The Making of a Big Tittied Cumslut 2

Mind Control

Chapter 2
it was July when the old crapola hit the fan.   It was then that Mandy Marx went to see Dr Deemer about her stomach problems and was told she was pregnant.   Mandy insisted it was impossible as she was a virgin!  Dr Demmer proved it to her parents beyond a shadow of a doubt.   The Marx’s were understandable upset, Mandy was not the type of girl who would lie at all much less about something like this, or was she.   Mr. Marx asked the doctor what could be done and in listing out alternatives the subject of abortion was broached.   Mr. Marx was a deeply religious man, he was an usher at mass most weeks, but didn’t want his daughters' life ruined.   So he seriously considered aborting the baby.   When the Marx’s went home they had reached no decision on what to do and planned to go home and pray.   Unfortunately for the Marx family when Dr. Deemer got home and his wife Kathy asked him about his day he, more out of reflex, told her and let the cat out of the bag.   After serving her family dinner Kathy went out by the back fence to talk to a neighbor and the news started to travel.   Once Kathy knew the news there was no way a large majority of the residents of Worth would not learn of it.   In a mere matter of days the Marx family was ruined as far as the town of Worth was concerned.

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   Marx had other problems than his daughters' pregnancy to occupy his mind.   His work at the factory had ended when the plant had closed down.   That had happened just after the first of the year.   The family had gone through most of there savings while Mr. Marx searched for new employment.   The truth is told the Marx family had a stack of unpaid bills when a strange miracle happened.   There home was broken into.   Now few people would think a burglary was any type of miracle but for the Marx it worked out as one.   For there house was the first but certainly far from the last.   There break in started the rash of robberies that caused Smithson security to be founded.   And Mr. Marx was able to get work.   And what the heck not much was taken from there house anyway.   Mr. Marx under went extensive training in home security installation.

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   In April started to again receive a paycheck.   It’s an odd coincidence that within a matter of a week the Marx family went from celebrating there good fortune to finding Mandy passed out (and pregnant) in the park.
By July Mr. Marx saw the end on the horizon.   This was before Mandy’s doctor appointment.   In May and June there had been more overtime at work then anyone could handle.   Smithson had hired more and more workers to meet the public demand.   By July there was no new hires' and the overtime was drying up.   The owners of Smithson tried to find new customers or new products but it seemed Smithson was the proverbial big fish in a small pond.   They considered moving to a more populated area but there were too many security firms there already.   Smithson’s profits would continue to decrease till they sank in that small pond.
By mid July layoffs had started.   People who had bought the security systems based on the fact that they would be getting a reliable paycheck from Smithson now found themselves out of work and in debt.   People were mad that they were out of work and took it out where ever and when ever they could.   A rumor was started that Smithson, the company who only a few months earlier was looked on as the towns' savior, was actually in some way responsible fore the crime spree.

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    That was when the story of Mandy Marx’s Immaculate Conception started circulating.   The Pastor of the church who had announced that he would be retiring filled his last sermons will tales of lies and deceit about the sin of sex outside of marriage.   Although he never mentioned the Marx family and Mandy in particular by name everyone knew who he was condemning.   The Marx family quit attending service and accepted the first offer they received (a very low offer) and in just over a month Sandy would be watching there moving van dwindle in the distance.
Sandy had watched all the Molnar’s stuff be moved into there home only when the last box was brought in did the trance that had kept Sandy staring out the window break.   Sandy then went to her room and logged on to her computer it was time to share what little information she had acquired with “Friend”.
Sandy’s email was short and to the point.   She told of the tacky furniture she saw being moved into the house.   How Mr. Molnar seemed to have an older model computer but that his sons seemed newer.   How Judy had few possessions outside of a bed and dresser.   She reported that she had seen only one box taken to Judy’s room and supposed it must be Judy’s clothes.   Only one box of clothes Sandy looked around her room and thought her own flashy clothes would fill at least 5 or 6 boxes.   She concluded her email by saying that she was sorry she couldn’t supply more information.   Then she sent her email.

