on their cocks while they groped her enhanced breasts and fingered her hot and dripping cunt.

Okay, I could feel the lump growing in my shorts. It was working.

The semi-old woman stood up and set down her tea. She went to the stove and lifted the tea pot. She returned to refill her cup.

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I was soft again.

Fuck it. I reached my hand down my pants and thought of my mom. "I have to fuck you or I'm going to die. Please put an end to it. I beg you!" She had yelled at me. When it had happened for real, it made me wilt faster than the little old lady. When I fantasized about it, my cock grew an extra cock just to store the excess blood. I was rock hard.

The old woman stopped drinking her tea. Her hands were shaking. Her eyes seemed to be searching the kitchen. She looked out her window. I ducked down quick. I watched her stand up and walk towards the window.

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   She was about to close the damn curtains!

Then I saw her tits. They were pretty big for her small waist. Maybe she did have a boob job. Maybe she was wearing a push-up corset. My original fantasy about her using her tits to lure innocent boys to her house came back to me on its own accord. Hell, I thought, I could fuck her tits!

Her arms reached up to grab the drawstring, but instead they landed across her chest! I was seriously thinking about fucking her tits. My hand was still in my pants. I imagined the most youthful pair of perky tits around the slim waist of an old woman. My cock was creaming with enough pre-cum to lube the way through the cleft of her white breasts.

I saw her face go white, even whiter than an old woman sitting around a house all day. One of her trembling hands shot itself through her plain green blouse. I think I heard a button snap. She reached for her tit so quickly the sturdy construction of her blouse was no match for her inexplicable desire. She opened her mouth as part of a wild and surprised, but determined expression.

Her hand disappeared under green cloth.


   It's movements mimicked a tongue swirling around, inside one cheek. Her breath became short. I was beating my meat with an unaccustomed urgency. My mind latched onto the idea that my cock had entered a hyper-dimensional gateway linking my pants to her blouse. The faster I fucked my hand, the faster her hand rubbed her tit. Her other hand began reaching into her skirt.

Jesus woman, what do I have to imagine now, sticking my cock into your gnarly snatch and plugging you with cum?

I lost it.

Not my cum, but my train of thought derailed at the difficult, erotic notion of fucking the old woman. That was just plain wrong! I might have gotten away with it if I had been closer to orgasm, but I was just beginning, and the change of gears from perky tit fucking to old cunt fucking was too much too soon.

My cock didn't soften right away. The fantasy I weaved unraveled, and I found myself stroking a good beat and simply enjoying the feeling of hand on dick. It felt pretty good. The old woman continued reaching into her skirt, perhaps even fingering her cunt, but her tit hand suddenly freed itself and yanked on the curtain's drawstring. My first voyeured woman disappeared from my life forever. I didn't even jack myself off to completion.

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   I scrambled away, hoping distance might correct the problem of my special horniness. Previous situations had supported an inverse-square law for my 'horn key'.

I walked home, thoughts swirling. I was pretty sure I had discovered what I needed to control my effect, but I still faced the same dilemma every horny teenager faced. My dick listened to no one else and rarely to me. Until my hormone spurting glands withered from age, I was a walking hurricane of desire. Either I would have to learn to use my power for the good of mankind, enslave all women to my perverse will, or join the Navy. I hear they've got drugs for dampening sexual energy.

The trick was concentration. I had to focus my thoughts on what made me horny, and then I could control the actions of women within range. Undisciplined horniness was received by women as general desire, powerful desire without a proper throttle for control. Women went sort of mad with horniness. While that might be nice for a wild weekend, everyday living would be hell on earth.

I don't know where it came from, how it actually works, nor why I had been 'blessed' with it. It sure seemed tied in with my recently acquired, natural ability to impregnate women.

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   Maybe since puberty had occurred late in my youth I got a bonus prize. Great, now that I had figured out a crude way to control it, I suddenly had to learn how to discipline myself or I would likely end up in a bad way. This is no different than the life of other fourteen year-olds.

Even worse, in my English class, I was the guy who hated to read book assignments about rites of passage. They all seemed so phony. Well to say the least, I doubt anyone has written a rite of passage story more ridiculous than my own.

As I said, my thoughts swirled. Exactly what the hell I was doing? I don't know. The actual mechanism of my power remains a mystery, just as the mechanism of electricity remained unknown decades after electricity had been used around the world. I guess I'm just not the kind of person who can believe in magic, even when its shooting out of my cock. Pheromones might be the most logical agent (except not through a closed window), but Kirlian photography, Satan's finger up my ass, and a host of other fraudulent sciences might be revived, yet again, to explain the matter. I didn't care. I believed I could fuck any woman, any time, and they liked it, whether or not they liked it.

