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I immediately open the door and reach down to help her inside. As my hand comes in contact with the flesh of her upper arm , I feel this cold rush of air but it seems to be coming from within me not over me. Very strange indeed! I help her into the house , closing the door and walk her over to the couch. "Here have a seat and let me look at your knee. "She sits and I kneel on the floor in front of her to get a good look at her injury. She won't remove her hand from it to let me see and again I reach up to touch her hand to move it away. There is a jolt through my body that seems to end in my cock. What is this? I mean she is just a young girl in need of help , why am I responding to her touch this way?"Honey , I can't help you if I can't see your knee. " Hoping to relax her a little. She stares into my eyes and I almost shiver , her gaze is just so piercing but lustful at the same time. . my god those deep blue eyes! I almost got lost in them. I ask her "What's your name sweetie?""Bethany, but you can call me Bethie. " This little girl with the body of an almost adult , has me captivated. "That's a sweet name Bethie. Let me go get the first aid kit.

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   I'll be right back. "When I return , Bethie has removed the vaile and is sitting with her hands in her lap now. I kneel again in front of her to look closely at her knee. I can't see any signs of abrasion or any injury at all. "Well Bethie, I don't think you are hurt too badly. I mean I can't see any marks on your knee. "Again looking deep within me she says "I think you need to look closer. " and she puts her right foot up on my knee and spreads her legs. Holy shit! she's not wearing panties and I can see her bare cunt clearly! Now my hands start to tremble. God, I have never seen such a beautiful and desirable cunt as her's!I am at a loss for words as I tear my eyes off her cunt and look up to her face again. She is smiling this very strange smile and I look at her in wonder. This is not the look of a young girl, this is the wanton look of a woman deeply in lust!As she speaks this time her voice has changed, becoming demanding and forceful. "See my pretty cunt? You want to lick it don't you?" I don't have any will of my own and I lean in and as she spreads her legs wide, I begin to lick her cunt. Dear god what's happening to me?? I can't stop myself and I don't want to. This is the sweetest cunt I have ever tasted and I cannot get enough.

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   I am like a starving man , devouring her as this little teen cunt floods my face with juice. Now she commands me again "Eat it bitch! Eat me till I cum!" I have no sense of time or space now , my only purpose in life it to eat her as I have been told to do. I push my tongue as deeply into her as I can fucking it in and out of her as she gushes fluids on me. She grabs the back of my head and pulls me so hard against her, it feels like I am going to be swallowed up by her cunt. Her hips buck against my face and I move my mouth up to take her clit into it. Sucking on it like a small cock , she screams in a voice that is not of this earth. "YES DAMN YOU YES! NOW TASTE MY CUM YOU FUCKING BITCH!"Her hands force me back down to her cunt hole and it feels like her lips are pulling me into her. Its like some one turned on a garden hose as the cum sprays out at me. Its even hard for me to breathe! She pulls on my head with a strength that is not natural! The last thing I hear is this loud "AHHHHHHHH!" and suddenly its very dark. I am warm and all bunched up with my knees almost to my chest. I feel safe yet scared , where am I?.