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Sandy was more than a little surprised when she got a reply to her email almost instantly.   She saw from the address that it was from the school but who could possible be at the school on a Saturday at just past 6PM.   She couldn’t think of who “Friend” could possibly be but she figured who ever he is he must have a key to the school.   The response was a pleasant one.   It stated “Be pleased that Judy has few things to take up her time and mind as that will give you more room in her life. ”  Sandy read the simple sentence then read it again then a third time.   It was confusing in its simplicity but she figured it meant that she should be happy that Judy’s life was simple as that way she could show her all sorts of new things.
Sandy wondered about how she could fill all the empty space in Judy’s life only till she looked at the clock.   It was closing on 7 and she had a date.   Mike was taking her for burgers and she figured Paul would most likely tag along.   She wondered if she should dress for comfort or dress to tease.   She figured dressing to tease would be her best option as she had been dressing for comfort the last few times they went out but now with Judy here she might need the boys to do what she wanted.   Sandy considered what to wear fairly carefully.   She knew she’d be with 2 guys.   That after going for burgers she figured they’d take her to the theater; some dumb action flick was on there.

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    She knew there main reason for going to movies like that was to ogle some big chested star in a tight little outfit, boys were so predictable.   She knew that at the movie she’d be sitting between the boys so she wanted something that both could enjoy and still not get them kicked out.   She chose a slightly loose tank top that both boys could access with out being obvious.   She decided to wear cutoffs to go with the top as she doubted the boys would get too worked up in the theater to try for more.
Sandy had figured right.   Mike pulled up in his jet black 4 x 4 truck Chevy truck.   As he got out Sandy saw Paul get out the other side.   Paul trotted to catch up to Mike.   At the door Mike rang the bell.   Mike’s eyes lit up as he saw how Sandy had dressed for him.   In the back Paul leered at Sandy.   It was secretly thought that Paul had been the dad of Mandy’s baby.   But that was a closely guarded secret that gave Paul a thrill.   They all climbed into Mike’s pickup and off they went to a local drive in for burgers.   Sandy was happy how both boys kept sneaking peeks at her chest.

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    After eating they started the fairly long drive to the theater.   Mike tells Paul to get out the joint he has stashed.   Sandy thinks if she gets stoned it may be tougher to stay in control.   Mike said he knew they’d all love the flick it was called Boats and Babes.   Sandy thought “oh god for that I’ll need the joint”.
Arriving at the theater Sandy had a pleasant buzz going.   Even though she tried not inhaling on the joint, she wanted to keep control, enough slipped into her to mellow her.   Mike and Paul were well stoned and found everything very funny.   The theater they were going to, actually the only one in a 25 mile radius was located in the middle of the town’s business district.   Not surprisingly the two neighbors of the theater were a fast food restaurant on one side and a game arcade on the other.   After Mike parked they were left with a short walk to go see the movie.   As they passed the arcade Sandy was pleased to notice that many young (and some not so young) heads turned to watch her.   She realized then her nipples were up and making appealing bumps in her tank top.
There was an elderly lady in the ticket booth that looked at Sandy with some disapproval.   Mike had his wallet out but Sandy thought that as stoned as Mike was that it would be a chore for him to understand the woman and also to figure out how much to pay.

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    Sandy took Mikes wallet and approached the booth.   The movie was rated R so technically Sandy should not have been allowed in to see it.   She acted bored asking for the tickets.   Although the woman in the booth might have asked if Sandy were old enough to enter Sandy was saved when the woman recognized Mike.   She regularly attends high school football games and Mike is something of a star.   The lady whispered to Sandy “isn’t that Mike Sorenson?”  Sandy told her it was and the lady made a tsking sound.   She added “he's taking a date to this type of movie?”  Sandy said it was his turn to pick, and the woman thought Sandy was a fine young lady for agreeing.   Sandy, who under normal circumstances can be gruff, realized she was acting like a fine young lady and fought back the urge to giggle.   “My god the right amount of pot may be the best thing” Sandy thought to herself.
Inside the theater Mike and Paul would have marked themselves as stoned to anyone who chanced to observe there behavior.   Giggling they ran right for the snack counter.   Sandy on the other hand was into people watching.   She hadn’t much listened to the title Mike had told her, and paid no attention to the signs in the lobby, she just new it was a guy flick and a place to test her feminine wiles.   As the boys decided on which food and drinks they wanted Sandy circled the lobby in much the same way a shark would.   She was pleased by the reactions she elicited.

