My Wish is Their Command Chapter 1

Mind Control

This series is awork of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living, dead or fromother planets and their circumstances is purely coincidental.
It all startedfour years ago when I had just started tenth grade. I was walking home from school when I felt something hit me in the head and thentumble off of my chest. Instinctively, I looked on the ground andthere was a pendant made up of a large round silver objectattached to a similarly colored chain. On the object was anengraved image of hand grasping the earth and the phrase, "Alwaysin Control. "
I had no idea where it came from, but nobody seemed to be comingafter it. I thought it looked kinda cool and it wasn't realblingtardish or anything like that, so I put it on and resumed myjourney home. As I walked along, I was also resuming checking outBelinda Marston, who was maybe about 30 yards ahead of me. She has anice bubble butt attached to a slim body that nonetheless had C cuptits with long brown hair and a cute face. "God, I wish I could fuckher right now," I muttered to myself.

The next thing I knew, seemingly in the very next instant, I was inmy bed on top of Belinda, who was stark naked, as was I. "Well, fuckme," she said as my senses attempted to adjust to the sudden shiftin reality. She was apparently impatient for a good old fashionedporking, so I gave her what she wanted, pushing my cock into hermoist, pink hole. This was also my first screw ever and it feltbloody amazing the way the walls of her pussy caressed my dick. Thegood thing, though, was that while I was pumping it into her, I wasthinking, "what the fuck just happened?" As her breathing becamemore labored and rapid, I tried to remember what had preceded whatwe were now doing.

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   Then I recalled the incident with the pendant,which I still had on. So I said, "I wish you would cum right now!"and bam! she went over the edge, clawing up my back as the orgasmdrowned her in a tidal wave of pleasure. Of course, seeing this veryfine girl in the throes of ecstasy hotted things up quite nicely forme, too, and I unloaded my sperm into her. I collapsed on top of herand held her. "God Paul, that was fantastic," she whispered into myear. "Thanks Belinda," I said blankly. This was how I lost myvirginity but yet my mind was kind of nonplussed at the same time,which is why my description of her at that moment is a little vague. In retrospect, it made that occasion something of an anti-climax.

Being only 15 back then, the unreality of it all had me stunned fora while and my mind was trying to process how I was going to exploitthis. I wondered how many wishes the pendant had in it and just whatI should ask for to put me in the most advantageous position. As mycock softened and retreated from between her legs, I realized whatcould come out of this. "Belinda, are you on  the pill?" I wondered. "No," she replied sheepishly. "I wish that you don't get pregnantfrom our having sex today," I said. She echoed that.

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   "I hope I don'tget pregnant, either. " She had her period on schedule a few dayslater.

Thank God both of my parents were still at work when it happened! Isent Belinda home with my cum sloshing around deep inside of her andthen I thought about what I needed to do with my new toy, thependant. First, I went for the obvious as a horny teenage guy: "Iwish that everybody will do as I say, including sexually, but nobodywill be knocked up by me or give me any diseases no matter how manytimes I fuck them. " Okay, now I needed some cash. "I wish for tenbillion dollars in an account under my name at Universal Bank andnobody will hassle me about where I got it or ask me for ID when Iwithdraw anything. " Finally, I decided I wanted to be packing pornstar style: "I wish that I had a penis that grows to nine incheslong and  25% larger in circumference than it gets now when I'mhard. "

My mom knocked at my bedroom door to announce that dinner was ready. Time had raced by like a rocket  as I thought everything over andover, including what I was going to do at school the next day. NowI'm not a bad looking guy, at least I don't think. I'm definitelynot Brad Pitt, though, either. I was kind of in between socially. Not part of the popular crowd,  but I had a couple male friends Ihung out and partied with every now and then. We were basicallybound by our love of football and heavy metal as well as our totalacademic apathy.

Because I was kind of lost in thought, I was pretty detached duringdinner and my parents inquired if anything was bothering me.

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   Ofcourse, like most teens, I just fended them off with the usual, "no,everything's cool," but didn't say anything else. When I finallykinda had everything settled in my mind, I dialed up some porn on mylaptop. I felt my  jeans tightening around my growing schlong muchmore than usual. When I popped the button on them and pulled thezipper down, out sprung a huge fuck stick. "Fuck yeah!" I silentlyenthused as I began stroking it  while watching a video of a blackguy with a monster johnson slam the shit out of some middle agedwhite chick. Shit, I could barely get my hand around it, it  wasthat fat now. "The first girl that gets this is going to get thefuck of her life!" I vowed under my breath. When I shot my wad, Ispewed an epic load, the biggest one, I think, of my life, some ofit streaking my cheek, the pulse of my orgasm was that powerful.

The combination of such an intense, cathartic orgasm and just thestress of sorting out what had occurred over the course of the dayhad actually sort of worn me out and I fell asleep at what was earlyfor me, a little after 10 p. m.

