The Reunion Chapter 1

Mind Control

Note: All characters and details in the following story are 100%fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidentaland unintended.  

12 years ago, I met a wonderful Japanese woman online. Kazuko was inher late 30's and was 5'4" and thick with nice large C cup breasts,large dark brown nipples, sparkling brown eyes and a lovely set oflips that helped make her the best kisser I had ever encountered. She was very loving, responsible, smart and unbelievably hardworking. Her family were farmers and lived in a  rural section ofcentral Japan and my admiration for the inner toughness of herfather was boundless. Kazuko also had a bratty but nonetheless cuteand energetic daughter from an earlier marriage named Hanako. Ilived and worked with Kazuko and her family for a while. Hanako andmy relationship was rather strained and, really, she was in a toughposition because here was this strange foreigner suddenly cominginto her life taking some of her mother's attention away from herand looking to perhaps be her stepfather. I can't blame the kid forhow she felt because since I don't warm up to people quickly myselfit would thus be unfair of me to have a problem with Hanako notliking being caught in the middle.

Kazuko was very sexual. I usually took my nightly shower before shedid and rolled out the futon to get ready for bed before shefinished getting herself cleaned up. She would come into our roomand lay next to me and almost invariably her hand would go rightinto my boxers and fondle my cock. We ended up having sex just aboutevery night we were together except when she was on her period. Eventhough I was very happy with Kazuko and was able to more or less putup with Hanako, circumstances I'm not going to delve into here (andno, they didn't involved any screwing around on her or anythingillegal) more or less forced me to break off the relationship. Ifelt like a real asshole for doing it and Kazuko was devastated, butas the Japanese say, "shikata ga nai,(it couldn't be helped).

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Four years ago, my life was humming, especially financially. I tooka very nice early retirement deal from my company and I began toponder whether I should get back with Kazuko again. None of theother women I had met after returning to the U. S. really did it forme like Kazuko did. To say that I expected it to be awkward would bean understatement. When I wrote her by snail mail (who does THATanymore? But I didn't have a current phone number or email addressfor her) to tell her I would wait for her at a certain time out infront of my hotel in Tokyo if she wanted to show up and talk aboutreconciling with me. I heard nothing back from her at all and, to behonest, I could sympathize with her if she took my letter andflipped it into the trash can.

On the appointed day, as the magic hour approached, I was just aboutnauseous and I even had a dialog with myself that ran along thelines of, "why am I putting myself through this?" When the clockstruck 1 p. m. , which was when I said I would be there, nobody hadshown up. Ten more minutes passed and then I saw her coming aroundthe building from the parking lot. "Well, here we go," I muttered tomyself as she approached.

"Hi, it certainly has been a long time hasn't it?" I opened as Iextended my hand (Japanese aren't exactly huggy people, especiallyin public). "Yeah, it has hasn't it?" she  noncommittally countered.


  I bid her to sit with me, asking her how Hanako, who was in herfirst year of college by that point, and her parents were. Unfortunately, her father had died, much to my chagrin. So it wasbasically Kazuko and her mother Mariko who were carrying on theirfamily's business, both still toiling in the fields with the help ofa couple of aging hired hands.

Then I apologized for how things turned out last time and professedhow fondly I still thought of her. She immediately broke down cryingand really bitching me out, though, typical of her, in a quiet way. I was a big boy, I could take it and I deserved it. I promised herthat if she saw it in her heart to reunite with me that I would loveher for the rest of our lives. She  asked me if I was proposing toher and I said not yet, I wanted her to come to America firstbecause I wanted to spend most of our time together at my home inNewport Beach and I needed to be sure she would be comfortable withliving there first. She was agreeable to that and cried again and wehugged and kissed before I invited her to go eat with me.

She wanted to come with Hanako, so she didn't depart Japan until herdaughter's college's New Year's break. When I picked them up at LAX,which was crazy busy, of course, since it was the holidays, I wasknocked for six by how Hanako looked. She had grown into a 5'6"lithe beauty with the same breast size as her mother on her thin 110pound frame and her glasses made her seem like a hot Japanesesecretary. Kazuko had hardly changed at all since women from theLand of the Rising Sun age very slowly. There was a little more grayin her hair, which was actually kinda cute, and that was about it.

Hanako, as one could imagine, was a pretty cold fish toward me theentire way to my house.

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   I went through the gate of the development Ilive in and made my way up to the driveway of my house. "Oh my God,your house is huge!" Kazuko exclaimed. This is something a Japanesewill always say when visiting a foreigner's house in America, evenwhen that domicile is a glorified shanty, but in this case, the4,000 square footer I owned indeed justified her assessment. Ipulled into the garage and unloaded their luggage and took the bagsupstairs. I had done my bedroom Japanese style while all the otherswere left in western style. Another one of the bedrooms I turnedinto a music room, soundproofing it so that I don't bother theneighbors or anyone else in the house with my fetish for loudriffing. Kazuko was decidedly not a heavy metal fan, unfortunately. She was impressed, though, and, after giving her the grand tour,including my ocean view backyard, where I had a hot tub, we sat downand I attempted to mend fences with Hanako, who was still prettysuspicious of me, though I believed that some of that distance wasjust due to being in a weird position.