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    Guy’s eyes were drawn to and held by her protruding nipples.   Girls on the other hand were busier hitting there staring boyfriends and reminding them they were there on a date.
Mike and Paul finally got there selections and armed with arm loads of goodies were ready to find a comfy spot to sit.   Unattached guys were disappointed to see Sandy walk with the boys into the semi darkened theaters.   The attached guys were disappointed to but they hid the fact better.   The girls were just relieved.   Mike knew right where he wanted his group to sit.   He led the way down the left hand aisle almost but not quite all the way to the front.   Most couples like sitting in the back of the theater as they think it offers more privacy for there petting sessions but Mike reasoned with the doors right there and everyone passing by it would be like groping in the lobby.   Groping in the lobby was fun but Mike wanted a little more than just squeezing Sandy’s tits thru her top.   Arriving at the fourth row he stopped and waited for Paul to enter first.   The sections closest to the wall feature only four seats this close to the front so no one would want to get in to them.   And since it wasn’t a kid flick the first few rows would be empty.
Paul entered the row first so he’d be sitting on Sandy’s left hand side and Mike would be on Sandy’s right hand side.   They had just sat down when the lights dimmed and the curtain opened t show coming attractions.

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    Mike and Paul made rude comments about the latest G rated movie coming out.   There comments were mostly garbled as they constantly kept filling there mouths with more food, a symptom of the munchies.   Sandy stayed quiet for the most part only giggling occasionally and an especial rude or gross comment.   Sandy marveled at all the goodies the boys had bought and at how fast they were disappearing.   By the time the actual movie was starting the boys had polished off what for most people would have lasted more than the length of the movie.
Sandy did her best to suppress her groan as at the start of the movie Pamela Anderson bounced across the screen in a skimpy outfit.   She remembered seeing Barb Wire with the boys and knew her hopes for a nap were gone.   She felt a hand from each side snake its way under her to and squeeze her boobs.   She didn’t say or do anything to slow the boys down.   After all she had wanted to use tonight to strengthen her control over the boys so maybe old Pammy was the ticket.
Sandy let the boys grope her not doing anything in return till the gropes became more insistent.   At that point she let her arms drop off her seats arm rests and drop onto the lap of each boy.   She lightly rubbed the boy’s bulges and the gropes returned to a more easy level.   Sandy had long ago learned that when the boys groping grew more frenzied, that corresponded to what was on the screen, then and only then would she move to the next level in satisfying the boys.   First level was letting her hands drop in there laps and lightly rub there bulges thru there pants.

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    Level two was where she opened there pants and rubbed through there underwear.   The third level was when she slipped her hand into there briefs and felt bare cock slowly.   Level four was when she had it out and slowly stroked it.   The fifth level was usually the last level.   It was the level where she stroked faster and the boys could cum.   She reached level five rights at the climax of the movie.   Using her hands like an expert race car driver she slowed the right and speeded the left till both boys reached the point of no return at the exact moment.   She was secretly pleased that Pam wasn’t on the screen as the boys had there orgasm as both boys were looking at her and not the screen.
With the enormous amount of food the boys had purchased, but like boys they had grabbed very few napkins.   Sandy had cum on both her hands and no where to wipe it.   She solved her problems by licking her hands clean, which the boys thought was very erotic.   Sandy reflected that cum didn’t taste to bad a little slimy and kind of salty but all in all not to bad.   She just thought taking a boys cock in her mouth was kind of gross.   She couldn’t stop thinking about them peeing from there cocks.   From the looks on the boy’s faces she knew her plan was a success and that the boys would do anything she asked them too.


