The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 13

Mind Control

The Mansion: Day Two

Overnight, Scully's second wave of Witches has arrived: Melanie and her mother Terry, and the Yamamoto family - Rika and her three daughters Mayu, Karina, and the freshly deflowered Mika, bringing the Coven population up to 12, excluding still-virgin Krista.

The dining room now has a banquet table, and Greg finds everyone already sharing a noisy breakfast. Everyone except Abbey, who is still under the influence of her late night invasion of Greg's sleep, and the two youngest, Krista and Mika, who had become instant best friends and raced off together to the pool.

Greg is overwhelmed by hugs and kisses as his former slaves greet him enthusiastically. All are wearing the Mansion's luxurious bathrobes, as are Greg and Marisa.   Clearly, nobody's on duty yet, but that is soon to change.   Greg hardly knows which way to turn, so many old friends/sweethearts/sextoys/playmates, he can't choose one ahead of another.   Marisa and Kylie had cornered Melanie and Karina and the four were deep in catchup conversation.   The adults formed another group, Miss Shell with the three mothers, Rika, Terry and Mary Anne. That left Mackenzie and Mayu.   Cool, thinks Greg, and he joins them: "Mayu, great to see you",  pulling both girls into an embrace so Mackenzie won't feel left out. "Come on, Mayu, Mackenzie has something to show you", and he takes both girls by the hand and leads them swiftly to the Fuck Room.

"Hey Mack, do you think you can give us another show?" he suggests.   As she heads off to start the music, Greg and Mayu start tugging impatiently at each other's robes, and in a moment they are in a naked embrace, lying on piles of cushions.   Then the music starts, and Mayu sucks on Greg's cock while Mackenzie recaps her performance of yesterday.   Mayu releases Greg's cock and lies between his legs sucking his balls while Mackenzie reaches the climax of her dance routine, a real climax, again, then leaps from the stage and straddles Greg's head, planting her soaking pussy on his mouth, leaning forward in 69 to suck on his cock, look into Mayu's eyes, and break off sucking so they can kiss.

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Wrapping her arms around Mayu, she slides a trail of pussy juice down Greg's chest until she straddles him in reverse cowgirl, and his cock pops suddenly inside her, making her gasp.   Released from the kiss, Mayu lowers her head, resumes sucking Greg's balls while Mackenzie bounces slowly on his shaft.   Then Mackenzie is squatting, holding herself so only the head of Greg's cock is inside her, and Mayu licks her way from balls to shaft to clit. Mackenzie shifts, Greg's cock pops out, Mayu engulfs it in her mouth.   Mackenzie is stroking Mayu's hair as she sucks Greg, then guides his hot lovestick back into Mackenzie, clamping her mouth over her clit.   Then back to Greg's balls as Mackenzie bounces another flood of juices out of herself.   Greg feels he is about to cum, but he wants Mackenzie awake to dance some more, so he tips over sideways, dumping her off, and turns to Mayu. "Quick, Mayu, I'm gonna cum", and she lies back, legs in the air, he plunges right into her and thrusts rapidly as he erupts in his first shot of the day.   His thrusting slows to a halt, and he lies there on top of Mayu, whose lights have just gone out.
--- 10 AM: #1=Mayu

"Hey Mack, come here".   Mackenzie, hot from her own orgasm, and a bit surprised at the way Greg dumped her off, moves in alongside him. "I don't want you spacing out just yet, Mack. I want to see some more of your lovely dancing before I cum inside you. "  Satisfied by this, she snuggles against him and the zombied-out Mayu.   Greg kisses Mayu.

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   "First time I've fucked you, babe, and I just couldn't hold on.   Next time I'll make it last a bit longer. "  "Not if I have anything to do with it" chuckles Mackenzie, and he playfully tickles her ribs, making her jump away.   As Greg rolls off Mayu, a Fluffer glides silently in to plant a tampon, and cover the dreaming girl, now on mental vacation for the next 12 hours.

Mackenzie heads off for a shower as Greg looks round and sees he has an audience.   Mayu's youngest sister Mika, and her mother, the petite doll-like Rika had come in while Greg's vision was obscured by Mackenzie's ass, and were kneeling, Japanese style, nearby. Greg noticed for the first time that mother and daughter were almost the same size.   Together they closed in on him. "Hi Greg said Rika, "I see you've had your way with Mayu, at last.   She was complaining that you'd never fucked her", and she kisses him.   Mika moves in behind Greg and they make a Japanese Greg Sandwich.  

