The Stranger In The Club

Mind Control

"Uh. . . I'll be right back. I need to find my little sister" I lied. I hadn't planned on coming back. I stepped outside into the cool night air. My sister was sitting on the bench with a short Jamaican man with light skin, and curly hair. He had a mean expression on his face when he saw me walking over to them. "Hey, I have been looking all over for you!" I flared. She tossed her cigarett to the ground and rolled her eyes at me. "I am not a baby. Can't I have some time to myself for a change?" she griped. I felt awkward, like I was crowding her space. "Okay then. I will go in for a little bit.

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   I will be right back then," I said to her. She seemed relieved that I was going back inside. "Cool" she grinned. Inside I went to sit over at a table, and someone grabbed my wrist. It was him again. "Hi. I was hoping that you would come back. Would you like to dance with me some more?" he asked. We danced to a song by 'El General. '"So where are you from?", he asked. "Seattle Washington originally" I said. "What nationality are you?" he asked. "Black and Puerto Rican mixed. My my mom is Black. My dad is a White Puerto Rican" I said.

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  "I am from Gambia," he said "My name is Ebrima. ""My name is Angelina," I said. Later seemed to float by so quickly. The night ended with him driving me home and being a total gentlman. Before I left his car he kissed my lips, his tongue exploring my tongue ring. On the telephone we talked for the next two nights. . Until we finally agreed for me to come to his hotel room. I stood at his hotel door at 9am. My heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was going to jump out of my body! I knocked lightly on the door. He opened the door,"Come in. " I went over to the couch and sat down. I felt so nervous and uneasy. "Would you like a drink?" he asked politely. "Yes please" I smiled.

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   I was wearing my light lime green teashirt and white fitted miniskirt. "I thought I would make us breakfast" he said in the small kitchen area. I was hungry and glad that he decided to do that. "Thats sweet of you" I grinned slipping out of my black leather jacket. We sat at the small round table across from each other. As we ate we talked. He asked me if I had heard of voodoo. "Yes I have" I smiled. I had heard of it, but didn't have much knowledge of it. "Do you know in my country, some people put voodoo in food?" he said to me. "My family and others in my country have practice this in tradition for many many century. "Dumbfounded and feeling drawn to the tastey potatoes he had prepared with its spices and onions I contintued to eat and eat. "No. I didn't know that was possible. Really?" I asked.

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   I suddenly began to feel such strange sensations all over my body as I continued to sip down the orange juice and start on the scrambled eggs. My heart was beginning to pound hard, and I could not understand this feeling overwhelming me. I gasped as my large, sensitive nipples began to tingle and feel like they were being pulled out hard. Between my legs I could feel my clit lightly throbbing. I felt so embarrassed, as I looked down to see my nipples visibly erect through my thin teashirt. "Are you okay?" he asked innocently staring at my chest. "Uhhmmm. . . yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. I think. I feel a little dizzy" I said. He led me to the big bed in the corner of the room. I sat down on the edge nervously fidgeting.

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   He turned the lights down and got into the bed. He leaned against the pillows, halfway sitting up. All of a sudden strange feeling began to overtake me. I could not control myself. I moved close to him and began kissing his full sexy lips. His slanted eyes closed as we kissed and embraced thickly. His strong hands pulled me even closer until I was pressed against his body. My desires became so wild. Yes I was a black mixed woman. . . but I had never been with an African before. I had began to feel that curiousity and wonder. . .

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  What was it like to be with an African? Was it true what they say about them? That myth? My hand wandered down there curiously. A grin formed on his lips, almost rest assured. Sure enough. . . a big gigantic hard black dick. My body trembled with want. I wanted to feel it inside me so bad, yet I was scared. I knew that my pussy was tight, and I had never had a man that big inside me before. My eyes were wide with fear and I quickly jerked my hand away. He grabbed my hand and held it there forcefully. "You can touch it" he said coolly. "N. . No.

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  . . thats okay" I gasped frightened. My clit was throbbin stronger and harder. He ran his fingers through my wavy light brown hair, with its highlights. "Your hair is really soft" he murmured. "And your eyes are so pretty. Light brown eyes are lovely" he said while staring pensively into my eyes. Shivers went through me. I could not shake this feeling that had taken over my entire body. As he kissed my lips more, my hand felt his dick get more erect. The hardness stabbed against my soft thigh, and it hurt. "You want me don't you" he said as he moved on top of me. "Nn. .

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  n. . No. No" I trembled as my body said yes. "What are you afraid of?" he asked casually. "Its. . . its just so big and hard. It would hurt" I stammered. "I will be gentle" he said hissing my lips. Now I could feel his hardness pressing against my pubic bone. I sucked in my breath trying so hard to move away. He pinned me down on my back, and I could not move. "No.

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  . No please" I breathed. I could not fight this feeling. I wanted him so badly and could not understand why. Yes he was absolutely gorgeous. But why did I feel like I could not resist him? "Shhh" he whispered as he pulled up my mini skirt. I closed my eyes as his fingers pulled my pink panties off. I sighed heavily as is finger probed into my tight pussy, making it get even wetter. He sat up a bit and pulled his jeans and boxers down. He then pulled out his big hard dick. It was black and so smooth! I lay there on my back feeling as if I were under some spell. . . as if I could not move! He lay on top of me, holding my shoulders so tightly. His member pushed against my pussy, the pressure was so great! "Oh my god!" I sobbed as it pushed into my tight wet twat.

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   "Ohhohhhh" I sobbed and sobbed in a mixture of ecstasy and pain. His smooth dark chocolate legs were intertwined with my light yellow brown legs. . . Our skin contrast looked so pretty together as he pushed it harder and harder. I felt him thrust himself deeper until he began to hit my g-spot with every single thrust! He lifted my teashirt up over my breasts, exposing my extremely stiff brown nipples. His fingers pinched and pulled at them until they were so fully erect like frozen buttons. His fingers grasped my hair as he pushed harder into my pussy, filling it with himself. My back was slightly arching, and my mouth wanted to scream out. . . but the orgasms were so incredibly strong, I could only let out tiny baby shrieks. He began sucking hard on my nipples as his dick pumped in and out of me. My fingers grasped the sheets in such desperation. Finally his hands squeezed my full breasts tightly as he began to pull it out and release his load on my belly.


   It felt so warm and creamy against my skin. We lay there for the longest time, just staring at each other. . . It was so strange. He drove me home later that afternoon. That evening I began having these odd dizzy sensations. I felt my nipples stiffening so hard inside my bra. And my clit was beginning to throb. The phone rang. It was Ebrima. . . why was I so drawn to him. .

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  . Was it really voodoo?.