The Making of a Big Tittied Cumslut

Mind Control

   The Making of a Big Tittied Cumslut
Sandy watched as the moving van rolled off into the distance. It carried her life long best friend to a new home and a new destiny.    Sandy was what is commonly known as a trouble maker. She liked living on the edge all thru her childhood. Never a great student but with a very financial secure family Sandy could do no wrong. Sandy considered herself to be the hottest girl in town. Sandy liked to think of herself as a leader. However her belief in herself as a leader was a main reason her friend was leaving.
  Sandy’s parents were one of the reasons she got away with most everything she did. In rural Iowa there is no more important job than Town Mayor, unless you’re the only Town Doctor. John Demmer was both the only doctor for miles and the town mayor. He was probably the most respected man in Worth Iowa. Although he wasn’t rich by city doctor standards he was one of the most well off men in the area. John Demmer’s wife a former high school prom queen her name is Kathy. She is a regular church volunteer and although no one would say it to her face, she is also the town’s biggest gossip. Along with Sandy the Demmers' have 2 boys, Dan (15) and Doug (12).

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   Both boys’ biggest achievements were hitting the highest levels on the latest Play station video games.
  So as Sandy watched the moving van dwindle in the distance she already knew the house next door would not be empty for long. The Church Pastor had announced his retirement. The house would be filled by the new pastor and his family and she already knew the exact makeup of that family; The pastor Rich Molnar, his wife Pam Molnar, their daughter Judy (she is the same age as Sandy 14), and a son Jimmy (12). The pastor, a missionary of 15 years, met Pam Cermak on the last year as a missionary.   She would become his wife. Then Pastor Rich was assigned to a parish in Chicago. He hated it there. He was used to seclusion and the hustle and bustle of the major metropolitan area unnerved him. He petitioned often to be reassigned to a rural parish especially after the births of his kids. For a 50th birthday present his request was granted, reassignment to Worth Iowa.
  Now Worth Iowa, if you took an aerial portrait, in 1950 and today would look much the same then as now. A peaceful area where most everyone knows everyone, Worth and the neighboring town had a relaxed way of life. Doors were rarely locked keys left in cars an easy going area. At least it used to before the crime wave.

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   Crime has recently raised its ugly head in this idyllic area. Stores and homes had been broken into. Nothing much had been taken but many of the residents felt “violated”. A security company had opened a branch office just outside Worth. Smithson Security offered high quality surveillance, alarms, and remote control locks at affordable prices. In most cases no money down was permitted. Soon residents of Worth and the neighboring towns were forcing Smithson Security to hire more men to just try to meet the demand. The owners were extremely pleased and saw security offices popping up like McDonalds franchises in there dreams. The retiring pastor even established security in the church after a break in where chairs were knocked around.
  Three days after Sandy had watched the moving van pull away it was back. Sandy wanted to be the first to see the new neighbors and sort of evaluate them. Sandy had hurried to the window to watch (she had no intention of doing any lifting or carrying). The rest of the Demmer’s had gone out to meet the new neighbors and offer a hand.
  Sandy who considered she to be the hottest girl in town wanted to check out her new competition in Judy. If Judy turned out to be hot Sandy had 2 different plans in mind.

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   The first was to make her an ally they were going to a bigger school this year and she might need the help. The second was to make Judy’s life a living hell. Of course if Judy was an ugly duckling the second option would be the only available option.
  Sandy first saw Judy mainly standing around. Sandy wondered what was wrong with the girl, its August and Judy is standing around in a big baggy sweat shirt. Heck it’s like 100 degrees out. Sandy watched as her 2 brothers talked to the new boy. They seemed to have hit it off like they were old friends. Well, she guessed the boy is kind of cute; he might be fun to tease. His sister had a cute face but god with that sweat shirt she must be hiding the fact that she’s fat. But then Sandy saw the boy, Jimmy Molnar she thought that was his name, he picked up a box that didn’t appear too heavy. He picked it up with ease but he was pretended it weighed a ton. He stumbled a few steps and it looked like he was going in Judy’s direction. It seemed he would fall but the box was kind of small. What the fucks going on Sandy wondered.

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   At the last second Jimmy thrust the box out as he fell. He had forced Judy to take the box as he fell and Judy thinking it was really heavy braced herself as she wrapped her arms around the box. When she did it caused her sweatshirt to pull tight on her. And oh my god! Sandy thought Judy wasn’t hiding the fact she was fat she was hiding the fact she had huge boobs! This has amazing possibilities Sandy thought to herself.
  Sandy’s brothers stared their eyes bulging. Jimmy looked at Dan and Doug and mouthed see I told you. Dan turned away quickly he was trying to hide the fact he was adjusting himself in his pants.
  Sandy stood at the window watching. She hardly moved more than to slip back a little so it wasn’t too obvious she was watching. Sandy new the house the Molnar’s were moving into as her former best friend Mandy had lived there and Sandy had spent considerable time there. From the window she was watching from, and aided by the fact that there was no curtains yet anywhere in the house she could see into almost every room in the house.
  Sandy watched her dad and brothers as they helped the Molnars unload the truck. Sandy wanted information. “Information is power” that line had come in an email she received today. The email was from someone signing a friend.