"Mika has some news for you, go on dear, tell him", and Mika speaks softly in Greg's ear. "I'm not a virgin any more. I couldn't wait for you Greg, but now I'm ready and I want your cock inside me, I want you to fuck me like you fucked my Mom.   Remember that day I came home from school and you were fucking Mom? and then you taught me how to suck your cock? And I really wanted you to fuck me too, but you didn't.

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    Was it because I was a virgin? Cos now I'm not, you got no excuse, you gotta fuck me.   Fuck me all the way and cum inside me, I'm on the pill like my sisters, so it's ok, and I want to feel you cumming in my pussy. "  While he's hearing this, Rika is gently exploring his cock with her fingers, and as Mika's words start to have an effect, Rika slides down so she can explore with her mouth as well, and it's not long before Greg is fully erect again.   Mika is also aroused by her own words, and is idly stroking her clit, and noticing how wet she is getting. "My pussy is getting wet, Greg.   It's wet for your cock, I'm ready now.   Fuck me while Mom watches, like you fucked Mom while I watched, remember?"

And that does it.   Between mother's sucking and young ex-virgin daughter's sexy talk, Greg is ready and more than willing.   He retrieves his cock from Rika's mouth, and turns over to lower himself onto Mika, and into her tight but very juicy little twat.   Her pussy grips him tighter than anything he's felt before, even the virgins he'd taken, Priscilla, Kylie, Mika's sister Karina, none felt as tight and firm as this, and the intense feeling of sliding the tight ring of her cunt up and down his shaft tells him it won't be long.   He's been encouraged - but not commanded - by Scully to cum as soon as he can.   She felt he should retain as much free will as possible, in the circumstances.   And it isn't long.   With Rika stroking his back and ass, with his tongue in Mika's mouth stifling her gasps and moans, with her tiny 14 year old body bucking and spasming under him, he blows his second load of the day, right up her pipe.

--- 10:30 #2=Mika

Fluffers do their silent duty, and Mika is laid out peacefully beside her oldest sister.

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   Rika, caressing Greg, says: "If I fetch Karina, you could make it a set. "

But Karina doesn't need fetching, she turns up of her own accord, with Melanie, Marisa and Kylie, just as Greg, once more revived, is entering Rika from behind.   "He likes this" says Karina to the others,  and scoots in on her back under him, to play with his balls as his cock goes in and out of her mother's pussy. "Hey, give me a cushion, somebody" calls Karina.   With the cushion under her head, she can lick Greg's balls, and his shaft as it comes out of her mother.   And her mother's soaking clit.   "Eat me, somebody" calls Karina, getting horny on having such a close up view of Greg's hard cock ramming into her mother's cunt.   "Gravy Train, guys" calls Marisa, and crouches on all fours, burying her face in Karina's snatch, Melanie follows by slipping in under Marisa, on her back, to suck Marisa's pussy, and Kylie at the end of the line goes down on Melanie.   Greg looks over his shoulder to see the chain of naked girls feasting on pussy, and this definitely rings his bells, especially as the head of the chain is licking his balls and teasing her tongue back towards his asshole, and he finds another dose of cum to pump into Rika.   "Train wreck" calls out Karina, as she's forced to get her head out of the way of Greg's final frantic pounding, and the rest of the train collapses in giggles.   As usual, a Fluffer arrives to deal with Rika, and she's now laid out beside two of her daughters.   Greg invites Karina in for a cuddle, and the other three girls close in to make it a group hug and grope. "Looks like you're the last of the Yamamotos" says Greg, looking over at the three spaced out bodies.
--- 11:00 #3=Rika

Greg has a shower in the Fuck Room's ensuite, along with the four teenagers, and they play and soap each other, rinse off and explore each other in the warm wet spray.   Greg hasn't yet recharged, so they have a quick snack together, still all naked, because they can, followed by a rowdy splash around in the pool, and then a relaxing soak in the jacuzi, Greg and four enthusiastic teens, all ready and willing for him to fuck.

