My Wish is Their Command Chapter 6

Mind Control

The  three mile walks to and from Asia's house from mine were nodoubt good for my health, but tedious since it took me the betterpart of an hour to get there. I didn't want to ride a bike because Ididn't want to be mowed down by inattentive drivers. It was still going to be several months before I could drive. So when I arrivedat Asia's house, I asked her if she would like to move in togetherlike, oh I don't know, next week? Of course, that was kind of ajoke, but we did discuss it. The things that concerned her mainlyhad to do with dividing up the housework and me picking up aftermyself. She illustrated this by telling me about when her olderbrother was still living at home and how messy his room always was. Also, if she was going to cook I was going to do the dishes. Now Icould merely have ordered her to do all these things and she wouldhave, but I thought it would be best if I used as light a hand aspossible when it concerned her. She was under enough pressure whenit came to maintaining her grades so she could get into a goodpre-med program and then medical school.

The thing was, though, that once we got married next summer, we weregoing to be living together anyway and I wasn't going to be THATmuch older or mature. She acknowledged that point with a giggle. Part of the problem with my proposal for her, though, was how suddenit was. We then agreed to put off any thought of living togetheruntil January after the Christmas and New Year's holidays were over. This would give her time to get used to the idea and for us toorganize our lives for the move.

That provoked me to later pay off the mortgages of the homes of myand Asia's parents because, obviously, since minors can't concludevalid contracts, I was going to need one of them to sign off on therental home as a front for me and her.

Once we settled the question of when we would move in together, welooked at furniture and bedding online even though we had no idea ofthe kind of spaces we would be dealing with.

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   I was going to try toget the biggest place we could in the general area of the school,but biggest probably meant something around 2500 sq. ft. if we werelucky because I wanted a den where I could watch football and kickback with some tunes. We could just use the living room when we haveguests over, which would help keep it clean.

Well, actually, I wanted dogs, too. Asia always wanted one as well,but her mom didn't want to clean up after it and so put the kaboshon that idea. My parents didn't get one because of the expense offeeding and caring for it.

October turned into November and then the Thanksgiving holidayarrived, which meant nothing to Asia or her parents. In fact, thegluttonous nature of it was rather offputing to their Koreansensibilities. So they just treated it as another day on thecalendar like it is in Korea. It wasn't that they weren't gratefulto be here, but the way people ate on it just seemed so wasteful tothem. This year, though, I invited Asia and her parents to eat withus. I had been joking with my mom that we were going to have kimchion the table this year. I really liked it since Asia introduced itto me. She, on the other hand, had never eaten turkey before.

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   Sowhen Asia and her family came, her mom brought a big old pot ofkimchi and my  mom fixed a turkey. My parents, who shared a yen forauthentic Mexican food with me and were thus used to spicy cooking,liked the kimchi even though they had to drink milk afterward tocool the heat of it and the Oh's praised my mom's turkey. Asia,though, confessed that she didn't know how to make anything that wason our table at the moment because her family ordinarily didn't eatthings like sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. I said it was okaybecause I couldn't make anything.

Asia spent the rest of the holiday at my house and a lot of thatnaked and with my cock inside of her. I was pretty hyped and thatmay have helped jack up my horniness level because it was less thantwo months now until we would begin looking at houses to rent andonly three before I would turn 16 and could obtain a learner'spermit.

For Christmas, I handed Asia a card and I could tell that she wasn'tvery pleased, initially thinking I was going to take the easy wayout like a lot of guys do and get her a gift certificate orsomething. She opened the envelope and pulled out a picture of acar, a Kia. On the back I wrote, "this car is yours when you getyour license. I love you and thank you for being a part of my life. "I couldn't buy it for her yet since her birthday wasn't until April. She was nevertheless stoked. and cried, thanking me for everythingI'd done for her and her family.

Two weeks later, we were out looking at houses with my mom. Becauseof the already tanking housing market, there were a mounting numberof single family homes being put up for rent and we chose a ranchstyle place about a quarter mile from school.

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   My parents signed allthe paperwork, I handed over the check to get us into the place andwe bought furniture, including the bed we are still sleeping ontoday. Asia decorated it in a mixture of Korean and Americancontemporary styles and did a bang up job. We went to an animalshelter and brought home a black labrador retriever and a goldenretriever to lively up the house and boy, they are still doing that. What a comedy team!

So now we could walk home for lunch even though we actually weren'tsupposed to, but nobody ever stopped us. In February, I  turned 16and got my learner's permit and, two months later, after attending aprivate driving school on the weekends, my license. By that time,Asia turned 16 and got her learner's permit. I went with my dad andbought a Honda because Asia would have killed me if I spent sixfigures on a Lamborghini. We celebrated Asia's birthday with aweekend getaway to Santa Barbara. Even as I was about to marry her,I felt like I had been liberated from the limits of where I had beenpermitted to go due to my limitations as a human being. Plus now Icould take Asia out more and we could have more fun together. I didhave to order the hotel clerk in Santa Barbara to check us in eventhough we were minors. I knew that was going to happen and hadprepared myself mentally for it. Then Asia, who was in a very skimpybikini, and I hung out by the pool until it was time to go to dinnerat a very tony restaurant. We returned to our room and fucked likerabbits until 1 a. m.