The next morning, I rose a little early and decided to set out forschool half an hour before I usually did to give myself some time tomess around with my new powers. As I was arriving on campus, I sawAe-cha "Asia" Oh getting out of her dad's car. "Asia" was a nicknameshe had adopted because nobody could pronounce her name correctlyand it was the closest approximation that an American couldcomprehend. She was in a couple of my classes the previous year andbecause I have a thing for Asian girls  I used to sneak stares ather a lot. The word around school, though, was that her parentsdidn't want her dating non-Koreans.

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   So while she was well thought ofand was always nice to me the one or two times I got a chance tokind of talk to her,  she was a little reserved. From what I heard,her family immigrated to America when she was a little kid andapparently only spoke Korean at home, so she still had a verynoticeable accent. It was really cute, though, and she was alreadyfucking hot anyway. She was probably about 5'7" and slim, but not sothat she was too skinny or anything like that, with very intensedark  brown eyes, a somewhat round face and black hair down to herass. It was hard at the time to see what size her breasts reallywere because she never wore any low cut or tight tops. She was alllegs, too, which was totally hot. When she wore four inch heels, shewas as tall as I was.

When her dad drove off, I made a beeline for her. "Hi Asia!" I saidto her. "Hi Paul," she responded, about to walk past me. "Come hereAsia, I want to talk to you," I ordered, my heart pounding hard andmy cock stiffening. "Okay," she answered. I made some cheesy smalltalk and then I just went for it. "Okay Asia, from now on, you're mygirlfriend. " "Okay Paul," she smiled agreeably.

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   I took her righthandin my left and I led her out behind one of the classroom buildingswhere there was a little concealed corner where we were unlikely tobe disturbed unless somebody came looking for us. I had her put herbook bag down and stood directly in front of her while looking intothose eyes of hers. She giggled and seemed a little nervous,probably because she barely knew me and it was very questionable asto whether she was in any way attracted to me. "Here babe, give me akiss," I pleaded and I wrapped my arms around her and traded somesoft, brief busses. I loved her smell, which I later found out was asandalwood scented shampoo, as my lips and hers intermingled. Imixed in some gentle french kisses, thinking it would be a good ideanot to try to stick my tongue down her throat quite yet. When Ipulled back from that last series of lip locks, she smiled at me. "God Asia, you're really beautiful," I told her. "No, no," shedenied. "Compared to many other girls, I'm not pretty at all. " Theway she said it was so sweet it only made me fall in love with hereven more.

The bell rang indicating it was time to get to class, I told her tomeet me for lunch at the same spot. The anticipation of seeing heragain that day kept my dick rigid and precum leaking out  of it. Iwas afraid that someone would notice a wet patch in my Levis, butnobody did. When I saw Asia again, we ate with her head laying in mylap.

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   I wolfed my food down and waited for her to finish. I fed hersome of her yogurt, which made her giggle. She seemed pretty happy. "Hey babe, let me touch you anywhere I want," I dictated. Sheconsented and I undid the first two buttons on her blouse and thenslipped both my hands under it and her bra, too, and fondled hersoft B cup titties. Her nipples solidified after a short time. "Tellme if you're wet or not," I ordered. "Yeah, a little," she shylychuckled. Hearing her say that made my pants so tight it was almostpainful. "Do you have hair down there?" I inquired, forgetting toput it in the form of a command. "Yes," she blushed. "Is it trimmedor do you just let it grow wild?" That one she wouldn't respond to. I just let it go. "Tell me if you're a virgin or not," I continued. "Yes I am," she revealed.

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   I had figured that she probably was, butit was still hot. After that, we had a pretty sincere make outsession and my balls ached all through fifth and sixth period as Ithought about what she felt like in my arms, how she kissed and howtender her hooters were.

I walked her home from school, which was in the complete oppositedirection from where my house was. Since only her mom was going tobe home, I insisted on Asia bringing me inside. I could tell hermother wasn't pleased I wasn't Korean. "Mrs. Oh,  you will like meand you will not tell your husband about me being your daughter'sgirlfriend," I demanded. "You will also allow us to have sex in herbedroom," I elaborated. Mrs. Oh caved on those issues. Asia's dadwouldn't be home until his store closed at 10 p. m. , so he wasn't anyproblem. I then had Asia show me to her bedroom and I closed thedoor behind us. "Okay Asia, take your  clothes off," I commanded.

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  She emitted a meek, "okay" and shed her blouse and her skirt,leaving her in just a little pair of baby blue panties, a matchingbra and ankle socks. She looked up at me and blushed beet red. "Nowsweetheart, let me see your tits," I begged. She hesitantly reachedbehind her and unhooked it and slid it off her arms, putting hertear drop shaped mams on display. They were fronted by little brownnipples. God, was I hard peeping her bangin' body! "Lose thepanties, too," I requested. She hooked her thumbs in the waistbandand pushed them down her long legs, exposing her hairy cunt.

