My Wish is Their Command Chapter 7

Mind Control

Sorry to jump around timewise, but I had to write about this: as Imentioned earlier, we now live in Belair while Asia is going to acollege in the general area. It is a wealthy enclave and we have anumber of celebrities in the neighborhood. At the kindergarten thatMin-hee, Mi-cha and Jae-sun go to, my twins became friends with acelebrity's kid who lives just down the block from us. The child, whosename is Mable (who the fuck names their kid "Mable?" It makes her soundlike somebody's 90 year old grandmother) is a real sweetheart and isover at our house a lot to play. So a couple of days ago, the actressand actor who are Mable's parents invited us over for dinner to getacquainted,  which was a nice gesture. The dinner, which was puttogether by their personal chef, was bloody spectacular.  

The after dinner small talk eventually got on to how we raise ourchildren. Mable's parents told us about how busy they were and so theyhad to bring in a nanny to help take care of Mable while they were awayon shoots or attending parties to network for more gigs. They compensatefor that by shrouding her in a lot of designer clothing and shit. Ilooked over at Asia and I could see THAT look. When Asia gets pissed,she puts out this intense stare and I could almost see smoke coming outof her ears. However, the volume of that smoke was far exceeded by thatwhich was being vented from my own lugholes. It was go time. "Okaylisten you guys, here is the deal," I said. Turning toward Mable's mom, Icommanded, "tomorrow you will not only fire the nanny, but you willannounce your retirement to raise your daughter properly. You will haveyour publicist issue a statement to the press and then you will cut youragent loose and the following day the publicist gets the boot, too.

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I went on: "you will have your personal chef teach you how to cook andthen a year later you will let him go and you will start making your ownmeals. You will also stop shopping on Rodeo Drive for Mable's clothes. You will shop at J. C. Penney's, the Gap and other stores regular peoplego to. If someone recognizes you, you will express gratitude for whereyou are to them, be nice to them and gracefully extricate yourself fromthe encounter. You are not to take Mable on to tv shows or any of yourother appearances or otherwise use her as a publicity ploy. "

Then I turned to Mable's dad: "listen buddy, Mable has to come first inyour life. She doesn't need an absentee dad. No wonder so many childrenof celebrities are so fucked up. So when you're on a shoot you will callMable daily and when you're home you will be present in her life byplaying with her, reading to her and giving her the guidance she needs. You won't just leave the child rearing to your wife. "

The two imbeciles meekly agreed, uttering "okay. " "Mable is welcome atour house anytime and our kids will be welcome at yours," I continued. "Oh, and you're taking that cellphone from Mable.

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   A five year old doesnot need a cellphone. Learn to say no to your kid, but you will alsomake sure she understands you love her and that she's special to youeven as you make her work for something she wants so that she acquires awork ethic. "

What really hocked Asia off was that we had adopted four kids from anorphanage, a place where kids aren't so much raised as warehoused. Theidea of our kids being in such an environment really saddened her. Itappeared to her that these boob celebrities were basically doing littlemore than warehousing Mable and putting her in the hands of a caretakerlike she was a piece of property and not a human being. Well, that shitjust came to an end. Mable was always hugging my kids and me because shewasn't getting enough of it at home. Fuckers.

Okay, that catharsis now behind me, the Sunday after we got married, wehad just finished going through the wedding presents and sorting out thestuff we could actually use and that which we would either toss or taketo Goodwill when Asia said that she had a hair appointment to go to. "Why are you having your hair done when you just did that three daysago?" "Because I'm getting it cut. In Korea, married women cut theirhair short to show that they're serious adults now and not just young,immature girls anymore. " "Sorry kiddo, but you're keeping your hairlong. I hate it when chicks cut their hair. It makes a lot of them looklike boys. You will only have enough work done on your hair to keep itlooking good while still wearing it down to your ass.

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  " "Yes Master," sheobeyed. She phoned and canceled the appointment. Instead, we walked ourdogs for a couple of hours and then when we came back we watched adocumentary on the human brain while our lab laid tits up on the couchnext to Asia to get his belly scratched as her and I sat together. "Soyou gonna operate on one of those someday?" I asked. "Ugh, no. I'm notgoing to be a surgeon, sweety. That's more pressure than I can dealwith. I mean, you have a small slip of the hand and you could killsomeone. No thanks. "

"You know how on all these doctor shows they have some nickname or go bytheir first name?" I asked rhetorically. "I think I'll start callingyou Doctor Hottie," I chuckled. She pushed me playfully. "Hey doc, Ihave this problem with chronic stiffness," I joked. "Oh really?" shegrinned. "Where are you feeling that stiffness?" she rejoinderedknowingly.

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   "Down here," I responded, pointing to my groin. "Yeah, I'vebeen seeing a lot of that lately," she noted. "Well stand up and I'llsee if I have some oral medication to help alleviate that," she smirked. I did so and she requested, "please drop your trousers for me. ". I didso and she evaluated that, "you have it bad. You  might have to comeback for follow up treatments. Anyway, here's your medicine," she saidand engulfed my cock with her mouth. Her soft lips on my rigid shaftimmediately made my dick twitch and I began leaking precum into hermouth as it coasted over my rock hard rocket. She reached in with herlefthand and grazed my balls with her fingernails while I felt thetightening  of her lips on my fucktick with the suction she wasintermittently applying. "Oh fuck doc, I can feel the fever," I bubbledraspily. She bobbed her head faster, which allowed her lips and tongueto apply more frequent pressure on my increasingly sensitive flesh spearand ultimately made me spew my baby batter into her yapper, whereuponshe swallowed it all down.