As Sandy was having her date things back at the Molnar home were much more sedate.   Pastor who had taken over the small family room and turned it into more of an office.   He had set up his old computer; it hadn’t taken long, and was polishing the sermon he would be delivering the next day.   Pam Molnar was busy puttering around the kitchen making brownies from scratch as a thank you gift to the Demmer family for there helps on moving them in.   As for the kids Judy was lying on her bed reading and Jimmy was working to hook up his much more complex computer in his room.
All seemed normal but appearances can be deceiving as the kids would learn sooner or later.
In Jimmy’s case he had only one thought on his mind.   To get his computer up and running so he could go online and rejoin the medieval role playing game that he had come across earlier in the summer.   As he made the connections he noticed his dad had set up an AOL account and was not using the little local service.   Jimmy was ecstatic as he was worried that a little Podunk server out in the middle of nowhere wouldn’t give him a fast connection to his game.   When jimmy went online he got the message that he had mail.   He figured he knew what the mail was but took a second to open it anyway and yes it was a welcome to AOL.   Jimmy then opened his role playing game but before he could do more than open it he heard “You have mail”.   Now he was certainly confused.   No one had his email address so how could anyone be emailing him?  Confused and curious Jimmy opened this new mail.

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    It said, “Welcome to Worth Jimmy.   I’m so glad to see you like role playing games.   You seem cool.   When I play I like using the name Gandalf, but because I like thinking so far ahead most call me Master Mind.   I look forward to playing with you.   By the way your sister is really hot!  It was so cool when you had her show how big her boobs are with your box trick!  Well, I just wanted to say hi to the newest player.   Let the games begin!  (Signed) Gandalf. ”  More confused now than when he had opened the email, Jimmy soon lost himself in his game and forgot the email.
Meanwhile in her room Judy lay deeply engrossed in the latest mystery thriller she was reading.   Judy was a passionate reader.   Most folk thought that the fact that Judy was so shy and introvert was caused by her dads being over protective.   This was not completely accurate.   Judy’s shyness actual sprung from a trauma that had happened much earlier in her life.   Judy was 6 at the time.   She was out behind the parsonage playing in the sandbox her dad had built for the kids.

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    Mom was inside doing dishes while some cookies browned in the oven.   Mom watched Judy by looking out the window of the sink, knowing Chicago was a dangerous place.   Judy was playing happily by herself and mom was humming to herself.   That’s when the timer on the oven dinged.   Mom turned to the oven and checked the cookies, the kitchen was small it only took a sec.   She turned back and was horrified.   A large black man seemed to have materialized out of thin air.   He was standing in profile to the window so Pam could see both the man and Judy.   And oh my god he was exposing his genitals to her precious, innocent baby.   And Judy was not running away screaming but was staring wide eyed.   Pam ran to the back door.   The sight the greeted her was more than Pam could take.   Judy was extending her arm and was close to touching the big black penis!  All Pam could do was scream thank god that was enough as the man didn’t so much flee as disappear.   But Pam’s last look at him and the thing she’d always remember was his evil grin.
That was why Judy laid on her bed with her only friend, the latest mystery thriller book.

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    It was the only place Judy could go without mom or dad being right with her.   She hoped that now since they had moved to and easy going peaceful place maybe her parents might let her have a friend.
Judy was totally unaware that she was being watched.   Mr. Marx having been employed by Smithson, and so getting a big discount, had put the most elaborate security on the house where his family, and now the Molnars resided.   Although cameras watched her every move in the house there was another pair of real eyes watching her.   These eyes were unaided by cameras and relied on binoculars.
Gus Gulley was another neighbor of the Molnars.   He had been a police officer when he worked but was forced into early retirement.   Most people didn’t know the reason Gus retired.   Gus had been married and had had a daughter.   As she grew and developed Gus took, what some might say was an unhealthy interest in her.   Most days Gus’ patrol car would be cruising the area of the high school when it let out.   Gus also patrolled lover’s lane.   Trying to catch young girls in various stages of undress having sex.

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    His wife had had enough and left Gus taking there daughter with her.   Gus in a private interview was given 2 choices.   He could spend time in therapy (as he was suspected of molesting a girl) or he could accept early retirement.   Gus took retirement.   He then moved to Worth where he was unknown and there were no rumors about him.   He explained his retirement was do to a run in with prep.   The people of Worth felt safer with Gus around and had welcomed him with open arms.   Gus spent his time building his collection of porn always seeking pictures and stories of young “cumsluts”.   This night with no curtains up he had his binoculars trained on Judy’s window and were snapping a few digital photos. .