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    Just as soon as he's ready.   Melanie discovers the first signs of revival in Greg's cock, abandons the jacuzi, fleeing to the Fuck Room, yelling "Run for it. The Monster Dick has Awakened From its Slumber", with the other girls close behind, and Greg lumbering after them like a bear, holding his cock to keep it from swinging wildly.   Entering the Fuck Room he finds Karina hoisting herself into the love swing, Melanie and Marisa each side of her holding her arms and legs.   Kylie meets him and leads him to the swing, which has Karina's pussy at just the right height for him to enter.   As Greg starts to fuck Karina, the other three girls crowd closely around him, and he can share kisses with Marisa and Melanie.   The girls do the work, Greg has only to stand still.   Kylie presses against his butt, and the Two M's guide Karina and the swing back and forth.   Kylie ducks under Greg's ass and starts to suck his nutsack, Karina is rubbing her clit as his dick goes in and out of her, and that's all it takes for one more load to boil up from his nuts and squirt out of his cock.   A Fluffer arrives, and the Last of the Yamamotos is laid peacefully beside the rest of her family.

--- 12:00 #4=Karina

In the lounge, after lunch, Greg finds Mary Anne putting the finishing touches on an impressive artwork.   Her canvas is her daughter Abbey, and the art is body paint that has her seemingly dressed in a skin tight superhero or circus costume, except for unpainted cutaways for her boobs, a circle round her navel, and a larger circle around her pussy and asshole.   The effect is erotic in the extreme, the colors and lines guiding the eye towards her pussy, like a flower guides a bee to the pollen.   Greg looks with curiousity turning to lust as Abbey slowly stands, stretches, then stands arms and legs wide apart, for his admiration.   "Like it?" she asks, but she has only to look down at his growing erection to know he does.

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   "Hmmm. . . " Greg pretends to be considering. "Not sure.   Can I try it on?" "Absolutely", and she opens herself to him and he slips inside her, cock in pussy, tongue in mouth, standing, right in the middle of the lounge, with Abbey's mother Mary Anne, her sisters Krista and  Kylie and the others - Miss Shell, Melanie and her Mum Terry, Mackenzie and Marisa - all looking on, all naked.   This time it takes him longer to reload, and he steadily fucks Abbey through 3 or 4 climaxes, her juices running down her legs and trying to disolve her paintwork, before he finds his own charge rising from his balls, and then he has a grasp on it, is able to hold it, neither bursting out nor falling back.   The room is silent but for the slap of their flesh and the squelch of her pussy and the ragged gasps of her breathing, joined now by squelches and gasps from Miss Shell, who has joined in with her vibrator and is fucking herself enthusiastically.   Most of the others had been idly, automatically, touching themselves as they watched Greg pumping into the gloriously decorated Abbey, and now Mackenzie takes up the rhythm, plunging three fingers into her sopping pussy.   It looks like all the Squirters in the place are going to go off at once. Krista and Kylie are holding onto each other, fingers strumming each other's clits, while their mother, Mary Anne is fingering herself and holding up one of her marvellous breasts so she can suck her own nipple.   Terry is standing behind her daughter Melanie, massaging her boobs with both hands, while Melanie's own hands are busy lower down. But Marisa is the first to explode in orgasm, loudly, surprising even herself.   Then the others see, she's been keeping eye contact with Greg the whole time, and somehow, across the room, it was Marisa that Greg was fucking all along.   Marisa's outburst triggers a wave of lust, and orgasms erupt around the room as surely as if Greg still had the Good Girl spell, and Greg is also washed away, his fluid pumping into Abbey, as Miss Shell and Mackenzie flood their juices over the cushions.

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--- 13:30 #5=Abbey

As the excitement subsides, and Greg lowers the blissed-out Abbey onto a couch, a Fluffer arrives to install a tampon and make Abbey comfortable.

Licked clean, Greg surveys the room. Flushed post-orgasmic faces stare back at him.   "Let's go to the Fuck Room" he declares, and exits, most of the others close behind.   Miss Shell stays to be Mary Anne's next canvas. Marisa stays to watch the artist at work.

Greg spends the next recharge period in the midst of five of the eight remaining females.
Kylie wants to learn to pole dance, and Mackenzie is giving her instruction, while Greg is snuggled between mother-and-daughter Terry and Melanie, sharing soft kisses, stroking their breasts, tweaking their nipples, and Krista curls up between his legs like a kitten.

Terry and Melanie are reminiscing with Greg. "Remember that time you had us both masturbate in front of you?" asked Melanie. "That was so hot. I'd always tried to be quiet and secretive when I'd masturbate at home, I didn't want Mom to hear me. "  "Me too", added Terry with a laugh, "I always made sure you were asleep, and I'd keep my door closed, and I'd still bite on the pillow to keep from moaning out loud. There must have been nights when we were both masturbating at the same time, if only we'd known. "  "There are now, that's for sure" added Melanie.

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   "Yeah, we don't hold back now, do we Mel?" replied Terry.

