My Wish is Their Command Chapter 4

Mind Control

Thursday, when Asia and I met up, she was on her period, the poorthing. We went to our secret spot, where I told her to just relaxwith her head in my lap. So when the bell rang it really grated onme because I knew she felt like shit. At lunch, she was experiencingmore cramps. I asked her if she wanted to go home and she looked atme like I had three heads. I really admired that strength. Ipersonally would have stayed home. "Periods are just girl businessas usual," she said. "They're not worth missing school for. " God,she's awesome.

I walked her home from school and asked her how I should handlethis. "How did you handle it when your other girlfriends were ontheir periods?" she inquired. "To be honest, I wasn't that concernedbecause I didn't care as much for them as I do you. It's reallyimportant to me that you're happy," I replied. That made her smile. "So do you want to be left alone or do you want me to hang out for awhile or what? Be honest" I posed to her.

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   "To tell you the truth, Ikind of want to be alone. I get a little bitchy anyway. " "Okay babe. If you need anything call me. " "Thanks Master. I really appreciateyour concern for me. "

I have to say I had mixed feelings. When I kissed her goodbye at herdoor, I felt like I was abandoning her even though, as she said,periods are something all women deal with and they're just a fact oflife. On the other hand, I could go trolling for pussy. I decided towalk back to school and see who else was hanging out. I checked outthe girls basketball practice, but I didn't see anything that reallyappealed to me and a funny thought struck me: I was using highschool like a kind of supermarket of pussy. That idea evolved intomy favorite nickname for my now alma mater, "Vag-Mart. "

Then I thought about Asia feeling crappy and I just lost allinterest and split for home.  

Friday, she felt somewhat better and was in a happier mood, so shewas up for a little kissing session at lunch. She also told me,though, that her parents were having friends over that night and sheneeded to be home to help make dinner and stuff.

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   "Don't stressyourself out," I pleaded. "Give me a call when they leave and let meknow how it went," I added. She smiled and acknowledged my requestbefore wrapping an arm around my hip and leaning her head on myshoulder.

I walked her home after school. I thought about checking things outback at school, but because the previous day was such a fail, Idecided to forget that. On my way to my own house, I came up with the idea ofcruising the local college and hopped a bus that dropped off rightin front of it. 30 minutes later, I exited that bus and immediatelyfelt a little intimidated. I called my mom at her work and told hershe was going to allow me to not eat dinner because I was going tobe out with friends. I noticed that there was a burger franchise onthe campus and so I went for a little early dinner. As I sat theremunching down my food, I heard what sounded like Japanese frombehind me. I turned around and saw a groups of three Asian girls inthe back of the shop. They were all eating just french fries anddrinking cokes.

I guess because it was Friday, everybody had seemed to kind of clearout. There weren't very many people there. I got up and walked overto where the girls were and told them they were going to let me jointhem.

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   They spoke English with an accent that sounded really similarto Asia's, at least to me. It was really cute. They lived togetherin a room in the dorms that were across the street from the rear ofthe schooland were from Japan, just as I thought. This was the first time Ihad ever met actual Japanese people. Two of the girls were 19 andthe other was 20 and they were all good looking. My cock stiffenedup as we conversed and, when they were done eating, I had them take meto their dorm.

I had never been in a dorm room before. It was pretty cramped. There wasa small living room section with a sectional sofa, a coffee table and atv set, a combined dining room/kitchen and a bedroom that had a bunkbed and a separate bed. I told them to strip  and then to stand atattention so that I could look at them. They were all short. Kaori andNaomi were 5'5" and 5'4" respectively and Nanako was 5'2". Kaori was theheaviest of the three, being slightly stockier than her roomies, andhad D cup tits while the other two had B's. They had dyed their hair areddish brown and their pussies were adorned with trimmed black pubichair.

I told them that we were going to have sex with each other and shed myclothes.


   They pointed at my cock, said something in Japanese andgiggled. I had Naomi and Nanako sit on the sofa and make out with eachother. I embraced the still standing Kaori and put  my lips on hers,which were a little on the thick side, but very soft. She placed herhands on my hips as my tongue explored her mouth while my righthandskated up and down her body from her waist to her full knockers. Shekissed me back more and more passionately as her ardor climbed. When Iplayfully nibbled on her ears, she let out a little moan, so I began totrace a line around the ridges of her ear lobes with my tongue. I guessthat was her secret erotic spot because her breathing changed when I didthat. I groped her pussy and it was wet.