I likewise stripped and she gasped when her eyes saw my cock. "Oh myGod Paul, your thing is huge!" "You think so? How many other cockshave you seen in your life? And tell me the truth!" "Just my dad'sand older brother's. " "When was the last time you saw them?" "When Iwas little," she giggled. "Where is your brother?" "He's back inKorea at university. " "Are you nervous, babe?" "Yes," she hesitantlyadmitted. "Don't worry, we'll take our time. Just let me know whatyou're feeling anytime you think you need to tell me. " "Okay," shegiddily laughed.

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"First, I want you to get on your knees and I'm going to teach youhow to give a blowjob. " She obeyed. I told her to feel my meatstick, which was already at full extension, and her long, delicatefingers on my prong felt amazing. "Now babe, slowly run your hand upand down my shaft," I taught her and she did so. "What's that whitestuff coming out of it?" he wanted to know. "That's called precumAsia. It comes out of the penis when a guy get's aroused. " Shenodded to acknowledge what I said. "Stick your tongue out and lickthe head of the cock," I added. As soon as I felt her soft, wettongue on it, I moaned. Jesus, my dick has never felt this hot andstiff before and the head was deep red. I stroked her smooth hair asshe darted and slathered her tongue over the top of my flesh drill. "Put as much of it in your mouth as you can, close your lips aroundit and then move your head up and down," I instructed. I soon felther warm mouth on my big unit and oh my God, it was unreal how goodthat was. "I will warn you before I cum, but I still want you toswallow it," I declared.


   This was the first hummer anyone had evergiven me and the excitement of that plus the sight of my gorgeouslittle slave sucking me had me on the edge in pretty short order. "Oh fuck Asia, I'm going to shoot," I notified her and then I feltmy balls begin to void themselves into her mouth. I thought I wouldnever stop cumming and she coughed as one spurt hit her gag reflex. The semen still in her mouth dribbled out and dangled off of herchin, which was uber hot.

"How did it taste?" I interrogated. "Kinda yucky," she countered. Ilaughed. "Sorry about that. But it's good manners for a girl toswallow her man's cum, so that is what you'll do," I told her. "Okay," she approved. That response made me instantly hard again,but she needed to be warmed up before the main event. I asked her tolay in bed with her legs spread open. I crawled between them, hookedher legs in my arms and attacked her clit. I was kinda gropingaround since I had never done this before. Because of her thickpubic hair, it took me several minutes to really get a bead on herlove button, but when I found it, she let me know right away with aloud moan.


   I went purely by instinct as I tasted her wetness. Shewas worked up enough that the white opaque fluid that lubricates herpussy was dripping out. It tasted fucking tits and her slit wasbecoming more and more pink the more I stimulated her there. Iinserted a couple of fingers inside of her and dragged the tips overthe ridges that form her g spot. It was pretty obvious what that waswhen I felt it because it was spongy just like I had read in sexadvice sites on the net. I got into a good rhythm stroking her gspot while I sucked and licked her clit and in a few minutes herfirst orgasm rolled in like thunder, her back arching and her handsforcing my head as deep into her crotch as it would go. I went aslong as I could and she said a bunch of stuff in Korean I didn'tunderstand, but it must have been the equivalent of "I'm cumming!"because she was muttering that stuff in strangled screams andpanting like a rabid dog.

When I pulled away once my jaw had gotten tired, she commented whiletrying to get her breath back, "oh my God, Paul, I've never feltanything like that, before!" "Do you masturbate?" I countered. "Yeah, but this was a lot better," she evaluated. I scooted up sothat I was now on top of her and we made out for a few minutes. Ithen went after her little pencil eraser shaped nipples and thatelicited more moans. I rubbed her clit with my righthand and broughther off one more time. My nuts felt like they had 16 ton weightsaffixed to them and it was time for her to become a woman. I pointedmy cockhead at the opening of her love tunnel. "If you can relaxbabe this won't hurt as much," I promised.

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   I felt the tight openingof her sex give way as my weapon was forced through it, pushing hervaginal walls apart. She gulped some air and panted as I insinuatedit further into her. Then I seemed to hit a wall, as she squealed inpain. I stopped and held my nine inch snake about four inches deepin her vagina so she could get used to not just the length, but mygirth. The pressure I was feeling on my shaft was incredible, thatis how tight she was. She stopped writhing and I jabbed it in twomore inches. She cried out in pain and I saw blood trickling out ofher. I had broken her hymen. Another inch, then hold, another inch,then hold, and finally I was able to slide it in to the hilt. Hervaginal muscles had me in velvet vice grips. "How does that feel,Asia babe?" I checked. "God, it hurts so much!" she complained. Ikept still for about five minutes. Again, the pressure on my dickwas enormous and staying hard wasn't any problem.