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  . It was just a great weekend.

When we went back to school Monday, it was tough to shift back intoacademic mode for both of us. With our wedding now less than twomonths ahead, Asia and my heads just couldn't concentrate on much ofanything for a few days. I wasn't even interested in looking foroutside poon.

We had our final rehearsal for the wedding during finals week, whichonly made the tension that Asia was feeling worse. Fortunately, sheskated through her exams and kept her streak of A's that she hadstarted in elementary school going. Ten days after the school yearended, we were at a well known hotel in Newport Beach. Asia lookedas amazing as I had pictured her in my head while dozens ofrelatives and friends and other guests looked on. We both said our Ido's and at 16 we were man and wife. After the reception and theattendant pigging out on killer food, Asia and I returned to ourhome and slept like babies because we were exhausted. I cuddled heras we fell asleep, but that was about as close to sex as we had thatnight.

Sunday morning, I woke up before she did and took a shower. She wasstill asleep when I finished shaving and brushing my teeth, so I gotback into bed and held her while she slept. The morning sun lightedour bedroom brightly as I scanned her naked body, her spotless skinseeming almost luminescent, her soft breasts gently rising andfalling with each breath and her black hair splattered across thewhite pillow she lay her head on.

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   About 20 minutes later sheawakened and I gave her a little kiss. "Well good morning Mrs. Cotton," I said, calling her by my last name. "Hi baby," shedrowsily countered. I caressed her cheek and looked into her eyes. She smiled back and I kissed her tenderly, my lips lingering on hersbefore I completely withdrew them. She reached up and pulled me ontop of her and we exchanged slow, dreamy kisses. "God, I love you somuch," I whispered. "I love you, too," she placidly echoed, thesunlight glinting off of the diamonds of her wedding ring.

I moved my head down to her left nipple and sucked on it gently. Shelet out the cutest little moan and I took a lot of time teasing themilk ducts of both of her beautiful breasts, giving them long,tender sucks while my ears feasted on the melodiousness of hersighs. I scooted down the bed, my head settling in between her legsand my tongue lapping at her slit. Her wetness twinkled as the raysof the sun hit it and I lapped it up before returning my attentionto her clit and attacking it in a leisurely manner, my tonguestroking the length of her clit hood, the tip of my licker pushinginto it. "Oh Gawwwwd," she moaned. I began to suck on it to engorgeher clit even more and five minutes later she was bucking her hipsas an orgasm buzzsawed through her.

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I slid my body forward and loomed over her as I brought my cock toher heavenly gate and forced it through. She let out a long sigh andwrapped her legs around my back while she took as much of my manmissile as she could. I thrust it gradually in and out of her, notwanting to rouse her out of her still half asleep state. "GodMaster, that feels so good," she reported languidly. I kept thatsame slow pace up until she had a long, gentle orgasm. I pulled mydick out of her and she reached for it, ringing it with her thumband middle finger and running them over it. The sensuality of thisplacid passion session made my love gun more trigger happy and a fewminutes later I splashed my load all over her stomach and hip. Shereached over to the nightstand and snared a couple of tissues towipe her fingers and body off with. Then we returned to more kissingbefore going back to sleep.

A few minutes later, our dogs, probably sensing that we should havegiven them their breakfast by then, romped into our bed and woke usup for good by licking our faces. Asia got up to take a shower whileI fed the mutts. After they had their fill, I let the little fourlegged hellraisers go into the backyard to do their business. Bothdogs are nuts about playing ball, so I gave them a good runaroundtossing it all over the yard. It amazes me some of the ways they cancontort their bodies to snare the ball in their mouths. When theyhad enough of that, they followed me back inside and went for thewater dish again before jumping up on the couch with me as I flippedon a game.

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   While checking out the contest between two teams I didn'treally care that much about, I absentmindedly played with my weddingband. On the inside of the band was inscribed, "forever my Ae-cha. "

A few minutes later, a barefoot Asia, who was attired in a tank topand shorts, came downstairs and made breakfast. We ate and I clearedthe table and did the dishes. She reminded me that we needed to gothrough our wedding gifts, which were still in the trunk of my car. I also needed to strip off all the stuff people had done to it thatshowed Asia and I had just gotten hitched.

Was I feeling any different now that Asia and I had signed the pieceof paper that legally made us an officially sanctioned couple? NotTHAT much. Yeah, it made me feel a little bit older maybe, but itdidn't change how I felt toward Asia or myself. Even if we werestill just boyfriend and girlfriend living together we would stillface a lot of the same issues and have to negotiate them to keepthings on an even keel.

Really, this was more for Asia than anything else. Korean culture,she told me, puts a big emphasis on marriage and continuing thefamily line. Being a wife in Korea is a kind of status and carrieswith it a brand of societal respectability. The reason she wanted tomarry me so young was that she figured as long as we were going tobe together forever and were already cohabiting we might as well tiethe knot. Also, in Korean culture, the wife owns the day to daymanagement of the household and it is not to be questioned. Well, orso she said.

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   That was fine with me. She's smarter than I am anyway.