Chapter 4

Out of practice comes discipline. Only through discipline can one practice.

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   I had learned the secret of my erection's effect, but learning to control it proved as dangerous as letting heated desires run amok.

I mentioned that mother had kept silent since the evening everything fell apart. She answered quietly and succinctly when asked specific questions like 'Where are my socks', but she ignored everything else. I think she might have even talked with a shrink. I found a phone number for a Dr. Shigswon on the phone pad, but the number had been crossed out.

Two days after I visited the little old lady, I made a fateful decision. I would fight two demons with the same magic, my demon and my mother's. It reality they were the same demon, and its first victim had been my mother. Drastic measures must be taken. Guilt over this bothered me to the point where I didn't have an erection for three days. I missed an entire day of school worrying over my plan and praying I didn't hurt her.

Nearly two weeks after driving my mother to sexually assault her children, I sought her out and confronted her. I think Rodney was out of the house confronting his own demons. He hadn't spoken much either.

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"Mother, please sit with me and listen to something I have to tell you. " My heart thrummed like a locomotive clawing its way across the Rocky Mountains.

She tried to walk around me, her head faced the carpet. "Not right now, okay honey?"

"No, it's not okay. We have to talk. " Seeing my once proud and feisty mother shy away from me like I were a villain, shamed me. Of course, she was thinking the villain was her.

"Sit down mother. " I took her arm and slightly tugged her towards the couch.

She suddenly nodded and actually looked me in the eye. "I guess you're right. Thanks. " She attempted a smile. She turned and headed for the far cushion.

Her subordination to my command was an incredible turn on, but I had prepared well.

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   In my left hand I cradled a thorny thistle pod. I clenched it and clenched my teeth in response. My cock demurred to the sudden distraction of pain, barely. I sat on the couch cushion farthest from my mother.

"Honey?" Mom tilted her head at my pained expression.

"This is going to sound. . . " I began, stalled, gulped, and proceeded. "This is going to sound like total horseshit, but before you get up and walk away, I'm going to prove to you that neither you nor I are crazy.

The word stung her. I could see in her eyes that she wanted immediately to rebuke my choice of words, but her own need to find something she could grasp after two weeks of indistinct nightmares paused her.

"Do you remember when I fell ill, and I was hallucinating?"

"Yes? I remember. "

"During my lapses of consciousness, I dreamed of you. You kept by my side so much you walked into my dreams.

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   You seemed prepared for everything that happened. Before I felt chill you had already filled the hot water bottle. Before I began to burn you had refreshed the ice pack. These things you did, because you know me better than I know myself. "

"Julius, you aren't the first son I've raised. " Mother's eyebrows lifted.

"Yes, but you are highly attuned to me. I believe you can share my feelings when they are strong enough. " What I was telling my mom probably was total horseshit, but I had to break the news to her in a way she wouldn't object outright.

"Wh-what are you talking about, son?" It appeared my personal Missouri-ism had roots.

"I'm talking about sex, mother. "

She froze like a stone.

"I'm trying to tell you it wasn't your fault. It was mine. "

"No, I was.

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  . . "

"I'm going to prove it to you. Right here. Right now. " I let my grip relax, and the slightly bloody thistle fell to the floor. I looked into my mother's eyes. They were grayer than the blue I had always attributed to them. They were beautiful.

"Can you feel this?" I let myself relax and looked deep. My half hard cock jerked. I thought about her lips, how full they were. I thought of them trembling. I thought of her tongue glistening with slick spittle. "Mother can you feel your mouth come alive?"

She caught her breath.

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I imagined her mouth moving closer to the turgid flesh within my trousers. I imagined drool, just a drop, leaking out as she unzipped me with her teeth. I could see her mouth, full like a tulip, embracing my humble stone that prayed upon its pillar.

Her tongue pushed out and licked her lips. Mother's pupils turned to pinpoints.

"Tell me, mother. Tell me. " I urged her.

"No, th-this can't be happening. " She had to use her mouth to speak.

Her fingers reached for her face.

"Suck on your fingers mother. "

Her expression drained all color from her face. Her hands reached inside her mouth and lips, like two snakes, closed down upon them. Clear drops seeped out from between her fingers.

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   She closed her eyes and hummed.