We went to dinner at a very nice Japanese restaurant I knew of andupon our return, we all showered and Kazuko and I prepared to spendour first night in the same bed in more than eight years. Our firstevening together back in 1999, Kazuko let me get to second base andthen we did the wild thing the night after. In 2007, I told her howglad I was to have her with me again and we made out. I opened herpajama top and rubbed her nipples while her righthand stroked mycock, just like old times. I discarded my boxers and she removed hertop and my mouth was all over those succulent milk ducts of hers,which made her moan and very wet. Her pussy felt like it was burningcoal it was so warm. I slid down the bed and pulled her bottoms andpanties off and commenced eating her.

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   When I first performed oralsex on her back in the day, she revealed that her ex-husband neverdid that for her, which may be why she loved getting it so much whenI did it. When I started in on her again, she averred that it hadbeen quite a while since a man had his tongue on her vulva. Shedidn't like having fingers inside of her for some reason, but sheorgasmed a treat after I sucked and licked her clit and then shewent off three times in a row at one point before my jaw finallyfatigued. Her juices were tasty, too.

I climbed on top of her and kissed her before I buried my dickinside of her steaming, hairy snatch and fucked her for all I wasworth. One of the benefits of getting older as a male is that oneloses some sensitivity and lasts longer when it comes to humping andpumping and that was true here, as I led Kazuko to two wild orgasmsbefore I spurted the contents of my balls into her love tunnel.

After such a long separation, it seemed almost surreal to have herin my bed again. On January 3rd, 2008, I took her to a four starrestaurant and proposed to her. When one  asks for the hand of a Japanesein marriage, one does not say, "will you marry me?" which is justtoo direct for the tender sensibilities of that people. Instead, Isuggested to her that we should spend the rest of our lives walkinghand in hand (itsumademo tetsunaide aruiteikimashou). She accepted. Her and Hanako returned to Japan two days later to begin shuttingdown the family business. I wanted to build a house in a coastalcity in central Japan, too, more of a vacation home for us. Marikowanted to stay put in the house her and her late husband had builtdecades before.

Kazuko and I married in June of that year.

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   The house I had erectedin Japan, including looking for a suitable lot and dealing with allthe bureaucratic stuff, took another year before we finally got itbuilt and furnished.

The Japanese summers are notoriously sticky and the typhoon seasonwas in August and September, and so when we go back to Japan it isusually in October and we stay through February after the cherryblossoms begin blooming. I love Japan and it's actually a nice breakfrom the craziness in America and all of the bullshit in the mediathere. It's not that Japan is perfect. It has its own problems andmaddening peculiarities, but our visits enabled Kazuko to touch basewith her native culture and visit old friends as well as holiday fora few days at onsen (hot springs). Hanako was usually only with usin the U. S. during her college's summer break and she always got alot of attention from guys her age at the pool in our development. Too bad she couldn't speak english very well.

Two years ago, just after Kazuko and I had arrived at our Japanesehome for another stay there, we were messing around and I offered togive her a massage. I grabbed some towels that I spread on the floorwhile she stripped and laid down. on them. I warmed some massage oilup and started kneading her shoulders. I decided to have some funand see if I could put her under since I have a little bit of ahypnofetish. In Japanese and in a low, soothing voice, I told her tolet her facial muscles go limp while I rhythmically worked themuscles around her collar bone.

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   "Now feel that relaxation drainingthe tightness out of your neck, feel it loosening so that now bothyour head and neck are so relaxed, yes so relaxed, and each time myfingers press into your shoulders you feel more relaxed. Now relaxyour shoulders and feel the tightness flowing down to your chest andthen to your stomach, the entire front side of your body now veryrelaxed and loose and it feels so nice. "

I moved my hands down to her back and maintained the same rhythm Ihad been when I was manipulating her shoulders. "Now the tightnessis moving down your back as you feel your back muscles loosen and golimp as it moves from your neck to the middle of your spine and thento the small of your back to your hips. Relax your hips, let them golimp. Your body feels so relaxed now, like you have no weight at alland it feels so good, oh yes, so good. Now feel the tightness slowlyworking itself down to your thighs and then your thighs loosening upand now it's at your knees, your knees loosening up now and you feelyourself becoming lighter and lighter. Now the tightness is movingdown your calves and they are going limp and now your ankles and itfeels so good to be so relaxed. Now feel the tightness in your bodydraining out through the tips in your toes and now every lastmillimeter of your body is feeling so loose and light. If youreyelids are feeling heavy as you become so relaxed it is okay to letthem fall and envision yourself on a big pillow in the sky floatingthrough the air, the breeze caressing your skin. The pillow is oh sogently falling and the more it falls the more relaxed you feel andit feels so good. You continue to fall so slowly and and feelingmore and more relaxed, feeling light as a feather and as you floatcloser to the ground you want to sleep but you can still hear me. You are so relaxed now, the most relaxed you've ever  been. "

I stopped there and she was completely still and she had theexpression on her face like she was asleep. Now here was my dilemma:Kazuko is a little bit of a prankster and it wouldn't have been outof the realm of possibility that she was testing me to see what Iwould do.

