The Making of a Big Tittied Cumslut 3

Mind Control

Chapter 3
Sunday morning bloomed sunny and bright.   Birds were chirping it looked like a wonderful day.   But for Sandy the day started a little differently.   First she woke still feeling groggy her date with the boys had kept her out fairly late, and with the pot and beer she guessed she was a little hung over.   But that wasn’t exactly it.   There was something more.   A nagging at the back of her mind that she couldn’t quite grasp.   When she got up and saw her computer and the flashing light it hit her.   “Oh my god, I forgot to email “Friend”.
Last April she had gotten her first email from the mysterious “Friend” she had been instantly intrigued.   A faceless person who seemed to understand everything Sandy was going through.   It was like she didn’t even need to say things.   It was like “Friend” knew and understood her deepest thoughts.
Back then Sandy’s biggest concern was of the string of robberies.   She had lots of possessions and she hated the idea of losing any.   The fact is “Friend” supplied stats and info about the robberies that had helped Sandy convince her dad of the need for a security system.

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    With Dr. Demmer purchasing an elaborate security system was crucial to having almost every home in town getting there own.   Dr. Demmer was considered a trend setter and a very wise man.   So people felt safe following his example.
Sandy recalled how “Friend” had actually correctly predicted Mike’s need to go all the way and in his own way “Friend” had helped to protect Sandy’s virginity.   Mike had kept his own secret after that night, one he shared with only Paul.   To Mike Sandy was the most exciting girl in the world but… she was a poor lay.   That when she had been giving him a hand job getting him ready she had never been more exciting.   That was one reason he had kept going but when he had entered her she didn’t seem to respond.   He was humping but she wasn’t working with him.   Truth is told he felt it was like sticking his cock in a tree stump.   The tightness felt great and he knew he was her first but from the waist down it was like she was paralyzed.   It was almost like having sex with 2 different girls or that Sandy had just changed personalities.
Sandy often thought about who her special “Friend” might be.

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    She suspected friend was a shy boy who had a crush on her and this was how he let his feelings out.   But somehow that just didn’t fit.   She had asked “Friend” to talk about who he (or perhaps she) was.   “Friend” never answered any questions about him/herself.   Wouldn’t even say whether “Friend” was male or female or even give an age.   Sandy fantasized that she was chatting with an all powerful oracle or maybe an angel.
Sandy hurried over to her computer hoping if she sent the email now “Friend” might not notice her tardiness.   She knew, deep down inside, that “Friend” would know.   Heck the flashing light on her computer showed she had a message.   She tried fooling herself by thinking I could have gotten an email from anyone that’s why the lights blinking.   She logged on and even her slight hopes were dashed there was an email from “Friend”.   This one was a little different.   The return addresses on the previous emails, at least the ones she remembered checking had come from the school.   This one had as its return address the church.   She had never gotten a message from the church before.

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    Was it a coincidence she was just thinking about angels or was it something more?
The content of the email hit Sandy like a punch in the stomach.   She felt a little sick after reading it but forced herself to reread the short email.   It said “Sandy I have tried to be your friend but still you forget about me.   Maybe next time I should just let Mike and Paul rape you.   I told you to write me after your date last night without fail.   I did not receive an email from you so I think it best if we stop chatting.   I like to think of myself as kind hearted so I will give you only one chance.   If you want our chats to continue be at church for mass and pray for forgiveness.   If your not there or are late I will know and we will never speak again.   I need to know I have your absolute trust and that you will always do what I tell you no matter what.   I’m trying to guide you and to do that I need our wills to be one.   (signed) “Fading Friend”.
Sandy felt horrible.   She was on the verge of losing her best friend, her confidant, her advisor, her angel.   She couldn’t take it after losing Mandy to lose “Friend” too.

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    She looked at the clock it read 8:50 and thought oh no please go no!  Mass started promptly at 9.   She was still in her night shirt.   She hadn’t showered.   Her hair was a rat’s nest.   Her breath was morning breath.   And she only had 10 minutes and the church was a 5-10 minute walk away!  Sandy jumped up and ran to her closet.   The first dress her hand closed on she pulled out and put on, then she grabbed her hair brush and ran for the front door.   Her family had already left for church.   She hurried down the side walk dry brushing her hair knowing it wasn’t doing much good as she encountered plenty of tangles.   She wasn’t even aware of what she was wearing only that it was a dress.   As she arrived at the church she got plenty of attention and many openly stared at her.   She saw her family and hurried over to their pew.   Sandy hadn’t been to church in 4 years.   She genuflected upon entering the pew then dropped to her knees in pray.   She had once known the words to some pray but they escaped her now.