"What does it feel like?" I asked her. My cock pressed expansively within my shorts. "Tell me. "

"Mmbbllmm. Gu-goood. " A tear crept out of her left eye. She gulped down liquid pouring into her mouth from its overstimulated glands.

The part I feared worse than death neared. Could I dare to do it?

I love my mother. She was the one source of my soul and life. The missing father in my past held nothing for me. Here I was, openly triggering my mom's sexual responses and focusing their energies, but to complete the cycle, I had to reach my own satisfaction. All of my mother's beauty and powerful spirit were toys in the fingers of my sexual potency.

I grasp the zipper on my pants and opened it.

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   My other hand reached in and caught the length of my erection. I wriggled it out through the fly in my underwear. The head of my cock broke free of its sweaty confinement, but my mother could not see it. I thought only of her mouth, sucking my cock with languid draws.

Mother slid down the couch cushion. Her lips slurped and smacked. Her idle hand started rubbing up and down her stomach.

Her slurping caused my body to twitch. When she began touching herself, my cock jumped in my hand, but I didn't shoot right then. I freely jacked on my cock and imagined spurts of its pre-cum seeping from her lips. My hips hunched involuntarily.

"That's right mother. Imagine your sucking lips are clamped down around a nice fat dick. It tastes so good mother, doesn't it?" I jerked with emphasis. Little shocks like orgasms stirred in my waist.



"Mmmmmm, sooo gooood. " She punched another finger into her mouth and slobber spilled out. Her cheek twitched. Her jaw shook drops of spit over her blouse. Her eyes tightened as a few spasms rocked her breasts. I was pounding my erect prick four feet away from my mother while she sucked on all her fingers, eyes closed, telling herself they were one fat cock suffing her throat.

"Do you like hard dicks in your mouth, mother?"

"Mm, do, mmm doooo. " Mom's other hand pushed into her skirt, between her legs. She slid down the cushion some more. Her ass hung half off the edge of the couch. I scooted across and leaned over mother. My hand pounded my meat, and I aimed it at her face.

Mom seemed lost in wherever her own desires had driven her. Her fingers twisted around inside her lips like rowboat oars impelling a lazy trip across serene water. It was the sexiest moment I had ever experienced, and at fifteen, it was like the intense blue of a jet engine where once there had been a candle's flicker.

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   I came like a rocket. Cum raced up from my groin and burned the air with its heat. Sticky hot cum splashed on mom's nose and hand and cheeks. It spilled down my shaft and soaked into my pants. My hand stroked over my cock madly now. The flames in my head exploded in a gigantic fireball.

I grunted like a sated pig.

Mother's hand plunged in and out of her mouth. The hand in her skirt rubbed with enough force to leave her fingers white. She mumbled wildly, slurping and sloshing spit like a butter churn, but when my scalding jism blasted her face, her eyes flew open and locked onto my hand finishing it's successful action. Her eyes expanded to horrified disks, and she pulled her hand out of her mouth just in time to let out a shriek.

"Jules!!!! Aieeeeeee!!!!!!" Her face was a terrified grimace of realization.

I covered my cock, but it was too late. The truth had picked up each of us and dumped us individually into spiked pits. Honestly, I wanted to cry.

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   The effort it had taken to bear my discovery before my mother in a manner she was forced to acknowledge nearly caused me to curl up and die.

Instead, I jumped up and sped out of the room. As I ran, I stuffed my wilting cock back into my pants, nearly cutting it with my zipper. I raced outside. Cum soaked into my trousers and cooled. I ran straight into my brother.

"Jules, what's the matter?" He grabbed me, roughly. For a second I thought he was angry with me. "I heard a shout. "

He had been walking up to our front door. The grass in afternoon shade gave green contrast to my red face. "Rodney, I didn't see you. "

"That was mother shouting again, wasn't it?"

"NO!" I answered without thinking. "I-It. .

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  . "

"It was her. She's at it again, isn't she?"

"Brother please, listen to me. "

"You can't defend her. It's a sickness. She needs help. "

"But, it was me. . . I mean I was helping her. "

Rodney interpreted what I said in the worst way possible. "Oh God, It's too late. They'll put her in prison! Jules, are you okay? Did she injure you? You're trembling. . .

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   I-I have to put an end to this. "

"NO! You don't know what you're talking about. Nothing happened. She didn't touch me. " I shouted and backed away, actually intending to bar my brother from the front door.

"Jules, it's no use protecting her. She'll only hurt you again. " My brother was so confused by his fear for our mother's sanity and my safety, he ignored everything I said. He pushed me aside and reached for the doorknob.

