The Powder 4

Mind Control

Chapter 4Linda and my sex life had changed drastically since my friend Bill had given me the white powder.   What had been a boring once a week (if I was lucky) mercyfuck had turned into daily orgies.   Linda did anything I wanted, giving me head whenever and wherever I wanted, shaving her pussy, even slurping her tongueover my dick, balls and ass.   It was like being part of a porno movie!I decided to expand her sexual horizons a bit.   I planned a "poker game" where four friends would join me for a game of poker with Linda playing hostess.   Ididn't tell my friends what to expect but I told Linda she would have to do anything I told her, to which she agreed.   As I outlined my plan to her, I benther over the couch and lifted her skirt (she had on no panties of course) and plowed into her cunt from behind.   As I told her how she would have to suck andfuck my friends in any manner I told her to, she grunted her acceptance as she forced her ass back against me.   Just as I finished my instructions, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and aimed it at her puckered asshole as she rammed back expecting my hard cock up her love hole.   When my cock speared her anus, she didn't miss a beat, though I heard her gasp.   She continued her rhythm of rocking back and forth on my dick, squeezing the shaft with her tight ass. Just  then I was ready to explode and commanded her to turn and catch it with her mouth.   She quickly turned and dropped to her knees engulfing my soiled cock with her mouth.   Her mouth and tongue worked over my dick as I shot my load into her mouth.   It is amazing the feeling you  have when a woman swallows your cum without missing a drop, while at the same time slurping  her tongue all around your cock.   When the last drop had been sucked out of my rod, Linda kept working over my dick until it was clean.

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   I had invited Bill and three other friends to a friendly game of poker.   Since we all belonged to the same gym, we had, at one time or another, taken a shower at the same time.   This means I had seen the size of their cocks before.   That is one reason why I invited these guys in particular.   Bill was white, had a muscular build and had around a 9-inch cock that had to be as thick as my wrist.   Conrad was black and though he wasn't as thick as Bill, had about a 12-inch rod that seemed to hang down to his knees. Jim was black and had a thicker cock about 10 inches.   Art was white and had respectable 8-inch cock also fairly thick.   I knew this was one night Linda wouldn't forget.   She had only been fucked by one cock before and that was mine, about six inches and average thickness. The guys arrived about 7 pm as planned.   I led them into the family room area where we had set up a card table and chairs.   Linda was in the kitchen out oftheir sight for now.   After some small talk, I dealt the cards and Conrad asked where the drinks were.   I yelled out to Linda and said, "Honey, these guys need a little service here".


    The guys laughed a little because they knew that normally I would have gotten up to get it myself.   Just then the kitchen door opened and Linda came out carrying a tray of drinks.   She was wearing an apron and nothing else.   The apron barely covered her big tits at the top with her nipples really showing through the fabric. They guys kind of sat up and took notice, glancing in my direction but their jaws really dropped as she rounded the table and they saw she was completelynude UNDER the apron.   Her ass looked very inviting with the ties of the apron hanging down, swaying back and forth as she walked.   I reached out and squeezedone of her ass cheeks, giving it a little swat as she set down the drinks.   "Tonight, Linda is available for more that just serving us drinks," I said, "tonight Linda will service us also. "  I saw their questioning looks so I reached up and pushed Linda's apron bib aside and pinched her nipple.   "Nothing is off limits," I said.   Conrad was sitting on the other side of where Linda was standing so I looked at him and said, "go ahead, squeeze her tit if you want".   He stared at her tit then at me and saw I was smiling my approval.   He reached out and squeezed Linda's breast in his hand slowly sliding his fingers to her nipple and captured it in his long black fingers and not only squeezed but pulled her nipple to the side.   When he released it her breast bounced back and forth but stayed outside the apron bib.   She moaned slightly but went around the table finishing serving drinks as each man fondled her.

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    Bill and Art both were content with mauling her tits but I noticed Jim reached behind her and fondled her ass.   I couldn't tell but I think he might have slipped a finger into her cunt from behind because she jumped slightly before pushing back against his hand. We pretended to play the poker game while we took turns groping Linda until I decided to up the stakes.   I motioned for Linda and whispered to her.   She got down on all fours.   She looked great with her huge tits hanging down, swaying back and forth as she made her way underneath the table.   She headed for Conrad first.   I thought she might. . . seems like many women's fantasies include a large black cock. She unzipped him while the rest of us peered under the table.   She had trouble getting his cock out because he was already hard and a little too large for theopening.   When she finally got it out, his dick popped out slapping against her face.   This left a trail of pre-cum from her eye down to her mouth as she gobbled up his rod.

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    She used her tongue around his cockhead, paying special attention to the liquid oozing out of his purple monster head.   She finally starting sucking on his cock, sliding her mouth up and down his rod, holding it with two hands.   He was so large that even with two hands wrapped around his cock she filled up her mouth with what was left. Conrad looked like he was in heaven.   His legs splayed out under the table with Linda in between with her head bobbing up down on his black cock. His head lolled back with his eyes only half open as he panted with his mouth open. I noticed that everyone watching had started to pant a little themselves and all of us had our cocks out and in our hands.   I was on one side with Art and Bill on the other, watching closely and pumping our rods.   Jim was on the opposite side of the table looking under from behind Linda.   I could see his eyes were not on her mouth as she sucked Conrad's dick.   His eyes were watched her fat ass cheeks swaying back and forth.   He had his left hand slowly sliding up and down his thick black cock.   Everytime his hand slide up, pre-cum oozed out of the tip of his dick.   A long string dribbled from his dick slit. With his other hand, he reached out and sunk two fingers into Linda's cunt.

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    A wet squishing sound got Art and Bill's attention and they glanced back and weremesmerized by Jim's black fingers pumping in and out of Linda's juicy pussy. All the sudden Jim pulled his fingers out wiping them across Linda's ass.   He grabbed the table with two hands and lifted it up and moved it to one side.   He then got down on his knees and plunged his cock into her wet snatch in one fell swoop.   Linda grunted and opened her mouth and gasped but kept Conrad's dick in her mouth.   Conrad used that time to grab her head and force his cock down her throat.   She struggled a bit at first and appeared to gag a little but she got the hand of it fairly quickly it seemed.   Soon she was reaching out to grab his hips on both sides to force as much as she could get into her mouth. Jim, meanwhile, was fucking the hell out of her pussy, sliding his cock all the way out and plunging it back in with so much force that Linda rocked forward forcing more of Conrad's shaft down her throat.   Pretty soon Jim and Conrad had the rocking motion down pat and Linda looked like she was sliding up and down a huge black cock. All the sudden both Jim and Conrad gasped and shuddered, plunging into Linda from both ends at the same time and emptied their loads inside her.   Art, Bill and I, as if on cue, also sprayed cum on Linda's hair and back.   She had cum dripping from just about everywhere. The four guys and I were really spent but Linda crawled around on her hands and knees to each of us and worked over our cocks cleaning any residue left.   She paid special attention to Jim's cock, which was covered with her own cunt juices.

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    She seemed to enjoy her own taste.   I wondered if she would enjoy lapping another woman's cunt?  Well that would have to wait until another night.   Tonight she was going to get all the fucking and sucking she could handle. .