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   Sometimes having a very clever wife has its challenges. SoI had to think of something rather neutral sounding so that shecouldn't call me on it later. "You feel the love your husband hasfor you, especially when he gives you a massage," I commanded. I letit go at that wondering if she would tire of this game and suddenlypop up and say something. After a half hour, though, she was stilljust laying there.

I woke her up and called her "onebosama (queen of the sleepyheads)"when she suddenly suggested we go to bed. She put her arms around meand began kissing me passionately and, of course, I answered back. "Daisuki! (I love you)" she said wit h a big smile and I said thesame to her. She put her hand on my cock and began stroking it as Icontinued to kiss her and lick the ridges in her ears (she lovesthat for some reason) before she dropped to her knees and ran hertongue all over my cock and then put it in her mouth,enthusiastically bobbing her head up and down and sucking me. Iwatched her pendulous breasts waver as my manhood alternatelydisappeared into and emerged from her lips and the sensationsshe was giving me were total heaven. Five minutes later, I blew myload into her mouth. That was the first time she had ever let me cumin her mouth ever and she ran to the bathroom to spit it outafterward. I'd given her warning I was about to go off, too.

I thought she would be mad once she re-entered the bedroom, but shethrew her arms around me and passionately kissed me again. I pushedher on to the bed and went after those gorgeous gazongas of hers,sucking and gently biting her nipples and putting her breaststogether and sucking both nipples simultaneously, which she alwaysloved.

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   She had a definite thing about having her milk duds playedwith and was moaning up a storm. "Irete! (put it in me)" sherequested and I did as she called for, sinking my rod in to the hiltand jackhammering my meat in between those warn, moist vaginalwalls. She reached up to pull my head down next to hers as my hipssustained their rhythm and helped spear her pussy over and over, meenjoying the sound of her sexually charged sighs and then the rapidfire panting that foreshadowed her massive orgasm. "Yamenaide!(don't stop)" she begged and I kept impaling her, a symphony ofsounds emanating from her mouth, capped off by another soul searingorgasm and then my jetting volleys of semen up her. She hugged mesuper tight and that was tight indeed. All that farm work had madeher rather strong and she lifted weights with me once she gave upthe business to stay in shape. "Daisuki yo Kazuko!" I whispered intoher ear. "Daisuki!" she shot right back.

We spent the rest of the day in bed and had sex four more timesbefore we finally turned in for the night, the only real break fromt hat being when we sent out for dinner.

To me, her sudden intensive display of ardor indicated that thehypnotic suggestion had worked. After Hanako left for school thenext morning, I put some towels down on the floor again for anothermassage. She smiled and by the time I got back from the kitchen towarm the oil, she was nude and laying on her stomach. I treated hersimilar to the previous massage and put her into a blissful trance. "When I utter the phrase, 'the moon is flowing east' you willimmediately fall into a deep sleep but still be able to hear me," Iasserted. "When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and relaxed," Iadded.

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   I allowed her to lay there for a little while and then Ibrought her out of it. Just like the day before, she was all over meand had my cock in her mouth in no time and let me cream in itagain.

We went upstairs and I repeatedly fucked her brains out, stoppingonly to eat dinner, and even then Kazuko had Hanako make it becauseshe didn't want to leave my side. There is such a fundamentalniceness to Kazuko that it was worth just laying there to see hersmile while she was tucked in my arms as the loads I spewed into herspilled out of her slit. I whispered the trigger phrase I had taughther earlier and she went right to sleep. "When you wake up, you willbelieve that my penis is 20cm (8 inches) long and 25% thicker plusmy semen will be the most delicious thing in the world to you," Iproclaimed to her. When I revived her, I saw her eyes tilt toward mygroin and then those eyes widen. "Ookii! (oh my god, it's huge!)"she squealed. She reached down and encircled it with her hand andstroked it. "Ireru zo! (I'm going to put it into you)," I informedher. "Ireru ka na (will you really be able to put it in?). "

When I started to push it into her, she let out a long moan. "Ohhhhhhhsugoi! (ohhhhhh, so good!)" and when it was in to the hilt, sheexclaimed, "ippai haittieiru!" (I'm stuffed!). I began to pump it in andout of her and she was thrashing about, moaning "sugoi!" over and overagain and then she suddenly stopped breathing and came in a powerfulrush. I kept at it and hammered her but good and she was cumming so muchI thought she might be susceptible to hyperventilation.

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   As I got rightto the brink of blowing my wad, I withdrew it and shoved my cock intoher mouth and she bobbed her head on it and then she pulled my triggerand made me spurt everything in my balls into her yapper. She swallowedit all and then declared, "oishii! (tasty!)"

Well, since that all bore fruit, I had other ideas, but not knowing justhow fast and where I could push her, I decided to move gradually. Ialso ultimately wanted to be able to bed Hanako, and started mulling howI could get there from where I already was. .