"I'll prove it to you!" I yelled and punched him as hard as I could. "It's all MY fault, not moms!"

My weak blow must have knocked some of his anger aside. He stopped and looked at me. "How the hell is it your fault?" And he waited for an answer.

I looked him straight in the eye and said. "I don't know.

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  " My answer didn't stun him. That fierce look grew back on his face, but before he could resume his march, I hurriedly added. "But I can prove it. "


"Take me to your girlfriend, Wendy. "

Chapter 5

Rod plainly didn't believe me, but my challenge was too weird not to call what had to be a bluff. Would a young teen who had just been molested by his mother act as if he had been the villain? Well, maybe, but that would be getting ahead of my story. Rodney probably figured he could secure me at Wendy's for a couple hours while he confronted mom.

My brother preened briefly at Wendy's front door. He knocked, and after several seconds delay, Wendy's father appeared. The older man wasn't too happy with what he saw.

"This home hasn't had the pleasure of your company for some time, Rodney. Come on in, I can't let the neighbors watch me beat to death another kid who's gotten my daughter into trouble. " Wendy's father didn't crack a smile.

I checked my brother. He ignored me.

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"Yes sir, Mr. Palnasus. My brother's here to drag my body back home. Is Wendy here?"

"Yeah," Our doomsayer opened a space for us to squeeze through. "She helping her mother with dinner. Wait on the couch. I am pissed off, Rod, but I'm patient enough to hear your story. Tell a good one, and you can join us. Tell the wrong one, and you'll be first course. "

We sat ourselves right down, eager to submit. If we had been dogs, we would have rolled on our backs. Rod answered, "I'm not going to lie, sir, but it was a crazy thing. I still don't know what happened, but this is what I saw and what I did. . .

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Rodney told a decent version of the fateful morning. As he related the events, he turned his head to me a couple times, and zapped me with a critical look, even though he never mentioned me in his tale. He was remembering just where I stood throughout his ordeal.

"Well, that's probably a load of horseshit, but Wendy believes you, and I've always found you to be forthright. You know if I catch a whiff of falsehood, later on, I'll ask the school to expel you. " Mr. Palnasus reached for a tin on the coffee table. "Butter cookie?"

We both accepted. Wendy appeared in the archway to the kitchen, nearly as upset as her father.

"Dad, mother's being impossible. Oh, hi Rod!" She suddenly beamed at my bother. Then she resumed pouting at her father. "It's either her or me, choose. "

"I don't want either of you. I never did understand who let women get into this house.

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   Pest control wants a fortune to remove you both. "

"Yes daddy,. . . and mom and I already spent your fortune. Get a new line. " Wendy bounced over to Rod and promptly forgot her father. She flumphed down on my brother's lap.

"Miss me?"

"Excuse me, product of my sin, but you're still grounded lower than the circle of false prophets. "

"Dad, but. . . "

"Kitchen or bedroom. " Mr. Palnasus pointed a finger.

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This time, Wendy pouted for real. She got herself and her dander up and stamped out of the room. She didn't return to the kitchen.

"So, for what purpose do we have the pleasure of your visit today?" The head of the household asked as if he were the guardian of a temple.

"Uh, we were walking along and smelled the food here?" Rodney tried.

Mr. Palnasus sniffed purposefully. "Yeah, best meat pies on the block. I'll go see what the hold up is. " He exited to the kitchen.

Rodney turned to me. "Take me to your girlfriend. . . !" He snorted my words back at me and shook his head.

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   "Little bro, you'd better be the first meat pie, because I swear I'll eat you before he turns me into one. " My brother had spent too much time in this house, listening to Wendy's dad.

An hour later, we had seated ourselves around a fairly small kitchen table. My left elbow brushed against Ms. Palnasus'. Her husband sat on my right, at the head of the table, and the two infatuants were allowed to sit side by side. Wendy's father kept a clear view of their laps, daughter at his immediate right.

"Should we say grace?" Ms. Palnasus asked when she finally sat down. The entire table had kept quiet until then.

"Sure," The high priest grinned and lifted his eyes heavenward. God, you've got no reason to listen to sycophants who can't live without believing in you, so I won't bother pretending, but these two lost boys probably could use a dose of your brimstone and hellfire. Don't worry about my daughter. She's already been sold to Satan. "

"Daddy!" Wendy complained.



"Hortense, really!" Ms. Palnasus rebuked and lifted a dish. "Potato salad?"

"Yes, please. " I smiled.

Rodney tried to act the adult. "I don't know much about religion, but if God's listening, I'm sure you made Him laugh. "

"Yes, well, pass the gravy son. " The father indicated a bowl steaming in front of my brother.