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    She only hoped if “Friend” was watching he/she/it would approve.
While Sandy had still lay slumbering next door the Molnars were up early.   Pastor had left to meditate at the church, which was in fact his church now.   He had shared with his wife how he had planned to call her and the kids up to the altar to introduce the whole family at once to the congregation.   Pam Molnar thought it was a fine idea but advised him to let it be a surprise to the children.   She was worried Judy would be too nervous and that Jimmy might dream up some kind of stunt.   Pam kissed Pastor as he left and started breakfast for the family.
Judy had awoken to a room filled with sunlight.   She remembered falling asleep while reading; her parents must have just let her sleep.   Judy was hot from lying in bed in direct sunshine still in her baggy and hot sweatshirt.   She got up and pulled it off.   She stretched and sat there a few moments trying to get used to her surroundings.   It hadn’t hit her that mom hadn’t put curtains up in her room.   She wanted to take a shower so without thinking she stood and unhooked her bra wanting a fresh bra for church.   She was slipping it off when she heard a noise and glancing toward her door she noticed it was partially open.

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    Judy jumped was someone spying?  She quickly turned her back to the door but because the room was small doing that made her face directly in front of the window.   She realized anyone might look in on her (Gus was watching and taking pictures).   She grabbed her robe and quickly pulled it on.   Judy gathered her stuff and decided changing in the bathroom was the best idea.
Jimmy had gotten up earlier than Judy.   Over the past couple years he had gotten the habit of getting up logging on and checking his emails to see if he had been sent any news on his role playing game.   If he had stopped to think a moment he would have been less hopeful as no one knew his email address here, well almost no one.   There was Gandalf he was almost certainly Dan or Doug the boys next door.   He laughed to himself at there referring to themselves as Master Mind.   He could teach these dumb hick boys a few tricks in the role playing game.   When he opened his email he was elated to see he had a message.   Yup it was from Gandalf just like he figured.   But the message seemed strange.   He frowned then giggled as he read it.   It started out with a suggestion on what he was doing wrong in the game “…take the right fork and although the axe is most powerful don’t forget the bow…”  But then it changed it told him (it actually sounded like an order) to go take his shower immediately, he wouldn’t be sorry, and then come back and maybe he’d have another email.

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    Jimmy figured why not he had to shower before church anyway so why not right now.
Jimmy showered quickly wondering what the email meant about not being sorry he showered right now.   Would he get another email?  How would Dan or Doug know what he did inside his house?
Jimmy had finished his shower and was hurrying back to his room anticipating what he might find.   He was passing Judy’s room.   Her door was partially open.   Curiosity got the best of him and he peeked in.   “Holy Cow!!!” there was Judy in her bra and she was unhooking it!  Jimmy watched as her perpetually tanned breasts, Judy just had a naturally darker skin tone, came out of her bra cups.   He would curse himself later but he couldn’t help the gasp that escaped his lips as her brown nipples were exposed to his eager eyes.   Judy had heard something he dashed into his room, the bulge in his underwear pointing the way.   But how?  How could Dan or Doug no he’d see Judy’s boobs (complete with nipple shot thank you very much).   Could Gandalf be someone or even something else?  Maybe Gandalf was a real wizard!  Maybe he could see the future and know what’s going to happen!
Jimmy was rubbing his bulge as he hurried to his computer.   At 12 Jimmy wasn’t a stranger to masturbation but he seldom did it.   The risk was great that dad might walk in.   He rechecked his email and sure enough there was a new email waiting for him.   He opened it and read.