Eventually, I pumped my hips very slowly to work my rod in and outof her.

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   She was begging me to stop, but I told her I wasn't going toand she was to try to relax and wait the pain out. In and out, inand out, in and out. After a few more minutes, she had stoppedcomplaining and her breathing was easier,, except now it was takingon a raspy quality. I maintained a steady rhythm and when I heardher first moan I knew I could pick things up, so I did. "OhGaaawwwd," she whimpered. "How's it feeling now?" I cross examined. "God Paul, it's getting to feel so good now. " "Are you glad I didn'tstop?" "Oh yesssss," she hissed. Her sweet gazongas jiggledeverytime our bodies collided and I was becoming more and moreexcited. To keep from going off, I thought about what possiblewishes I would ask for next and I was awakened out of that train ofthought by her asking me to fuck her harder because she was close toorgasm. "Oh fuck, God oh my God, oh fuck," she panted, as I let herhave it hard and fast, my pubic bone tattooing her ass as I reamedher with gusto,  her nails digging into my arms when she hit thesummit of her climax. "You're my little Korean slut now," I said. "Tell me what you are," I ordered. "I'm your little Korean slut,"she shot back in between gasps. I was close now and she was justabout to go off again, our animalistic breathing and combined bodyheat adding to the atmosphere.

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   "Oh God Paul, oh yes oh yes, God,don't stop!" she pleaded. I was grunting like a motherfucker tryingnot to  blast her insides with my baby batter while maintaining theintensity of the drilling I was giving her. Her breathing suddenlyescalated in rapidity, she screamed and then her orgasm invadedevery pore of her body. "Oh my God Paul, oh God yes! yes!" shedesperately celebrated,  her brain absorbing every last drop ofpleasure before my limit was reached and my cock rifled sperm intoher over and over and over.

I rolled off of her then quickly reached out and pulled her head onto my shoulder. I kissed her. "So how was that for losing yourvirginity?" I pondered. She didn't answer for a couple of minutesbecause she was attempting to cope with all the emotions andsensations she had experienced plus just allowing herself to recoverfrom the exercise. "Oh God Paul, if I knew sex was that hot I wouldhave had it earlier," she claimed. I noticed the blood stains on herbed sheet. "Does it hurt?" "Yeah, you beat it up pretty good," shegiggled. But then she wanted to kiss me. "Do you think I'll getpregnant?" she suddenly questioned. "Nah. Don't worry Asia.

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   I'mshooting blanks. " "That's good," she rejoindered, relieved.

I looked at her alarm clock and it was 4:30. "Hey Asia, I have toget home. It's going to take me an hour to walk back. So I'll seeyou tomorrow morning at school. " "Okay Paul. Have a good nightsweety. " I kissed her after I got dressed and split.

The day after that was Friday and when I got to school I had acouple of new orders for Asia. First, she wasn't going to mind if Ibanged other chicks. She was, though, going to be my only girlfriendbecause she was just so fine and having multiple girlfriends wouldhave been a huge hassle. Secondly, when we were in private, she wasto call me Master rather than my usual name.

After school, we walked to her dad's store together and I told himhe was going to like me being with his daughter. In fact, he wasgoing to let her sleep over with me the entire weekend.

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   He gave hisblessing and we walked to her house, where we told her mom what wasgoing on. Asia got a couple changes of clothes, including herbikini, packed them into her book bag, and it was on to my place,where I pointed out to my folks what was to go on. It was coolhaving a hot chick by my side while we watched tv and, of course, Ifucked her brains out several times, too. I basically kept her nakedevery night after dinner. I also had her shave her cunt bald. I haveto say that while I was definitely using her as a sex object, I wasalso stone in love with her because she was just so nice and shecould give the dead an erection, she was that hot. She was my betterhalf in every sense of the word.

She went home Sunday night, my mom dropping her off with me in thecar, naturally. When I returned home, I was musing over what I coulddo with this power I had. Conceivably, for example, I could have theprincipal call an assembly with just all the girls on campus presentand then have them strip and engage in a lesbian orgy. But fuck,keeping something like that secret would be a beat and it wasridiculous anyway. I did decide, though, to wish for never aging andnever being hurt in any accident, natural disaster or afflicted byany disease as well as never being arrested for anything I choose todo.

The thing is, if it was anything I learned from my classes it wasthat those who attempt to become dictators, emperors or kings alwaysend up getting it in the ass in the end and so it was better just tolive life on the down low and try not to hurt anyone in the bargain. That way, people aren't taking much notice of you and it's easier toget on with your personal agenda and not be ensnared in a bunch ofbullshit.

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