That thing I told you about, my elbow rubbing Ms. Palnasus. With her serving dishes across the table in every direction, my arm was continuously brushed, jostled, patted, and smoothed. I didn't have enough space between her and her husband to lean clear. Across the table, Wendy, who wasn't supposed to make eyes with Rod, found me a target ripe for teasing. She batted her gorgeous eyes and smiled her seductive smile. I even felt her feet trace my shin once.

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I was blushing so hard I failed to notice the erection of one fine hard-on. Only when I found Wendy looking at me with a total blank did I jump up and excuse myself from the table. This wasn't what I had planned. A quick glance to my left found the mother in a similar confusion.

"Excuse you, son?" Mr. Palnasus raised his voice. "We just started to eat, and we all watched you take your business to the bathroom a few minutes before the chow bell rang. No adolescent food critic is going to insult my wife's cooking. Drop right back down there and sit polite until the rest of us are finished. Whether you eat or not is your business, but you will keep our company. "

I was given no option. I think I remained standing for a couple seconds and stuttered something that resembled an argument. . .

"Now!" Somehow, respectable fathers are able to yell without raising their voices.

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My legs gave way without my consent, and my butt slammed into the hard, wooden seat. Unfortunately, my prick didn't wilt in a similar manner. It had poked out from inside my loose jeans so far no one at the table, including my brother, could mistake it.

A hand reached out and firmly grasp my left thigh. Ms. Palnasus stared at me. I tried to halt her progress below with both of my hands.

"What in heaven's name?" Mr. Palnasus queried his daughter. Her eyes were desperately burning at her father. He slapped at what must have been a similar hand under the other side of the table. Immediately, Wendy turned around and grabbed Rodney in a hug.

"Oh God, I love you so, Roddy. "

Ms. Palnasus used her left hand to turn my head, and she planted a wet kiss on my lips.

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   I could feel her tongue digging past them. The hand in my lap rushed through my defenses, having successfully distracted me. It gripped my boner urgently. The immediate future was about to melt down like a nuclear reactor.

"Rosette!!" Mr. Palnasus exclaimed.

"Wendy, please, not in front of your father!" Rodney was knocked over by a feather. His girlfriend leaned hard against him and unseated them both. They crashed to the floor. Wendy quickly assumed the top position.

"Oh baby, I need you in my cunt, right now!"

Her mother used both of her hands to try and unleash the devil in my pants. Her kiss continued to glue me to my seat.

Now it was the father's turn to jump up out of his seat. "What is this, a joke? Some kind of prank? Hello!!!" But the madness continued.

Shock disarmed me.

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   Mrs. Palnasus was able to free my cock with a quick unsnap and unzip. Her hands melted into my flesh. I could feel the eagerness in her fingers.

Rodney was perfectly stunned, Wendy pulled her dress up to her waist and placed his hands on the stretch band of her panties. "Tear them off!" She demanded.

Mr. Palnasus was so befuddled, he stood for nearly a count of ten.

Suddenly, a volcano exploded in the room.

"Well. . . I. . .

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   NEVER!!!" The father shouted and stomped away. I think I heard the front door open.

"No, wait, Mr. Palnasus, please, HELP!" My brother yelled after him.

I was jolted from my delirium. I had to do something. I couldn't think of anything except the woman firmly massaging my cock.

"Suck on my tits. " She begged as she continued to kiss me.

Rodney managed his own escape rather quickly, once he collected himself and realized the situation. Two prior experiences were quite enough to aid his muster. He was a head taller than Wendy and nearly twice her weight. He simply lifted her up as he regained his feet and set her down. She hugged him with all her might, throughout.

"I need your cock.

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   I need it. " She whined.

One hopeful note sang inside my dick as I felt myself ready to cum. Just a few more seconds of Ms. Palnasus' jacking and kissing would release us all.

I didn't get the chance.

Without warning, shocking cold water flooded the room and soaked us from the direction of the front door. "If you're going to act like dogs, I'll treat you like dogs. " Mr. Palnasus hollered, directing a torrent from the garden hose in his hands.

Everybody was stunned afresh. All activities froze. My cock withered. Rodney tried to shield Wendy from the water. Ms.

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   Palnasus shouted, "Oh my God!" straight into my ear.

Cold water shot into the kitchen for nearly a minute before Mr. Palnasus released the trigger.

"Boys, I think you'd best leave. " Was all he said to us, was all he needed to say. We cleared past him .