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    “Judy’s boobs are awesome man!  I bet you liked your up close look!  Bet you need to rub out a load right now.   Hell I bet you are right now!  Well don’t worry the old man already left and what the heck you got that wet towel to clean up.   Go for it dude!  Just remember I did you a favor by letting you get a look so you owe me.   Your dads going to call the whole family to the altar at church today.   Trip and push Judy so she leans over the communion rail then every body will get a look at how big they are.   Course they won’t get the view you got!  Don’t let me down if you want any more free looks.   (signed) Gandalf.
The bells signaling the church service is beginning can be heard.   The congregation is still buzzing over Sandy’s entrance in a bride’s maid’s gown that her mother had been storing in Sandy’s closet.   It looks ridiculous on Sandy.   And look at her hair it’s a mess.   The comments running through the congregation range from giggles to outrage.   The one person most pleased from Sandy’s entrance is Judy.   Judy had felt like everyone was staring at her checking out the new family.   Since that day when she was 6 and her life had changed she was never good in public situations.

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Pastor Molnar walked out and greeted the congregation.   As was the usual he then read a list of announcements, most were just who was in the hospital, and who had gotten back home, and a church supper.   When he finished the announcements he asked his wife and children to join him so he could introduce everyone at once.   Pam, of course, expected this but the children’s reaction were quite different.   Judy looked close to a panic attack.   Jimmy looked a little confused.   How could Gandalf have known?  He must be a real wizard.   Jimmy decided right then he must do as Gandalf ordered.
Pam led the way up to her husband.   The group had chosen to sit in the 5th pew as that would be a respectful distance.   Passing the first pew and turning to walk to her husband Pam was a little distance in front of her children.   Judy being shy was dragging her feet and Jimmy was right behind her.   As soon as mom had turned the corner and before Judy could Jimmy tripped and accidentally pushed Judy forward.   Judy could only stumble one step forward before she hit the communion rail and had no chance of stopping herself.  The communion rail hit Judy in the stomach.

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    For a moment Jimmy thought he had pushed her to hard and she’d go over.   He hurried and grabbed Judy to keep her from doing just that.   Judy’s formless dress pulled tight at the waist and a large portion of the congregation was treated to Judy’s large breasts, outlined by her dress pulling tight, hanging down.   Jimmy had exceeded Gandalf’s instruction because by seeming to help her he had actually held her there a few extra seconds.
As father introduced his family Judy’s face was crimson mask from her blushing.   She couldn’t bring herself to look up.   If she had she might have seen a large portion of the congregation was indeed looking at her now shapeless chest and remembering what they had seen.
After service was almost as bad as the entire Molnar family had to stand at the exit and shake hands.   Most smirked at Jimmy, either thinking he was a clumsy young man, or thinking he had planned what he had done.   Most smiled at Judy trying to keep eye contact, most failing at least a little and glancing at her chest.   For the parents it was mostly “Nice sermon Pastor” and “Ma’am” to Pam.
Gus Gully was at the back of the line of parishioners exiting the church.   If any friends and neighbors were watching they’d have commented about how his limp seemed much worse today.   Gus wasn’t hurting more than usual but he was going for sympathy from the Molnars.   Gus had been receiving his own emails from a mystery source.


    His emails have alternating return addresses one is the local liquor store, another is a bar Gus frequents, and another is from an adult bookstore and novelty shop almost 50 miles away.   In each case he had been given times when looking out his window, with his binoculars would be to his advantage.   He had thought it was all a joke.   He only followed up on the first one because he was low on cash and just sitting home anyway when the time rolled around.   So he had looked out the window expecting nothing.   He got a shock and a thrill when he saw Mandy out there Giving Paul first a hand job and finished him in her mouth.   Her blouse was wide open and her little breasts buds stood out.   Gus whipped his own cock out and stroked it hoping he could get off before the show ended.   It was a little hard to see and he remembered much to his chagrin, the email had suggested binoculars (later emails would suggest a camcorder with a tripod).   After that first email Gus never missed doing as he was instructed.   The emails he receives are signed Dark Knight, he thinks maybe it’s from some old cop buddies.
Last night Gus had been instructed to watch the Molnar house.   After watching Judy read and marveling at the sight of the way her sweatshirt had pulled tight outlining Judy’s breasts he had a ding.   He had received an email.   He had been idly stroking his cock but not much about the view was changing he decided to check the email.

