stoping smoking with the family part 1

Mind Control

All of us smoked me my wife Barb both her sisters mindy and Gina my motherinlaw and fatherinlaw. and Mindy and Gina's husbands too. Newyears eve we all decided to go to a hypnotise to try to quite smoking. Barb's Dad is 50 yrs old  about 240 lbs most of his extra weight is in his belly. her mom mary is 5 feet tall 100 lbs not bad looking for 49 yr old with b cup tits. Barb is 34 years old 5'2" 120 lbs with 36 c cup brown hair like her mom. Gina is the next 29 yr old but only 4' 11" tall and 95 lbs. a cup tits but a nice round butt. Mindy is the youngest built like her mom with short brown hair.

   We all had apoint ments with the hypnotise on the following monday. when my turn came i went into his office . the hypnitise had me lay on a couch and went about putting me under. he couldn't get me under so i quickly decided to pretend to be under so he could finish and  and i could get out of there. he went through the ruteen of how i hate cigarettes and not to smoke anymore. before he woke me he said the next visit when he said smoke smoke smoke 3 times i would be back in this state under his control.

   We all left the office everyone seemed to have ben hypnotise but me and i was not going to tell them i wasted my money because it did not work so i played along liked it did.

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  when me and Barb got home we went about the day normaly she cleaned the house and i mowed the yard. I got thinking about the trigger the hypnotise gave me and wondered if it was the same one for all of us. i put the mower away and went into the house. Barb was doing dishes  so i came up behind her and said smoke smoke smoke. she stop what she was doing and just stood there. I could not believe it worked. My mind was spinnning of all the posibilities rushed into my head.

  I start to test my control. Barb when you wake up you will stop what you are doing. you will  go  put on your sexy  red see through night gown then come back and do the dishes. you will think of sex and be real horney. You will continue to clean the house and get so horney you can't control yourself.

the thought of a man fucking you hard will drive you mad. and you will be a slut tonight fucking and sucking till you can't take no more.  you will wake up and do this when you hear the kitchen door shut.

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  i walk out and shut the door. by this time its getting dark so i can watch whats going on through the window. Barb walks out of the kitchen.   a little bit later she walked back into the kitchen in her nighty. she looked sexy. i was being a peeping tom watching her wiggle her butt as she dried the dishes. She looked horney and she would reach down and rub herself every once in awhile to confirm it. Normaly barb was very reserve and would never walk around the house like this. she had a shy kind of personality but with no one in the kitchen she was in her own little world. after she finished the dishes she started sweeeping the floor it was sexy you could see her tiits were hard as a rock jiggling around and her brething was a little heavy i could tell she was playing out some sex fantisy in her mind wile she was sweeping. she finished in the kitchen and whent to living room to sweep. i went around the house and looked in that window.

  She was sweeping around the tv when i noticed my son was sitting on the couch watching tv. I was so excited about my control over Barb that i forgot are 13 yr old son was home. I didn't know what to do it was too late now he already seen his mom so i just stood there and watched  what happened.

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  barb just went on cleaning like she was fully dressed. sweeping and dusting. Andy our son watched tv but he would peek at his mom whenever she had her back turned. i figured at 13  it wouldnt hurt him any so i focused back on barb. she was hot and horney. she had alittle sweat beads on her forhead. she looked like she could come at any minuite i should of been more careful how i  told her to be especialy with andy there. if i walked in now . she looked like she would jump me as soon as i walk in so i had to wait till Andy went to bed .

 Andy was watching his mom with interest i could tell he needed to go to bed so i could come in and take care of his mom. barb took a break and sit on the couch and was talking to Andy. pretty soon she told andy to go to bed and she would be in to tuck him in in a minute. finally when she got him tucked in i would be able to come in  and bang my wife like we were newly weds.

i went around to Andys bedroom window to make sure he was going to bed. he was ontop the covers cause it was warm out in his underwear.

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   he had a tent going on probaly cause of his mother. i'll have to becareful next time not to let her be around andy like that. Barb walked in to tuck him in. and was staring at his tent when she walked up to the bed. She bent over and kissed him on the forehead then stared at him then she did something i never expected.

  She kissed him on the lips just a peck at first then she lost control and kissed him long and hard like she would kiss a long lost lover. i was stuned as andy was she lip locked him and layed ontop of him slowly sliding down kissing his chest and pulling off his underwear started deep throughting his 5" pecker. I was in shock she was out of control. i was froze in me tracks unable to do anything but watch. Andy just lay ther looking down at his mom doing his dick her head bobed up and down like she was starving for cum. after a minuite or two she came up for air and smiled at andy then she pulled off her night gown and layed on the bed beside him. her eyes full of lust she pulled andys head to her nipple and told him to suck it. he did she screamed out and arched her back as soon as he did wiggling and thrusting her crouch against his leg telling him to suck harder. he was latched on like a leach and she held him tight rolling over on her back and pulled him ontop of her. she was so wet and slipery when she wraped her legs around him he slide  in easy into her tight love hole.

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  andy thrust into his mom as she grabed his butt and pulled it too her. she grunted and moaned with each thrust raising her hips to meet his and she had multible orgasiums one after another for about 10 min. then it was over they their in a heap sweaty and smelling of hot sex.

 Barb snaped out of it then and realized what she had done she jumped out of his bed with a deer in the head lights look. telling Andy she sorry and your dads out side we have to be quite and ran out of his room into the bathroom. i walked around the house in shock and go inside. and sit down in front of the tv. a bit  later B arb comes out of the shower with a shamed of herself look on her face. she tried to act normal and asked me what i been doing. I told her i was cleaning the garage. with a relieved look on her face she told me she was going to bad and left the room. Andy got up nd went to the bathroom . on his way back he smiled at me and sayed night dad and ran off to his room like nothing happened.

  I was horney don't know why but  the sex scene i just watched turned me on. i went to bed and cudled up to barb.

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She wasn't horney anymore but i asked her for it. i think out of guilt she put on an act but she wasn't wet anymore. the thought of what just happened put me over the edge and i came in about 1 min. she smiled and sayed that was quick . and that was it. we fell off into a deep sleep.