Mr. Popular

Mind Control

In high school, I was pretty much an unnoticed person. I played in the band and was pretty good and as such, pretty respected, but not popular. Average looking, I had a few girlfriends over the years, but none that my friends drooled over. One of my best friends, however, was intensely hot and very popular as well. Lora and I had known each other for a few years and she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met, let alone been friends with. The best thing was, she either didn't know, or didn't care that she was as hot as she was. Everyone was the same to her.
Still, I don't think she had ever thought about me in a romantic way in her life. We were just friends who lived next door to each other. Our rooms were both on the 2nd floor of our houses and faced each other. Unfortunately, I never had the experience of seeing her change. She was always careful to close the blinds when she would do that, much to the disappointment of my blue balls. One night however, my whole life changed.
I was doing homework at my desk which faced out the window. She was reading on her bed. I tried to not stare at her, but seeing her in her pj's with wet hair and no make-up, there was a raw beauty and sexuality that was driving me crazy.

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   I started to picture her rubbing her nipples through her bed clothes. I thought about her taking off her clothes seductively and walking, no almost prancing around in her panties with her large breasts heaving in the air. I thought about her rubbing her pussy through her pantied leaving a nice darkened wet spot with her cum. I just kept thinking about it, going more and more into my own little world until I saw her moving. At first it scared me because I had been staring out the window at her and the last thing I needed was Lora thinking I was a perv, or knowing I was one, truthfully.
But then I looked again, and I couldn't believe it. She was rubbing her tits right there in front of me! I couldn't believe my luck. Here I had never seen her so much as change her shirt and now she was rubbing herself. I just sat and watched as she tenderly played with each nipple, a little pinch here, a little twist there. But as I was watching, she stopped. She went back to her reading for a little bit, turned off her light and went to sleep. I on the other hand jerk my cock so much that night, it was red the next day. Some of you guys know what I'm talking about.
Well the next night, I made sure to be in my room in case of a repeat performance. She, again after a shower to clean up from pom practice, looked positively gorgeous to me and while waiting for something to happen, I started day dreaming again.

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   Much along the same lines as the last night but with the nude prancing playing a more prominent role. I was startled back to reality when she got up from her bed. I thought for sure I had been caught, but she paid little to no attention to me (no surprise), walked to the middle of her room, dropped her shorts, revealing an amazing navy blue thong that wasn't a slutty g-string but framed her ass quite well, and took off her shirt letting loose those wonderful C cup tits I had beat off to so many times. After standing there unsure for a second, she began to parade around the room in a way that made me think there should be a pole in there. But as I was watching the best show of my life, I began to think: last night I pictured her playing with her tits and she did, tonight I pictured her walking around the room naked and she did. Could it be? A smile flashed across my face.
I concetrated as much as I could with the display going on in front of me, and pictured her licking her fingers and rubbing her little bud nipples. It worked! Her nipples now wet and erect, I pictured her reaching down and placing her hands on her cunt underneath her panties. I wanted to wait to reveal that precious pussy for a minute. Seemingly sensing my intentions, she reached down, put her hands on her pussy and began to rub the outside. After bringing her up to the point of orgasm and backing her off a few times, I decided it was time to see that sweet cock-holder (I know it's a lame name, but I was a dork remember?). I commanded her mind to get back on the bed and remover her thong slowly. I was about to bust a nut, but she subconciously teased me, taking her sweet time. When I finally saw it, I almost passed out. To my knowledge, she had never had sex before, but she had a shaved beaver, which to my limited knowledge at the time, meant that preferred it that way.

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What followed is pretty much a blur to me. I know I had her finger herself to a positively explosive climax. I know I had her lick all of her fingers clean. But the rest really is hazy in my memory. All I know is, standing 5 feet inside my room, I shot cum out my open window watching it.
Taking it up a notch
The next day, I determined I was going to talk to Lora about the previous night. I was scared shitless, but I decided to do it. We often drove to and from school together to save money on gas. I chickened out in the morning, but resolved to do it on the way home. It was the longest day of school in my life. But 2:30 finally came and we met at her car to go home. While she was driving, I commanded her to not be insulted or angry when I asked her about it. She would be embarrassed, sure, but she would not get angry at me for simply walking into my room and seeing her pleasuring herself.
"Lora?" "Yeah?"
"I don't know if I should tell you this, but last night, I walked into my room to do some homework and I saw you. .

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  . . . uh. . . . . dancing in your room. "
Her face went immediately blood red. "I wasn't in my room last night," she said, feebly trying to deny what she knew I saw. "I fell asleep on the couch. "
"Lora, I know it was you. Our rooms are like 15 feet apart. "
"Ok, fine.

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   It was me. But Russell, I never do that. I don't know what came over me. Please tell me you were a gentleman and turned away. " There was desperation in her voice.
"Yeah, of course," I said, lying to try to keep from hurting her. "Actually, no. I didn't. I saw everything. "
"Russell!" she whimpered, almost crying. "How could you stand there and watch me? I don't even want to know what else you were doing!"
"I don't know. I'm sorry. It's just that you're so beautiful and. . .

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  " at this point I started commanding her mind, "I've always had this crush on you. So when I saw what you were doing, I couldn't resist. "
I had been telling her mind to soften towards me and find me more and more attractive. "I just saw you and couldn't help picturing myself there with you. " I thought I saw something change in her eyes, so I played my boldest move yet: I leaned forward and kissed her, clumsily shoving my tongue in her mouth. And I reached up and took hold of those amazing breasts I had wanted for so many years. She didn't pull away, instead reaching down and grabbling my crotch! I was in heaven. Needless to say, that was the first of many times that Lora and I fucked our brains out, but they're private, only to be shared between the 2 of us, at least for the time being.