"So what's the prognosis, doc?" I leered. "Well," she answered, "therewasn't anything unusual about the discharge, so I think you'll be okay. Just check back with me periodically so that I can see how you'reprogressing.


  " she giggled. I flopped back on the sofa and kissed herafter I pulled my pants and boxers back up. The lab decided he wanted inon the action, too, and jumped on us, which inspired my goldenretriever to not want to be left out and he leaped in there, too.

The rest of the summer was pretty mellow. Asia spent a lot of itperusing medical,  physiology and biology books. We  would be laying inbed together reading (with me, it was usually Sports Illustrated, ESPNThe Magazine or Rolling Stone or something like that) and I would lookover and see these really graphic photos of diseased organs and surgicalprocedures and it would turn my stomach. I don't know how she can standto look at that stuff, but everybody's different. I was interestedenough, though, to have her tell me when she came across anythinginteresting or unusual that she thought I would find fascinating.

Asia and I weren't able to get any of our classes together during thefall semester because she was taking a bunch of AP classes and Iobviously wasn't. Her $30,000 wedding ring received even more attentionfrom her female classmates than her engagement ring did. When they askedwho she was married to and she told them, they usually responded, "Idon't know who that is" or "never heard of him. " Anonymity FTW!

However, with the new semester there was a new hot teacher, MissKelleher, who taught my British Lit class. She was 5'4" with nice round Ccups, long brown hair and a lot of swivel in her slim hips. She had acute button nose, green eyes and a "purty mouth" if you will. Of course,I had to have her.

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   I went up to her after class and told her to meet me the Starbuck's on Lazar Avenue at 7 p. m. that night.

After school, I informed Asia that I was going to a local sports barwith my buddy Alex, who she had met before, to watch Monday NightFootball. I promised her that I wouldn't drink (I had stopped anyway). Ipulled into the parking lot of the Starbuck's and found Miss Kelleherand ordered her to meet me at the Parkinson Inn four blocks away. Weboth got there, she rented a room and, less than five minutes later, shewas on her knees naked and her mouth was filled by my cock. The shapeof that mouth was definitely made for cocksucking. I wasn't expectingit, but Miss Kelleher could deep throat and the sensation of her throatmuscles against my cockhead was extremely pleasurable. That made me wantto grab each side of her head and skullfuck her, the gurgling andgagging on my nine incher adding to the lasciviousness of the situation. After ten more minutes of that, I pulled my cock out and shot my wadall over her pretty face.

I directed her to get in bed and spread those shapely legs of hers. Shehad the wild and free 70's bush going, like she had never trimmed it inher life. That lent her pussy a muskier scent since she hadn't showeredyet. I ate her for the next 45 minutes and powered her to eight or nineorgasms.

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   She was a live one and was panting like one of my dogs after aparticularly long walk when I finished. I had her stand up and bend overthe bed. My cock was hard again and I jabbed it into her. She let out ayelp and then a long sigh as it burrowed into her sex. "Oh my God," shegasped, "you're the biggest white guy I've ever had. " I grasped herhips and began pistoning my rod in and out of her. Her hot box feltfucking sweet as her vaginal walls compressed my flesh hammer. I grabbed a bundle of her hair and pulled it toward me, whipping her headup as I continued to pound her. "You like that, don't you bitch?" Igrowled. "Oh God yessss," she hissed. "You're such a slut," I accused,my pubic bone slamming against her ass as I spiked her time and again. "You love my cock slut?" I inquired. "Oh God yes, (pant pant pant)," sheretorted. "Tell me what you are!" I sternly demanded. "I'm a slut!" sheagreed.

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   She was gasping and whimpering as I kept on violating her. Ireleased her hair and slapped her ass hard with my righthand. I smackedit repeatedly as she got closer and closer to climax. She was nowbeginning her teaching career by being rammed a treat by one of her 16year old students.

I grabbed her hips again and fucked her as hard and fast as I could andthat did it for her, as she shuddered when her orgasm went through herlike a flamethrower. I wasn't done, though. "What do you say when yourMaster allows you to have an orgasm?" I interrogated again. "Thank youMaster!" she complied. Hmmmm, this girl was a submissive. Thatrealization amped my horniness and, as I used her cunt for my pleasure. It boosted me up faster than I otherwise would have been and I spoogedher delicious jelly roll with my cream filling.

My penis went flaccid after I emptied myself and I sat on the bed toregain my breath. "On your knees bitch!" I ordered. I looked down and mycum was dried on her face. I smiled down at her.

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   "Tell me honestly MissKelleher, you enjoyed that, didn't you?" "Yes Master. " "Is this thefirst time you've slept with a student?" "Yes Master. " "Did you sleepwith any of your professors in college or teachers in high school?" "NoMaster. " "Do you like being dominated?" "Yes Master. " "I thought so," Iadmired.

"By the way, what's your first name?" "It's Tiffany Master. " "OkayTiffany, here is what will happen from now on: you will treat me likeany other student. You will not contact me or speak to me outside ofclass unless I speak to you first. " "Yes Master. " "You will not tellanyone of our encounter tonight. " "Yes Master. " "You are dismissed. "

Just to be safe, once I got dressed, I headed to a local sports bar Ifound on my cellphone and had a couple cokes and some Buffalo wings. Ihad already covered my tracks with Alex, so I phoned him and talkedabout the game with him as he sat at home so that I had a few moredetails about it. It was a turkey of a contest anyway and wasn't close.

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   Idid stuff like that for him when he was stepping out on his girlfriend,so it was all good. I had been a good boy for the last few months, so Iwas due for some side poon.

When I got home, I took a shower, fucked Asia and then went to sleep. Best first day of school ever!