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   She wasn’t sure who was sending the emails but she saw they came from the school on the local server. She had been getting mail from “Friend” for months now. This memory had been triggered when she watched Pastor Molnar carry a computer into the house. She took note that he put it in a small room that was no where near the bedrooms.
  “Friend” had told Sandy that she needed a friend and that this mysterious e-mailer would be hers. At the time she thought that that was ridiculous as of course back then she had Mandy. But she had learned that real people could not only be friends but could be so much more, they could be foils and dupes. Sandy needed people who could take the fall if she ever went too far and got in serious trouble. She had thought that her inner circle, which was her and Mandy along with 2 older high school boys Mike and Paul covered her but since Mandy had been burned she new she needed a replacement. Who could be a better replacement than Judy? Her dad being Pastor would make everyone instantly believe and trust her. She could be a strong ally but of course she would have to remain a tool to Sandy.
  Standing at the window Sandy let her mind wander as to just how Mandy had gotten burned. She remembered how it had started clear as if it had been yesterday and not almost 4 months earlier. It was the first day of May and a Friday. Iowa had suffered through a very cold and rainy April but with the changing of the calendar it seemed Mother Nature had decided to smile again.

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  The day was crystal blue and warm in other words a perfect day. Sandy heard her dad leave, as the area doctor he left very early each morning. She had been waiting for her dad to go because she wanted to dress sexy for the great weather and she knew that only his objection would stop her. Sandy for the most part could easily control her mom and brothers. Hearing her dad go, Sandy got dressed selecting her tightest jeans to compliment her bright pink halter top. Looking in the mirror she was pleased to see the bumps her only semi hard nipples made in the top. She giggled and said “the boys will be drooling and staring”. Then Sandy went down for breakfast. Her brothers were there and it pleased Sandy that she got the reaction she expected. They were only her brothers but she liked to test outfits on them to see their reaction. Kathy Demmer, Sandy’s mom’s reaction was also what she expected. Her mom said “um. . . a.

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  . . Sandy, do you think that maybe you might want to wear something else today?” Sandy just told her it was the latest style and that all the kids were dressing this way. Sandy of course got her way.
  Sandy arrived at school like a queen as everyone stopped and stared. Mandy, a pretty girl in her own right said she couldn’t believe what Sandy was wearing. Mandy told her that Sandy was going to have every boy in school with an erection. Both girls giggled about that but both new it was close to being true. The thing that changed this day from a fun teasing day was Mr. Dean.
  Mr. Dean had warned Sandy before about paying attention in class and studying as she was close to failing. Sandy knowing that the final exam would make up most of her grade didn’t really listen to the warnings. She would just bat her eyelashes and promise to buckle down. On this day Mr.

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   Dean made the class groan as he announced a pop quiz. He said it was a last chance for people needing to improve their grades before the final. Mr. Dean stared right at Sandy while saying this. Sandy’s mind had jumped a month ahead and was already on summer vacation as her day dreamed about making more than her classmates hard. She took the test, but if she was asked later she wouldn’t remember a single question from it.
  Class ended and Sandy turned in her test. Mr. Dean asked her to stay behind while he quickly graded her test. He shook his head while grading her test. He said “I thought you had buckled down as your homework has been much improved but I’m afraid this test will assure you of a place in summer school and that even a perfect score on the final won’t save you”. Sandy was horrified. She knew that having had Mandy doing her homework might not have been her best idea but it had gotten old man Dean off her back, but summer school no this can’t be! “I won’t let it be!” she screamed in her own head. Sandy slipped her hand up like she had an itch on her neck. She went around the desk standing very close to Mr.

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   Dean. Leaning close she asked him “isn’t there anything I can do to pass”. She had moved even closer to Mr. Dean. As he turned to tell her she had been warned his arm brushed against her halter top. Sandy had not been scratching an itch when she had rubbed her neck but instead had been loosening her top. Mr. Dean’s light brush was all it took for Sandy’s top to fall completely away. He was shocked. Sandy acted horrified, but made no immediate attempt to cover up. She called Mr. Dean an old pervert; she said that she knew from all his looks that he wanted her boobs. Sandy looked at him with her tits still exposed she said that she was going to tell her dad and that he would be out of a job. Mr. Dean sputtered and wasn’t sure what had happened but he wanted to make it clear he wasn’t a pervert.