I broke away from her for a second to take a gander at Naomi and Nanako,who were sucking major face now. I don't know if they had any lesbianexperiences or were bisexual, but they were definitely enjoying what Ihad ordered them to do. Naomi had her hand up Nanako's t-shirt and wasobviously playing with the smaller girl's right breast. My dick wasdripping precum like mad and I resumed macking on Kaori. I took her intothe bedroom and we laid on Naomi's bed, my lips migrating to her amplebosom and teasing and sucking her dark brown nipples. She stroked theback of my head while the suction on her milk ducts sparked mild joltsof pleasure within her. After a few minutes of that, I slipped to myknees on the floor and had her turn her body so that her legs werehanging off the bed with her pussy right on the edge of it.

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   Her pubichair nearest her opening had little droplets of moisture on it from theforeplay we were engaging in. My tongue traveled both north and south onher pink slit and then I pressed it inside of her to lap up even moreof her juices. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with Gene Simmons'tongue, so I withdrew my licker and went for her clit, rolling it andkneading it and intermittently sucking it.

I could hear loud moans originating from the living room. Apparently,Naomi was going down on Nanako, too. I aimed to bring Kaori up to speedand worked harder on stimulating her love button, my tongue flicking itbefore I sucked on it in short and long sequences. Kaori's rapidbreathing told me I was on the right path and I eventually brought heroff to a body jerking orgasm, her girl cum welling on to my hungry tastebuds.

I stood up as she laid there panting. Jesus, what a hot body! It wasjust a bit thick without actually being fat and those amazing breastswere real works of art. I directed her to tell me if she was a virginand, if not, the true number of guys she had slept with in her life. Shedisclosed that she had been with only eight. Now I was going to make itnine. I leaned over her body and loosely guided my cockhead to herlovehole. She writhed as I jammed it in, muttering something in JapaneseI couldn't make out. She told me to stop, that I was too big for her.

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   Iheld my dick about halfway into her hoping her cunt would stretch toadapt to it. After a minute or two, I became impatient and slowly leanedmy hips forward to push my flesh hammer deeper inside of her. " You areso big!" she whimpered. She panted as I sought to have her vaginalwalls surround the entirety of my johnson. She let out a yelp when Imade contact with her cervix and I withdrew it about half an inch andheld it there again for another minute. I had eight of my nine inchesinside of her. I decided that was perfectly acceptable and I beganraiding her humid hangar at a gradual pace. Yeah, this was just anotherfuck to me, but I still didn't want to hurt her.  

As more of Nanako's moans wafted in through the open bedroom door fromthe living room, my love bazooka eased in and out of Kaori's snug twatand it felt spectacular. I leaned down and kissed her while my hips keptmy tubular juggernaut moving through her marshy gulley, eliciting evermore vigorous moaning and sighing. I licked the ridges of her ears whileI continued to push her higher and higher into the realms of euphoria,the entire dorm room now filled with the histrionic reflections of fourpeople's lust. I heard Nanako scream out something that must of been theJapanese equivalent of, "I'm cumming!" while I kept up my infusion ofstimulation into Kaori, whose own declarations of pleasure wereheightening in volume and frequency. "Oooh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, sugoi!" sherasped before her panting went totally out of control and she dampenedmy cock further with her girl cum while she thrashed about and dug hernails into the bed sheets.

A big smile crossed Kaori's pretty face in the aftermath of her orgasmand I smiled back at her as my vaginal spelunking went on unabated. Iwas beginning to feel my balls tightening amid all the horny activity.

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   Iwondered if their neighbors on either side of them were listening towhat we were doing. That thought made me even more aroused and, as Ibombed Kaori's wanton comfort station with my gift to her, she squealedas another wave of ultimate pleasure coursed through her, which set meoff and and resulted in her receiving tens of millions of my sperm inher womb.

I spun myself on to the bed and cuddled her. "God Kaori, you rock, babe," I bubbled to her. "Ahhh, it hurts," she said of her pussy. "Sorryabout that. I didn't mean to make it painful for you. " "It is okay. Istill have orgasm," she said in broken English. We laid there gettingour breath back while Nanako was apparently going down on Naomi becauseit was Naomi's voice that I heard sighing blissfully. "Hey Kaori, youwant to see what Naomi and Nanako are doing?" Kaori giggled and we gotup and went out into the living room, where Nanako had her face buriedin Naomi's crotch. "Have they done lesbian stuff before?" I asked Kaori. She giggled again and answered negatively.

My cum was streaking down Kaori's left thigh and so she went to thebathroom to clean herself up. Meanwhile, I crawled in behind Nanako andstarted licking her pussy, which was drenched with her natural lube.