As they talked, they were once again touching themselves, moving fingertips gently on clits. "Now Melanie shares my vibrator" said Terry proudly, "and we're still naked round the house, like you told us. Now if either one of us gets horny, we've got no qualms about just rubbing out a quick orgasm. Or a slow one. "

"Yeah," added Melanie, "and we've taken to showering together too. Save Water, shower with your Mom" she laughed.   "Yes, dear, but I don't think we're really saving any water, we spend too long in there. "

All the while Krista lies between his legs admiring his tackle, kissing licking and sucking gently until it starts to reawaken. Then she tries to keep all of his cock in her mouth as it grows beyond her capacity.   She tries to take it down her throat, but gives up with a sudden gasp as she almost gags.   "Ready down here" she calls.

"Hey Greg, can I ask you something?" says Melanie. "Sure, what?" "Well, you've fucked me in front of Mom, but you always went off in private to fuck her.   You never let me watch.

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    So, can I watch now?  Will you fuck Mom first so I can watch?  Pleeeeeze?" and she made little-girl-pleading faces at Greg so he just had to laugh.   "OK, Melanie, are you ready to watch me fuck your mother?" "Yeah, Motherfucker, come on and fuck me" added Terry.   Well, this was more than enough, and in a moment Greg had Terry flat on her back with her legs up behind her ears, as he pounded into her squelchy velvet love tunnel. Melanie positioned herself where she could watch, and Greg could watch her too, and matched their rhythm as she sluiced her fingers in and out of herself, calling encouragement to them both. "Come on Mom, I wanna hear you cum", and Terry is grunting and gasping with every thrust of Greg's as he fucks the daylights out of her, and she cums in a frenzy of yells, grunts and moans, and keeps on cumming as Greg keeps on pounding, his sweat dripping on her face and tits until at last he summons up his sixth ejaculation of the day, and releases it far up inside her, then collapses breathless on top of her. "Whooo-hooo MotherFucker, what a Fuck!" cries Melanie, approvingly, and a ragged round of applause breaks out from Mackenzie, Kylie and Krista, who have watched slack jawed the whole thing.

--- 14:00 #6=Terry

Greg and his three companions shower and then raid the dining room for cake, icecream and soft drinks.
Krista and Kylie get into some sisterly teasing, leading to a minor food fight, then Greg discovers the joys of licking ice cream from the bodies of naked teenage girls.   They clear a table and lay Krista on it, and start decorating her with blobs of icecream and then swirls of whipped cream from a can.   She wriggles and giggles as Greg tickles her with his tongue lapping up the tasty treats cunningly positioned by Kylie, with creative input from Mackenzie.   Then it's Greg's turn, and he's hauled up onto the table and has his cock and balls liberally sprayed with cream, which the girls gather round to lick off, and, if they happen to find his cock, they suck it, until it is standing proud once again.   Then Krista escalates things by fetching a large tub filled with swirls of softserve icecream, and pushes it right onto Greg's cock.   He yelps, it's like he's had a deepfrozen cunt jammed onto his dick, the cold soft squishy icecream surrounding his shaft and running down to chill his balls.   "Arrrrgh! Cold!!! Krista you cheeky little cunt.   Come back and lick this mess up before my balls freeze off. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

  "  But he needn't worry, as Kylie rescues his ballsack with her warm mouth, and Mackenzie and Krista work on cleaning up his shaft on either side, ending when Mary Anne arrives to investigate the noise, and surprises Greg with another of her skills, by expertly deep-throating his chilled member, and keeping it down her throat until her warmth floods through him.   When she finally comes up for air, Krista tries to imitate her, nearly gagging again.   "Mom, you got to teach me how to do that. I nearly puked. How do you do it?"  "Well, Krista, remember all those summer vacations at Bible Camp. . . " and she gave her daughter a knowing smile. "Practice, sweetie. It just takes practice", and she continues to deep-throat Greg until he starts showing signs of too much appreciation. She stops and yells: "Kylie my girl, stop diddling yourself and stick that little snatch of yours onto this cock before it explodes", and Mary Anne helps her daughter climb onto the table and straddle Greg, then Mary Anne places her generous boobs onto Greg's face, where he finds a nipple to suck as Kylie's tight little pussy bounces on his cock, squeezing out another measure of ballcream.   Mary Anne has to help Kylie off and sit her down on a chair, and a pair of Fluffers materialise to install her tampon and carry her off to her bedroom.

--- 15:00 #7=Kylie

(the day continues in the next chapter)