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    The email was from Dark Knight it instructed Gus to get some sleep as he had an early morning on Sunday.   Gus was confused early morning hell Sundays he slept till noon.   The email said Gus would enjoy the sunrise watching it break on Judy’s peaks.   Gus decided he should try for a little sleep.   Dark Knight had instructed Gus to set a clock for 6AM.   Gus found sleeping difficult but didn’t want to jerk off till his mysterious emailer said too.   At 6 Gus woke he looked out the window Judy was just waking up.   Then oh god she pulled her sweat shirt off.   Gus had his cock in his fist stroking but after a stretch Judy turned her back to the window.   Gus mutter over and over, “oh please turn around let me shoot my big load on those big melons come on big tits…”  As if by magic (he didn’t know Judy had heard a noise she quickly turned and faced directly at the window.   For a moment the rising sun showed directly on Judy’s exposed breasts as Gus watched.   Gus let loose his biggest orgasm in as long as he could remember.   Saying “oh thank you god” as he came.
When he went to his computer an email from Dark Knight was waiting.   It said “Wasn’t that a Kodak moment.

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    Bet your facing a big clean up.   But you better get a move on.   Time to thank god in person you’re heading to church.   So clean up and don’t be late.   Oh and by the way I think your injury is going to be an extra bad today better bring your cane.   Who knows you could check into getting some domestic help, some young female domestic help.
So as Gus hobbles toward the church exit he drops his cane he grabs for it but his hat falls.   Judy comes to his aid catching both the cane and the hat.   Gus smiling looking only into Judy’s eyes says “Oh thank you little lady I could sure use someone like you to stop over and do a spot of housework maybe even cook a little”.   Pastor has heard about Gus and everything he’s heard has been positive.   When Gus adds “that he might be able to pay Judy a little something out of his disability pension”.   Pastor jumps in saying Judy is starting school tomorrow but maybe something could be worked out for after school.   Gus senses their hesitancy and jumps in saying you could all come over I guess you could see first hand why this old bachelor could really use a hand.   “Well perhaps we could pay you a small visit” Judy’s mom chimes in.   When Gus says we could go there right now, he knows Pastor cannot leave the church till he makes sure the candles are all out and the church is secure.

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    Is pleased when Pastor says “Well I suppose we might stop by in about half an hour but we’ll only be able to stay a moment as were expected at the mayors for dinner.   Gus is elated and says “Fine, fine that would be just fine”.
Gus hurries home he wants to make sure things like his binoculars are away and anything else incriminating.   Gus is not a slob but knows that making that impression would show how desperately he needs the help.   He puts ketchup on plates and sticks them in the microwave till the ketchup hardens and it resembles old unwashed spaghetti sauce.   He piles dirty dishes in the sink.   He dumps mostly clean clothes in a laundry basket by the door to the basement like its too painful for him to go down stairs and wash clothes.   He is shooting for the moon but even if he is shot down he expects Pastor’s wife will come over and clean for him.   She may be getting a little old for his tastes, Gus prefers young well endowed girls, and maybe a few pounds past her prime but he can still see the hottie in her.
Gus’s house usually fairly tidy is a mess when Pastor’s family arrives.   Pastor chuckles “saying it’s not too bad”.   Pam, Pastor’s wife, is looking around like a contractor preparing to bid on a job evaluating the home.   Judy is standing quietly but at least her head is up and she’s mostly smiling.   Jimmy seems to be the most truthful one when he says “oh gross!”  Pam finally says with an embarrassed grin on her face “you might need a whole cleaning crew if the rest of the house is like this”.   Gus is still pretending his arthritis is flaring up says “please look around all you want I have nothing to hide.

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    But if you don’t mind I need to take a rest”.   Pam is still evaluating the living room and kitchen.   Pastor checks his watch.   Jimmy seems bored.   Judy is watching Gus through lowered eyelids.   Gus takes advantage that Judy is the only one looking and takes out a bottle of pills.   He makes a production out of trying to get up.   Judy asks “Mr. Gully can I get a glass of water for you sir?”  Gus settles back and says smiling “you’re an angel child a real down from heaven angel”.
Pastor reminds his wife of there commitment as she starts wandering toward the stairs.   She tells her husband that Gus really does need help.   But maybe the job is a little big for just Judy.   Pastor agrees it’s a big house and big job but he indicates Judy who is bringing Gus a glass of water.   “I think she made her first friend here I think this might be good for her.   Pam smiles and can do nothing but agree.

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    She say’s “well the final decision is Judy’s”.   They ask Judy and she says it might be could having something to do.   Dad cautions that school work comes first and if Judy’s grades slip she’ll have to stay home.   The Molnar family leaves for there dinner date promising to send Judy over after school the next day.   Gus is a very happy man. .