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   Ialso groped her tits. Kaori emerged out of the bathroom to see the threeof us in an oral sex daisy chain. The aromatic taste of Nanako's cuntwas already making me hard again. This went on for another ten minutesbefore Naomi orgasmed hard. Nanako continued lashing Naomi's hairysnatch with her tongue as I knelt upright and placed my cock at Nanako'stiny pink door. As soon as Nanako felt my penis against her pussy, herhead whipped around and looked at me with fear in her eyes. "Paul,please don't!" she begged. "You're too big!" she exclaimed. Inonetheless proceeded, slicing my flesh knife between her sugar walls. She squealed as I did this and the compression on my cock was at leastthe equal of Lien-hua's. I got it in only about six inches before mycockhead struck her cervix, which caused her to cry out. I gingerlycommenced pumping it in and out of her as Kaori and Naomi looked on withconcerned expressions. Fuck, the way her vaginal walls were rubbingagainst my cock I could never adequately describe. Her pussy floodedwith moisture attempting to compensate for the scale of penetration shewas absorbing.

I could also feel myself secreting precum again and that had to help.

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  Ten minutes passed and Nanako was beginning to moan as her pussy wasfinally stretched out enough to accept my dick comfortably. I lookeddown and watch my thick weapon disappearing between her labia andreappearing as I grasped her slim hips for leverage. It sucked that Icouldn't drive my spear all the way into her softness, but the feelingon it was still heavenly and I was able to finally begin pistoning itinto her at a pretty good rate, which had her clawing the couch cushionthat she was resting her body against. I told Kaori and Naomi to go laydown on the opposite end of the sofa from where Nanako and I were andfor Kaori to eat Naomi. As they obeyed my directive, I maintained themomentum of my campaign inside Nanako and her breathing was jumpy andshallow now. I hesitated for just a second as I got to my feet to drivemy cock downward into Nanako and that seemed to really light her fire,as she had a shrieking orgasm a couple minutes later.

I decided to show Nanako some mercy and pulled out of her and headed forNaomi. I had Kaori cuddle Nanako as I grabbed Naomi's legs and pulledthem forward and over my shoulders. I went through the same thing withher that I did with Kaori and Nanako, as she had never had a man aslarge as I was before. The difference, though, was that I was able tocompletely bury myself into Naomi's sweet feeling love channel and shealso adjusted to it quicker once I started thrusting. I got up a prettygood head of steam and drilled the shit out of her, spurring her to halfa dozen orgasms before I finally shot several volleys of my spunk intoher. Nanako loped off to wipe my cum from her pussy.

I apologized to them for the pain they felt. "Other than the initialpain, what did you think?" I inquired. "I like American guys becausethey're nicer to girls than Japanese guys and they have big dick, butthat is too much," Kaori opined.


   Nanako and Naomi agreed even thoughNaomi was able to take all nine of my inches. "So do you hate me?" Iwondered. "No," Nanako rejoindered. "You make us have orgasm, but nexttime I think I do it with smaller guy," she giggled. In my mind, I wasenvisioning them walking around bowlegged Saturday from the fucking Igave them, which made me horny again. I was also thankful that Asia wasused to my cock and could take it without discomfort.

I put my clothes back on and kissed them goodbye. It was still only alittle past seven. I went into the library and read for a while. Idecided I was going to hit the frat parties, though I wondered how muchpatience I was going to have for that. Frat boys are some of thestupidest fucks on any campus and the sorority women they are ostensiblyallied with aren't much better. However, those women do have tits andcunts. The library closed at nine and so I headed to frat row at thatpoint and the parties were well underway. I walked into one party andsaw this amazing blonde. She had such a tight body that she probablyspent 2-3 hours in the gym every day honing it.


   Her hair hung down toher ass. I sidled up to her while she was holding a beer and talking toanother girl. I ordered the other girl to go talk to someone else andthen demanded that the blonde come with me to one of the bedroomsupstairs. God, what an airhead! But when I had her shed her clothing,everything was just tight. She also kept her snatch shaved. She asked mehow old I was and I told her the truth. Then I dropped my pants andshowed her my cock. Her jaw went agape  and I ordered her get on the bedso I could do her doggy style. I fucked her with relentless savagery. Ididn't care. I bundled her hair in my righthand and pulled on it as Iused her to satiate my animalistic need. I ordered her to sayhumiliating things, including to admit that she was a gold digging whoreand that all she was good for was as a fuck object. I spurted myaggression into her, pulled my pants back on with her still on the bedand my cum pouring out of her, called a cab and went home.

I awoke early the next morning and went over to Asia's house. Seeing herafter what I had done the previous night really made me realize thedistinction between love and sex.

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   That blonde I fucked wasn't goodenough, in my mind, to lick the stains from Asia's period pads as far asher worth as a human being went. She was just an attractively wrappedbox to empty the contents of my balls into.

"Aren't you bored?" Asia pondered as we lay there in her bed watching tvand fully clothed, by the way. "Asia, if being here with you is thedefinition of boring then sign me up for more of it," I cracked. Shegiggled and smiled, which made me happy.