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   He told Sandy he'd give her a pass if she never came near him again. Sandy left the room with a self satisfied smirk on her face after fixing her halter.
  Later when Sandy was with her friends (Mandy, Mike and Paul), she told them the whole story; about how she didn’t need to study for the final now. Paul said he wished he had a beer to toast Sandy’s victory over Mr. Dean. Mike chimed in saying “this calls for more than a single beer this calls for a party!” Paul laughing says “Mike to you everything is a reason to party. ” Mandy looked at Paul she had a secret crush on him. She didn’t want the others to know because Sandy liked being in charge and Mandy was a bit of a mouse.
  Later that night the friends met up again in the park. No one quite knew how but it seemed Mike had a source that he could tap into to get alcohol. Most nights it was just a few beers but tonight was a celebration and he’d brought a large bottle of Jack Daniels. Everyone had a beer and Sandy repeated the story now under a canopy of twinkling stars. Sandy and Mike were close together laughing and doing some cuddling. Paul and Mandy stayed separate not wanting to cause trouble in the group. (Whenever Mike wasn’t around Sandy cuddled with Paul) Mike had passed around the Jack Daniels whiskey.


   He had taken a drink and Paul wanting to be like Mike imitated him by taking a big drink. For the girls it was different. Sandy looked like she took a big drink in the dark but had covered the bottle with her tongue so almost nothing left the bottle. Mandy trying to be like Sandy took a drink but immediately started coughing. The boys laughed. Sandy told Mandy she needed to just get more used to the taste and to take another drink. Mandy did as instructed and took a second drink. Sandy was aware of Mike’s wandering hands and knew she had best remain sober.
  As the night grew later Mike’s hands became more insistent. He already had Sandy’s halter loose enough that he could paw her bare boobs. Sandy knew trying to control anyone after they had been drinking was a dangerous possibility. Each time the whiskey had made its rounds Sandy only had a few drops but always pretended to have drunk as much as Mike and Paul to make Mandy feel obligated to keep up. Soon both Mandy and Paul were quite drunk and not sure what was going on. Mike was drunk too but he knew what he wanted to go on. He was now drunkenly tugging at Sandy’s clothes.

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   Paul had passed out. Mandy was sort of in and out (her drinks had been much smaller). Sandy was not totally sober but she was sober enough to control the situation.
  Sandy reached down and rubbed Mike’s crotch. He was already hard. Sandy had in the past given him hand jobs to control him. This time a simple had job to a drunken Mike would never be enough as he was tugging at her pants already having gotten her top off. Sandy changed positions forcing Mike to move with her. She took out his cock. His monster he called it Sandy giggled at that as it wasn’t really a monster. Sandy had moved so she was right next to Mandy. Mandy was dressed more comfortably in a t shirt and loose gym shorts. Sandy stroked Mike’s cock till he mumbled drunkenly “all the way tonight baby”. Mike never saw Sandy slip down Mandy’s gym shorts and panties. She continued to stroke him moving him closer to Mandy’s unprotected vagina.

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   Holding Mike’s cock at the entrance to her friend’s vagina she moaned now baby now fuck me hard. Mike rammed his cock home not even realizing that the pussy he was fucking was not Sandy’s. Sandy rubbed his balls and after a few moments Mike had the biggest orgasm he would have in his entire life. Mandy had come around for some of it and had moaned “oh Paul” before passing back out; after he came Sandy told, the now on the verge of sleeping, Mike that they needed to go home. She adjusted Mandy’s shorts back up covering her then left with Mike, leaving Paul and Mandy passed out with the bottle of whiskey by them. Later in the night Paul would wake up and go off looking for Mike. Mandy would be found the next morning sleeping alone in the park.
  Mandy would receive 2 weeks grounding for her escapade (but the actual results of that night would be far worse for her). A couple months later feeling ill Mandy would find out from Dr. Demmer that she was pregnant, No one would remember that night of May 1st except Sandy. It wasn’t long till Kathy Demmer found out and the inevitable conclusion that she spread the news through out town that Mandy was pregnant and looking to abort the baby. In the religious town of Worth this was horrible news. And soon Mandy’s family sold there house in disgrace.
  Sandy watched as the trailer was emptied but the information she got was that the Molnar’s had cheap tacky furniture and that the dad had an older computer but the son, Jimmy, had his very own computer. She could tell Judy had very little in her room.

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   Sandy contemplated that although there wasn’t much to go on to tell her about Judy she could still use what she learned. And hey if she couldn’t maybe “Friend” could. .